• "May Day! May Day!" - Declare a Climate Emergency
    We have a decade left to avert a complete climate breakdown yet our emissions are still rising. To change this we need to first recognise and verbalise our current predicament: we are in a climate emergency. In itself, it is a small, symbolic step - but declaring a climate emergency is an effective way to engage the public sector, business and society in stepping up action to the level needed.
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  • South Wicklow needs a slip road from M11 onto Vale Road in Arklow
    Arklow Sinn Féin representative John Kelly and John Brady TD have started a campaign for the construction of a slip road on and off the M11 to the Vale Road in Arklow. Wicklow County Council needs to commission a feasibility study to allow for a funding application to be made to the Department of Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Arklow is a fantastic town with massive amounts of potential that needs to be unlocked. Hopefully An Bord Pleanála will be making a decision on the new sewage treatment plant very soon, this will go a long way to unlocking the potential Arklow has, however traffic in the town is still a major problem and it needs to be addressed to ensure that the towns potential can be fully unlocked. Key to addressing the traffic problem would be the construction of a new slip road on and off the N11 to the Vale Road. Currently people travelling to Woodenbridge or Aughrim have to come through Arklow. This is unnecessarily bringing cars into the town and adding to the congestion and lengthy unnecessary journeys for them. It’s really unbelievable that this slip road wasn’t constructed in the 1990’s when the Arklow Bypass was being constructed. There are also a considerable number of new houses under construction on the Vale Road, this will also add to the traffic problem, the most logical thing to address the issue is to construct the new slip road to take cars out of Arklow. This was one of the main proposals in Deputy John Brady’s Unlocking Arklow’s Potential document which he published last year. When the Unlocking Arklow’s Potential document was published the Minister for Transport was contacted and was asked about funding for the construction of the slip road. The Minister informed us that no application for funding has been forthcoming from the local authority for the project and that a feasibility study should first be carried out. For South Wicklow to develop this slip road is critical and we are calling for it to be prioritised. We will continue to push this project as we see it as key to unlocking Arklow’s potential.
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  • Sustainable Travel Pledge Ireland - Free from Flying
    Given the grave challenges posed by climate change it's time to embrace more sustainable - and less stressful- approaches to travel than flying. Emissions from flying within Europe increased by 26% in the last five years and Ryanair has gained the dubious distinction of being in the top 10 of European carbon polluters.(1) The industry needs to be regulated and taxed more effectively (1) but all of us also need to fly much much less if we are to have any hope of limiting global warming. Similar to those who support the Swedish campaign Flygfritt 2019 this campaign is asking you to pledge to stop or at least reduce air travel. By signing you are pledging to take meaningful action to reduce or ideally stop your air travel, by for example: - using alternative travel options such as sea/rail for work and personal travel - taking one trip of longer duration rather than multiple short breaks/visits - eliminating all but the most necessary work travel (e.g. using online technology for meetings and conferences) My name is Karen Smith and I teach and research in the area of childhood equality. If we are to deliver any kind of justice to the children of today, let alone the children of tomorrow, we need to drastically reduce emissions, without delay. The window of opportunity is small and I hope that as many of you as possible will take this pledge (1) https://www.transportenvironment.org/news/airline-emissions-growth-out-control
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  • Save Our Square! Stop The Move!
    The post office is at the heart of our town and is part of the social and commercial fabric of Liberty Square. it is easily accessible for people of all ages but particularly for those with mobility issues. It is also extremely convenient for people using public transport. The proposed re-location to a vulture fund owned shopping centre is completely contrary to Government policy to protect town centres and will decimate Liberty Square.
