Our children with special needs deserve an educational space like every other child and we should not have to fight for these spaces they should be widely available to families from the Monaghan town area and surrounding areas.
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  • Department of Education: Create a REAL Action Plan for Integrated Education
    In 2023, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, only 8% of NI kids go to integrated schools despite huge demand. Right now, the Department of Education has a public consultation on their 'Action Plan' and anyone can comment. Tell the Department of Education - we want a REAL Action Plan for integrated education.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Keep Before5 Centre in Churchfield open
    The Before 5 Centre on Churchfield Hill was founded almost 50 years ago to support families and the community. Closing of the family centre left 100 families without childcare places next week and 14 staff without jobs. Keep the Before 5 Centre open for the families and people in the community. Image credits: Larry Cummins
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  • Save Our Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course!
    "The Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course was vital for me to get into Dun Laoghaire Art College, at the time there was a huge amount of applications to IADT in model making for the film industry. I was able to gear my portfolio toward that application. The fundamentals I learned from the PLC Art Course echoed across my whole career. I travelled and worked as a designer model maker on some of the largest movies to date - The Hobbit Trilogy and Avatar - from there I have been a Head of Department on many big budget productions. I value the PLC Art Course more than my actual college degree because of the understanding and foundations in the Art and 3D world it gave me. This would be a big blow to the art community in Thurles and Tipperary, it’s very important the course stays going and I wholeheartedly support and hope it can stay on track for future generations." - Mark Maher, Odyssey Studios. "The course has been a stepping stone for artists for the past 20-25 years under the guidance of a tutor who brings great experience and inspiration to the role. The course served as a platform to construct a quality portfolio under the expert guidance of tutors, crucial for securing college admission. It facilitated lasting friendships across age groups, acted as a midpoint to assess one's collegiate art direction, and offered a delightful hobby or a practical solution for those unable to relocate for college. Thanks to the Art Portfolio Course, I got into and graduated from Limerick School Art and Design with a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Motion Design. Today, I wear multiple creative hats as a graphic designer, animator, and a catalyst for imaginative growth. I facilitate creative workshops catering to people of all ages and abilities. If I did not have a solid foundation at the start of my creative journey I would not have ended up on the same path." - Jennifer Ryan Kelly.
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  • Ballyhass School Bus
    The children of Ballyhass NS and the parish of Castlemagner deserve a bus and shouldn't be subjected to the stress and worry of a lottery year on year. This affects anyone that is outside the Department of Education's radius of 3 miles from the school. This is our fight this year but it might be yours in the future.
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  • Defend Democracy at Maynooth University
    The decision by MU’s Governing Authority and senior management to replace democratic elections with a selection process, whereby they assume, with the assistance of a private recruitment firm, the responsibility of handpicking staff representatives, is an attack on basic principles of democracy and good governance.
