• Stop Investors Buying Our Homes
    Housing should be seen as a home not an investment asset. If we don't stop this inequality will worsen dramatically – between those on extremely high incomes who can get a deposit off the bank of mum and dad to buy a home, and the majority stuck in the private rental market transferring their income into wealth for investors, or living in overcrowded housing, resulting in delayed adulthood and independence as they’re unable to leave their parents’ home. https://www.thejournal.ie/readme/ireland-investment-housing-5428746-May2021/?utm_source=shortlink
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    Created by Rory Hearne
  • Safe and Secure Housing for Amy and Daniel
    Since moving into this room, we have been harassed, threatened, and have had the neighbouring room broken into. 4 weeks into our tenancy, we received a letter from the rightful owner of the property, informing us that we would need to vacate the premises. We were given a few days notice to quit the premises, leaving us face to face with the threat of homelessness. I am currently 5 months pregnant and it is urgent that I find safe and secure accommodation. The money that we ask is returned will allow us to pay for a deposit. When we first moved in to this room, we requested a tenancy agreement. On the 10th of March, pictures of both our passports were requested and we were told us that a tenancy agreement would be drawn up and sent to us, which we never received. We are now at a serious risk of homelessness, which we were not at risk of in our previous accommodation. The demands listed above are completely reasonable given the stress and hardship our landlord has put on us in recent weeks. We ask you to sign this petition to show your support of our demands and urge our landlord to meet them.
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    Created by CATU Inchicore-Kilmainham
  • Let People Do Their Driver Theory Test Online
    Due to COVID-19 the backlog of people waiting for a driver theory test is extortionate. This is impacting people trying to find work and many of these are young people, who are already suffering from isolation in a pandemic now to be told they may have to wait longer to start out in the work-force. We already know there was an online pilot for truck and bus licenses and the RSA committed to making this service available for all theory test customers, but we are still waiting for the launch. Once this is launched the backlog will go down and will lower the unemployment in Ireland. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40218968.html
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    Created by Meghan Roe
  • Honesty for landlords
    People get robbed by landlords everyday. "We need to clean this, we need to replace that" and they do none of it before the next person moves in and pays another deposit. You are paying for these services so they should have to prove that they actually spent the money doing them things and its not going into their pocket.
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    Created by Ross Lawless
    This is so important because it was released just over a month ago that there was the plan to bring Syrian refugee minors to Ireland however nothing has been done due to COVID and it is said that if they do not go with the plan within the next 3 weeks or so they are going to scrap the idea all together. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN This is an email we sent to minister Roderic O’Gorman pressing about this issue. Dear Roderic O’Gorman  We hope this message find you well. Ours names are Sumaya, Lucas, Tia, George and Etain and we are writing to you to inquire about  the current issue of the 14 unaccompanied minors that were supposed to come to Ireland. It has come to our recent attention (from the article in the Irish times bringing the issue to light) that you announced 14 Syrian child refugees were going to be brought to Ireland. On Mar 28, 2021 it was said the Garda were due to travel to Greece the week after. You said yourself “Tusla officials will be going over to Greece in the next week to, we hope, bring over 14 identified unaccompanied minors,” It has been 28 days since you said this and yet nothing has happened. This is an absolute disgrace to the hopeful refugees and asylum seekers who thought through their struggle and trauma maybe Ireland was changing for the better and was going to happily open its arms to these children. And even more so, it is an absolute disappointment that nothing about this is being said in the news and since these dates you have not addressed it either. We are pressing you to do all you can to give these, more likely than not, terrified children who have probably been through hell and back a home in this country immediately. However we understand that due to level 5 restrictions it has affected the ability to complete this promise however we plead you to do anything possible to speed up this agenda and make it a top priority. For you cannot allow any further delays to occur. You need to fulfill your promise and resettle those children and give them the support emotionally and physically the way that they really do deserve. We kindly request that you respond to us soon with a full update on what is happening and when the plan for the young people to arrive in Ireland is. Best wishes, Sumaya, Lucas, Tia, George and Etain . . . . Here is also an article if you’d like to know more about the situation https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/further-delay-in-relocation-of-syrian-child-refugees-to-ireland-1.4530312
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    Created by Sumaya Mohammed
  • Community Centre- Raheen/Dooradoyle/Mungret
    A community centre is vital to support delivery of services for the community especially older and younger members of the community. Most importantly it will provide a hub for community activity and connection!