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  • Newborn Screening Expansion
    As parents to 2 terminally ill boys, Cathal (4) and Ciaran (3) we do not want any other parents to suffer our pain unnecessarily. We want our boys to be amongst the last born in Ireland with a disease that could have been treated at birth. Our sons have a rare condition Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) with a life expectancy of 5 yrs. Through a trial gene therapy treatment program in Milan, Italy, we were able to treat Ciaran who is now 2 years post therapy and doing well. For Cathal however there was no chance of treatment be cause once the condition had been diagnosed it was to late. Through our experience in Italy we learnt of their program to expand their newborn screening program from 4 diseases to 40 in 1 year. This has been a huge success and will save so many lives and so much suffering that we must follow their lead and protect our children here in Ireland. The Italian government has presented this information to the EU parliament and their ministry of health and the charity organisations who drove this change have openly offer their assistance to us to copy their model in this expansion. I have written to every politician in Ireland and shared this information and the relevant contacts with our HSE. But I have been advised from the people who made it happen in Italy that public will and pressure on the government are the best ways to effect change. All the studies and validations for all 40 diseases they now screen for are available to use, along with the financial cases for each disease. Making this change will also save millions of euro! 1 in 1500 births in Ireland will have 1 of these detectable and treatable conditions. 1 baby every 8 days. We have watched our son Cathal grow to be a beautiful 2 year old boy with no problems and then slowly fade over the last 3 yrs. He is fully paralyzed now and close to the end. We cannot bear the burden of knowing there will be other parents like us unless their is an immediate action taken on this. Please take the time to sign this petition and to share it with everyone and anyone you can. There is a wonderful opportunity to make a huge change here in Ireland, saving the lives of children and the suffering of so many families. https://www.facebook.com/themartinfamilytrust
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  • Repeal the Censorship Act!
    Last year's removal of Maser's repeal the 8th mural brought censorship of the arts to the forefront of our minds once again. The register of prohibited books is practically obsolete, but until the Censorship of Publications Act is also obsolete, the threat of censorship hangs over artists in Ireland. Minister, repeal the act and liberate the arts from the threat of censorship once and for all!
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    This development would destroy our beautiful and unspoilt beach which is a valuable public amenity for the entire area. It is completely unsuitable for this location and presents a danger to all those who use the beach and the sea, threatens protected flora and fauna and will ruin the peaceful enjoyment of our beach for everyone.
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  • Invest in HIV prevention.
    Every 18 hours in 2018 someone tested positive for HIV in Ireland. HIV infections reached a record high of 531 people in 2018. This could have been avoided if there was adequate resources and funding to fully implement prevention methods such as easily accessible nationwide HIV testing and a national PrEP programme. These two measures are proven to reduce infection rates. Antiretroviral Therapy is now so effective that when on treatment for HIV the virus is suppressed in a persons system so well they have a suppressed viral load. This means they cannot pass HIV to another person. Undetectable equals Untransmittable is a very important message which should be promoted and celebrated. Ireland has become a very progressive and open society in the last number of years, however HIV positive people still face unwarranted stigma. This stigma has led to poor mental health and low self esteem. The stigma that surrounds HIV is also a barrier to getting tested and seeking treatment. Education is the key to undoing years of misinformation and stigma and will help HIV positive people lead ordinary lives free from discrimination. We have the knowledge and methods to drastically reduce HIV infections, what we need now is political desire and commitment to make this a reality.
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  • Stop Hiding The Truth About Babies Buried In Cesspits in Tuam
    Thousands of babies bodies are lost and the Mother and Baby Homes Commission state that they find it hard to believe that you don't have information about what happened to them.
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  • CE Scheme Workers of Ireland Unite to Demand the living wage of €11.90 per hour in Budget 2019.
    This is important because CE Scheme Workers are only afforded part-time hours by the rules of the CE Scheme and this is a demand to make work pay. The breadline is not an acceptable position to be in for workers who through no fault of their own are on the entry level end of the labour market.
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  • Dignity for our forgotten babies and children
    To highlight the fact that hundreds and possibly thousands of babies and young children who were in State/Church care were denied the dignity of a proper burial.
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  • Give us back our bottle banks!
    We need to encourage people to recycle glass responsibly. At the moment there is no recycling bank in Macroom and the one in Clondrohid was removed and not replaced. The nearest recycling bank is in the Civic Amenity site, which costs 3 euro. It is inaccessible on foot for those who do not drive. These are barriers to responsible recycling.
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