• Chapel Road pathway to Portmarnock train station
    1. Hundreds of people living on Chapel road are dependent on cars to get access to a train station only a short distance away ( less than 2k) . 2. People risk their lives every day walking or cycling on treacherous Chapel road which has no paths, cycleways, street lights and poor drainage. 3. Poor parking at Portmarnock train station means Chapel road residents have limited options for commuting into work. 4. Chapel road residents have a right to be able to choose walking and cycling to help support positive climate change . 5. Stop climate pollution from unnecessary car journeys . Research has shown access to public transport significantly cuts car journeys . 6. Fingal County council have failed to listen to Chapel road residents and implementation of local area plan active travel development .
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    Created by Sharon Finn
  • Baileys, don't sponsor a Eurovision that includes Israel
    We cannot allow a country that is deliberately killing aid workers and journalists, slaughtering tens of thousands of civilians, destroying hospitals, starving people, to sing alongside us. Allowing Israel to take part in the Eurovision would send an implicit message to the world that breaking international humanitarian law over and over again is acceptable.
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    Created by Angela Skuce
  • Call a General Election: People deserve a better life.
    The current government have failed the people. Please leave a comment on this petition sharing the reasons why you have signed.
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    Created by Ross McGann
  • Save Tallaght Post Office!
    An Post is planning to privatise Tallaght Post Office. They have advertised for applications for a postmaster to take over the post office with a deadline of March 16th. Workers have been told that the current post office will be closed down in the next three to six months and moved somewhere else. An Post have said it is “too early to say” where it will end up. Many of the workers have been working there for decades and are worried about their pensions. If they don’t want to work in the new privatised post office, they are only being offered redeployment with An Post, which could be miles away. No redundancy option is being offered. Paul Murphy, People Before Profit’s Tallaght TD, questioned the Taoiseach in the Dáil on March 5th about the future of the post office. Leo Varadkar replied that it was “a matter for An Post”. That’s not good enough! Tallaght Post Office is more than just a post office. It is a community hub where locals and pensioners meet every week and workers give time and help to the customers. It is known as a place where extra help and care are given to any customer that needs it. Privatisation threatens all of that. Sign the petition today to say An Post must halt their privatisation plans and meet with the workers immediately!
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    Created by Diana O'Dwyer
  • Permanent Public Toilet Block in Rossnowlagh
    Rossnowlagh Community Needs you 👆 Donegal's busiest beach – but still no public toilets block. The few sub-par portaloos have been deemed insufficient for the public at Donegal's busiest beach - Michael McMahon Let's keep the pressure on the council and get Rossnowlagh, the locals and our visitors what it truely deserves - A Permanent Public Toilet Block in the Council Car Park We look forward to hearing the outcome of the March council meeting next week, when this is on the agenda! Sign the petition today.
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    Created by James Garvey
  • UK Government: Fund Casement Park Now
    First Minister Michelle O’Neill has promised that the redevelopment of Casement Park “will be built on my watch”. But time is running out to get it built in time for Euro 2028. Work needs to start as soon as possible in order to meet the deadlines set by UEFA, the European governing body for football. The Irish government, GAA and NI Executive have recommitted their funding for the rebuild - but the UK government has failed to do so.  Imagine in four years time, coverage of Euro 2028 beamed into homes across the world from all over these islands - but the North misses out. We, the undersigned, call on the incoming UK government to commit to funding Casement Park as soon as possible before its too late. 
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  • Don't allow Ireland's new auto-enrolment pension scheme to invest in Fossil Fuels or Arms
    It is reckless and immoral to fund the fossil fuel industry when scientists are screaming at us that fossil fuels must remain in the ground if we are to have a chance at avoiding the worst scenarios of climate chaos. Pensions are funds put aside for our future, but there is no decent future on a planet ravaged by runaway climate change. The Automatic Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings System Bill is an important piece of legislation which is being designed to simplify the pensions decision for workers and make it easier for employers to offer a workplace pension. Initially, approximately 750,000 workers will be enrolled into the AE pension scheme and that number will grow significantly over time. The pensions will be topped up, not just by employers, but also by state contributions. Therefore if these pension funds are invested in fossil fuels, the state too will be culpable. The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection reviewed the draft Bill that would establish the AE pension scheme and included in its report the recommendation, "The Committee recommends that the investment funds be prohibited from investing in fossil fuels or the arms industry." https://data.oireachtas.ie/ie/oireachtas/committee/dail/33/joint_committee_on_social_protection_community_and_rural_development_and_the_islands/reports/2023/2023-05-03_report-on-pre-legislative-scrutiny-of-the-general-scheme-of-the-automatic-enrolment-retirement-savings-system-bill-2022_en.pdf In 2018, Ireland became the first country in the world to divest from fossil fuel companies. It would be a huge step backwards to start investing vast sums of taxpayers', workers’ and employers’ money in those same fossil fuel companies again now. We call on Minister Heather Humphreys, as the Minister responsible for introducing the legislation establishing the AE Pensions Scheme, to implement the Oireachtas Committee's recommendation and keep this new pension fund from funding the escalation of climate disasters and wars.
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    Created by Divest Ireland
  • Clear the slipway into the Barrow river in Monasterevin
    So if anyone gets into trouble in the fast current river the rescue services can have easy access to the river and a fast launch of the boat if needed
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    Created by Aaron Sheppard
  • Free Period Products in All Higher-Education Institutions
    With the exception of a few, higher-level institutions in Ireland do not provide free period products, despite repeated requests from our campus communities. There is a clear demand for these initiatives, from students and staff. The initiative needs to be streamlined and supported on a governmental level. By tackling period dignity head-on, we can directly tackle stigma and shame around periods for students and staff, thus making our campuses more inclusive places for members of our academic community from all backgrounds. Quality of learning and teaching is affected by menstruation - and we do not want anyone to get caught out by not having adequate products in those moments. By ensuring access to free period products, especially as the housing and cost-of-living crises worsen, we can ensure that those from worse-off socioeconomic backgrounds are supported throughout their education. The government has piloted free period products in certain education boards, but this has not yet extended universally to higher-level institutions. We have heard that there are plans to do so. We, students and staff, call to expedite this process and set down funding to make period products accessible in bathrooms across all higher-level institutions in the country.
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    Created by Aoife Bennett
  • Reverse the Hubble Rent Hike
    Students in Galway are already paying some of the highest rents and tution fees in Europe, and yet this accommodation provider deems it's appropriate to take advantage of the severe lack of suitable accommodation in this city and increase their rents. This will not be taken lightly, and we ask you to sign this petition to show this provider it's not acceptable.
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    Created by Dean Kenny
  • Speed ramps for Bluepool Upper, Kanturk
    So children can stay safe on this busy road.
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    Created by Sayuri Yahuita
  • Give the hospital workers the right of appeal!
    Housekeepers, cleaners and domestics are part of a unique ecosystem within every hospital. They like their peers in the other parts of the hospitals all perform key tasks to ensure the smooth and safe running of hospitals. The essential nature of this work was highlighted when all healthcare and healthcare adjacent staff worked heroically throughout the pandemic. Their efforts deserve real recognition, and this recognition can only be given by affording every worker the right to challenge the outcome of their job evaluation and where relevant be brought up in band.
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    Created by Alexander Homits