• Make the Clarecastle Link Road Safe. Reduce Speed; Safe Verge for Walkers & Cyclists
    The current state of motorists speeding on the road is an accident waiting to happen.  The 50km/hr speed limit is largely ignored, and the condition of the road-- a residential stretch of 2 km of road-- makes speed motorists an even more dangerous situation. Before someone is gravely injured or killed, make the road safe for everyone.
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    Created by Paul Ellingstad
  • Bring Dublin Bikes to Ballymun-Finglas and North of the Canal
    More and more people are looking for ways to avoid the slog of commuting through traffic in private cars or buses.  Cycling is a great alternative - fast, no charging neccessary and with health benefits too.  Dublin Bikes is a cheap, accessible scheme that gives people the option to cycle without owning a bike or having to maintain one.  Up to now it's been limited to between the Royal and Grand Canals - with earlier plans to expand the scheme shelved during the austerity years.  We want to see Dublin City Council expand the scheme so that people in Ballymun, Finglas, Santry, Glasnevin, Whitehall, Beaumont and further afield on the Northside can benefit from it too. 
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    Created by Conor Reddy
  • Teach Kids to Grow Food: Make Organic Horticulture a Leaving Certificate subject
    Learning to grow your own food organically in a world where food security is a growing concern, is a valuable life skill.  Young people deserve to have the opportunity to learn to grow healthy food to ensure their ability to manage the impact of an increasingly volatile global food production system. A Leaving Certificate subject that would award 50% of the marks for practical work - as is the case with music, for example - would ensure that students can develop and maintain a school garden and orchard under the expertise of a properly qualified teacher, thereby enhancing their school environment and providing freshly produced organic food for their school's canteen.  23% of the global land surface has reduced productivity as a result of unsustainable, industrial, agriculture practices (1). Organic agriculture, which has benefits for biodiversity, soil health and water quality, is a key tool in halting and reversing this trend. Unfortunately, Ireland has one of the lowest rates of organic farming in Europe (2), which means the government should make a concerted effort to encourage the uptake of organic food production at both large and small scale.  Introducing a subject in Irish secondary schools that would allow teenagers to learn how to grow their own food sustainably would be a positive step in contributing to Ireland's food sovereignty. The subject should be based on the principles of agro-ecology, to ensure that students learn how to grow food in a way that protects and enhances biodiversity. Chemical herbicides, many of which are known to be carcinogenic, have no place in a school environment and should not be part of the curriculum.  At a time when the climate and biodiversity crises expose our food production models to ever greater vulnerabilities, it has never been more important to build local, resilient and sustainable food systems. We call on the Minister for Education, Norma Foley, to give young people the skills to make this happen by introducing Organic Horticulture as a Leaving Certificate subject.   (1) IFOAM Organics International: https://www.ifoam.bio/why-organic (2) European Environment Agenc: https://www.eea.europa.eu/en/analysis/indicators/agricultural-area-used-for-organic 
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    Created by Maolíosa Ni Chléirigh Picture
  • Email Belfast Pride: Drop Citibank as a sponsor
    Citibank is facilitating the supply of billions of pounds of Israeli weapons and enabling the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians. Additionally, they are also funding several fossil fuel companies to drill for gas off Gaza. A report released this week revealed that Citibank is the second biggest funder of oil, gas and coal in the world. By allowing Citibank to sponsor Belfast Pride, Citibank to distract from their destructive business practices and putting the festival's values of inclusivity and freedom into disrepute - this is pinkwashing at its very worst. 
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • STOP traffic DANGER for Gaelscoil Inse Chór kids on Chapelizod Bypass!
    Gaelscoil Inse Chór is an example of Dublin 8 being missed out for CHILD ROAD SAFETY measures because it is on 'an aerterial road'. Parents and families are fed up hearing the excuse of ‘aerterial road’ for failing to act on road safety near primary schools. When a pedestrian is hit at 50kmph they have a 50% chance of survival. If hit at 60kmph, it’s a 10% chance of survival!  Cars are speeding up Concolbert Road and South Circular Road at 60kmph near little primary school children huddled in fear, behind OVERGROWN bushes and missing crash barriers. The families of Gaelscoil Inse Chór have had enough! This is completely unacceptable!
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Demand a Commitment to Restore Irish Rail Infrastructure and Stop Investing in Greenways
    You should join this campaign if you are a believer in sustainable public transport, and wish to see Ireland have a rail network for the 21st century, and not continued investment into Greenways.
