• Ensure GTarcade stop their criminal negligence with their members monies
    Game of Thrones Players on GTArcade spend hundreds and thousands on their game to get a reliable and expected experience out of it, however with GTArcades actions they are destroying accounts that players have invested so much time and money into through willful negligence. As the King on Kingdom 34, I am starting this petition on behalf of the players on my server and others effected by this 'mistake'
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    Created by Jim Maguire
  • Support the Climate Change Strike on September 20th 2019
    We are taking our inspiration from Greta Thurnberg and the School Strike for Climate and asking you to leave your place of work if your working and if not join the day of action in whatever way you can. Also please ask your Union and local Politicians to publicly support the strike. This is to show solidarity with our children who may not have a planet to live in !!!! If we don't stop destroying it immediately !!!!! This is a global strike and its vitally important that we send a message to our Govt who are still issuing licences to the Fossil Fuel Corporations who account for over 70% of the pollution that is destroying our planet ! We support the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion 1 TELL THE TRUTH and inform the public about the extent of the climate emergency. 2 ACT like it's an emergency and stop fossil fuel exploration and 3. Ensure a JUST TRANSITION where the most vulnerable are expected to shoulder the most of the urgent policy changes of climate change ! So please sign the petition and send it to your Union Representative or local Politician and join the Strike on the 20th Sept 2019
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    Created by Fergal Butler Picture
  • Support Tenants Against Vulture Funds
    Val Issuer DAC are a vulture fund operating in Dublin, attempting to illegally evict over 80 rent paying and law-abiding tenants, including 20 children, for profit. This case involving Val Issuer DAC is horrendous but sadly representative of a much deeper crisis of evictions across the country. Evictions like those being pushed by O'Sullivan and Val Issuer DAC are the biggest factor driving people becoming homeless in Ireland. To stem the tide, People Before Profit - Solidarity TDs tabled an Anti-Eviction Bill in 2018 to ban evictions into homelessness by closing loopholes like the infamous "reneviction" clause of the Residential Tenancies Act. This bill was voted through two stages in the Dáil by majority and should be enacted into legislation but the Government has stalled it using anti-democratic procedures - just like they have with 65 other pieces of legislation brought by opposition TDs. First and foremost we are calling on Val Issuer DAC to drop the evictions of tenants from South Richmond street, Grove Park and Rosedale Terrace. We also call on the government and particularly, Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy to take action to properly address the epidemic of evictions, particularly by vulture funds, accordingly, we demand: 1) Immediately enact the 2018 Anti-Eviction Bill. 2) Close Tax Loopholes like Section 110 that are used by investors to avoid tax liability in Ireland. 3) Regulate to ban REITs, vulture funds and other predatory investors from the Irish market and take their housing stock into public ownership as public housing and/or state administered mortgages.
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    Created by Oppose Vulture Funds
  • Save kashmiris
    As a fellow human, please support this petition to allow people of Kashmir to be heard and justice served
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    Created by Khurram Iqbal
  • Name Storms After Companies That Pollute
    Met Éireann are running a competition to name storms. As the climate crisis escalates storms are going to be more frequent and dangerous Big business like fossil fuel companies are behind so much of the pollution causing climate destruction. So lets call a spade a spade and call them what they really are - Storm Shell, Storm BP, Storm Providence Resources.
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    Created by Siobhan O' Donoghue
  • We Demand A Climate And Biodiversity Emergency Status In County Waterford!
    This is extremely important because of our climate crisis. If they continue to ignore new found evidence and scientific research, that has been pressing us for decades to listen. Then it won't lead to anywhere good. We need to be able to look our children in the eyes and know that their future is safe. Because as it stands, it is not.
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    Created by Extinction Rebellion Waterford
  • Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in Clare
    County Clare is vulnerable to increasingly severe climate events, including drought, flooding, high winds, and storm surges according to Clare County Council's Climate Adaptation Strategy 2019 - 2024. These events are likely to affect farming, transport, economic activity and day to day living and as such must be considered to be of major concern to the county. Equally, Clare Country Council has acknowledged the threat to biodiversity and our natural human dependence on maintaing both plant and animal biodiverisity to sustain our local communities (Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023). However, the extent of the threat must be acknowledged by the council in order to educate the public and provide a detailed and coherent emergency response which matches the real urgency of the problems we are facing. Therefore, we are calling on Clare County Council to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency and to publish both a climate and biodiversity emergency action plan which details practical solutions to ensure that Clare is prepared for the likely effects that climate change will have over the coming years.
