• Protect and Pay Student Nurses
    At the start of the pandemic, student nurses were being paid to staff wards and make up the staffing shortfall in the NHS. Since September these payments stopped, despite the current wave of Covid19 putting Northern Ireland's hospitals under pressure like never before. Students Nurses work 37.5hrs per week on clinical placement at the rate of £2.86 per hour under the current bursary of £430 per month. This does not meet basic cost of living standards. Paid less than the national minimum wage. Northern Ireland bursary has not been increased whereas Scotland's bursary is increased year to year. The majority of students still have to work part time on top of placement to be able to live month to month. Due to covid placement areas students are restricted to where they can work if at all Students are working in Covid wards and are at the same risk of as a paid member of staff. Students do not receive sick pay. Many students have incurred costs from covid-19 pandemic from moving out of home due to vulnerable family members at risk. No support available. These student nurses are the future of our NHS. They deserve to be paid for the risks they are taking at the frontline of this pandemic.
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    Created by Nathan McAree
  • Reform the Arterial Drainage Act
    The Office of Public Works (OPW) is mandated under the Arterial Drainage Act 1945 to 'maintain' over 11,000km of river channel in Ireland - something that has resulted in the destruction of whole river systems. We need a new law that is fit to address the biodiversity and climate crisis and that works with - and for - people and nature.
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  • Support the Economic, Social & Cultural Rights Referendum Bill
    The Thirty-Seventh Amendment Of The Constitution (Economic, Social And Cultural Rights) Bill 2018 would call for a referendum to have these human rights enshrined in our Constitution. They would encompass a right to adequate housing, a right to join a trade union of your choice, a right to physical and mental health and a right to enjoy scientific progress. All of which have become more important during this global pandemic.
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    Created by Thomas Pringle
  • Reopen no.29 Georgian house museum
    There is no other existing dedicated museum of Dublin s Georgian heritage. It reflected multiple elements of 18th c Dublin society and was a valuable resource for Dubliners and tourists alike.
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    Created by Aoife Eleanor
  • Apologise to Survivors of Mother and Baby 'Homes'
    The Local authorities were responsible for the Mother and Baby 'homes'. They funded the institutions and failed to protect the women and children. The sites of these institutions, including their burial grounds, must be protected from redevelopment.
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    Created by Maureen Considine
  • Start Hotel Quarantine Now
    If the Irish Government does not implement mandatory hotel quarantine: - there will be more needless suffering and lives lost - more and more variants will spread in the community, and the vaccines we have now may not be effective against these new variants - all of our sacrifices to bring numbers down will be undermined.
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    Created by Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG)
  • Support an ambitious Climate Change Act for Northern Ireland #ClimateActNow
    Over ten years has passed since the UK Climate Change Act was passed and there is still no Northern Ireland specific Climate Change legislation. Northern Ireland is lagging behind, urgent and ambitious action is now required. As proposed in the cross-party Private Members Bill, we demand that a Northern Ireland Climate Act must include: - an overarching target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Ireland by 2045 - interim emissions reduction targets - a duty on government to bring forward a Climate Action Plan with sectoral targets and relevant policies/programmes and clear carbon budgets for each sector (to be laid before the NI Assembly within three years) - a duty on government to establish an independent monitoring and oversight body
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    Created by Climate Coalition Northern Ireland
  • Save Our Youth Centre!!
    This is important as the town of killorglin is a small town and the KDYS is the only youth service and space available in the area for the youths of the town and surrounding areas... we need this space now more than ever as COVID 19 has hit and social isolation is a huge concern with mental health issues rising in both adults and youths!! If this service is removed from the community the youth of the town will suffer emmendlessly.... please help save the future!
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    Created by Siobhan O Byrne
  • Catherine's Army: Digging for Dignity
    I stand with Catherine Corless & her calls on the government to immediately exhume from the sewege system in Tuam, the hundreds of babies bodies that were denied dignity in life and in death.
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    Created by Amanda Larkin
  • Criminal Investigation & Prosecution into Crimes committed in Mother & Baby Homes
    The long-awaited publication of the report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes has caused great distress to adoptees and survivors of Mother & Baby Homes, for its failure to seek justice for adoptees and for birth mothers. To date, no criminal investigation has be instigated against individuals, from religious orders, who committed these crimes against these mothers and their children, at these homes. We demand criminal investigations and prosecutions against these individuals and justice for these mothers and their children....
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  • No White Water Rafting White Elephant
    We have so many homeless people, so many better things to do with this money than this nonsense.
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  • Irish Nurses Deserve A Better Salary
    We need the nurses and the nurses need to be valued.
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