• Ag fas le cheile! Say yes to a 100 % Organic, Chemical-free and GMO-free Ireland
    Dear Friends, I just created the petition: Ag fas le cheile! Say yes to a 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-free and 100% GMO-free Ireland. It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because: A journey’s end matters not, for it is the journey itself that inspires, enriches and delights. As I took “the road less travelled” 18 months ago, I could not have imagined the amount of learning to be had on this road; for I am now less dependent on certain modern conveniences than I was in May 2019. Now in November 2020, I am • 100% shampoo-free • 100% clothes detergent-free • 100% washing-up liquid free • 100% dishwasher liquid free • 100% all-purpose cleaner free • 99% bin-free. In short, grey water that leaves my house is virtually chemical free with a minimal toxic load to the environment. My garden is 100% Organic, 100% Chemical-free and 100% GMO-free and has been for about 10 years. With the continued support from local Clare businesses and shops, Clare media and a waste prevention grant from Clare County Council, Operation de-Plastification with its “slim your bin or bin your bin challenge” has been able to inform, encourage, support and lead-by-example on the quest to waste reduction, particularly plastic related waste in the shape of single-use plastic bottles and plastic packaging. With the submission to Clare County Council for the Clare Local Development Plan 2022 – 2028 "100% Organic, 100% Chemical-free and 100% GMO-free", I am hoping to sow the seed for a different Clare, and by extension a different Ireland, to highlight a path that has been taken by other countries successfully and to encourage as many people of all ages and guises, including businesses and politicians, to re-think their habits and attitudes in relation to • everyday conveniences • everyday routines • everyday practices to aid the recovery of our planet, with an intact environment which in turn will support our future. The attempt to combine the Operation de-Plastification campaign and the vision for a post-pandemic County Clare, has generated the “ag fás le chéile” petition, where shoppers, sellers and consumers can voice, with their signature, their request for an enduring “green” Ireland. The petition aims to address all people living in Ireland: • Shoppers: we want to buy local, sustainable, affordable, nutritious, delicious, organic, plastic-packaging-free, chemical-free and gmo-free goods • Sellers: we want to sell local, sustainable, affordable, nutritious, delicious, organic, plastic-packaging-free, chemical-free and gmo-free goods • Consumers: we want to enjoy local, sustainable, affordable, nutritious, delicious, organic, plastic-packaging-free, chemical-free and gmo-free goods Assuring our environment’s and our survival, “the road not taken” may lead to a life and life-style where less is more, as less is more than enough in my experience. With the kindest regards, Cornelia Wahli Operation de-Plastification Campaign Slim your Bin or Bin your Bin Challenge “Ag fás le chéile” Petition ____________________________________________________________________ https://my.uplift.ie/petitions/ag-fas-le-cheile-say-yes-to-a-100-organic-chemical-free-and-gmo-free-ireland Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach lots of people and help create change around this important issue. After you've signed the petition, could you also take a moment to share it with others? It's really easy – all you need to do is forward this email. Thank you!
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    Created by cornelia wahli
  • Build Tralee Urban Bike Park
    We have proven the demand for a bike park in Tralee. Our intention is to have this park open to the public, free to use and designed to be accessible to all. Any age and any ability level. We have already secured the backing of Tralee Councillors and Kerry County Council have placed the project on the local area plan. Now we need to see the wheels begin to turn and this project get into gear!
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    Created by Anluan Dunne
  • Born Here Belong Here
    The mental stress and burden faced by undocumented children, the fear of deportation and stigma associated with not being considered a citizen and the difficulties faced when accessing supports that other children take for granted, can be taken away by a minor change to an unkind and unjust amendment to our constitution that was introduced in 2004. The Irish Nationality and Citizenship (Naturalisation of Minors Born in Ireland) Bill would provide a pathway to citizenship for children who are currently facing deportation, despite having been born in Ireland and resident here all their lives. The 27th Amendment to the Constitution, which passed in 2004, removed the automatic right to citizenship upon birth. Once it was passed, children born in Ireland lost the constitutional right to citizenship on birth; the amendment gives the Oireachtas power to legislate for routes to citizenship and naturalisation instead. Following the referendum, the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 2004 was passed which effectively removed any accessible route to citizenship for children born in Ireland. As a result, Irish citizenship law is now based on blood ties, not birthright. We do not need another referendum to reverse this. The 2004 amendment gave the Oireachtas the power to legislate for more generous pathways to citizenship. The Irish Nationality and Citizenship (Naturalisation of Minors Born in Ireland) Bill 2018 would provide a pathway to citizenship for children born in Ireland. It was passed through Second Stage by a majority of Senators on 21 November 2018; Senators from Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and the Green Party supported it, although Fine Gael opposed it. The Bill is being brought back before the Seanad for ‘Committee Stage’ on Wednesday 2nd of December next. Please contact your local Senator and TD's to say that you believe that Children born here should belong here.
