• Declare Dublin a Sanctuary City
    The rise of racism in Dublin is something we are all very worried about. Last week, we saw Nazi salutes on Barrow street, and now we're seeing immigration officers operating out of Dublin Regional Homelessness Executive offices to target migrants experiencing homelessness. Dublin should be a welcoming city, that stands up to racism in all its forms; from the far right organising on our streets, to the National Government using their powers to target migrants in need of housing. Declaring Dublin a Sanctuary City could be the first step in making sure Ireland is a welcoming country that rejects racism in all its forms.
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  • Bus for 22 Students from Ballygarrett & Killenagh to Creagh College, Gorey
    There are 22 children in the Killenagh/Ballygarrett area seeking school transport to Creagh College in Gorey, approximately 16km away. Half of the parents in our group have already built their lives around the fact that the children can be brought to Creagh College by the School Transport system. Some of these children are going into 6th year. This is an additional stress on an already stressful year for any student. We’ve looked into private busses and it is simply not affordable at €40-€50 per week per child. Some families have 3 children in the school and most of us will have multiple children over the coming years. We have been advised that €4m would solve this situation nationally. We need a solution locally in two weeks. We need action NOW!! #22forcreaghbus
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  • July Provision for children with Down syndrome in 2020
    The Department of Education funds extra summer schooling for all students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and children with severe or profound intellectual disabilities. However, children with Down syndrome who have a mild or moderate learning disability are not included. Children with Down syndrome need the additional support during the Summer months so they can catch up with their peers and stay in mainstream education.
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  • Save Clondalkin Convent
    Clondalkin is over 1,000 years old and is attracting more and more visitors to view its heritage. In this regard the proposed nursing home is wholly inappropriate. The four storey building would block the view of the limestone convent while the proposed brick finish is not at all in keeping with local architecture. In addition an antique stone wall on Convent Rd., would be knocked not to mention the additional traffic that would ensue in an already gridlocked village. The grounds and cloisters of the convent include an endangered species of bird, the Swift, which would be threatened by the construction. Such a development would detrimentally affect the historic character of Clondalkin and one of its most important heritage sites.
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  • Assisted Dying Bill
    In Oct 2012 Marie Fleming began proceedings in the High Court to challenge the law on assisted dying.  A few months earlier I had become a member of  DIGNITAS - To live with dignity - To die with dignity, more for my particular kidney trouble than my Multiple Sclerosis.  Marie’s case was a landmark legal action specifically testing the (criminal) Irish law on assisted suicide. Unsuccessful in the High Court, Marie appealed in the Supreme Court. Although not successful in the Supreme Court (29/5/13) this court nonetheless ruled that there was nothing to stop the Oireachtas passing legislation. In 2015 inspired by and in memory of Marie Fleming, TD John Halligan helped by her partner Tom Curran introduced the ‘Dying with Dignity Bill 2015’ in the Dáil.  It reached stage one. Chiefly, I believe for lack of courage and support from TD’s it didn’t progress. In 2017 the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality met on the Right to Die with Dignity. As reported in the ‘Report on the Right to Die with Dignity’ which followed in 2018 because of the lack of clear consensus this Committee was unable to recommend legislative change at that time. Now Minister Halligan plans to re-introduce his assisted dying bill into the Dáil. From my point of view this is very good news. But support is needed. You could show that here.
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  • Abolish the Luxury Car Tax for EVs (Electric Vehicles)
    Cars valued at or exceeding £40,000 are subject to the Luxury Car Tax (£1600 over 5 years). This should be abolished for EVs as it impedes numerous Government initiatives and targets for transport and emissions. A tax refund should be available for those who paid the tax from at least 2019 onwards. The tax contradicts numerous Government statements about wanting to do more to reduce emissions, improve air quality and push EVs & autonomous driving. Many EVs suitable as replacements for petrol/diesel cars are higher priced by virtue of the large, expensive batteries and advanced manufacturing required, and therefore cannot be cheaply produced. It is hypocritical to punish manufacturers and consumers for buying the same innovative electric cars the Government says they want on the road.
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  • Ensure GTarcade stop their criminal negligence with their members monies
    Game of Thrones Players on GTArcade spend hundreds and thousands on their game to get a reliable and expected experience out of it, however with GTArcades actions they are destroying accounts that players have invested so much time and money into through willful negligence. As the King on Kingdom 34, I am starting this petition on behalf of the players on my server and others effected by this 'mistake'
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    Created by Jim Maguire
  • Support the Climate Change Strike on September 20th 2019
    We are taking our inspiration from Greta Thurnberg and the School Strike for Climate and asking you to leave your place of work if your working and if not join the day of action in whatever way you can. Also please ask your Union and local Politicians to publicly support the strike. This is to show solidarity with our children who may not have a planet to live in !!!! If we don't stop destroying it immediately !!!!! This is a global strike and its vitally important that we send a message to our Govt who are still issuing licences to the Fossil Fuel Corporations who account for over 70% of the pollution that is destroying our planet ! We support the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion 1 TELL THE TRUTH and inform the public about the extent of the climate emergency. 2 ACT like it's an emergency and stop fossil fuel exploration and 3. Ensure a JUST TRANSITION where the most vulnerable are expected to shoulder the most of the urgent policy changes of climate change ! So please sign the petition and send it to your Union Representative or local Politician and join the Strike on the 20th Sept 2019
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  • Support Tenants Against Vulture Funds
    Val Issuer DAC are a vulture fund operating in Dublin, attempting to illegally evict over 80 rent paying and law-abiding tenants, including 20 children, for profit. This case involving Val Issuer DAC is horrendous but sadly representative of a much deeper crisis of evictions across the country. Evictions like those being pushed by O'Sullivan and Val Issuer DAC are the biggest factor driving people becoming homeless in Ireland. To stem the tide, People Before Profit - Solidarity TDs tabled an Anti-Eviction Bill in 2018 to ban evictions into homelessness by closing loopholes like the infamous "reneviction" clause of the Residential Tenancies Act. This bill was voted through two stages in the Dáil by majority and should be enacted into legislation but the Government has stalled it using anti-democratic procedures - just like they have with 65 other pieces of legislation brought by opposition TDs. First and foremost we are calling on Val Issuer DAC to drop the evictions of tenants from South Richmond street, Grove Park and Rosedale Terrace. We also call on the government and particularly, Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy to take action to properly address the epidemic of evictions, particularly by vulture funds, accordingly, we demand: 1) Immediately enact the 2018 Anti-Eviction Bill. 2) Close Tax Loopholes like Section 110 that are used by investors to avoid tax liability in Ireland. 3) Regulate to ban REITs, vulture funds and other predatory investors from the Irish market and take their housing stock into public ownership as public housing and/or state administered mortgages.
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  • Save kashmiris
    As a fellow human, please support this petition to allow people of Kashmir to be heard and justice served
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    Created by Khurram Iqbal
  • Name Storms After Companies That Pollute
    Met Éireann are running a competition to name storms. As the climate crisis escalates storms are going to be more frequent and dangerous Big business like fossil fuel companies are behind so much of the pollution causing climate destruction. So lets call a spade a spade and call them what they really are - Storm Shell, Storm BP, Storm Providence Resources.
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  • We Demand A Climate And Biodiversity Emergency Status In County Waterford!
    This is extremely important because of our climate crisis. If they continue to ignore new found evidence and scientific research, that has been pressing us for decades to listen. Then it won't lead to anywhere good. We need to be able to look our children in the eyes and know that their future is safe. Because as it stands, it is not.
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    Created by Extinction Rebellion Waterford