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    Created by Daniel Butler
  • Stop Tenant Evictions during Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions
    Evictions from Rental properties are allowed again as of Friday 23 April. Threshold and opposition parties have warned that this can bring many more families into homelessness, while greedy landlords continue to profit. This while we are still fully in the pandemic with most lockdown measures and mandatory hotel quarantines still in place. In the current conditions, it is absolutely unacceptable that entire families can end up homeless. In fact this is never acceptable, but much less now. Hence urgent action now is required. We want to call the Government to extend the eviction ban in Ireland until all of the covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted. This will allow all residents of Ireland to have a safe place to quarantine and live their life, at least until they are fully empowered to go back to work in an Ireland that has succesfully gone through the Covid-19 Pandemic.
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    Created by Danilo Bliek Volt Ireland
  • Autism, Adhd, speech and language
    It's very important children get accessed at a young age and get the help at a young age so they can develop at young age into adulthood and have right services and supports out there
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    Created by Stacey Quinn
  • Stop forcing pregnant women & people to pay for essential medicines
    There is an illusion that maternity care is covered under public health in Ireland, yet some women are paying thousands of euros for essential medicines to get them through pregnancy.
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    Created by Eileen Flynn
  • Defund the Glen of the Downs car tunnel - invest in public transport for Wicklow and Wexford instead
    We are in a climate emergency and Ireland has the highest transport emissions per capita in the EU. This project to increase capacity for more motorists on the M11 was dreamed up in 2018 as part of the last government's road expansion programme. It is a proposal that denies the seriousness of the climate crisis. This project has not entered the design phase yet so there is still time to cancel it and divert the remaining funds into solutions that will actually work to decrease congestion, decrease Ireland's transport emissions and decrease all of the other effects of releasing tens of thousands more cars onto the roads of the greater Dublin area every day. Email the Minister for Transport and Climate Action to let him know that you think this is disastrous for our climate ambitions: minister@transport.gov.ie If you live in Wicklow, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown or Wexford, contact your local TDs and councillors to let them know that this money would be better spent on public transport which would provide lasting improvements for commuting and for quality of life: https://www.whoismytd.com Further reading: "New road capacity attracts new drivers. In the short term, people who had previously been discouraged from using congested roads start to use them." https://theconversation.com/climate-explained-does-building-and-expanding-motorways-really-reduce-congestion-and-emissions-147024 "for every 1 percent increase in highway capacity, traffic increases 0.29 to 1.1 percent in the long term (about five years out), and up to 0.68 percent in the short term (one or two years)." https://usa.streetsblog.org/2017/06/21/the-science-is-clear-more-highways-equals-more-traffic-why-are-dots-still-ignoring-it/ "But even after spending €1 billion on these works, the M50 will remain as congested as ever, as the National Roads Authority (NRA) has conceded." (2006) https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/building-new-roads-won-t-solve-m50-traffic-problem-1.1014217
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    Created by Oisin O'Connor
    Morally and rightfully so, the use of animals in science must end. Let’s bring about higher morals in science now. The world of science will be tainted until animal testing ends. Innocent and vulnerable animals in sterile, artificial environments, who’s cries of pain are ignored under the attack of humans in white coats. Hostages being tortured to death. We must removed this violence from science now! Let’s remove this secretive world of cruelty once and for all! Animal free methods of science is the way forward, as seen in recent times. Together we can make this happen!
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    Created by SAFRI International Picture
  • Ban the practice of conversion therapy on the island of Ireland!
    Conversion therapy is an inhumane practice, based on the belief that being gay or transgender is something that can ‘be cured’. Since we launched, survivors have been sharing their stories of suffering at the hands of conversion therapy and the adverse effect it has had on them. This is still going on, it is still ruining lives. It has to stop. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have suffered trauma and developed serious mental health problems as a result of experiences of conversion therapy, and some have taken their lives as a result of their experiences. This is a tragedy. We in the ACTC want to ensure that conversion therapy, both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, is relegated to history. We hope that you can sign our petition today as a showing of support for all those in the LGBTQ+ community, and all of those who are no longer with us as a result of conversion therapy. Your signature will send a clear message to our politicians that we want to see this reprehensible practice outlawed without exception. Go raibh míle maith agaibh. Thank you all very much. Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition. Twitter- @antictcoalition Facebook- Anti Conversion Therapy Coalition Instagram- @antictcoalition Email- anticonversiontherapycoalition@gmail.com
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