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  • Demand that SFI, the IRC, Teagasc, etc. Raise PhD Stipends to Living Wage by September
    **Gaeilge thíos, Irish below** On the 26th June 2023, a long-awaited and long-delayed review into PhD support in Ireland was published. It recommended that government-funded PhD candidates receive a stipend of €25,000/year starting September 2023. Since then, bodies such as the SFI, the IRC, & Teagasc have remained silent, have not committed to raising stipends, and have not responded to PWO inquiries for clarification on how they would react to the review’s recommendations. The vast majority of the PGRs in Ireland are paid the equivalent of less than minimum wage, with the vast majority being held at 30% below minimum wage or worse. During the ongoing cost of living crisis, however, even a minimum wage is not enough to live on. They are desperately in need of better pay and increased support, so it is essential that stipends are raised as soon as possible. Moreover, PGRs need to know what their financial situation will look like in the near-future so they can make informed decisions about their accommodation in the midst of a longstanding housing crisis that is further exacerbated by the worsening cost of living crisis. With upcoming research costs for conferences, publications, and presentations, as well as the prospect of moving and various other important financial decisions, PGRs need clarity on what level of support they can count on from their funding agencies. However, with the current lack of communication about the potential stipend increase, PGRs have been left in limbo. Some PGRs are making long-term commitments on the basis of the stipend they receive, such as tenancy agreements, and cannot accept further delays. The Postgraduate Workers’ Organisation therefore demands that SFI, the IRC, Teagasc, and other PhD-funding bodies raise stipends to at least a living wage (i.e. €25,000/year) by September as recommended by the recent review into PhD support in Ireland, and that this increase be communicated immediately and clearly to all PhDs. ---------Gaeilge--------- Ar 26 mí Meitheamh 2023, foilsíodh tuairisc ar thacaíochta na PhDanna tar éis tréimhse feithimh agus moillithe fada. Mhol sé stipinn €25,000/bliain do PhDanna a raibh maoiniú acu ón rialtas ó Mheán Fómhair 2023 amach. Níl raibh trácht ar bith ó chomhlachtaí cosúil le SFI, leis an IRC, ná le Teagasc ar an scéal, níl gealltanas tugtha acu stipinní a ardú, agus níor fhreagair siad ceisteanna curtha ag an EOI maidir le soiléiriú ar na freagraí a bheas acu. Íoctar níos lú ná pá íosta do mhórchuid na dtaighdeoirí iarchéime in Éirinn, agus bíonn móramh acu 30% faoi phá íosta nó níos measa as. Le linn an géarchéim mhaireachtála reatha, ní leor pá íosta fiú le maireachtáil. Tá géarghá ag na taighdeoirí iarchéime ar tacaíochtaí agus pá níos fearr agus níos airde, agus mar sin is gá go mbeidh ardú tagtha ar na stipinní chomh luath agus is féidir. Thairis sin, caithfidh taighdeoirí iarchéime tuiscint cé chaoi mar a bheas an scéal sna míonna atá romhainn le go mbeadh siad in ann cinntí cónaithe a dhéanamh go feasach. Go áirithe le linn géarchéimeanna tithíochta agus maireachtála, tá an-ghá leis sin. Le costais comhdhálacha taighde, foilseacháin, taispeántais, aistrithe, srl. i measc go leor cinntí airgeadais eile, ní mór soiléireacht a thabhairt do taighdeoirí iarchéime maidir le cé mhéad tacaíochta a bheas ag dul chucu óna gcomhlachtaí maoinithe. Leis an easpa cumarsáide atá ann anois maidir le ardú na stipinní, fágadh lár lár na taighdeoirí iarchéime. Tá ar cuid acu cinntí fad-téarmach, cosúil le conartha tionóntachta, a ndéanamh acu de réir an stipinn atá ann faoi láthair, agus ní féidir leo leanúint ar aghaidh gan tuilleadh soiléireacht ar an scéal. Éilíonn Eagraíocht na nOibrithe Iarchéimithe mar sin go ndéanfaidh SFI, an IRC, Teagasc, agus comhlachtaí maoinithe PhDanna eile an stipinn a ardú go pá inmhaireachtála (.i. €25,000/bliain) ar a laghad roimh mí Mheáin Fhómhair mar atá molta ag an tuairisc le déanaí ar thacaíochta na PhDanna in Éirinn. Éilítear chomh maith go ndéanfar an ardú seo a fógairt go soiléir le gach uile PhD.
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  • Better Rights for Dyslexic and Special Educational Needs Children
    It is important as lots of children every year are failed by the Irish Government my son enclude. These children have rights under the disability legislation act and we must act now before any other children are failed long term.
