• Ban super trawlers in Irish waters
    Let's send a clear message to the Irish Government and the European Commission that it's time to ban super trawlers and to ensure a sustainable fishery that supports coastal communities around Ireland and Europe.
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    Created by Pádraig Mac Lochlainn
  • Landsdowne Valley Park Drimnagh needs an upgrade
    Landsdowne Valley park is used by mostly dog walkers and joggers at the moment. It has a disused pitch & putt section - that is home to many birds. The lock down showed how important local green spaces are. The climate crisis is showing the importance of biodiversity, restoring rivers, bird habitats etc Landsdowne Valley Park has a lot of untapped potential and this petition asks Dublin City Council to come up with a plan for Landsdowne Valley Park, using community consultation & feedback from local. Locals are concerned about the River Camac which flows through Landsdowne Valley Park and Inchicore. Dublin City Council needs to write a concrete action plan for Landsdowne Valley Park, with actions around river restoration, biodiversity, control of invasive species, disabled access to the park, family friendly design, tourism potential and any other feedback from the surrounding community.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Stop traffic danger for Kids walking & cycling on SCR
    Cyclists are being hit by cars at this junction. Cars are jumping the red light. Hundreds of children and cyclists walk and cycle to work & school every day here. They are not safe. Dublin City Council traffic engineers must urgently review this junction and upgrade pedestrian & cyclist safety with 2 new pedestrian crossings & cycle lanes.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Create awareness of sustainable printing solutions in Ireland
    Printing doesn't have to cost the Earth - we can use recycled paper and cardboard, non-toxic ink, set-up multi-use purposes for printed material, re-fill ink cartridges. Let's start with our ink - printing wholesalers to offer consumers ink-fills for costly cartridges.
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    Created by Caroline Reapy
  • Keep Trees on the Royal Canal Greenway
    Trees are essential to our existence. They provide us with oxygen, reduce carbon and give life to the world's wildlife. Saving our trees will reduce greenhouse gases, protect our wildlife and bees, and make sure our environment and communities can be enjoyed by future generations.
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    Created by Gildas O Laoire
  • TCD: Endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
    The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Initiative The burning of fossil fuels is the prime reason for the exacerbation of the climate crisis and – already today – responsible for one in five premature deaths worldwide. The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative calls for a global treaty that would govern the phasing out of fossil fuels in line with the 1.5 degrees goal agreed upon in the Paris agreement. The treaty has been endorsed by the European Parliament, the Vatican, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, the WHO, 70 cities and subnational governments, 101 Nobel laureates, and over 3000 scientists and academics.
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    Created by TimeToAct TCD
  • Ireland must exit the Energy Charter Treaty
    The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is a trade agreement that allows fossil fuel companies sue governments for billions of euro if that government were to try and stop fossil fuel projects or lower people's energy bills. It's the fossil fuel industry's secret weapon to make sure governments can't act on climate change or the cost of energy. Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have already said they will withdraw and the EU Parliament also wants the rest of the EU to withdraw from this dangerous and costly treaty. With the cost of energy at record levels and climate disasters becoming more and more frequent it is Ireland's time to get out. Sign today and tell Ministers Simon Coveney and Eamon Ryan that Ireland must leave the Energy Charter Treaty now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4vkgeT5xvs
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  • Provide Consistency and Transparency in the Presentation of Electricity Tariffs
    Please see the YouTube video I have created to explain why you should sign this petition (see updates for link). It is difficult if not impossible to understand all the electricity plan variables, and to make an informed choice as things stand today. I created an excel model to assist with this decision making process, but excel skills should not be necessary for a consumer to pick their electricity plan!
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    Created by Kirsty Halloran Picture
  • Stop giving airtime to Climate Deniers on Irish media
    At a time when we need to be pulling out all the stops to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the worst climate change scenarios, it is very misleading and confusing to audiences to hear people with climate denier agendas espousing policies that will instead dig us deeper into the climate crisis. The Chairman of companies Clontarf Energy Plc and Petrel Resources, Mr David Horgan, is an example. Between them, these two companies are involved in oil and gas exploration in Ireland, Iraq, Ghana and Chad. Mr Horgan has signed the world "There is no Climate Emergency" declaration (part of a project by Clintel - a lobby group funded by two Dutch millionaires) yet on 27th August he was on Newstalk's Anton Savage show to discuss "Tackling the Energy Crisis & Budget 2023 Look Ahead". In fact, he is regularly given spots on RTE, Newstalk, Today FM and Radio Nova to espouse views which no doubt stand to improve the market for fossil fuels which his companies profit from. Photo credit: Fringer Cat @nittygritty_photo
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    Created by Angela Deegan
  • Build a Public Awareness Campaign on Climate Change!
