About MyUplift

Do you have an idea about how to make your local area, community or Ireland a better place? MyUplift is an online tool that allows you to start, run and deliver a campaign on the issue you care about. You can use MyUplift to email supporters of your campaign, organize an event and set up email to target, when appropriate.

Your campaign could be big, small, revolutionary or everyday. It could be as diverse as saving your local park from development, to saving a piece of history in your parish to fighting for a clean energy future on a national scale.

Uplift is an independent community working for a more progressive Ireland through people powered action. While Uplift created this platform for anyone to use, MyUplift campaigns are not run or endorsed by Uplift.

Here are some of the things you can do with MyUplift:

  • Start a petition

  • Spread the word on social media

  • Ask for help from the Uplift campaign team

  • Win your campaign!

This website exists to promote positive social change, to protect the environment and to challenge injustice and inequality. Petitions on this site are started and run by members of the public. Uplift hosts the MyUplift website, but campaigns here are not necessarily endorsed by Uplift. Official Uplift campaigns can be found here. Read more about our terms of use.

Getting started

We've prepared a number of resources to help you get up and running with your campaigns. There are also some tips on advanced campaign topics to help you take your petition and move closer to winning your campaign.

Campaigning Tips