• Equestrian facilities
    We would appreciate if everyone from the area could sign this and get the equestrian facilities for the area that are needed. Our kids put there hearts and soles into looking after there horse keeping themselves busy and out of trouble until the horse pound come in and does a clear out after all the tender loving care and money  has gone into our horses the last visit from the pound was at 10.40pm on the 18/06/2024 siezed 5 horses and left many young kids heartbroke this so going on far to long now the love for horses is not going to leave the area by just keep pounding the horse but pounding the younger generations horses is just going to give them more free time and push up anti social behaviour in our area so we are asking for a safe and secure location for the horses for our younger generations to keep them doing what they love and keep them off the streets 
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    Created by Garreth Foley
  • Zebra Pedestrian Crossing on Dublin Rd
    This is a petition to erect a non-traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing on the Dublin Road between the Forge Estate entrance and the entrance to Chapel Farm.  This crossing currently only has sloped curbs, an island in the middle of the two flows of traffic on the road with no signage. This route is used daily by all residents of the Lusk community, including those travelling to preschools in the area with young children. The problem this crossing currently has is that traffic does not stop to let pedestrians cross safely and when there is no traffic at any given time and a pedestrian commences crossing, vehicles then come from the roundabout or Lusk Village direction at high speeds before the pedestrian gets a chance to cross safely. With the influx of new builds in the area there is an increase of young families now travelling to schools and preschools with their children and this crossing is currently unsafe for those children.
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    Created by Laura Boylan
  • Fix Enduring Powers of Attorney
    Prior to April 2023 an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) only needed to be registered in the event that the person who created it subsequently lost mental capacity.  Approximately 1,200 EPAs were registered each year up to 2022.   It is estimated that only 15% of EPAs created under that old system subsequently required to be registered, which would mean that approximately 8,000 EPAs would have had to have been created each year to produce the figure of 1,200 registered, or 670 a month. In April 2023 the Decision Support Service (DSS) was established and the system for creation of EPAs was radically changed.  It was expected this new system would enable wider uptake of EPAs by the public and ensure greater protection of vulnerable people as they age.  However, as of 28 February 2024, it was stated in answer to a parliamentary question that only 697 EPA applications had been submitted to the DSS for registration in its first ten months of operation, roughly what would have been created in one month under the old system. In other words 10 times less than before.   The new system intended  to increase the number of people with EPAs has resulted in a collapse in the numbers being created  in contrast with the old system which worked very well.  The problem is an online platform  imposed on the creation of EPAs  by the DSS which does not enable a professional adviser to access the platform on behalf of anyone wishing to have their assistance with the creation of the documentation to ensure that it is done correctly. Anyone wishing to have professional assistance in the creation of an EPA via a digital platform should be facilitated in doing so and is entitled to have their professional adviser access the system on their behalf  to advise and assist in preparing what can be complicated and profoundly important documents with serious legal consequences. Revenue’s online ROS system allows a tax adviser to prepare and file returns for a taxpayer. The Injuries Resolution Board’s web-portal allows an agent to prepare an injury claim on behalf of a claimant. The Land Registry, the Companies Registration Office and others all do likewise.  The DSS platform does not and that needs to be fixed urgently  to allow people who want help from their professional advisers in creating an EPA to get it by providing professional advisers with access to the new online platform on behalf of anyone wishing to have their assistance. This is a change required to fix the system for creation of EPAs that can and should be made immediately to end this crisis in the creation of  EPAs which is causing serious problems for vulnerable people who need to have them in place. We are signing this petition to ask the Minister for State to fix this problem as soon as possible.
