It looks as if all routes leading to City Centre will suffer a great loss in trees/wildlife.. And Shane Ross, Minister for Transport and the National Transport Authority have been extremely vague on what steps they are willing to take to avoid this! Quite simply, this is not good enough: Dublin you have a choice to make, Dublin you have voice to be heard, Dublin this is your city and your home, Dublin don't just let them do what they want this time! Dublin there must be an ecological balance in progress and the future. DUBLIN IF WE GET THIS WRONG THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO FIX IT.
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  • Love Clondalkin
    Clondalkin is over 1,000 years old and is attracting more and more visitors to view its heritage. In this regard the proposed nursing home is wholly inappropriate. The four storey building would block the view of the limestone convent while the proposed brick finish is not at all in keeping with local architecture. In addition an antique stone wall on Convent Rd., would be knocked not to mention the additional traffic that would ensue in an already gridlocked village. Such a development would detrimentally affect the historic character of Clondalkin and should be refused.
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  • South Wicklow needs a slip road from M11 onto Vale Road in Arklow
    Arklow Sinn Féin representative John Kelly and John Brady TD have started a campaign for the construction of a slip road on and off the M11 to the Vale Road in Arklow. Wicklow County Council needs to commission a feasibility study to allow for a funding application to be made to the Department of Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Arklow is a fantastic town with massive amounts of potential that needs to be unlocked. Hopefully An Bord Pleanála will be making a decision on the new sewage treatment plant very soon, this will go a long way to unlocking the potential Arklow has, however traffic in the town is still a major problem and it needs to be addressed to ensure that the towns potential can be fully unlocked. Key to addressing the traffic problem would be the construction of a new slip road on and off the N11 to the Vale Road. Currently people travelling to Woodenbridge or Aughrim have to come through Arklow. This is unnecessarily bringing cars into the town and adding to the congestion and lengthy unnecessary journeys for them. It’s really unbelievable that this slip road wasn’t constructed in the 1990’s when the Arklow Bypass was being constructed. There are also a considerable number of new houses under construction on the Vale Road, this will also add to the traffic problem, the most logical thing to address the issue is to construct the new slip road to take cars out of Arklow. This was one of the main proposals in Deputy John Brady’s Unlocking Arklow’s Potential document which he published last year. When the Unlocking Arklow’s Potential document was published the Minister for Transport was contacted and was asked about funding for the construction of the slip road. The Minister informed us that no application for funding has been forthcoming from the local authority for the project and that a feasibility study should first be carried out. For South Wicklow to develop this slip road is critical and we are calling for it to be prioritised. We will continue to push this project as we see it as key to unlocking Arklow’s potential.
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  • Sustainable Travel Pledge Ireland - Free from Flying
    Given the grave challenges posed by climate change it's time to embrace more sustainable - and less stressful- approaches to travel than flying. Emissions from flying within Europe increased by 26% in the last five years and Ryanair has gained the dubious distinction of being in the top 10 of European carbon polluters.(1) The industry needs to be regulated and taxed more effectively (1) but all of us also need to fly much much less if we are to have any hope of limiting global warming. Similar to those who support the Swedish campaign Flygfritt 2019 this campaign is asking you to pledge to stop or at least reduce air travel. By signing you are pledging to take meaningful action to reduce or ideally stop your air travel, by for example: - using alternative travel options such as sea/rail for work and personal travel - taking one trip of longer duration rather than multiple short breaks/visits - eliminating all but the most necessary work travel (e.g. using online technology for meetings and conferences) My name is Karen Smith and I teach and research in the area of childhood equality. If we are to deliver any kind of justice to the children of today, let alone the children of tomorrow, we need to drastically reduce emissions, without delay. The window of opportunity is small and I hope that as many of you as possible will take this pledge (1) https://www.transportenvironment.org/news/airline-emissions-growth-out-control
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  • Traffic problems in Foxford County Mayo
    It is important because I feel the cost and construction of the crossings could have and should have been put to better use. I feel that a one-way system around secondary school would have solved the problem and would have cost less, it is also important because it puts the safety of drivers and school children on the line and since they have been constructed one fatal accident has occurred at the location. Finally, it is important for those with authority to focus on smaller projects which would benefit communities more instead of larger un-necessary projects which cost more money.
