• sign petition for new Educate together secondary school Cootehill
    It's important that we can educate our kids in a non religious environment. As well as having a low cost School for those who struggle with paying for uniforms ,book etc.
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    Created by Mary Roche
  • Help Protect Our Children
    The traffic issues around our school with HGV usage have been exacerbated by Brexit and now pose life-threatening risks to the children of Kilrane National School everyday and to the residents of the Kilrane area. In summary; Kilrane has been subjected to years of bad planning practices, Brexit has now made these HGV traffic issues around our school far far worse. The safety issues around our national school are now at a life-threatening stage since the implementation of Brexit. And it is our fear that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured at the school. The long-term future of Kilrane and Rosslare Harbour as a livable residential areas is in danger, as well as the future of our very valuable tourist industry which is based around the affected area. We wish for the businesses involved to stay in the Kilrane/Rosslare Harbour area as we have no issue with the businesses involved, just with their current proposed locations. So we call on Wexford County Council to honour their promises to solve our traffic issues and to honour their statutory obligations to the residents, especially our children, and reject the planning permission application for a new haulage depot in Kilrane Business Park. The granting of such would be catastrophic for our children. Our detailed objection letter will be ready shortly and we will make it public. Please sign this petition by the 2nd of November 2022.
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    Created by Kilrane Concerned Residents
  • Ireland must exit the Energy Charter Treaty
    The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is a trade agreement that allows fossil fuel companies sue governments for billions of euro if that government were to try and stop fossil fuel projects or lower people's energy bills. It's the fossil fuel industry's secret weapon to make sure governments can't act on climate change or the cost of energy. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have already said they will withdraw and the EU Parliament also wants the rest of the EU to withdraw from this dangerous and costly treaty. With the cost of energy at record levels and climate disasters becoming more and more frequent it is Ireland's time to get out. Sign today and tell Ministers Simon Coveney and Eamon Ryan that Ireland must leave the Energy Charter Treaty now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4vkgeT5xvs
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  • Scrap Staff Parking Charges for Liffey Valley Workers
    Retail workers are frontline workers, serving both the customers and supporting the various retail businesses across the sector. As we emerge from the pandemic, retail workers are demanding decency and a fair deal for retail. Join the many thousands of people who shop in Liffey Valley by demanding that your local Shop Worker in the centre doesn't have to pay these unreasonable expenses, as they continue to serve on the frontline.
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    Created by Jonathan Hogan
  • Demand Safe Water for Furbo - Spiddal - Rossaveal area
    Sign this petition to let your voice be heard We have had no information and no apology regarding the unsafe tap water. The public water quality is considerably compromised and a serious risk to your health if you consume it. This should in a written statement to every household affected. There should also be a notice that the water will damage and break appliances i.e kettle, dishwasher, washing machines etc We need an disposal unit for electrical and plastic waste caused by this issue and compensation for broken appliances. There is a good article here on how Maganese can be toxic and dangerous to our health. https://labs.selfdecode.com/blog/manganese-toxicity/ If you are worried that you have symptoms , you can contact your G.P and book some tests. Vitamin E and Milk Thistle may help to to combat manganese toxicity.
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    Created by sinead mckiernan
  • Extend Maternity Leave to 12 Months
    Insufficient Childcare in Ireland for babies under 1 year Some mums have to switch to formula feeding after breastfeeding for 6 months as they go back to work Ireland is one of the worst countries in the EU for Maternity Leave entitlements.
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    Created by Petrina O'Halloran
  • Stop UCD removing alumni email access
    Considering the valuable contribution the alumni community makes to the university, the reasons outlined by management are not good enough for the university to row back on this assurance of an "email for life" that was made almost a decade ago. "low usage of the service" does not equate to no usage, as is evidenced by the high volume of complaints to UCDSU and visible on social media. Many former UCD students have used the address they acquired in university as their primary email address for many years off the back of this assurance and it forms a part of the connection that they still maintain with their alma mater. Such a move could potentially damage alumni relations and make it harder, or less attractive for alumni to support the university in the future. We call upon UCD management to reverse this decision.
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    Created by UCDSU Comms
  • Tackle the #CostofCollege!