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  • Make voting easier in Northern Ireland
    Voting in Northern Ireland is much harder than in Great Britain.  Voters in Northern Ireland must provide a Digital Registration Number (DRN) when they register online to vote by post or by proxy. But the DRN is not a requirement in any other part of the UK  Over 5,000 absentee vote applications were rejected in NI before the 2023 council elections due to issues with the Digital Registration Number (DRN).  This is up from the 3636 people whose votes were rejected in the 2022 Assembly election for the same reason. Every vote matters. In Northern Ireland election results can depend on a very small number of votes - like in Fermanagh South Tyrone when the seat was won in 2019 by 57 votes. The Digital Registration Number must be scrapped, to make sure everyone get to exercise their right to vote.
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    Created by Gavin Boyle
  • Reject Coercive Medical Interventions for Cannabis Use
    The Citizens' Assembly on Drugs Use has the potential to bring justice-based reform to the archaic and abusive Irish drugs policy. However, figures within the HSE, Department of Health and the Irish Government are pushing for a new system which will see all those caught with small personal amounts of cannabis coerced into 'brief' SAOR medical interventions in order to avoid criminal sanctions. This policy will have massive consequences on human rights, bodily autonomy and basic dignity. It will also have disproportionate impact on: • Marginalised communities and people. • Medical cannabis users and patients. • Those in need of addiction treatment. The proposed system will clog up addiction treatment services, filling it with people who use cannabis and will result in people who need genuine help waiting longer. What we really need is a harm-reduction based approach to cannabis which focuses on safe consumption and cultivation, similar to what has been done in Malta with their cannabis social club model.
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    Created by Crainn Campaign
  • Shut down Kildare's Horse Abattoir
    The abuse uncovered by RTÉ Investigates at Shannonside Foods' horse abattoir in Kildare has shocked us all. Footage captured by RTÉ has shown horses being hit, punched, whipped and struck with plastic piping.  Together, we are calling on the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to shut down this abattoir with immediate effect. If those who own the abattoir feel it's OK to treat animals like this, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near them.  Please sign and share our petition today, and help us get this abattoir shut down.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Keep the Munster Rugby Choir
    The Munster Rugby Supporters Club Choir has been a regular fixture at matches for more than a decade, but they're now disbanding after Munster Rugby said there's appetite for "new match day entertainment on the pitch". We call on Munster Rugby to reverse this decision and to bring back the choir. 
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    Created by Suzanne Fergus
  • Let the public decide on the minimum legal age for Smart Phones
    *WARNING* Possible wake up call ahead, be prepared to grab the wheel! To all the parents like myself on all the WhatsApp groups, checking the time of GAA training for tomorrow... Recently driving home from work I felt I was nodding off a bit, a product of this modern world, too much on, too much running around, too much technology coming at me, I'm exhausted to be honest! When I got home and after doing the domestic dance of who's making dinner that night, I fell in front of what was my "babysitter" growing up - the TV. At the same time my kids are spread out all over the house in front of their modern "babysitter" - the mobile phone. Why did I get them these devices? Because you got them for your kids, and you got them because I got them for my kids, peer pressure at its worst! The internet is an amazing tool, the reason you are reading this message, but we all know there is the dark side that we don't like to think about, is it a case of modern life has us so tired that we are asleep at the wheel or are we just turning a blind eye? The internet is like a car, difficult to live without one, safe and practical in the hands of an adult, but give a car to a 12-16 year old and it's possibly a form of abuse! Dangerous to the child and dangerous to those around that child! The state has a dark history of child abuse, something you would think would not happen again in our modern society, that we would not let it happen on our watch, however abuse can come in many subtle forms! Are we all guilty of staying quiet like all those cases years ago, choosing the easier path!? The media is awash with the side effects of these devices - social media anxiety, mental health issues, shore attention span, behavioural issues, desensitization to violence, social disruption, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, underage sex, teenage pregnancies, underage sex crimes - the list goes on, it’s some punishment on our kids and on our communities just so they can be "connected" and watch a few dance videos! Even with something as trivial as dance videos you start to realise the algorithms are pushing more and more sexualized content towards you!  