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  • Save the Four Masters' Park
    The Four Masters' Park is a small green lung on Berkeley Road in the heart of the North inner-city; one of the very few. It has many historic resonances, as it commemorates the Annals of the Four Masters while the memorial itself was commissioned by Sir William Wilde and executed by James Cahill. It was given by the Sisters of Mercy for the benefit of the local community. The current plan for the new MetroLink is to consume a substantial part of our green space for the new metro station. Less than 100 metres away from our park is a station already built under the Mater Hospital. This was a part of the old Metro North plans at the time Leo Varadkar was Minister for Transport in 2012. €20 million was spent on installing a station box beneath the new adult hospital. The Metro North enabling works were completed in 2013 under the Mater Whitty Building by BAM Contractors Ltd on behalf of the Railway Procurement Agency. It makes no sense to waste €20 million of public money and destroy a beloved local park. Recently, two vacant industrial sites nearby have been identified as possibilities, yet neither have been investigated by MetroLink. Please join us in supporting this campaign.
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  • Keep Clare Bus in Clare!
    Clare-TCU is the office where local dispatchers take calls for bookings, who know where all our regular passengers are based. We have 16 years’ experience of delivering a flexible and fully accessible bus service to the people of Clare and South Galway. Dispatchers work closely with drivers to make sure the bus diverts to where the people are, facilitating bookings up to an hour before departure. The dispatchers are the life force, that direct the bus service, look after drivers and, above all, look after the passengers. They are part of your community. The TCU is the driving force behind Clare Bus, taken away from our community the service will be a shadow of its former self. Impact on passengers: loss of the highly responsive service that has become a life line to many people. Impact on Clare Bus: loss of dispatchers, taking out local control of service provision and development threatens the viability of the whole service and potentially puts 25 Clare jobs at risk.
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  • Free Travel for People With Epilepsy in Ireland
    - The costs of public transport poses hardship to many people with epilepsy who are not eligible for Disability Allowance or any other payment which Free Travel is attached to. - The Free Travel Pass would enable people who have been told they cannot drive for a minimum period to stay economically active and compensate them for the added costs of public transport. - This would make a huge difference to supporting people with epilepsy in travelling to work, retaining employment and improving overall quality of life. - Travel concessions for people with epilepsy are available in other countries and there should be similar provisions here. - Successive governments have not delivered on the issue of free travel despite intense lobbying from organisations - we need public support on this issue!
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  • Extra 84X buses needed for Bray and Greystones
    The 84x bus service is a popular service for commuters in Kilcoole, Newcastle, Greystones and Bray. Recently the National Transport Authority have been asked by Wicklow County Council members and by other local representatives to increase the 84x service. In response to these requests The National Transport Authority told Wicklow County Council on Monday 4th March "There are no promises, we will see what happens in the months ahead". This response is not good enough and we are now publicly petitioning on this issue. In the last few years there has been increased demand on the service because of increased housing in Greystones and surrounding areas. The increased demand has meant increased usage and consequently the following: congestion on the service, commuters not being able to regularly use the service because the buses are so full, increased car usage, decreased quality of life due to increased traffic congestion. In 2018 Wicklow County Council recently did some research on commuters living in County Wicklow and found some interesting data on commuters including students and employees. It found that there is a large demand for commuting from Bray and Greystones into Dublin. It found that 77% of commuters who use buses in County Wicklow are unhappy with their commute. It also found that 69% of County Wicklow Commuters would like more frequent bus services. (Source Wicklow County Council 2018 Commuter survey (https://www.wicklow.ie/Portals/0/Documents/Business/Business-Environment/Wicklow-Facts-Figures/Commuter%20Study%20Report.pdf) A