• Communities not Investors! - Reject the Rezoning of Shanowen Road Lands
    The rezoning of Shanowen Road Lands from Z6 "Employment and Enterprise" to Z1 “Residential" by DCC without an actual local development plan for the area would be a disaster for our local community. Notwithstanding the complete lack of appropriate face to face local consultation on the redevelopment, there are a number of serious issues emerging around the redevelopment. This development will mean that already overburdened local infrastructure will come under severe strain – detailed proposals on mitigating the negative impact on roads and public transport (Metrolink project cited in the proposal is not yet funded or guaranteed) are all missing from the existing proposal. This development also fails to provide much needed community facilities, green spaces and guarantees on local employment that would be lost from the site. With a greatly increased local population, it is likely there will be issues with scarcity of childcare facilities, GP care and other essential services. On top of all of these issues, the proposed development will do little to address the shortage of social and affordable housing in Dublin North West. The planned rezoning from Z6 "Employment and Enterprise" to Z1 “Residential” may look good on the surface but, in truth, the development is likely to be a Strategic Housing Development, where the bulk of units developed will be built-to-rent, owned by private investors. We are not opposed to new homes, but we want to see quality public and genuinely affordable housing in our area, and it must be built sustainably, with the community in mind. For Santry/Whitehall to grow and thrive, it will take a different model of planning, to the developer-led process that this site is following. We call on all DCC Councillors to reject this proposed Rezoning.
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    Created by Gabriela Sikansi
  • Commemorate Colm Fogarty with Remembrance Plaque
    Join me in my campaign for Colm Fogarty to be commemorated with a plaque on Moore street lane. Colm changed so many peoples lives, saved many from homelessness/addiction , he was a motivational speaker and homeless advocate who left behind a huge legacy with his outreach team Bridges of Hope. Pay tribute by honouring Colm and reminding the people of dublin to never lose hope in others or in themselves. Let his plaque be placed at his final resting spot so that we can honour him for the hero that he was on the same street as the other heroes of our nation.
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    Created by Maura Fogarty
  • Take down the Parachute Regiment Flags
    Thirteen people were killed on 30 January 1972 when soldiers from the Parachute Regiment opened fire on a civil rights march. These flags have been roundly condemned by all sides of the community, and are a deliberate attempt to hurt survivors and intimidate communities. They must be taken down now.
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  • Don't allow Russian missile tests off the Irish coast
    Russia seems to be carrying out these tests as part of its efforts to increase global tensions.
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    Created by Siobhan O'Donoghue
  • End gender segregation in Irish schools
    Please add your signature if want to see a change in attitudes among our young people, if you want to see the equality of genders, and if you care about eliminating aggression and violence against girls, women, and our LGBTQI+ friends.
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    Created by Louise G
  • Preserve Howth - NO rezoning of Deer Park Lands
    The Deer Park (Howth Demense) is a place of outstanding wild beauty with historic, cultural and environmental importance that is at risk of being destroyed forever. If these lands are rezoned for development, the unique characteristic of the Howth/Sutton peninsula will be changed for good. These lands have provided unquantifiable social benefits to the Howth community for generations, no more so than during the recent pandemic when it served as a peaceful haven for physical and mental wellness. They are also home to a diverse environment of wildlife, native trees and shrubs which need protection from bulldozers. Howth residents recognise the need for housing but Fingal has already zoned 40% more land than it needs for residential development for the next five years. Land owners must develop land that has already been zoned for this purpose. Please preserve Howth's unique identity and say no to the rezoning of The Deer Park.
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    Created by Grace O'Malley Residents' Association
  • Sign the Book of Condolence for the family of Ashling Murphy
    Violence cannot be seen as a series of isolated incidents - but part of a bigger societal problem. It's enabled by our policing and legal system; how our children are educated about consent; the way women are silenced in politics, public life and workplaces; how women are portrayed in the media; the silence of too many men; and how all this is made worse for many women living with with racism and hate.
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  • Help me get the PA hours I need to live independently
    I am a Masters Graduate. I am a Presenter, Podcaster, Producer and Filmmaker who happens to live with Cerebral Palsy as an electric wheelchair user. Without the support of a PA, I am facing the prospect of living in a care home, becoming institutionalised and invisible. This would be a living nightmare for me and my family and I'm not the only one. Here is an article about why this matters so much https://www.uplift.ie/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/2022.01.08-Irish-Times-.pdf
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  • #FastAccessStamp4 for all international doctors in Ireland
    This pandemic has impacted the global health system hugely. There is an acute staff shortage globally and Ireland has had a major blow. This fair treatment/acknowledgment of the contribution of international doctors will provide Ireland an EXPERIENCED work force in the long run to tackle post covid aftershocks. This will ultimately benefit society and the health system and also build solid trust between the Irish health system and international doctors .
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    Created by Dr Liqa ur Rehman
  • Fund Addiction Services in Tallaght
    Crack cocaine is decimating communities and families and has become an epidemic. Tallaght West, where the two services operate is seeing record levels of users and they need help, support and compassion. There can be no abandonment of people who need help the most. The funding must be guaranteed and the services must do their essential work.
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    Created by Alex Homits
  • Stop Eviction of Mohammad, Roobeena and Family
    Mohammad, Roobeena and their family have been renting their current house for 6 years, and have lived in the wider North Dublin area for 12. Their children are 3, 4, and 7 years old and have grown up in the local area. Mohammad cannot work anymore following a road traffic accident in 2018. In June 2021, the family received an eviction notice from their new landlord and their estate agents wanting to sell the house. Due to the difficulty of finding housing at the moment, and in particular for families and disabled people, Mohammad joined CATU looking for support. Through the backing of neighbours and CATU supporters, Mohammad and Roobeena are asking for another 6 months from the letting agent and landlord in their current accommodation to allow them to find a long-term alternative. Please sign this petition to demand the same and stop a family being pushed into homelessness this winter. #NoWinterEvictions
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    Created by Luke Smyth
  • Save Portobello
    Portobello in Dublin is a known landmark for skaters. It is a public safe space for everyone to use and enjoy and is a very popular skate spot and has been since the early 2000’s. Its crucial for the area and Dublin alike. It’s been used for skate competitions, young and old skaters alike to gain skill and for people to simply just enjoy the beautiful willow trees by the canal on a sunny day. There is currently barricades up, blocking access to this haven as another proposed hotel is once again attempting to force the original culture out of Dublin to make way for more greed, money and financial gain. This is unacceptable. People skate to free their mind; this in turn helps with their mental health (which we all know is still a huge problem in Ireland that is not being tackled correctly) and socialise with people (which is needed now more than ever with the state of current affairs the last 2 years) and make friends outdoors in a safe environment. Public toilets are needed there, not Garda patrols and closure. They’re proposing to block access to this necessary space for 2 years, but who knows when it will be available again. So I’m writing this to appeal to you, your friends, your partners and anyone else who you know who has fallen in love with and shares a passion for skating to raise much needed awareness on this wreckless, senseless act, to save Portobello and not leave the vultures win with taking over more space to make more money to ruin a city that should belong to its people. Please share this petition and sign it and let’s together save Portobello skate spot! Thank you. Peace and love.
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    Created by Jaime Noonan