• Support Structures For Victims of Abuse
    Amy Barrett`s father, Jerry O'Keeffe, was jailed for 10 years in November 2017. Jerry O Keeffe was charged with three charges of rape, five charges of indecent assault and one charge of sexual assault of his daughters on dates between January 1980 and March 1987. The trial brought the horrors of the sexual abuse rushing back to Amy and with no professional services to help her deal with the aftershocks Amy found herself in a very dark place. During the court case, the gardaí, her solicitors and the court service supported her and guided her through until her father, Jerry O’Keefe, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017. But once the trial ended, all State support vanished. Amy is seeking your support, calling on Government to fund better support mechanisms for victims of crime. Many believe victims automatically receive care plans and psychological support post-trial. Amazingly this is not the case. The state provides more support structures for the perpetrators of abuse than to the victims of abuse. As prisoners in Irish jails perpetrators of crime have care plans and psychological support. Although this is welcome and hopefully prevents those abusers from re offending what do the abuse victims receive... nothing....where is the support for victims? Due to current COVID 19 restrictions rape and murder cases are being delayed by as much as two years due to Covid-19. Many believe these delays could be devastating to victims and may result in many victims withdrawing their statements. Ireland has a long horrendous record of abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse yet nothing has changed for the victims. Please help Amy secure what should be a fundamental right of victims
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    Created by Amy Barrett
  • Abolish The M50 Toll Extortion
    Construction began on the bridge in 1987 and built by National Toll Roads (NTR plc is a private company). They built 3.2 km of road way linking the N3 and N4 including the bridge. In return for building and maintaining the bridge NTR plc received the rights to operate It as a toll Bridge for 30 years. (1990-2020) Motorists have been charged daily for the use of this essential route for the last thirty years. In recent years and since the opening of the e-flow system, the state has allowed taxpayers to be charged 50 times the original toll fee for unpaid journeys even through a recession resulting in sherrifs being awarded court orders to break into citizens homes and hold their property to ransom. The 30 year contract was finished in 2020 sign this petition to move to abolish this extortion. The Irish people pay through the teeth in terms of taxes and recieve next to nothing for their contribution. Help us raise awareness and end this additional austerity and sign this petition.
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    Created by Michael Doyle
  • Glovers - Let our seats back on your street
    This planning is hugely important as it determines whether we remain open going forward. We have made great friends since opening in April 2020, and our cafe has become a huge part of the community. It is a place where people meet during these unprecedented times. Outdoor dining is the future, for all seasons! With current regulations, our business is solely takeaway all year round. How are we meant to survive without weather proofing our cafe? We began with 9 staff members, all under the age of 23. Now reduced to 4 staff members. We hope to have our full team reunited by Spring time. Having additional seating will increase dining capacity which is vital for our business to survive. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and helping us in our mission to secure our future. The Glovers
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    Created by Sadbh Glover
    People are dying every day from covid, Many are living with long-term effects from contracting covid, People are committing suicide at epidemic proportions, Everyone’s mental health is deteriorating, The demand for mental health services has skyrocketed to the point where the services may collapse at any moment (baring in mind that it was born on its last legs), People are suffering because there simply isn’t enough resources in place to help them, Students (primary, 2nd & 3rd level) are expected to produce the same results as years previous even though their learning environments have changed so drastically, Elderly people are experiencing loneliness like never before, The circumstances for people living in direct provision have only gotten more dire as the pandemic has continued, Many small businesses have been forced to close down permanently, Businesses that have survived this long are one more lockdown away from shutting down, The airports are open letting 100s of people into the country everyday without mandatory hotel quarantines, Vaccines are being rolled out at a painfully slow rate, The government is failing to acquire enough vaccines at a quick enough rate, Nurses, doctors and all other healthcare staff have been treated so poorly throughout the last year e.g. student nursing only receiving payment for working during a pandemic after months of protests This is a (not exhaustive) list of the things the Irish government has either directly or indirectly done to negativity impact Ireland and it’s people, in relation to the pandemic.
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    Created by Amy Flynn
  • Extend the Lifetime of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission
    Natural justice will not be served if the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes is allowed to close down with so many unanswered questions, not least about its own functioning and some of the conclusions in its report. A legal enquiry that publishes conclusions and testimonies that are disputed by those who gave them and then destroys evidence cannot provide closure. There are so many unanswered questions about the manner in which this commission was run and the way it reached its conclusions that it must be held to account. This commission must not be added to the list of inquiries that have added insult to the injuries of survivors and helped mask the truth. Theatening that an extension will delay compensation for survivors is not germane. Survivors want the truth. We ALL want the truth.
