• Hire more Park Rangers for Tallaght Parks
    The money is there. The Council needs to ask for it so they can urgently hire the necessary number of park rangers for Tallaght parks and the equipment they need to do the job.
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    Created by Jess Spear Picture
  • Demand a Commitment to Restore Irish Rail Infrastructure and Stop Investing in Greenways
    You should join this campaign if you are a believer in sustainable public transport, and wish to see Ireland have a rail network for the 21st century, and not continued investment into Greenways.
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    Created by Matthew James Quill
  • Andrew Muir: Clean up the illegal dump at Mobuoy
    Mobuoy dump is beside the River Faughan, which supplies 60% of Derry's drinking water. Experts say the Mobuoy site may contain 1.6m tonnes of waste. If the dump is not properly cleaned up soon, then the river could be contaminated, making our water undrinkable. Even though the site closed in 2013, people are still illegally dumping at the site! The minister responsible for waste in NI, Andrew Muir has yet to come up with a recovery plan for the site. The only suggestion his department has provided is to give local residents bottled water if the river becomes impacted. It is time for the Minister to get a grip of the situation: secure the site, clean up Mobouy and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the people of Derry.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Stop the Mourne Mountains Gondola Project
    We, the undersigned, demand an immediate halt to the proposed Mourne Mountains Gondola project. This ill-conceived venture threatens to irreversibly damage our cherished natural landscape, endanger wildlife habitats, and impose financial burdens on rates payers. We implore the Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council (NMDDC) to reconsider and explore more sustainable alternatives that prioritize environmental preservation and community needs. Reasons for halting the Gondola Project: 1. Lack of public consultation. Despite overwhelming local opposition (as evidenced by our recent poll indicating 77% dissent), the council has proceeded without adequate consultation. 2. Disregard for Alternatives. The council has dismissed viable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternatives in favour of the gondola, demonstrating a concerning lack of consideration for community preferences and environmental impact. 3. Financial risk. The project's secrecy regarding its business plan, coupled with unrealistic user projections and escalating costs, poses an unjustifiable financial risk to ratepayers.  4. Environmental Threats. Its operation threatens sensitive habitats including a Special Area of Conservation and an Area of Special Scientific Interest.  It would endanger wildlife habitats and protected species. 5. Adverse Aesthetic Impact. Pylons, the cableway and quarry centre will mar the pristine beauty of the Mourne Mountains, detracting from the experience of visitors and local people in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 6. Negative Economic Impact. Contrary to promises of local economic benefits, the gondola project is likely to divert money from local businesses. 7. The National Trust, which is the owner of the quarry and the mountain is a conservation organisation and is very unlikely to approve its construction.   8. Weather and seasonal factors. The gondola is projected to operate eleven months a year but factors like high winds and bad weather are likely to drastically reduce the days it can work and generate income.  We urge the NMDDC to heed the voices of the community, prioritize environmental sustainability, and abandon the Mourne Mountains Gondola project in favour of more responsible available alternatives.  Let us preserve the natural beauty of the Mourne mountains for future generations to enjoy.
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    Created by Andy Carden
  • Put limits on the purchase of land by the mega wealthy
    It doesn’t have to be this way. There are alternatives. In France they have a system called SAFER which: *Intervenes in land sales in the public interest where there is land speculation by non farmers and billionaire investors *Ensures viable land holdings, *Maintains rural communities and the viability of   existing farms, *Controls prices so land is affordable. https://www.landcommission.gov.scot/downloads/6554aa4252c5a_Review%20of%20France%C3%94%C3%87%C3%96s%20SAFER%20Land%20Market%20Interventions.pdf Our politicians are avoiding this issue.  They have their heads in the sand. We demand that they address the problem now to ensure viable landholdings for farming families. Irish Family Farms is a group of landowners and other citizens who have got together to raise awareness of this issue and demand change. We will use this petition to apply pressure on government ministers McConalogue and Hackett to change the system and set up a multi-stakeholder Land Observatory. This would act as a watchdog to oversee land-related issues and foster collaboration to protect our most precious physical resource: our land.
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    Created by Irish Family Farms
  • Flexible Swimming pool for DLRCC
    We don't have enough pools in our area so when a new pool is planned it needs to be a modern and flexible design to accommodate as many groups as possible.
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    Created by edward duffy
  • Fix up Goldenbridge Primary School - issue a letter for our new build
    Norma Foley's assistance is crucial because she is responsible for education in Ireland. Here's why her help is important: 1. Promised Improvement: The school has been promised a new building for 17 years. As the current Minister of Education, Ms Foley can fulfill this promise, ensuring that the school finally gets the improvements it desperately needs. 2. Safety and Health: The current conditions pose safety and health hazards to students and staff. Minister Foley can allocate resources to address these issues, ensuring that the school environment is safe and conducive to learning. She can issue the letter the school needs for the new building to start. 3. Financial Support: Ms Foley can provide financial support to address the costly heating bills associated with the poorly insulated buildings. By investing in energy-efficient upgrades, she can help reduce expenses for both the school and the community. 4. Educational Environment: A safe and healthy environment is essential for effective learning. Minister Foley's assistance in upgrading the school facilities will create a better educational environment for students, enabling them to thrive academically and socially. 5. Community Well-being: Improving the school facilities will benefit the entire community. Foley's support will demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of disadvantaged communities and provide them with access to quality education resources. Overall, Norma Foley's help is vital in ensuring that the school receives the necessary support and resources to address its longstanding issues and provide a better future for its pupils and the community.