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    Created by Siobhán McGourty
  • Petition for Inclusive Education and Equal Access for Deafblind Children in Ireland
    Who is affected? Deafblind children, their families, and the broader community are concretely affected by the existing barriers to inclusive education. The current lack of specialized services and resources denies these children the opportunity to fully participate in educational settings. As a result, they are often isolated, unable to communicate effectively, and face significant challenges in acquiring the necessary skills to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. What is at stake? The consequences of maintaining the status quo are far-reaching and deeply impactful. Without inclusive education and tailored support, deafblind children risk being left behind, depriving them of a quality education and limiting their future opportunities. By neglecting their needs, we deny them the chance to develop their talents, contribute to society, and lead independent and fulfilling lives. Additionally, the lack of equal access to education perpetuates social inequality and discrimination, further marginalizing an already vulnerable group. Why is now the time to act? Immediate action is imperative as every passing day without intervention exacerbates the challenges faced by deafblind children. The critical developmental stages during early childhood necessitate early intervention services that foster communication skills, sensory development, and social interaction. By addressing these needs promptly, we can enable deafblind children to reach their full potential, unlocking a brighter future for them and empowering them to become active, engaged members of society. We firmly believe that every child, regardless of their abilities, has the right to an inclusive education and equal access to educational resources and services. Therefore, we respectfully request that you consider the following measures: Develop comprehensive guidelines and policies that ensure inclusive education for deafblind children at all levels of the education system. Allocate sufficient resources to provide specialized training for teachers and educational professionals to effectively support deafblind children. Establish early intervention programs that focus on the unique needs of deafblind children, providing appropriate services and support from an early age. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including organizations specializing in deafblind education, to develop and implement best practices for inclusive education and support services. Raise awareness among the broader public about the rights and needs of deafblind children, fostering a more inclusive and accepting society. We urge you to take immediate action to address the pressing issue of inclusive education and equal access for deafblind children. By doing so, you will contribute to a more inclusive society where every child can thrive and fulfil their potential. We kindly request a meeting with you to discuss our concerns in more detail and explore collaborative solutions. We are confident that by working together, we can bring about meaningful change and ensure a brighter future for deafblind children.
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    Created by Bronwyn Kircher
  • Stop Pension Inequality in Ireland's Technological Universities
    There is very clear inequality: Research Staff in the Technological Universities are not allowed join the single public pension scheme. Research Staff in the Traditional Universities are, while both carry out the same jobs.
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    Created by Luke Geever
  • The Columban Way - Support Recognition as a European Cultural Route
    The Columban Way is a rural community driven project focused on connecting communities using low impact walking tourism to provide socio-economic opportunities where large ticket tourism offerings are scarce on the ground. The project is staffed through 100% volunteering with support from Carlow County Council, Carlow Tourism and Failte Ireland. With your support we will be able to continue our work towards Bangor, Co. Down and through Europe to Bobbio, Italy.
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  • Save The Strawhall Woodland, Carlow, Ireland
    We have come together to draw attention to a 28.87 acre site being sold in Carlow. Gateway & Adjoining Lands, Strawhall, Athy Road, Carlow Town, Co. Carlow is for sale by Greencore Group plc. Advertised as “Tremendous potential for further development” There is zero mentioning of any mature trees nor woodland within the advertisement; lot 6 has a well established woodland (Link below for sale details) We are calling on you to help us protect these trees from potential destruction. We want these woodland back as a public amenity. . We want to protect the wildlife under the Wildlife Act 1976 that call this place home already. Trees are vital to preserve and hugely important to biodiversity in the ongoing climate change. And as we have seen before, trees and woodlands removed overnight; we have come together to prevent this from happening. We need our trees! Though this is not solely about the trees and wildlife this is about the community coming together seeing the potential these lands already have for the community. For our future community. Protecting and enhancing our environment for future generations. And only a brisk walk away from our town centre. What we need? We need time. To buy time we need support. We need you to join us, sign our petitions, and share our social posts. Write your support to newspapers. Contact the local representatives. Contact the Carlow County Council. Spread the word for the love of our trees we are coming together! Already a large community has come together in Carlow and further nationwide to bring these woodlands into the public domain. We hope you will share some support and hopefully some day you will get to come visit 😉 Contact us [email protected] (Link to sale details below in "campaign website")
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