• Support High Rise and High Density Development in the Port of Cork
    The key to unlocking Cork’s potential is building high density and high rise development in and near the city centre. The Docklands and Tivoli will be key areas for this type of development, but we need to look at all our options within a reasonable distance of the city centre. High rise and high density developments in the city centre, both residential and business allow for: Less Traffic: People will be able to walk or cycle to work, taking cars off the roads and reducing traffic congestion. More people work in a concentrated area in the city centre, justifying more buses and better cycle lanes on these key routes. Increasing supply in the housing market: Apartments are seriously lacking in Cork and high rise apartment building, while they won't solve the housing crisis, will provide a much needed injection of supply and will free up houses in the suburbs that are now being occupied by young professionals, etc, who would prefer to live near to the city centre. Better public transport decisions: High density development facilitates us in upgrading and developing our public transport. It makes a Cork Luas feasible. We’ve already seen this in Ballincollig & Carrigaline- the density along the 220 bus route has allowed it to become a very successful 24 hour route. Better public transport will breathe life into the city centre- if people are less reliant on their cars, they are more likely to go for a pint after work, venture into town for a coffee on a Saturday, or go in to check out a festival or an event in the Crawford, Triskel or the Everyman. I’ve already seen this happening with people that work with me from Carrigaline and Crosshaven and can get that 220 route- town has suddenly become much more accessible. Avoiding sprawl: I have friends from Madrid to Berlin that live in apartments right in the city centre, and all those European cities, living in a city centre apartment is the norm through all stages in life. What I REALLY want to avoid in Cork is the sprawl that Dublin has suffered from. We do not want Cork City sprawling out and people being forced to put their children into the creche at 6am and commute for hours to get to work. We have the chance now to avoid this, by building up. At the moment, it isn’t happening. Looking upwards will help us solve a lot of problems.
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  • Water Dispensers for Cork Co.
    Plastic waste is causing serious damage to our environment. Water dispensers would significantly cut down on plastic bottle use.
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  • Keep Sruthan House Open
    Sruthan House, located in Dundalk Co. Louth, provides a vital respite service for people with physical and/or sensory disabilities. It is run by the HSE in partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association. The centre provides twenty four hour respite care to both males and females aged 18 – 65 years old. Without Sruthan House their only alternatives are in Sligo, Roscommon and Dublin. This is Fine Gael's latest attempt at eroding our nation's health service and it cannot continue.
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  • Traffic Calming measures for Macroom
    There has been a number of serious and fatal accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians in Macroom town. Acting as a speed table, raised pedestrian crossings, has the added benefit of not only slowing traffic but making it easier to see pedestrians crossing the road. Speed zones where speeds are set at 30 km/h (or 20 mph) as they are found to be effective at reducing crashes increasing pedestrian safety and increasing community cohesion.
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  • Preserve Bird Habitat in Ennis
    Bird Habitat is the last remaining natural area in Ennis town, and it is the center of attraction for our local community. The river bend in the center of town hosts various Birds, including; the Canadian geese and Greylag goose that have mixed with the Local Domestic goose, they are an affectionately viewed by us 'Ennis-eans' and passers by enjoy the entertaining display of the Mute Swans, Herons and Mallard ducks. We want our appreciation of nature as an inheritance for our future generation. Not only that, the Birds on the river Fergus enhance town's tourists attraction and are a center of interest for local business. Feeding the birds are a relaxing activity from the stress, and a quite time out for kids and parents on their way to and from the buzz of life.
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  • No Fracking Fermanagh
    The public consultation has been extended until 31st July 2019. Fracking is not suitable for Fermanagh or anywhere in N.I as it is a dirty, toxic, industrialised process which has been proven dangerous and unsuitable for many reasons and on many instances across the globe. Allowing this license will have effect across the whole of Ireland - The fracking ban in the Republic of Ireland rendered 'null and void' as environmental destruction and recognises no boundaries. For more information please see: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/fracking-ban-in-republic-null-and-void-if-there-is-drilling-in-fermanagh-1.3946714 https://www.impartialreporter.com/news/17631493.fracking-licence-to-cover-over-600-square-kilometers-of-fermanagh/
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  • Keep Tralee Court Services in Ashe Street
    Tralee has a grand purpose-built courthouse in Ashe Street. Moving the courthouse out of its Ashe Street site will not help to keep businesses in town. The Denny site should be used to enhance our town.
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  • No Licences to Mine in Ireland
    Mining is a threat to the health and well being of the natural environment and that of the local community. Mining is a process that is hugely destructive to land, water and air and to all who require these for their continued healthy existence. In this era of Climate Emergency and rapid species loss the granting of licenses to prospect is very much a step in the wrong direction. It is at odds with the responsibilities of this government at this crucial time for the planet and all that live in it.
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  • #LeaveNoTrace at Electric Picnic #EP2019
    Last year, Electric Picnic revellers left behind 550 tonnes of rubbish (10kg per person), including tents, sleeping bags, headphones, and clothes in Stradbally, Co Laois. Each year, this mess is headline news at the end of the festival, yet the organisers (Festival Republic) do nothing to address the problem and continue to add more tickets year on year, making the problem worse over time. It's time to take a stand against these irresponsible practices and demand that Festival Republic do more to reverse the culture that encourages festival goers to trash our beautiful countryside at their events. Let's ask Festival Republic to have some rules about waste at Electric Picnic this year.
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  • End Irish Government funding of the greyhound industry
    See RTE Investigates documentary - it is unacceptable that Irish taxpayers are being asked to fund an industry that is rotten to its core and is responsible for barbaric, inhumane and unethical treatment of animals. Funding from our government is fueling the production of dogs for racing, many of whom end up inhumanely treated (including being boiled alive) and illegally culled. No public monies should find their way into the greyhound industry. For further information see: https://www.rte.ie/player/movie/rt%C3%A9-investigates-greyhounds-running-for-their-lives/104051751967 Note: the content of this documentary is profoundly disturbing and not for those sensitive to the abuse of sensient creatures.
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  • Grandparents Rights Alliance Nationaly G.R.A.N.
    This is very important as lots of children have been alienated from their grandparents. Once these children turn 18 they are on their own. They will need full support from all extended family
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