    The climate crisis is accelerating rapidly with droughts, wild fires, heat waves and flooding appearing in the news more and more frequently. It is crystal clear that action on the climate crisis is extremely urgent. Ireland has passed into law a climate bill that includes the target of a 51% reduction in emissions by 2030 which will be outlined in the Carbon Budgets. In order to achieve this ambitious target massive changes to the economy and how the country functions will be necessary. The Irish public is woefully under-prepared for the transition which will need to take place. In the past the Irish Government has run campaigns to build awareness among Irish citizens in matters of public safety such as the covid-19 campaign ( gov.ie - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (www.gov.ie) and the road safety campaign ( Ireland’s Government Road Safety Strategy 2021 - 2030 (rsa.ie). Climate change is a matter that will impact the safety of all Irish Citizens. A public awareness campaign on the climate crisis is desperately needed. At a minimum the climate awareness campaign should include the following topics. • The science of climate change, how gases such as Carbon dioxide, Methane and Nitrous oxide are warming our atmosphere and the sources of such gases. • Information on how these impacts will affect us including food security, water scarcity, increased frequency of drought, fires, flooding and storms, coastal erosion, pandemics and sea level rise. • Tipping points in the climate system which could accelerate climate change if we don’t act quickly enough. • Build awareness around a 1.5 degree global temperature rise and what it means compared to 2 degree temperature rise. • Information on what’s driving climate change including our reliance on fossil fuels, consumption choices, farming systems, diets and destruction of the natural world. • Information about how natural systems are under threat and how deeply we are reliant on the natural world; as healthy habitats and species are fundamental to and deeply intertwined with our own health and wellbeing. • Information about nature based solutions, such as re-wilding, rewetting bogs, slowing water down in catchments, planting continuous cover native forests. The campaign should be endorsed by respected scientists and overseen by the Climate Change Advisory Council. Finally, people are feeling powerless in the face of the catastrophe ahead. Collectively we need to push past the denial or cognitive dissonance which has paralysed us, into a place where we actively engage with the issue. The public need clear leadership from the government on the Climate Crisis. Please sign this petition and join us in urging the government to develop the climate awareness campaign that we so desperately need.
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    Created by Jen Fisher
  • Demand Government Subsidies For EV Conversions In Ireland
    Ireland has repeatedly missed its greenhouse gas emissions targets and, with the transport sector accounting for 20% of the nation's CO2 emissions, switching to electric vehicles represents a great opportunity to cut emissions quickly. This also has the benefit of reducing air pollution, which will benefit public health, while the cheaper running costs will help many who are already struggling due to the Cost of Living Crisis. At present, incentives are only available for brand new electric cars - which makes them unaffordable for the majority of people. This is also delaying an affordable second-hand EV market, which needs to be prioritised if the majority of people are to be able to make the switch. A key mantra for tackling the Climate Crisis is doing more with less. Converting petrol, diesel and hybrid cars to run as full EVs is a great example of this – as it takes cars that run perfectly well, but which have high and harmful emissions, and delivers all the benefits of electric cars – such as lower running costs and no air pollution – at an affordable price. We have previously seen the Irish Government offer scrappage schemes for cars – but this has come at the cost of a lot of metal, plastic and oil waste. By funding EV conversions instead of supporting scrappage schemes, the Government can not only avoid unnecessary waste, but also help to keep natural resources in the ground by effectively recycling the cars that we already have. The French Government has made EV conversions available for a price of just €5,000, which is a much more realistic entry point for most people in Ireland. Especially during a cost of living crisis
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    Created by Tom Spencer
  • Introduce a statutory maximum working temperature
    Hot weather can make work unbearable and with record temperatures likely to be a trend in Ireland, we should introduce a statutory maximum working temperature after which employees are sent home.
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    Created by Harvey McDermott