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  • Irish Clinicians Support the Global Climate Strike
    “It is clear that the nature and scale of the response to climate change will be the determining factor in shaping the health of nations for centuries to come.” - The Lancet Countdown 2018. Climate change has dire implications for human health; exposing vulnerable populations to extreme weather events, altering patterns of infectious diseases, aggravating risks to mental health, and compromising food security, safe drinking water and clean air. Responding to this threat is a responsibility of the health profession. Irish Doctors for the Environment are joining the Global Climate Strike on September 20th to support the students in "calling for urgent action to prevent climate breakdown and ensure a just and sustainable future". A full list of the students' demands is available here: https://www.schoolsclimateaction.ie/ IDE are encouraging Irish health professionals and clinicians who cannot make it to the strike on September 20th to show their support for the cause by signing and sharing this petition.
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    Created by IDE Irish Doctors for the Environment
  • LGBT Parenting Rights
    Children in LGBT families are currently in limbo. Those being raised by two parents only have a legal relationship with one. They are a legal stranger to the other. They are denied all the protections afforded by the protection of their relationship with their non-biological parent. I am one of those parents. I cannot consent to medical treatment for my little son Finn. I cannot pick him up from crèche or school without the consent of my wife. If anything happens my wife, my child is taken into care as I am a legal stranger to him. This is discrimination. Minister Harris and his colleagues show up to pride for the positive PR while they put the families this event represents to the bottom of the pile. Protect our families now. No more delays! Great to have some media outlets highlighting the issue our families face. East Coast FM https://www.eastcoast.fm/podcasts2/podcasts/the-morning-show/episode/same-sex-parents/ Radio One - Morning Ireland https://twitter.com/morningireland/status/1158293378351677440?s=19
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  • Access for all.
    For people in wheelchairs, people with buggy’s or mobility impairments or just those people who are unable to climb the steps to platforms in our stations. We want a working network of lifts that are reliable and efficient with the added security of assistance in the event of any issues arising for the most vulnerable in our society. We want equality of travel with no limitations imposed.
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  • Don't Axe Rehabilitative Training Allowance
    School leavers and other adults with disabilities can attend Rehabilitative Training Courses run by the HSE or other specialist service providers. There are about 1,000 locations to do this training around the country. Rehabilitative Training Courses are courses to help develop life skills, social skills and basic work skills for people with disabilities. People who do these training courses usually have intellectual disabilities, complex physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, mental health difficulties or autism. Each year, around 400 school leavers enroll in these training courses. Trainees attend these courses for two to four years and are supported to develop and review training plans in line with their needs and abilities. Rehabilitative training is intended to help participants progress to greater levels of independence and integration in their community. It may help in transitioning to mainstream post-school education and training or to specialist vocational training. Participants who satisfy the relevant social welfare criteria may be eligible for a weekly Disability Allowance as well as a special training allowance, which is currently €31.80 per week. However, Minister Simon Harris and the HSE have decided to axe this extra training allowance of €31.80 per week for all school leavers who start a Rehabilitative Training Course in September 2019. In addition, The HSE, which has a deficit of €116 million, has warned that it may have to curtail funding to disability services. 1. Disability Women Ireland want the training allowance of €31.80 per week to be retained for individuals starting Rehabilitative Training Courses in September 2019. 2. Disability Women Ireland want to stop this threat to the funding of Rehabilitative Training Services. This training is extremely valuable to disabled people giving them skills, independence and the ability to contribute to Irish society. The Mission of Disabled Women Ireland is (DWI) is to be a National voice for the needs and rights of women, trans and non-binary people with disabilities and a National force to improve the lives and life chances of people with disabilities. “Equality for women, and equality for disabled people must work hand in hand if either is to be successful” — Disabled Women Ireland https://www.disabledwomenireland.org/ https://www.facebook.com/DWIreland/
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    Created by Roisin Hackett
  • Stop Plastic Straws at Burger King
    The use of plastic straws is unnecessary and inexcusable. The dramatic effect they have on ocean wildlife is disgusting and harmful. Plastic straws need to be banned
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    Created by Áoibhín Barrett