• Preserve Bird Habitat in Ennis
    Bird Habitat is the last remaining natural area in Ennis town, and it is the center of attraction for our local community. The river bend in the center of town hosts various Birds, including; the Canadian geese and Greylag goose that have mixed with the Local Domestic goose, they are an affectionately viewed by us 'Ennis-eans' and passers by enjoy the entertaining display of the Mute Swans, Herons and Mallard ducks. We want our appreciation of nature as an inheritance for our future generation. Not only that, the Birds on the river Fergus enhance town's tourists attraction and are a center of interest for local business. Feeding the birds are a relaxing activity from the stress, and a quite time out for kids and parents on their way to and from the buzz of life.
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    Created by Vera Raftery
  • No Licences to Mine in Ireland
    Mining is a threat to the health and well being of the natural environment and that of the local community. Mining is a process that is hugely destructive to land, water and air and to all who require these for their continued healthy existence. In this era of Climate Emergency and rapid species loss the granting of licenses to prospect is very much a step in the wrong direction. It is at odds with the responsibilities of this government at this crucial time for the planet and all that live in it.
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  • #LeaveNoTrace at Electric Picnic #EP2019
    Last year, Electric Picnic revellers left behind 550 tonnes of rubbish (10kg per person), including tents, sleeping bags, headphones, and clothes in Stradbally, Co Laois. Each year, this mess is headline news at the end of the festival, yet the organisers (Festival Republic) do nothing to address the problem and continue to add more tickets year on year, making the problem worse over time. It's time to take a stand against these irresponsible practices and demand that Festival Republic do more to reverse the culture that encourages festival goers to trash our beautiful countryside at their events. Let's ask Festival Republic to have some rules about waste at Electric Picnic this year.
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    Created by Cara Augustenborg
  • Ban the sale of new fossil fuel burning cars by 2025
    Technology in the automotive industry has reached a turning point - access to battery electric vehicles is better than ever and improving constantly. However, the automotive industry continues to profit from the burning of fossil fuels. Only a drastic change such as this, creating the largest market for zero-emissions vehicles in the world, can force them to innovate and compete to bring the cost of this technology down. Exemptions of limited duration should be made only for specialist vehicles.
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  • Protect Greystones Fishermen
    For over 150 years Greystones harbour and marina have been used by local fishermen. Their livelihoods are now under threat as Wicklow County Council are attempting to get rid of the local fishing workers. The local fishermen have been there a long time and are a part of traditional Greystones. We should be trying to protect these traditions rather than exile them.
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  • Dear President
    Nature fully supports not just human life, but all life on the mother being planet that we call earth. It is now that we must show solidarity & support her, before it’s too late. Now is the moment to take action. Now is the moment to recognize nature in our constitution, just as we recognize our brothers & sisters. We welcome this reestablishment with our direct environment, as it is beyond crucial to life on earth.
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    Created by Kerry O'Neill
  • Take down palm oil
    Because they are 1. Cutting down palm trees 2. kicking people off their land to farm palm oil 3. Killing the animals in the rainforest 4. Destroying the biodiversity of the rainforests
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    Created by Aodh O'Muilleoir
  • No Fat Oil and Grease in Cork upper Harbour
    The impact of the daily load of 4million litres of fat oil and grease solution on the harbour it’s nature reserves and it’s ecosystem has not been adequately investigated or modelled. The pipe line is simply the shortest route to the sea from the factory. There are other options such as putting the discharge point way out to sea using the Ballycotton gas pipeline. The cheapest solution is rarely the best solution.
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  • Donegal County Council: Ban Roundup Now
    Our beautiful planet has reached a dangerous toxic load of Roundup weedkiller. In 2018 over 5 billion pounds of it was spread worldwide and this will rise each year if we do not stop it. Roundup's makers, Monsanto, have been proven in numerous high profile lawsuits to have hidden the scientific proof that it does not, as they claimed in the 1970s, break down in the soil; it remains active and therefore harmful for at least ten years. Yet still we spray. The fact that is does not break down is evidenced by it being found in urine and breast milk samples, and organic honeys which are nowhere near spraying. It is, at this stage, everywhere. It has been proven to attack beneficial bacteria in all lifeforms, including humans, and is linked to numerous diseases including cancers, celiac disease, autism and gluten intolerance. It is proven to kill honeybees and other pollinators, and has been implicated in the ill health and death of dogs and other pets. The only reason it is still on the shelves is because our business-focused governments keep lobbying to keep it there. We are essentially putting the profits of corporations above the health and future of our planet. This is insanity. The only way we are going to stop the spraying is by pressuring those in the newly formed council to wake up and take action; to remind them their jobs are to serve the community's healthy and well-being, not amass wealth for an elite class. Look around your towns and countryside, and when you see Roundup sprayed speak up. Tell people that there are much healthier and cheaper alternatives. See recipes here: https://garden.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Recipe_for_Vinegar_Weed_Killer
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  • Required recharging points for electric cars at each gas station
    In order to favor the implementation of the electric car beneficial for health, government assistance is needed, not only in subsidies to purchase but also in infrastructure. With this measure all gas stations should have a fast charging point for electric cars obligatorily
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  • No to Co-Living
    Because it is disrespectful, depressing and completely wrong. It is not the answer and the only people who would ever have to live like this are those who can't currently afford the ridiculous rent levels. Stop pushing people out of Dublin & think about the kind of cities and communities we want - not what developers want.
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    Created by Ber Grogan
    It looks as if all routes leading to City Centre will suffer a great loss in trees/wildlife.. And Shane Ross, Minister for Transport and the National Transport Authority have been extremely vague on what steps they are willing to take to avoid this! Quite simply, this is not good enough: Dublin you have a choice to make, Dublin you have voice to be heard, Dublin this is your city and your home, Dublin don't just let them do what they want this time! Dublin there must be an ecological balance in progress and the future. DUBLIN IF WE GET THIS WRONG THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO FIX IT.
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