• Petition to Protect the Sperrins and NI: Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland, particularly the Sperrins, is being overwhelmed by wind farms, with insufficient consideration of their drawbacks. The Sperrin region, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), faces the imminent threat of becoming a dumping ground for large, seemingly eco-friendly energy projects. We believe there is currently an unsustainable over-reliance on wind energy development as the primary means to meet renewable energy targets. This over-dependence on wind energy endangers our overall energy security, further diminishes our already shrinking biodiversity and natural heritage, negatively affects community well-being and health, and eliminates fair opportunities and benefits for everyone in our transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
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    Created by Save the Moat Save the Sperrins Picture
  • Stop the Ennis Data Centres
    High energy users putting pressure on renewables.
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    Created by Martin Knox
  • We Have Brigid's Day, let's Sign Brigid's Way
    Brigid as the Celtic Goddess of Spring and the Matron Saint of Ireland has been revered for generations yet her 9 day Pilgrimage route from her birthplace in Faughart, Co. Louth through Co. Meath and the Hill of Tara to her monastic community in Kildare is not waymarked. We wish to help encourage the County Councils, Ireland's Ancient East, Fáilte Ireland Tourism Agency, Tourism Ireland and the Dept of Rural & Community Development to provide funding and commission a feasibility study to create signage along the route with an App and a Map. Then Brigid's Way may join her 12 brother Pilgrimages who have been signed for many years (St Kevin's Way, St Declan's Way, Croagh Patrick etc)  Please sign your name and write your location. Spread the word - the more people who sign the quicker anyone can walk this 9 day Pilgrimage themselves similar to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Currently a group of volunteers lead groups once a year and 1 day walks twice a year. We want to make this accessible for everyone.  Dr Karen Ward, on behalf of the Brigid's Way volunteers https://www.uplift.ie/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/image.png
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    Created by Karen Ward
  • Email Belfast Pride: Drop Citibank as a sponsor
    Citibank is facilitating the supply of billions of pounds of Israeli weapons and enabling the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians. Additionally, they are also funding several fossil fuel companies to drill for gas off Gaza. A report released this week revealed that Citibank is the second biggest funder of oil, gas and coal in the world. By allowing Citibank to sponsor Belfast Pride, Citibank to distract from their destructive business practices and putting the festival's values of inclusivity and freedom into disrepute - this is pinkwashing at its very worst. 
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Demand a Commitment to Restore Irish Rail Infrastructure and Stop Investing in Greenways
    You should join this campaign if you are a believer in sustainable public transport, and wish to see Ireland have a rail network for the 21st century, and not continued investment into Greenways.
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    Created by Matthew James Quill
  • Stop the Mourne Mountains Gondola Project
    We, the undersigned, demand an immediate halt to the proposed Mourne Mountains Gondola project. This ill-conceived venture threatens to irreversibly damage our cherished natural landscape, endanger wildlife habitats, and impose financial burdens on rates payers. We implore the Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council (NMDDC) to reconsider and explore more sustainable alternatives that prioritize environmental preservation and community needs. Reasons for halting the Gondola Project: 1. Lack of public consultation. Despite overwhelming local opposition (as evidenced by our recent poll indicating 77% dissent), the council has proceeded without adequate consultation. 2. Disregard for Alternatives. The council has dismissed viable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternatives in favour of the gondola, demonstrating a concerning lack of consideration for community preferences and environmental impact. 3. Financial risk. The project's secrecy regarding its business plan, coupled with unrealistic user projections and escalating costs, poses an unjustifiable financial risk to ratepayers.  4. Environmental Threats. Its operation threatens sensitive habitats including a Special Area of Conservation and an Area of Special Scientific Interest.  It would endanger wildlife habitats and protected species. 5. Adverse Aesthetic Impact. Pylons, the cableway and quarry centre will mar the pristine beauty of the Mourne Mountains, detracting from the experience of visitors and local people in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 6. Negative Economic Impact. Contrary to promises of local economic benefits, the gondola project is likely to divert money from local businesses. 7. The National Trust, which is the owner of the quarry and the mountain is a conservation organisation and is very unlikely to approve its construction.   8. Weather and seasonal factors. The gondola is projected to operate eleven months a year but factors like high winds and bad weather are likely to drastically reduce the days it can work and generate income.  We urge the NMDDC to heed the voices of the community, prioritize environmental sustainability, and abandon the Mourne Mountains Gondola project in favour of more responsible available alternatives.  Let us preserve the natural beauty of the Mourne mountains for future generations to enjoy.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Reinstate Public Bus Service between Galway and Dublin
    In 2021, the Bus Éireann route 20/X20 was cancelled, impacting commuters in Galway City and towns such as Craughwell, Loughrea, Aughrim and Ballinasloe. The route was privatised and replaced with the 706/706X route ran by a private company. This route ignored Craughwell, Loughrea and Aughrim and left Ballinasloe with less frequent services. Now in 2024 the private route is being cancelled, with the company saying it is not profitable enough. Public transport is an essential public service and should be ran as such, not left to the whims of private companies.
