• RE-BUILD AND RE-OPEN GLENALBYN SWIMMING POOL - We want our 'Ring-Fenced' Funding Back
    The community of Stillorgan have been ignored for far too long. This pool is a vital part of our community. It is important for... OUR Physical and Mental Health The health and safety of our Children Swimming Lessons for our local school children Teaching our Adults how to SWIM Teaching the Swimmers how to SAVE LIVES Training Olympic and Special Olympic Swimmers, Training our Championship Swimmers and world record holders. Our Deep water and Scuba Divers. Our Water Polo teams Our Fitness and Rehabilitation Non Impact exercise for those unable for high impact exercise. Long distance lane swimming. Aqua Aerobics Swimming for fitness and pleasure. Local community social gatherings Local Jobs and so much more Glenalbyn was more than just a fun space to splash about in. It provided VITAL services for our community and beyond. Ignoring the wishes of the Stillorgan has gone on for far too long. All our elected council representatives voted on MONDAY THE 11TH OF FEBRUARY to keep ring-fenced funding and put motions forward calling to rebuild our facility urgently. We are calling on DLRCOCO to honor their commitments to the people they serve and reinstate the ring-fenced funds and begin the redevelopment of our pool immediately. We have waited long enough.
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  • Full Time Garda Station in Maynooth
    Maynooth is one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland and is Ireland's only University Town. We, the residents demand a full time Garda station to tackle crime. Our homes and businesses have come under unprecedented attacks from burglars and we need further resources to deal with them.
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  • Sallins Road Safety Action Group
    Road Safety remains a significant issue in Sallins, with accidents or near misses happening on a weekly basis. Following successful initiatives led by Sallins Community Council, such as the recent marches in November and December, this group has been formed to focus exclusively on bringing the issue of Road Safety to the forefront of public attention, while also maintaining pressure on Kildare County Council.
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    We ask you to consider the life of a circus animal: chained, caged, forced to live in cramped and totally unsuitable housing, and hauled from town to town in a “beast wagon”? Regardless of the number of generations that wild animals have been in captivity, captive-born wild animals do not lose the instincts and needs of wild animals. They retain their natural instincts to socialize and to roam freely. Circuses deny captive-born wild animals of their need to exhibit their natural behaviors.Our concern is the disparity between the conditions imposed on wild animals by circus life and the environment that these animals need for their emotional and physical well-being. Life in the wild cannot be replicated on the back of transportation trucks or at circus sites around the country.
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  • Give Access to Pensions for Community Employment (CE) Supervisors
    Despite having served the community as a CE Supervisor for over 25 years, my sister and many 100's like her, have been denied pension rights, as laid down by the labour court recommendation of 2008. CE programmes have helped thousands of people who were long-term unemployed, or were disadvantaged, to get back to work by getting part-time and temporary work within the local community. The work that has been done has been vital, both from the communities' perspective and from the employees' perspective. CE Supervisors were, and still are, a vital part of each community and the trojan work carried out by each supervisor must be treated equally and fairly in comparison to all other state employees and therefore should be given access to occupational pension schemes.
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  • Save our playschool, we have no where to go
    There is a huge shortage of playschool and crèche places in the Dublin 13 area. Ciara’s Community Playschool has been operating for eight years within St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, Belmayne Sadly, they have built a new primary school but it has NO ROOM for our playschool
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  • Keep Mussel Dredgers Out of Kinsale
    Kinsale Habour is one of the jewels in the Wild Atlantic Way's crown, and among the most famous locations for tourists who appreciate the history, culture, and pristine environment. The area around the town is often speckled with sailboats, busy fishing vessels, marine life, and tourists. Kinsale is a community that looks to the future while maintaining a deep sense of connection to its roots, and it the people take great pride in their town and its surroundings. Now the town's habour is under threat from a toxic and disruptive form of aquaculture called mussel dredging, which recently left a region of the Dublin Bay smelling like corpses [1]. Outside of Ireland, mussel dredging has had equally devastating effects in places like Vietnam where local fishermen discovered that the seabed had become a "graveyard" [2]. The knock on effects that this sort of rancid activity could have on Kinsale's tourism economy would be devastating for the town -- and for so little in return. It's also well known that mussel dredging can wreak havoc on the marine life around it [3]. Unlike more sustainable mussel harvesting practices, mussel dredging disrupts all of the seafloor life around it, leaving little left but jellyfish. Dolores Smith, a Dalkey resident who runs an inshore fishing and boat-hire company, summed up the effects on her livelihood: "The damage caused by the dredgers is absolutely enormous, there are stretches of seabed that have been obliterated." Therefore, we are asking the Aquaculture Licensing office of the Department of Agriculture to deny all mussel dredging licenses in the Kinsale Harbour. [1] https://afloat.ie/port-news/fishing/item/34164-mussel-dredgers-leave-dublin-coastline-smelling-like-corpses [2] https://newsable.asianetnews.com/south/vizhinjam-dredging-seabed-turns-graveyard-for-mussels [3] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/267035134_Mussel_dredging_impact_on_epifauna
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  • Keep Clongriffin Station Staffed!