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    Created by Eva Walsh
  • Stop putting victims addresses on certain protection orders
    Under the Domestic Violence Act 2018, there are three different orders that victims of abuse can apply at the District Court. These are; Barring Orders, Safety Orders, and Temporary Protection Orders. In many cases, the perpetrator must be notified of an order against them - either orally by the applicant or Gardaí, or they will be notified of the order by post. An order does not take effect until it is served to the respondent. In the case of a protection order, or an interim barring order, the court usually directs that order to be served on the respondent by An Garda Síochána. . The Orders that cause the most issue are Barring or Safety orders as these have both the victims and the abusers addresses on them.
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    Created by Linda Hayden
  • Support for Mental Health in Irish Schools
    Accessible therapeutic counselling for children is a proven cost-effective early intervention with the ability to alleviate distress for young people as well as pressure on already overwhelmed mental health services and on overstretched school staff. An on-call counselling support service with onward referral could provide students with an in-school option for seeking help, support and an extra entry point to accessing mental health services, often in a time of crisis. From the IACP. "On 18th May, 2019 the IACP outlined a proposal for the expansion of existing mental health supports to secondary schools, via the introduction of a State funded, counselling support service for children. Although these types of supports are available in many other countries, and are proven to be a cost effective, easily accessible early intervention, there is no such established support system in Ireland. Consider the current pandemic, the IACP is now proposing that these counselling supports be extended to primary school children. Prior to the current crisis a national survey – commissioned by the IACP and carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes (March 2019) found that there is very strong support amongst Irish adults for therapeutic counselling to be made available in all Irish schools – with 9 in 10 saying that they’d like to see this."
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  • Birr Primary Care Centre
    Primary Care Centre for Birr This week the HSE turned down the Rectory Field as a location for the proposed Birr Primary Care Centre. For years the HSE have been informing the people of Birr that they are committed to providing a Primary Care Centre in the town and to date nothing has happened. This weeks news has set us back to square one. Tullamore has a Primary care centre, the Primary Care Centre in Banagher is near completion so why is Birr no further on?? We need to show the HSE that the people of Birr and surrounding areas need a Primary care centre and we want the HSE to make this a priority. The HSE have given an assurance that space will be provided for the possible return of our “Out of Hours (MIDOC) “ when the Birr Primary Care Centre is built. The longer the delay the longer the wait to get our MIDOC back to BIRR. We are also asking for an “X-RAY Diagnostic Hub” in the new PCC. It is amazing how many cars travel to Tullamore by day and night for this service. We are fed up of travelling and fed up of waiting weeks to see a doctor. We urge the Minister for Health and the HSE to take immediate action on developing a primary care centre for Birr without further delay.
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  • #BringChange
    There is a great deal of concern from parents, teachers, principals and elected members of the Northern Ireland Assembly about the current private system of transfer tests and particularly during this pandemic year.
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    Created by Naomi McBurney
  • Reclose the Schools
    Students account for 20% of Ireland's population. Sending students to school in the current climate, while also considering that online learning was practiced successfully last year, is an unnecessary risk to public safety. Issues facing schools include confusion over the definition of a close contact, no guarantee of when a test result will be returned to a student, and no option for high-risk teachers to teach from home. An inadequate following of restrictions, including a lack of social distancing before and after school as well as at break times, masks not being used at break times and hand sanitizers being recalled because they were not safe are just some of the health concerns affecting schools. Finally, students are struggling massively with their mental health right now. The fear of contracting and possibly spreading Covid-19 to loved ones and high risk friends is leaving many students stressed and afraid to go to school.
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  • Allow Clothes to be sold during Covid19 restrictions
    All citizens have the right to buy clothing. This is particularly important for children. Clothing is a basic necessity and right. Parents expecting babies are entitled and should be able to buy the clothes they need for their children. Parents have the right and should be able to buy clothing and shoes for their growing children. Parents should be able to buy coats and weather appropriate items for their children.
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    Created by Jean Finnerty
  • Save Marian College Swimming Pool
    Did you learn to swim in Marian College Swimming Pool? Generations of local children and adults alike have been using this unique facility in the heart of Dublin 4 since the early 1960's. Marian has played a key role in helping our communities fitness and wellbeing. We believe that the time is now to maintain and build upon its importance and outreach. Securing a better society where community, social interaction, exercise and education are at the heart of our daily lives. We would like to be assured that there is a plan in place to re-open in the not too distant future. Our entire community is in danger of losing the swimming pool forever, if nothing is done. This petition serves to show how much support and goodwill exist to you the board of management, together with your dedicated staff. Who have the knowledge to plan a safe reopening of this much needed facility. Please show your support to Save Marian Swimming pool from closure , before it is gone forever.