The sexualization of our kids at such a young age and the normalization of that fact is a serious modern-day issue. "You need to build a relationship with your kids, educate your kids" - this is what most internet guides tell parents. Good advice but it only addresses "pull" technology i.e. educate your kids not to go looking for the darker side of the internet. The problem is exacerbated now by "push" technology such as Snapchat where the darker side comes looking for you! Everything is not how it seems when it comes to Snapchat, on one side there is what appears to be a harmless app where kids can swap funny photos etc. On the other side it’s an unregulated, unfiltered, hidden, dark network, where kids can make and receive any kind of content they like, and I mean ANYTHING! Sure, wasn't there always a playboy magazine knocking around back in the day I hear you say, but the playboy magazine didn't contain graphical content of underage kids, and wasn't interactive, asking you to create content back! If you said 20 years ago that we're going to create a device and put it into each child's pocket and one thing it will enable is for kids to send naked pictures and videos of themselves to each other, then people would have thought you were crazy! Snapchat knows this but are too busy making millions, it will argue they are only supplying the pipes, the kids are the ones pushing the toxic water through. It's the gun manufacture debate, they only make the guns, you're the one pulling the trigger. Just like web email has filters, Snapchat could implement filters, they choose not to, they could even put AI software in place that says “we know that's you, cop yourself on”! As a 16-year-old, I would have been all over Snapchat, it has the thrill of a new relationship, aspects of gaming (fishing for better rewards) as well as the titillation! The content circulating on Snapchat can trigger kids to have an interest in porn, they then go looking for stronger content in other places on the internet. There's also a known sextortion scam circulating on Snapchat which has led to numerous shocking suicides! People say you can't change Society, but Society is the people, Society is us, we can change! Why did we get the phones in the first place? Society put peer pressure on us to get them, so let’s put peer pressure back on Society to change, then Society can go full circle and remove the phones! I believe most parents deep down know we've made a mistake with access to these phones at too early an age. Forget all the serious issues above, even just to get rid of the domestic arguments around screen time would make them worth removing! This is the cigarettes of our time causing the cancer in our Society, I truly believe in 10 years’ time people will look back and say, “what the hell were we thinking?!”  Our government knows they are awash with social and underage issues but are they asleep at the wheel or is it a case of too little too late? Are they willing to take on the phone manufacturers?!  The ask here is that you put your name to this petition asking for a public vote on mobile phones. I believe if the vote was put to the public, the public would do the right thing!  Thanks for reading, let's keep our kids safe out there! Sound Bytes Sam
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    Created by Sound Bytes Sam
  • Reassign the abandoned Israeli Embassy to Palestine
    This is important because we have recently recognised Palestine as a state, and should accommodate them with an embassy.
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  • Abolish parking charges at Galway University Hospital
    It's been revealed that the HSE has taken in more than €3.5 million in parking charges from Galway University Hospital and Portiuncula over the past four years. [1] It's disgraceful that people are paying such high costs for parking at a hospital. Those who are being treated for cancer or other long-term conditions bear the biggest burden of hospital parking charges – this is disgraceful and must change. Together, we call on the HSE to scrap parking charges for Galway University Hospital for patients with immediate effect so that people who are seeking healthcare can do so with dignity. [1] https://connachttribune.ie/hospitals-e3-5-million-profit-from-patient-parking-613/
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Petition to Protect the Sperrins and NI: Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland, particularly the Sperrins, is being overwhelmed by wind farms, with insufficient consideration of their drawbacks. The Sperrin region, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), faces the imminent threat of becoming a dumping ground for large, seemingly eco-friendly energy projects. We believe there is currently an unsustainable over-reliance on wind energy development as the primary means to meet renewable energy targets. This over-dependence on wind energy endangers our overall energy security, further diminishes our already shrinking biodiversity and natural heritage, negatively affects community well-being and health, and eliminates fair opportunities and benefits for everyone in our transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
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    Created by Save the Moat Save the Sperrins Picture