    This must be opposed not least for reasons of security. Show your support for not just keeping Clongriffin staffed but increasing the staff and security presence
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  • Stop using Plastic Packaging in the Food Dudes Programme for Primary Schools
    The Food Dudes healthy eating programme sent 450,000 plastic wrapped portions of fruits and vegetables to over 800 primary schools in one year. This volume of plastic packaging is set to increase with 2,100 schools estimated to participate over the next three years. Single use non recyclable plastic packaging is of a huge environmental concern. Our seas are being choked by plastic waste and it's estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. We urge Bord Bia who manage the scheme, financed by the Department of Agriculture and the Marine, to source sustainable eco friendly packaging for 2019-2020 Food Dudes programme.
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  • Consent education in Irish secondary schools.
    Consent is a very important topic that isn’t taught in secondary schools around the country as it is not part of the curriculum, many secondary school students are uneducated about sexual consent and I think it is a very important topic which needs to be introduced into the RSE programmes in irish secondary schools.
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  • Don't erase Anna and Fanny Parnell from history
    Part of the investment will include a tour "which will celebrate the life and times of Charles Stewart Parnell at Avondale House" This is a worthy and worthwhile initiative. On the other hand it could create a situation where 2 Irish women who did immense campaigning for Womens rights in Ireland Anna and Fanny Parnell get erased from history. Anna Parnell was an Irish nationalist who founded the Ladies Land League in 1880. The Ladies Land League took over the work of the Irish Land League when its male leaders were jailed. The Ladies Land League continued the Land League campaigns against landlordism in Ireland and was organised in 6 countries with 321 branches. Anna Parnell was its effective leader and lead it in many campaigns providing welfare and assistance to many Irish people. Fanny Parnell was an Irish nationalist and poet who wrote extensive about Irish nationalism and poverty in Ireland. She cofounded the Ladies Land League with her Sister Anna in 1880. In investing 8 million in a tourist attraction "which will celebrate the life and times of Charles Stewart Parnell at Avondale House" it is really important not to erase the important legacy of his Sisters. Pictures of Anna and Fanny Parnell above Further information on Anna and Fanny Parnell https://www.historyireland.com/home-rule/anna-fanny-parnell/ http://www.countywicklowheritage.org/page_id__93_path__0p3p.aspx
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  • Reduce unwanted pregnancies- make contraception FREE in 2019
    At the end of 2018 Minister for Health Simon Harris said that he wanted to do everything he could to reduce crisis pregnancies including providing greater access to free contraception. He said that it would be a legislative priority in 2019 to make female contraception more widely available.[1] The expense of accessing contraception can be prohibitive. Many women have neither medical cards nor funds for contraceptives, or emergency contraception. They also often have to pay for an initial doctor’s consultation as well as repeat appointments for prescription renewal. The proposal for “expanded access” to condoms is welcome, people need to be able to avail of the best form of contraception for their bodies and situation. We call on Minister Harris to ensure that any necessary research into the free access and free provision of all methods of contraception to the public is promptly undertaken, and necessary legislation introduced as soon as possible in 2019. [1] https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/vending-machines-may-be-used-to-distribute-free-condoms-says-hse-1.3745092
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