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    Created by John Hurley
  • 'Dogs On Leash' Signs needed for Seabury parks in Malahide
    - Off-leash dogs are a potential danger to everyone, including toddlers and children who can easily be knocked over or even attacked. - Off-leash dogs are causing a lot more dogs poo in the park area and nobody is cleaning it up. - We need signs to tell dog owners that they need to keep their dogs on a leash at certain times in Seabury public parks. - Please sign this petition if you agree. Fingal County Council - Regional Parks and Open Spaces Bye-Laws 2017 also states: "Dogs in parks and open spaces shall be kept on a leash, other than in areas designated as off-leash areas, or at times specified by the County Council. Dogs must be kept under effectual control at all times. Dogs (other than guide dogs or assistance dogs) shall not be permitted in public playgrounds. A person shall not cause or allow any Restricted Breed, as defined in the Control of Dogs Regulations 1998 (as amended) belonging to him/her, or in his/her charge to enter or remain in the park unless such dog is kept securely muzzled and led on a sufficiently strong leash or chain not exceeding two metres in length by a competent person over 16 years of age." (ref: https://www.woofadvisor.com/blog/off-leash-dog-parks-dublin-ireland/)
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  • Ballynamona Beach Access
    We are a community of neighbours and friends living in Ballynamona, Kilmuckridge asking Wexford County Council to provide safe and proper access at all times to our local public beach The existing steps that lead to the beach get cut off by the tides leaving the beach inaccessible for much of the day particularly during the winter months . The only way down to the beach during these tidal times is to climb across the large steep boulders that were put in place when the current steps were installed . Beach users risk injury every single time they are forced to access the beach by climbing the large boulders which are often wet and slippery It is absolutely impossible for anybody frail, infirm, elderly, disabled, injured, in a wheelchair, pregnant, with small children in buggys ( the list goes on ) to use the beach at these times unless safe and proper access is provided It is also of major concern that in the case of an emergency it would be difficult for emergency services to access the beach to help a member of the public if need be At a time when we are being asked to stay close to home, local public outdoor spaces are essential to our health and wellbeing . Our community needs now, more than ever, Wexford County Council to provide safe access for all to our local beach.
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  • Kids Rock to Open Schools
    We are school children. We want our schools opened now for ALL Children! Paint rocks as symbol of light and rainbow of hope. Leave as many trails as you can, at schools and everywhere! Let us speak up! We miss our friends. We miss our daily lives, our world. We are stuck ...at home. We are waiting…..in our bedrooms, in our kitchens, waiting….stuck. You locked us out of our lives. Don’t leave some of us behind, when our siblings return to their lives, when our parents carry on in their lives, when the whole world carries on but without us…fix a solution for us too! For ALL kids. Give us back our lives! Some of us are smaller, more alone. Sometimes we are sad. Covid Home-schooling is not realistic for lots of us. Education is not reaching us. Our parents are busy, not school teachers. Open our schools now, and safely! Chinese proverb: “Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop backwards” Malcom X: “ Education is the passport to the future” Allan Bloom: “Education is the movement from darkness to light” Article 42 of the Constitution states that “ the State shall provide for free primary education …..and, when the public good requires it, provide other educational facilities or institutions! yay!
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  • Campaign for the resumption of juvenile training
    The priority is, as it must be, the resumption of proper schooling. The current system of remote learning is not healthy for children and we must get children back into their classrooms immediately. The Covid crisis is hard for everyone, but it is especially difficult for children who have been denied the ability to mix and play with their peers. The winter weather and dark evenings, not to mention the easy attractions of electronic devices, has made it incredibly difficult to have children come anywhere close to meeting their recommended 60 minutes of activity per day. The resumption of school, combined with a managed and safe return to collective outdoor exercise, will be transformative for children’s physical and mental wellbeing. Precedent The previous lockdown made provision for non-contact outdoor exercise in pods of 15 for children of school-going age and we appeal to you to include that in the new Living with Covid Plan Support As coaches and parents, we have all witnessed how the current lockdown has impacted on youngsters leaving them withdrawn and isolated from their peers and with little or no interest in exercising. We appeal to you to support our campaign for the resumption of juvenile training
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    Created by Ciaran Long
  • Accreditation for our education
    SNAs are a vital part of every classroom around the country. We want this course accredited to ensure professional development for SNAs around the country.
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    Created by Linda O'Sullivan
  • The People's Vaccine
    Covid vaccines could save millions of lives, but there's a catch. The vaccines are owned by Big Pharma giants and they can’t produce enough for everyone fast -- the world's richest countries have already bought most of the doses, leaving poorer countries facing a massive shortfall. But it doesn't have to be like this. The World Trade Organisation can change the rules for Covid-19 vaccine patents, allowing a huge scale up in production. Countries that could manufacture the vaccine themselves are stuck behind intellectual property laws designed to maximise profit - but if Ireland does its part at the World Trade Organisation meeting in March, we could all have vaccines. The pandemic will not be over, until it's over everywhere.
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  • Locals fight 'Winter Blues', with campaign for Dublin 8 Park Upgrade
    The lockdown has caused 'Winter Blues' for many families. Many children are 'climbing the walls' with only a few run-down local facilities in Dublin 8. Dog owners need places, to take their pets out for a daily walk. Parents with young children need clean playgrounds, as somewhere to go 'out of the house'. Joggers need somewhere clean & safe to exercise. We the undersigned ask Mr Les Moore, Head of Dublin City Council Parks Dept, to clean, fix and upgrade Grattan Crescent Park in Inchicore, for community wellbeing. We ask that Dublin City Council could clean and paint the park walls. The damaged signage needs to be replaced. The playground needs to be checked for health and safety issues. A community consultation needs to be organised to come up with a park upgrade plan.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen