• Maintain Post Office Services in Tipperary Town Centre
    The Grant Thornton Report on the Post Office Network stated that the withdrawal of a post office from an area has a significant impact on the remaining businesses due to the impact on local footfall. In light of the fact that a taskforce has been assigned to Tipperary town to assist it in developing employment and educational opportunities, developing its infrastructure, tackling dereliction, and putting unused buildings to use, any efforts to take the post office out of the town centre would be in stark contrast to what Tipperary town needs. Tipperary town also has demographics that mean more people depend on services like those currently provided by An Post, and therefore need easily accessible services. Anything but a town centre location cannot be accepted, and the people of Tipperary town need assurances that its post office will remain in the town centre.
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    Created by Tony Black
  • Save Roscommon Town Post Office
    Our Post Office has been established for decades, which is part of the social, economic and cultural heritage of Roscommon Town. It is a landmark building in our town centre, which creates footfall, vitality and viability at this location. The use of the Post Office is part of the Cultural Heritage of the town and therefore must be protected under Planning legislation.
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    Created by Nigel Dineen
  • Save New Ross Post Office
    It is a vital social good. Iconic building in the middle of town. Key service for hundreds of people every week. It will see a dilution of services and job losses.
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    Created by Michael Sheehan
  • Save Our Malahide Road Bus Stops
    Bus Connects has been granted permission by An Bord Pleanala to remove the bus stops at Danieli Road (1219) and Killester Avenue (1220). These are proposed to be replaced by a single bus stop outside Artane Cottages Lower, on a narrow footpath with no room for a bus shelter. This means there will be no bus stop with shelter or seats on Malahide Road southbound between Artane Roundabout and Maypark (near Donneycarney church), a distance of almost 1km. The local community is losing two well-used bus stops with full amenities situated on wide footpaths. Instead, all bus passengers who would otherwise use those two stops will be forced to wait on a narrow footpath directly outside the doors and windows of the houses at Artane Cottages Lower, with no shelter or amenities. This will affect every passenger using the bus service along this whole stretch of the Malahide Road. The biggest impact will be on older passengers, passengers with disabilities and those travelling with children. The distances to bus services for residents from Killester Park / Craigford Drive and St. Brigid’s / Danieli Road will increase significantly. The severe impact on all bus passengers in the area and on the residents of Artane Cottages Lower has been explained many times to Bus Connects in public consultations and formal objections to their proposals, but no changes have been made or instructed to them by An Bord Pleanala. At this stage, the only option to prevent this proposal from being implemented in the Bus Connects scheme is to put pressure on the NTA and the Bus Connects project managers and engineers to revise the detail design for the stops between Artane Roundabout and Maypark in the next stage of the works. Help us to lobby Bus Connects to revise the design. Please sign the petition AND email them at [email protected] to tell them to save our bus stops.
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    Created by Save Our Stops
  • We need a local bus for Mullingar town
    Let's make Mullingar accessible to everyone, bring the bus!
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    Created by Raimonda Masiulyte - Ramchurn
  • Newtownmountkennedy roundabouts-not lights
    We believe that implementing roundabouts instead of traffic lights can enhance traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve overall road safety. Sign this petition to advocate for the installation of roundabouts in our community. Let's create a smoother and more efficient traffic experience for everyone!
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    Created by Shauna Soady
  • Mogeely Interim Flood Relief
    This interim flood relief scheme will allow us to sleep at night and not worry about waking up to waist-height contaminated water and having to carry our babies out to safety again. The residents of Gleann Fia are continuing to live this nightmare every time it rains.
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    Created by Residents of Gleann Fia
  • Stop the Demolition of Havelock House
    In November 2023, Lotus Property brought Havelock House from Olympian Homes with the aim of using its site for a social housing development for Clanmil Housing. Olympian had made two failed attempts to demolish Havelock House, which were rejected by the local community and Belfast City Council. ​After buying the building, Lotus and Clanmil promised that community concerns would be listened to and there would be proper consultation on the proposed development. Lotus managing director, Alastair Coulson, said that: "The next 12 weeks will be about listening to stakeholders and local communities about these draft plans. We look forward to hearing all views and considering them in our plans." ​But within two weeks, Lotus and Clanmil had sent in contractors to strip out Havelock House with the aim of demolishing in January, even before the public part of their consultation began. Havelock House is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known cultural landmarks. Originally a Victorian linen factory, the building then saw service during World War II as accommodation for soldiers and was most recently the home of UTV. The local community played a key role in overturning the previous plans to demolish Havelock House. Lotus Property's rushed demolition must stop, until the promised community consultation takes place.
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  • Naul - Safe pedestrian routes to school
    We need the community of Naul to come together in one strong voice to demand these changes. What we are asking for is very basic. We want our children to be able to access their school and education in the safest manner possible. For years Naul has been ignored and side lined with more and more traffic coming through the village and past the school at speed. We need to stand up now and make our voices heard and take action before its too late and someone loses their life.
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    Created by Mags Road Safety
  • Swimming Pool for North Fingal
    Children in Balbriggan and surrounding areas do not have the abillity to swim. Only 6/23 schools surveyed in north county Dublin have swimming on the curriculum. Balbriggan was promised a swimming pool in partnership with the rugby club in a plan scrapped in 2016. Skerries was promised a swimming pool years previously. People have to spend time and money to access a pool outside the area. Swimming is a basic life skill and contributes to sport and health of our community.
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    Created by Garrett Mullan
  • Petition to get Waterford Council to buy Gallweys Hill site in Tramore
    Defining a site as an area of high amenity and then allowing it be sold to the highest bidder would be a missed opportunity for WCCC and risks it falling into unscrupulous hands. The stability of the cliff face, bird nesting area and viewing platform on this site are extremely important to the town, as confirmed by the Council when planning was denied. The next step to safeguard the site has to be the public purchase of the land.
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    Created by Una Dunphy
  • Reform Dublin Bus
    If you live in Dublin and have ever have any interactions with dublin buses you know what I’m talking about: the buses are rarely-if ever- on time… the schedule is a joke… the digital displays never tell the truth; when the driver sees you running to the bus stop, he shuts the doors and drives off; if you are a cyclist you are afraid for your life; and if you are stuck without change- good luck! We live in a modern industrialised nation; but the developing world has much better bus services. Why do we put up with grumpy, rude drivers and a bus service which can’t get our kids to school on time? Dublin Bus is a joke, but no one’s laughing. Sign up to this and let’s get the minister to institute a proper reform of Dublin Bus so we can get a service that actually works. Where the drivers are courteous and friendly and treat their passengers and fellow road users with genuine respect and care for their safety; where the drivers enjoy their job and their interactions with the public; where the buses run according to the schedule; where the information provided by the digital displays are accurate; where it’s a pleasure to take a bus in Dublin because it’s a true public service that takes care. For the environment, the workers, the public, and the city: Reform Dublin Bus!
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    Created by Seamus Dinneen