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    Created by Adrian Curran
  • Drop Citibank from Belfast Pride
    Citibank, who are facilitating the supply of billions of pounds of Israeli weapons and enabling the slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians, [1] are also one of the main sponsors of this year's Belfast Pride Festival - the biggest LGBTQIA+ event in the city. This is pinkwashing at its very worst - using Belfast Pride and our LGBTQIA+ community to distract from their brutal business practices. Not only are they supporting weapons deals, Citibank is also funding several fossil fuel companies to drill for gas off Gaza, [3] - as thousands of innocent people are being massacred, and famine looms [4] as a result of Israel’s brutal siege. Israel has no right to grant licenses to companies to drill for oil or gas in the Palestinian territory. Fossil fuels have always been tied up with war and to extract oil and gas from a region whose population are being starved to death and brutally murdered, is a war crime. We demand that Belfast Pride Festival drops Citibank as one of its main sponsors! [1] https://www.bankingonsolidarity.org/citibank-and-palestinians-a-cruel-status-quo/ [2] https://fossilfreeciti.org/ [3] https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2024/3/6/israel-is-pillaging-not-just-gazas-cities-but-also-its-waters [4] https://www.politico.eu/article/famine-is-imminent-gaza-un-food-israel-hamas-hunger/
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  • Chapel Road pathway to Portmarnock train station
    1. Hundreds of people living on Chapel road are dependent on cars to get access to a train station only a short distance away ( less than 2k) . 2. People risk their lives every day walking or cycling on treacherous Chapel road which has no paths, cycleways, street lights and poor drainage. 3. Poor parking at Portmarnock train station means Chapel road residents have limited options for commuting into work. 4. Chapel road residents have a right to be able to choose walking and cycling to help support positive climate change . 5. Stop climate pollution from unnecessary car journeys . Research has shown access to public transport significantly cuts car journeys . 6. Fingal County council have failed to listen to Chapel road residents and implementation of local area plan active travel development .
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    Created by Sharon Finn
  • Don't allow Ireland's new auto-enrolment pension scheme to invest in Fossil Fuels or Arms
    It is reckless and immoral to fund the fossil fuel industry when scientists are screaming at us that fossil fuels must remain in the ground if we are to have a chance at avoiding the worst scenarios of climate chaos. Pensions are funds put aside for our future, but there is no decent future on a planet ravaged by runaway climate change. The Automatic Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings System Bill is an important piece of legislation which is being designed to simplify the pensions decision for workers and make it easier for employers to offer a workplace pension. Initially, approximately 750,000 workers will be enrolled into the AE pension scheme and that number will grow significantly over time. The pensions will be topped up, not just by employers, but also by state contributions. Therefore if these pension funds are invested in fossil fuels, the state too will be culpable. The Joint Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection reviewed the draft Bill that would establish the AE pension scheme and included in its report the recommendation, "The Committee recommends that the investment funds be prohibited from investing in fossil fuels or the arms industry." https://data.oireachtas.ie/ie/oireachtas/committee/dail/33/joint_committee_on_social_protection_community_and_rural_development_and_the_islands/reports/2023/2023-05-03_report-on-pre-legislative-scrutiny-of-the-general-scheme-of-the-automatic-enrolment-retirement-savings-system-bill-2022_en.pdf In 2018, Ireland became the first country in the world to divest from fossil fuel companies. It would be a huge step backwards to start investing vast sums of taxpayers', workers’ and employers’ money in those same fossil fuel companies again now. We call on Minister Heather Humphreys, as the Minister responsible for introducing the legislation establishing the AE Pensions Scheme, to implement the Oireachtas Committee's recommendation and keep this new pension fund from funding the escalation of climate disasters and wars.
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    Created by Divest Ireland
  • The removal of Joe Biden mural in Ballina
    Having a large mural of US president Joe Biden in Ballina reflects very badly on the people of Ballina, Mayo and Ireland who hold very different views to Joe regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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    Created by Paul Ginty
  • Campaign for a Community Woodland in Corca Dhuibhne - Feachtas chun coill comhphobal a bhunú
    We need a woodland in Corca Dhuibhne to help act against climate change and to support biodiversity and our community's wellbeing - a space that will be of benefit to all. The Dingle Peninsula is a place of outstanding natural beauty, we are blessed with a rugged coastline, small sheltered coves, long sandy beaches, rolling hills, majestic mountains, cliffs, wetlands, valleys, lakes and much more, except we have no natural native woodlands. It is the one missing piece in the mosaic of our landscape. To get an immersion in a woodland habitat, residents of the peninsula need to (most likely) drive to Tralee or Castlemaine - our nearest woodlands and a journey of one hour. Our nearest forest, the south side of Killarney National Park, is an hour an a half away. There has been a desire to have a woodland on the western half of the peninsula for many years - this desire coalesced in a working group being formed in Dec 2020 but then the covid lockdown struck and the energy and cohesion dissipated. We are trying to revive the idea again, and the Kerry County Council Climate Action Fund might be an avenue to acquire land and the other necessary resources. We have built up a considerable stock of trees over the years, through seed collection outings, seed processing workshops and nursery care meitheals. Our nursery contains over 3000 native trees, which would be a great start to populate a couple of acres of land. Our vision is to have a native woodland for nature, to support biodiversity, and for the local community. It would be a great asset for the locality, locals and visitors alike, it will enhance our health, wellbeing, community cohesion and offer education possibilities for all ages. Get in touch if you want more information or if you want to be involved [email protected]
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    Created by Transition Corca Dhuibhne