large reason for this is increased demand in the Greystones/Kilcoole area. Since the last census there are roughly about 1 thousand houses that have been built or are at present being built in the Greystones area (Source: Wicklow County Council Meeting September 2018 https://www.wicklow.ie/Portals/0/Documents/Council%20Meetings/Minutes-Agendas/2018/10%2009%2018%20SPECIAL%20MEETING%20COUNTY%20COUNCIL.pdf) . This includes the Marine area at Greystones, Wavely estate, Seagreen estate, Glenheron estate amongst others. In the Greystones area there is already quite a high percentage of local residents who commute for work (22.9%) according to the last census. (Source Oireachtas constituency census dashboards http://dashboards.oireachtas.ie/dashboard.php?s=transport&q=t1) Given the above; a) the fact that Wicklow residents overall who commute by bus are unhappy with the service provided, b) the fact that many citizens in Bray and Greystones feel there are not enough buses and that they drive as a result and c) the fact there are a thousand new houses in the Greystones area since the 2016 census. We respectfully request the NTA and Dublin Bus to provide extra 84x morning buses. In addition to this a large number of commuters in Bray and Greystones repeatedly get left behind on the evening service commute to Bray and Greystones from Dublin City Centre. The 84x is congested and full on an extremely regular basis. Many commuters who live in areas such as Foxrock, Deansgrange use the 84x and these commuters can often use other services along the N11 corridor including the 46a and 145. They feel it is completely unfair for them that users who can use other alternate routes such as the 145 or 46a mean they cannot use the evening service to get to Bray or Greystones. In order to maximise use for commuters in Bray and Greystones and encourage commuters to use alternate routes available to them we respectfully request that the 84x would not allow passengers to disembark between UCD and Loughlinstown Hospital. We believe these 2 changes would increase commuter satisfaction for County Wicklow Bus Commuters and also would increase the quality of life overall for citizens in Bray and Greystones.
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  • Save Shankill Village
    166 properties (minimum) will be impacted by the project on Route 13, with removal of parking spaces in Shankill village, 330 roadside trees removed and new bus lanes introduced in acquired land spaces such as gardens and green areas. All for a maximum of 10 minutes (which we believe is exaggerated) saved bus time from Bray to City Centre. The proposals impact local businesses, parking for elderly and disabled, damage and destruction of local heritage such as the old railway bridge, safety issues for school children, environmental damage and harm to local wildlife and not least, impacting local's gardens, green areas and quality of life. Sign this petition, familiarise yourself with the plans on the busconnects.ie website, and send in your objection through their online form here: Route 13 Bray to City Centre Proposal Brochure: https://www.busconnects.ie/media/1479/busconnects-cbc13-bray-to-city-centre-180219-fa-web.pdf Objection: https://busconnects.ie/initiatives/core-bus-corridors-project-public-consultation-submission-form/
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  • Allow car pooling in Ireland
    Car pooling is an effective if somewhat modest way to reduce carbon emission from commuting and works well in other Eupropean countries, but in Ireland, the National Transport Authority has been blocking it on the ground that it break taxi licensing laws. See https://www.thejournal.ie/ride-sharing-ireland-2185650-Jun2015/. From my correspondence with NTA, it is clear that for car sharing / car pooling to happen in Ireland, these regulations need to change. In other words,it becomes a political issue. And so it should be, because it also promotes a culture of sharing and as such contributes to building the new economical paradigm that we so badly need to tackle the converging crisis of the 21st century.
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  • Monasterevin Garda Station
    In recent years our town and its surrounding areas have expanded greatly due to increased housing development, while this is welcomed we also need a significant update of Garda presence. This is something that we as a community feel should be built on alongside our development and instead it has gone the opposite direction. we hope that with this petition, we can increase the presence of Garda in our area and reduce the anti-social behaviour. We also would like to see our station be opened more often for tasks such as forms being completed etc.
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