• Don't allow Russian missile tests off the Irish coast
    Russia seems to be carrying out these tests as part of its efforts to increase global tensions.
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    Created by Siobhan O' Donoghue
  • Rathdown Needs A Women's Refuge Now
    We are failing the women and children in the community. Currently we have a population of 218,018 and no domestic violence refuge. The shortage of emergency accommodation for people affected by domestic violence is an issue that is getting progressively worse. Domestic violence spikes significantly during the festive season which is exacerbated by the pressures brought about by Covid-19 and the housing crisis. The provision for domestic violence in our area is comprehensively under developed. There are 144 refuge spaces available nationwide yet Dublin alone needs 143 refuge spaces, and Ireland needs almost 500. There are only 31 spaces, in 4 refuges, to service the entire Dublin area. 68% of the calls Women's Aid made to refuges are being turned away due to there being no room left. The nearest refuge for Rathdown is in Bray, this means that many people may have to travel for over an hour on public transport to be turned away. This huge lack of essential support services results in: • Unmet requests for refuge everyday; • Accommodation problems and homelessness; • People trapped in abusive relationships; • Increasing likelihood of people returning to violent and abusive homes; • Fear of reporting the abuse due to the lack of emergency accommodation available; The government is failing women and children. The most vulnerable people in our society are being failed on every level and government inaction continues to silence them. This is a national issue - there are currently 9 counties without a refuge. Please sign this petition, and please support the work of Carlow Women's Refuge Campaign too: https://my.uplift.ie/petitions/carlow-needs-a-women-s-refuge
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    Created by Rohana Perera
  • Remove Prayers at the Beginning of Local Authority Meetings
    Church and state should be separate, and given the appalling history that Ireland has when it comes to Church control of State affairs and institutions this should be evident. This not only happens in Waterford County and County County but in the majority of Local Authorities around Ireland.
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    Created by Amy Ní Chó
  • Safe Staffing levels for Healthcare Workers in Private Nursing Homes Ireland
    It is in every Irish citizens interest to protect our Healthcare Workers and the people they care for, one day it might be you who needs to be cared for! This petition is not only for Healthcare workers but for every single person who lives in Ireland. We Need every one of you. This is a movement in itself. If we get enough signatures we could help to improve the quality of life not just for the healthcare workers but also for the vulnerable people they care for. We need the people of Ireland behind us and we need the minister for health and the government to listen to us and take us seriously because we will not stop, we will never give up until this catastrophe is fixed. We need your support now!! We need better working conditions for all healthcare workers so that we can provide the best quality of care for the people we care for!!
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    Created by Margaret Power
  • Support Youth Demands for Climate Justice
    The more young people who sign in support, the more we can pressure our decision makers to implement these demands.
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    Created by Theresa Rose Sebastian
  • COP on - stop letting big business destroy our climate
    Big business are producing more, not less emissions and are making the climate crisis worse. Government decisions are letting them off the hook and pushing the burden for the climate crisis on to regular people, not the corporations who drive it.
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    Created by Patrick O'Brien Picture
    82% of the Irish people support neutrality in all its aspects.
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    Created by Margaretta Darcy
  • Freedom Of Information (FOI) needs some TLC.
    Recent political developments have highlighted the fact that government ministers are conducting official business by text, and how transparency tools like Freedom of Information are being undermined. [1] Messaging service apps on phones such as WhatsApp and Signal, an end-to-end encrypted messaging app, are being used to conduct official business. Both apps have an option for messages to disappear after a given period of time. Taoiseach Micheál Martin has called on government ministers to remain prudent with their communication and maintain their communications records - particularly on phones - under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). However, he must go a step further and explicitly ban the use of disappearing messages for official government business. [2] Transparency tools like FOI exist so that people have the right to access information and - in our democracy - hold public reps to account. While it's positive that public representatives are using apps such as Signal - knowns for its strong privacy and data protection standards - it's clear FOI policies & processes within the system have not kept pace with the way communication, and technology, have evolved. NOTES: [1] The Journal: https://www.thejournal.ie/foi-crisis-zapponegate-simon-coveney-texts-5542010-Sep2021/?utm_source=twitter_short [2] The Independent: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/ministers-use-app-designed-to-delete-encrypted-chats-40818881.html
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Clean up the Broadmeadow Estuary, Co Dublin - and keep it clean.
    For some years now, Fingal Council has shown very little interest in keeping a clean environment around the Broadmeadow Estuary catchment area. Volunteers in "Swords Pickers" were able to remove truck loads of dumped rubbish from Ward River Valley Park and Broadmeadow Estuary in the first half of 2021 alone. If something is not done to fundamentally correct this, plastic & other waste will continue to travel from the parkland in Swords, through the Estuary and out into the Irish Sea. Development of either the full size all-weather playing pitch and/or the Broadmeadow Greenway in 2021 will obviously add to the problem by multiplying volumes of human traffic.
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    Created by John Drinane
  • End dangerous gambling advertising online
    President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins has said gambling ads are a 'scourge' of modern-day life. [1] Left unregulated, dangerous gambling advertisements will continue to cause so much damage to families and individuals. Ireland has the fourth highest number of gamblers in the European Union, according to a recent study by industry analysts H2 Gambling Capital. On average, losses for Irish gamblers amount to €300 for every adult, totaling €1.36 billion in 2020.[2] The deluge of online gambling online makes it far too easy to place a bet, and the rules have not kept up. The pandemic has also exacerbated this problem, with nearly half of all betting last year taking place online. The Government introduced a working group on this issue who published recommendations in 2019. Now it's time to act! NOTES 1. https://www.thejournal.ie/problem-gambling-michael-d-higgins-5491317-Jul2021/ 2. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/irish-fourth-worst-gamblers-in-eu-as-move-online-accelerates-1.4617386
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Directly Elected Mayor for Galway
    A Directly Elected Mayor for Galway could be a big deal for the future of Galway City. In October 2020 Galway City Council unanimously passed a motion by Cllr. Owen Hanley calling for on the Government to implement referendum so Galway can have it's say on this issue. A Directly Elected Mayor would only ensure that the person in charge of finances, everyday decisions, and the future of Galway is selected and accountable to the people. But it's about more than that. It's also about the broader decision making in our country. It's about moving from a Dublin-centric model, to one where more and more decisions about Galway are made in Galway. Everyday our Councils and staff do work to help our communities. But local government has a long way to go. We need more power and decision making on a local level led by a Directly Elected Mayor.
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    Created by Owen Hanley Picture
  • Support & Protect Residents in Nursing Homes & Care Settings.
    All of us will know someone, or may even become someone, who requires residential care at some stage. As RTE Investigates and our ongoing campaign shows, current policies and services fail to support residents' rights and fails to adequately protect them when harm occurs. Nothing will change until the law changes. It is clear fifteen years after Leas Cross & seven years after Aras Attracta, that political action will only be forthcoming with sustained public demands for legislative reform. Residents and family members cannot do this alone, please support, sign and share this petition.
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    Created by Care Champions and the Irish Association of Social Workers