• Department of Education: Create a REAL Action Plan for Integrated Education
    In 2023, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, only 8% of NI kids go to integrated schools despite huge demand. Right now, the Department of Education has a public consultation on their 'Action Plan' and anyone can comment. Tell the Department of Education - we want a REAL Action Plan for integrated education.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Clean Up Lough Neagh Now!
    40% of people in Northern Ireland get their drinking water from Lough Neagh. The blue-green algae outbreak - otherwise known as cyanobacteria is releasing toxins which are killing wildlife and fish, and is harmful to humans. The Lough is dying from decades of neglect and pollution and we must act urgently to save it.
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  • Stir Up Support For Café Bloodthirsty, Galway
    Café Bloodthirsty strives to support people from all walks of life but especially queer creatives within the community of Galway—artists, dancers, musicians, mystics, performers, poets and more—all under the theme of mysticism and the macabre. Café Bloodthirsty caters in particular to the woefully underserved younger LGBTQ+ audience. Students and young adults identifying as such regularly express the desire for a public venue where they can feel safe and supported by customers and staff alike.
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    Created by Billie Bryan
  • Take Action against the British Legacy Bill
    The Legacy Bill passed in Westminster includes a form of immunity for some perpetrators of crimes committed during the Northern Ireland Troubles and prevents future civil cases and inquests into legacy offences. Families bereaved in Northern Ireland through the conflict have suffered from their loss and the pain of getting justice for decades. For many, this will close the door on that forever. All victims groups, all political parties and international human rights bodies vigorously oppose this law. The only way to stop it now is for the Irish government to take an Inter-state complaint against the UK on the Legacy Bill.
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  • Sewage in Clew Bay
    This affects the sea and wildlife of Clew Bay plus people who swim and live nearby. Raw sewage has been flowing into the bay for decades - that need to stop.
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    Created by Audrey Chapman
  • End Electric Picnic Campsite Carnage
    With a capacity of 70,000 people, the Electric Picnic (EP) is Ireland's largest gathering of music & arts and it has established itself as one of the world's most unique festivals. However the growing environmental cost of hosting such a large-scale event needs to be addressed most notably with the increasing volume of tents abandoned each year. Plastic used to make these tents can take thousands of years to biodegrade. Tents should NOT be "Single Use Plastic Items" - they take up valuable space in landfill sites and are polluting the natural environment, having a significant impact on our oceans. In 2022 EP recorded a pre-tax profit of nearly €30 million and we would like to see some of this profit set aside to effectively deal with this plastic waste problem. We want to offer "Hope & Accountability" as a motivating force to current and future festival goers so the question goes from: “ It's a disgrace, what have we done? ” to one of “ What can we do better? ”.
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    Created by annie Holland
  • Keep Before5 Centre in Churchfield open
    The Before 5 Centre on Churchfield Hill was founded almost 50 years ago to support families and the community. Closing of the family centre left 100 families without childcare places next week and 14 staff without jobs. Keep the Before 5 Centre open for the families and people in the community. Image credits: Larry Cummins
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  • Keep free public transport for over 60s
    Free public transport means people are able to socialise, meet their family and take part in society with fewer obstacles. In a cost of living crisis, it's vital that people retain this support.
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  • Stop increasing interest
    To let the government and the banks know that the people are hear to be served and not to be exploited. Tax payers money was use to bale out the banks in the last financial crash. And a charges put back on to the the Irish people. So really we as the people of Ireland should have more of a say in how we get treated buy the banks.
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    Created by Martin Doyle
  • Stop TFI from increasing fare prices
    TFI is currently taking away student discounts for those over 23, not in full-time education. Those who study part-time with just a few classes or remotely with weekend classes and self-paced courses won't be able to use their student card anymore for student fare. TFI annual revenue for 2022 was $8.812B, a 22.05% increase from 2021. They have enough monies. LET STUDENTS USE STUDENTS' CARDS TO USE STUDENT DISCOUNTS.
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    Created by April Tambling
  • Allow Guards To Have Tattoos
    Even the Garda Representative Organisation says that the rule to ban Guards from having tattoos should be changed. A massive petition will make it too hard for policing bosses to ignore us all.
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  • End Animals tied to chains.
    No living creature deserves to be chained and left alone in the rain, cold and feeling sad and hopeless. All animals deserve respect and a good life.
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