    Students are in the red. - 88% of students report worrying about their money and finances during the academic year. - There is an expected shortage of 20,000 student beds by 2024. -The €1,000 reduction in the Student Contribution Charge is a once off reduction. - PhD students are still fighting for a stipend that covers the cost of living. We, the students, need to take a stand for affordable, accessible education. Students can’t afford to stay quiet, so we’re walking out. At 11.11am On October 13th 2022, thousands of students walked out of lectures, to remind politicians that students aren’t an endless money pit. Our demands for students are as follows - Accommodation Demands: Protect Renters - Legislation to protect students in digs-style accommodation - Continuing the eviction ban for students - Legislative change to allow the RTB to intervene in disputes relating to security deposits Reduce Rents - Legislation to enact an immediate rental cap - Establishing freezes on utility bills separate from rents - Allowing the RTB to intervene in relation to security deposits Subsidisation of affordable PBSA from public funds - Building on public lands new and refurbished PBSA - Specifically ensuring approved PBSA is affordable in conditions - Re-establishing the interdepartmental group on student accommodation Cost of College Demands: Abolishment of the Student Contribution Charge - Abolition of the fee within the Lifetime of this Government - Transparency on how non-EU and postgraduate fees are set - Removing hidden course costs in materials and subsidies Funding for the HE Sector (inclusive of SUSI reform and funding) - Funding to increase SUSI grant levels to match the cost of living - Increasing SUSI rates for all brackets to a living subsidy - Increased funding to the sector to reduce the staff student ratio to the European average of 15:1 Minimum wage to match living wage - The normalisation of wages for workers under 20 years old - A PhD stipend of €28,000 following the PhD review - A living wage based on the cost of living, not the median income
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    Created by Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Picture
  • MU: Support our Students, Build our Building
    This Student Centre, as well as two other flagship developments, were to be funded by the student levy. This is the same levy the students of Maynooth have been paying since September 2015 with the express purpose of constructing student facilities on long overdue timelines. To date, none of these projects have been completed. With already collected funds in the millions, Maynooth University continues to collect the levy from students. Maynooth Students’ Union strongly condemns this lack of prioritisation of its members. Maynooth University continues to increase student numbers each academic year despite not fit for purpose student spaces and facilities. The students of Maynooth have trusted Maynooth University with their money for more than seven academic years. Many paid the student levy charge knowing that they would never see the projects they were paying for during their time here. It was a commitment for the future students of Maynooth who deserve to see and experience a vibrant and exciting campus. These demands are crucial, especially as Maynooth University still continues to collect the student levy. We are asking for the support of Simon Harris TD to ensure that Maynooth University hear the voices of its students on the ground.
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    Created by Niall Daly
  • Liz Truss: Increase the £100 payment for oil heating
    Around 66% of us in Northern Ireland use oil heating compared to 4% in the rest of the UK. But Liz Truss's government is allocating only a measly £100 to those of us who use oil heating. It won't even touch the sides. She’s saying that gas prices have increased more dramatically than oil. But the price of oil is over one and a half times what it was last year, and this is literally a drop in the ocean of what is needed to prevent people not being able to heat their homes this winter.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Provide Consistency and Transparency in the Presentation of Electricity Tariffs
    Please see the YouTube video I have created to explain why you should sign this petition (see updates for link). It is difficult if not impossible to understand all the electricity plan variables, and to make an informed choice as things stand today. I created an excel model to assist with this decision making process, but excel skills should not be necessary for a consumer to pick their electricity plan!
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    Created by Kirsty Halloran Picture
  • Cap Energy Bills
    From being forced to live in cold damp houses, to small businesses closing early because they can’t pay the electricity bill, the wall of hardship is only getting higher. This government knew for a long time that there wouldn’t be enough energy for us all and decided to prioritise energy-guzzling data centres over ordinary people. The government's own report on the energy security review this week showed clearly that soon data centres will be consuming up to 30% of our energy. We have to make sure this government understands that their priority must be to protect people and make sure we all get through this winter without freezing or being forced to make impossible choices. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BxY-MBje7m8 Our community wants to see caps on household, community services and small business energy bills as a priority in this budget.
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    Created by Brian Cuthbert