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    Created by Matthew James Quill
  • We are boycotting Eurovision 2024
    BBC and RTÉ are member sof the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs Eurovision. Even though the bosses of the BBC and RTÉ, Tim Davie and Kevin Bakhurst, have the power to put pressure on the EBU to expel Israel, neither have taken any action. Unlike the BBC and RTÉ, we will not let Israel artwash genocide by boycotting this year's event. Sign the petition and join our boycott today!
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  • Rishi Sunak: Stop the Slaughter in Gaza
    Israel’s genocidal assault on Rafah has begun and the scenes are horrific. There are currently 1.4 million Palestinians sheltering in Rafah, 600,000 are children - and still yet, Israeli airstrikes continue to bombard and slaughter innocent Palestinians. Peace talks have progressed, but Israel has only intensified its onslaught on innocent Palestinians. Our community won’t stand by while people die under bombardment in Rafah - it’s time to make sure the UK government know that this genocide is not in our name.
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  • Demand for the Establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency in Northern Ireland
    Our communities are also being profoundly affected by this environmental destruction, and we refuse to stand idly by as our natural heritage is plundered. We urgently call for the establishment of an Independent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is robust, well-resourced, and empowered to confront environmental injustices without hesitation. This EPA must have the authority to prosecute offenders regardless of their influence or status, ensuring that environmental crimes are met with swift and just consequences. Northern Ireland's ecological heritage is at stake, and we cannot afford to delay any longer. Join us in demanding the creation of an EPA that will safeguard our precious natural resources for generations to come. Sign now to protect our environment and secure a sustainable future for Northern Ireland.
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    Created by Save the Moat Save the Sperrins Picture
  • Andrew Muir: Increase Fines for Polluters
    In 2022, former DAERA Minister, Edwin Poots, capped penalties for repeated agricultural pollution breaches at 15% in 2022. Before then, farmers who repeatedly polluted faced losing between 15%-100% of their farm payments depending on the severity of the pollution. It should not be cheaper to pollute than to manage waste in a safe and effective way. We have a freshwater crisis in NI because of vast amounts of pollution that is going into loughs and rivers. Excess run-off from industrial agricultural processes has deteriorated the overall water quality of Lough Neagh which provides over half of Belfast's drinking water. We have a right to safe and secure drinking water and duty to ensure that Lough Neagh and other freshwater bodies in NI are protected. We call on Minister Andrew Muir to reinstate higher fines and properly enforce them today!
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Twin Cork City with Gaza City
    What greater act of solidarity would it be than for Cork to twin with Gaza City? Gaza was a beautiful and vibrant city before the repeated, violent Israeli attacks. Both Cork City and Gaza City have suffered from acts of vengeance. “The people of Cork have been on the streets ever since October. The solidarity has been heartwarming for me as someone who was born in Gaza and who has many friends and family still there suffering unimaginable hardship. It would be the greatest honor for them if our two great cities were to be connected by ‘twinning’. ” Nasser Al Swirki. A son of Gaza living in Cork UCC links: Gaza is a University City. All of Gaza’s universities now lie in ruins. The Gaza City university has developed partnerships with 142 higher education institutions around the world. Let’s make UCC one of those partners! CUH links? Al-Shifa Hospital was the largest medical complex and central hospital in the Gaza. We will need medical partners. Environmental Links? Now destroyed. Wadi Gaza: In 2023 the Gaza Strip’s only wetland was slowly coming back to life.
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    Created by Michael Rahr
  • Open Letter: We stand against the inhumane Legacy Act
    As the inhumane Legacy Act comes into force, we note the ruling of the High Court in Belfast in February 2024 that it contravenes the European Court of Human Rights. The judge said: "There is no evidence that the granting of immunity under the act will in any way contribute to reconciliation in Northern Ireland, indeed the evidence is to the contrary." [3] Every single political party in Northern Ireland, as well as victims groups, United Nations and human rights experts agree that this Bill must be stopped. No matter who you are, or where you come from, we all deserve truth and justice from the state. The Legacy Act will mean many here will be denied that. People bereaved, injured and hurt by the conflict are integral parts of our communities. We stand with them, and against the Legacy Act and the inhumanity with which it treats all here who continue to fight for the simple dignity of justice. [1]https://cain.ulster.ac.uk/victims/docs/group/htr/day_of_reflection/htr_0607c.pdf [2] https://www.jus.uio.no/smr/english/about/id/news/2024/report-reveals-state-impunity-in-northern-ireland-.html [3] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-68419238
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