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Chapel Road pathway to Portmarnock train station
    1. Hundreds of people living on Chapel road are dependent on cars to get access to a train station only a short distance away ( less than 2k) . 2. People risk their lives every day walking or cycling on treacherous Chapel road which has no paths, cycleways, street lights and poor drainage. 3. Poor parking at Portmarnock train station means Chapel road residents have limited options for commuting into work. 4. Chapel road residents have a right to be able to choose walking and cycling to help support positive climate change . 5. Stop climate pollution from unnecessary car journeys . Research has shown access to public transport significantly cuts car journeys . 6. Fingal County council have failed to listen to Chapel road residents and implementation of local area plan active travel development .
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    Created by Sharon Finn
  • Save Tallaght Post Office!
    An Post is planning to privatise Tallaght Post Office. They have advertised for applications for a postmaster to take over the post office with a deadline of March 16th. Workers have been told that the current post office will be closed down in the next three to six months and moved somewhere else. An Post have said it is “too early to say” where it will end up. Many of the workers have been working there for decades and are worried about their pensions. If they don’t want to work in the new privatised post office, they are only being offered redeployment with An Post, which could be miles away. No redundancy option is being offered. Paul Murphy, People Before Profit’s Tallaght TD, questioned the Taoiseach in the Dáil on March 5th about the future of the post office. Leo Varadkar replied that it was “a matter for An Post”. That’s not good enough! Tallaght Post Office is more than just a post office. It is a community hub where locals and pensioners meet every week and workers give time and help to the customers. It is known as a place where extra help and care are given to any customer that needs it. Privatisation threatens all of that. Sign the petition today to say An Post must halt their privatisation plans and meet with the workers immediately!
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    Created by Diana O'Dwyer
  • Save Leixlip Post Office
    The Grant Thornton Report on the Post Office Network stated that the withdrawal of a post office from an area has a significant impact on the remaining businesses due to the impact on local footfall. Leixlip needs investment from the local authority, busiesses and AN Post to enable it to thrive. To assist it in developing employment and educational opportunities, developing its infrastructure, tackling vacancy and dereliction, and putting unused buildings to use. Any efforts to take the post office out of the town centre would be in stark contrast to what Leixlip needs. Leixlip has demographics that mean more people depend on services like those currently provided by An Post, and therefore need easily accessible services. Anything but a town centre location cannot be accepted, and the people of Leixlip need assurances that its post office will remain in the town centre.
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    Created by Nuala Killeen
  • Skerries Fishermen & boating community ask for your SUPPORT
    The new bye-laws concerning the harbour of Skerries are being brought into effect of March 1st 2024 which effect the town of skerries and the use of the harbour and the surrounding "inner harbour" use by all persons and vessels. Local government and representatives have done nothing to support the concerned people of Skerries and stop the Fingal County Council from making new sets of rules which will introduce fines and call for people to be guilty of an offence by continuing their boating/vessel activities in the harbour and surround bay / "inner harbour" of Skerries. Your support to object to the county council heavy handed and authoritarian methods is required. Not only to cause resistance to the new bye-laws but to bring a stop to local authority and elected representatives to doing "whatever they want" when it comes to our town of Skerries with little to no consideration for the people of the town. The people who have voted for such representatives yet receiving no representation once the votes have been counted. When done to others for other issues that do not directly affect YOU, it is no big deal right? Until the day it does effect YOU. Then you will understand why a town must pull together and support each other. The bye-laws proposed do not follow any law of the land of Ireland and are being introduced by the county council to undermine the use of the harbour as we have all known it for generations to date. Your support in signing this petition is to take a stand and have your say or voice heard. It is one thing to join a protest or a march and it is another to know what is going on in your own local back yard and see how changes may not always be for the better of the majority. Again if the local "reps" wish to receive continued support for their careers then it is YOU and all of us together that can demand of them TRUE & PROPER representation. Do not allow local reps and Fingal county council to sweep things under the carpet or make swift changes to the town you have grown to love without having YOUR say. You will note that some of the bye-laws are supported by acts of law or Irish statute, while other new bye-laws are creating / being invented without the support of any established Irish law or statute. It is important to sign the petition for so many more reasons than can be typed into this box. The bye-laws below have been voted on in favour of by council members and approved to come in to effect March 1st 2024. Sign below to support the towns of Skerries, Balbriggan, Loughshinny & Rush. A copy of Harbour bye-laws can be found online
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    Created by Aidan Mc Nally
  • Save Doci’s Café
    We are a little coffee truck in an area where there is no other barista coffee, we have been in this area for the last 4 years, in which we have made many friends in addition to our customers, to be able to continue in this area we need your help. Please sign our petition.
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    Created by Lenuta Doci