• Global Climate Urgency
    The Earth's temperature is permanently increasing and 700,000 Species are extinct, the Oceans are Polluted, BUT there is no responsible action taken by the Governments and Multinational Industries.
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    Created by Vera Raftery
  • Plastic Free Tea Please
    There is too much plastic in our world. We can live with oddly shaped tea bags. We promise.
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    Created by Jennifer Harris Picture
  • Save Our Sheep SOS!!!
    Today a great kindness was done by concerned citizens who rescued sheep that had been brought to Kepak Slaughterhouse Athleague for slaughter on Friday but left in dire conditions without food or shelter in rain and flooding. Having contacted both Kepac Slaughterhouse and the Department of Agriculture who didn't take any action to help these vulnerable animals and seeing that one of the sheep had already died in these horrendous conditions, these brave people put themselves at risk and went out in a Kayak to bring the 9 waterlogged sheep to safety and drier land. The sheep had to be guided to safety by following the Kayak which took immense effort on the part of the rescuers and the sheep must have been so terrified. Now Kepak insist they are coming to take them for slaughter having had zero interest in meeting their welfare needs when requested. Please share this post widely and bring to light the shocking practices of these corporates whose only interest is profit... Please let these individuals have a chance at life with the kind people who brought them to safety... The option of sanctuary is just a share away for these souls!!! Please tag the media and all animal rights groups in your posts 💚
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    Created by Maya Wall
  • Save our Four Districts Woodland Habitat
    We need to preserve the wild woodland habitat which currently links the villages of Rathcoole and Saggart. This site, by our local park, has real potential as an amenity for our communities, as a haven for wildlife and as a living example for nature education. Wild green spaces are becoming rarer in South Dublin. Spending time in nature improves our mental and physical health, and reduces stress. The woodland provides great walking trails. The trees, wildflowers and waterways within are vital habitats and food sources. They enable birds, frogs, mammals and insects like bees and butterflies to thrive. Trees absorb water, lessening local flooding. They release oxygen, improving our air quality. They store carbon, helping against climate change. Help to secure the woodland for future generations. Please visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Four-Disticts-Woodland-Group-458412544573936/
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    Created by Susan Healy
  • Bus for 22 Students from Ballygarrett & Killenagh to Creagh College, Gorey
    There are 22 children in the Killenagh/Ballygarrett area seeking school transport to Creagh College in Gorey, approximately 16km away. Half of the parents in our group have already built their lives around the fact that the children can be brought to Creagh College by the School Transport system. Some of these children are going into 6th year. This is an additional stress on an already stressful year for any student. We’ve looked into private busses and it is simply not affordable at €40-€50 per week per child. Some families have 3 children in the school and most of us will have multiple children over the coming years. We have been advised that €4m would solve this situation nationally. We need a solution locally in two weeks. We need action NOW!! #22forcreaghbus
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    Created by Tina Regan Picture
  • Support the Climate Change Strike on September 20th 2019
    We are taking our inspiration from Greta Thurnberg and the School Strike for Climate and asking you to leave your place of work if your working and if not join the day of action in whatever way you can. Also please ask your Union and local Politicians to publicly support the strike. This is to show solidarity with our children who may not have a planet to live in !!!! If we don't stop destroying it immediately !!!!! This is a global strike and its vitally important that we send a message to our Govt who are still issuing licences to the Fossil Fuel Corporations who account for over 70% of the pollution that is destroying our planet ! We support the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion 1 TELL THE TRUTH and inform the public about the extent of the climate emergency. 2 ACT like it's an emergency and stop fossil fuel exploration and 3. Ensure a JUST TRANSITION where the most vulnerable are expected to shoulder the most of the urgent policy changes of climate change ! So please sign the petition and send it to your Union Representative or local Politician and join the Strike on the 20th Sept 2019
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    Created by Fergal Butler Picture
  • Save kashmiris
    As a fellow human, please support this petition to allow people of Kashmir to be heard and justice served
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    Created by Khurram Iqbal
  • Name Storms After Companies That Pollute
    Met Éireann are running a competition to name storms. As the climate crisis escalates storms are going to be more frequent and dangerous Big business like fossil fuel companies are behind so much of the pollution causing climate destruction. So lets call a spade a spade and call them what they really are - Storm Shell, Storm BP, Storm Providence Resources.
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    Created by Siobhan O' Donoghue
  • We Demand A Climate And Biodiversity Emergency Status In County Waterford!
    This is extremely important because of our climate crisis. If they continue to ignore new found evidence and scientific research, that has been pressing us for decades to listen. Then it won't lead to anywhere good. We need to be able to look our children in the eyes and know that their future is safe. Because as it stands, it is not.
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    Created by Extinction Rebellion Waterford
  • Irish Clinicians Support the Global Climate Strike
    “It is clear that the nature and scale of the response to climate change will be the determining factor in shaping the health of nations for centuries to come.” - The Lancet Countdown 2018. Climate change has dire implications for human health; exposing vulnerable populations to extreme weather events, altering patterns of infectious diseases, aggravating risks to mental health, and compromising food security, safe drinking water and clean air. Responding to this threat is a responsibility of the health profession. Irish Doctors for the Environment are joining the Global Climate Strike on September 20th to support the students in "calling for urgent action to prevent climate breakdown and ensure a just and sustainable future". A full list of the students' demands is available here: https://www.schoolsclimateaction.ie/ IDE are encouraging Irish health professionals and clinicians who cannot make it to the strike on September 20th to show their support for the cause by signing and sharing this petition.
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    Created by IDE Irish Doctors for the Environment
  • Stop Plastic Straws at Burger King
    The use of plastic straws is unnecessary and inexcusable. The dramatic effect they have on ocean wildlife is disgusting and harmful. Plastic straws need to be banned
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    Created by Áoibhín Barrett
  • Water Dispensers for Cork Co.
    Plastic waste is causing serious damage to our environment. Water dispensers would significantly cut down on plastic bottle use.
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    Created by Liam Quaide Picture
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