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  • Stop the 30 year seal on the mother and baby home records
    It’s important as it stops people from being able to access information to investigated crimes that took place. We have seen the government make a attempt at sealing the child abuse Inquiry and redress process away for 75 years In which we obtain nearly 8 thousand signatures for as survivors and the Irish public have already demonstrated transparency is the only way they want to go forward. Now we are seeing the same government who gagged and gave protection to those orders during the child abuse inquiry try to do this to survivors with the mother and baby home commission. Together we all need to stand up come together and make our feelings known that we cannot accept this continuous abuse against survivors human rights. https://www.facebook.com/655486304552311/posts/2992889054145346/?vh=e&extid=0&d=n From survivors & their families.
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    Created by Laura Collins
  • Cabhraigh linn ! Help us find a permanent site for our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig!
    Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin, Ballincollig has been waiting for 5 years for a permanent site. We need the help of our community to highlight the urgency around this issue. Our children and the wider community require a permanent site for Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin to meet the needs of the current students and families in the area. We hope you will support us with your signature and sharing of our petition. Tá Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin ag fanacht le láithreán buan don scoil le cúig bhliain anois. Tá cabhair an phobail ag teastáil chun ár n-imní faoin moill seo a chur in iúl don Roinn Oideachais. Tá foirgneamh buan tuillte ag ár bpáistí agus a muintir. Táimid ag súil go dtacóidh tú linn agus ár n-achainí. Aside from the pressing matter of securing sibling places at the school, the protracted wait time in acquiring a site has hampered the ability of the school to serve the wider population in the local community, many of whom are keenly awaiting an opportunity to enroll their children in the school. The present temporary accommodation, rented at a huge cost to the Department of Education and the taxpayer, will not cater for the growing enrolment in the area. Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin has been on the Department of Education building programme since its establishment in 2017 but no progress has been made in acquiring a site for a permanent building. The school currently has 118 students, it is growing rapidly and increases in physical size each year to cater for the new incoming class. Bíonn an-éileamh ar áiteanna sa scoil gach bliain. Tá Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin lonnaithe faoi láthair i bhfoirgneamh ar chíos ollmhór don Roinn Oideachais. Cé go bhfuil an scoil ar chlár tógála na Roinne ó 2017 níl láithreán buan ceannaithe go fóill don scoil. Tá 118 dalta ag freastal ar an scoil atá ag dul i méid gach bliain le rang eile. Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin is a vibrant and developing Multidenominational Gaelscoil with a thriving music and violin programme, a keen focus on sport, a passionate faculty, and a reputation for excellence that has driven huge demand for places from families in the community of Ballincollig since its inception. Is scoil bheoga, ilchreidmheach í Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin atá ag forbairt. Cuirtear clár ceoil den scoth, ceachtanna veidhlín san áireamh, ar fáil. Leagtar an-bhéim ar chúrsaí spóirt agus is le dúthracht a thugtar faoi gach gné den churaclam. Dá bhrí sin tá éileamh thar na bearta ar áiteanna ó mhuintir na háite. School Principal, Máire Uí Shé is hopeful that a permanent site will see the long-term vision and potential of the school realised, “to continue to enable the dedicated school community to provide each pupil in our care with an excellent all-Irish primary education which promotes the holistic development of each child and enables him/her to become bilingual and attain high achievement levels in all areas of the curriculum. We are committed to nurturing the school as a caring learning community for children, their parents and staff in a welcoming, happy, safe and stimulating environment. Ní neart go cur le chéile. ” Is Gaelscoil Ilchreidmheach í Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin. Tá Príomhoide na scoile, Máire Uí Shé an-dóchasach go gcuirfí fís na scoile I gcrích agus láithreán buan a cheannach " chun bun Oideachas lán-Gaelach den chéad scoth a chur ar fáil do gach dalta chun forbairt iomlán an linbh a chur chun cinn agus le cur ar a c(h)umas bheith dhátheangach agus ardchaighdeán a bhaint amach i ngach achar den churaclam. 'Sé ár n-aidhm an scoil a chothú mar phobal foghlama ina dtugtar aire do na páisrí, dá dtuismitheoirí agus don bhfoireann I dtimpeallacht fháilteach, shona, shábháilte agus spreagúil." Parents and management are calling on the Department of Education to expedite the acquisition of the site without further delay. Tá tuismitheoirí agus Bainistíocht na scoile ag impí ar an Roinn Oideachais láithreán buan a cheannach don scoil gan mhoill. We appreciate the help of the people of Ballincollig in helping us by signing and sharing this petition. Is mór againn cabhair mhuintir Bhaile an Chollaigh agus an achainí seo a leanas a shíniú agus a roinnt le bhur gcairde. Please share widely with your circle Go raibh míle maith agaibh!
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