• The Hat Factory Campaign Castlebar
    The redevelopment of the hat factory site would be a huge boost to Castlebar providing badly needed preschool facilities to local families and social housing that is desperately needed to alleviate the housing crisis.
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    Created by Joe Daly
  • Flood relief scheme for Midleton
    Recent floodings show us that Midleton needs proper protection from flooding, so that residents, business owners and the whole town can feel safe during storms or high tides. Floods are destroying many homes and businesses in Midleton, recent damages show that the situation is very bad. The Office of Public Works (OPW) is responsible for leading and co-ordinating flood relief schemes to provide flood protection for towns either directly or in association with relevant Local Authorities. Midleton needs a proper flood relief scheme, expedited, as the town has already suffered multiple floods. Floor relief scheme can save the town and further suffering of residents. It is vital not only for protecting property and ensuring public safety but also for fostering sustainable development, preserving the environment, and enhancing the community's ability to withstand and recover from natural disasters.
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    Created by Jacob Sosinsky
  • Flood relief scheme for Youghal
    Recent floods show us that Youghal needs proper protection from flooding, so that residents, business owners and the whole town can feel safe during storms or high tides. Floods are destroying many homes and businesses in Youghal. By prioritizing the implementation of a flood relief scheme, Youghal can effectively protect its infrastructure, preserve its cultural heritage, sustain its tourism industry, protect its coastal ecosystems, and enhance the overall resilience of its community in the face of coastal flooding and related natural hazards. **** Phase 1 of Flood Relief Scheme in Youghal is done. Phase 2 should be implemented as soon as possible, not within next 5 or 10 years, as otherwise town will be flooded yet again. [1] Flood Relief Scheme document for Youghal - Blackwater: https://www.floodinfo.ie/publications/?t=22&a=669
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    Created by Jacob Sosinsky
  • Make our Children Safer
    Parents and Guardians are extremely concerned about the safety on the R405 and that risks that 853 (457 Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich and 396 Maynooth Educate Together National School) shool going children and their parents face on a daily basis.
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    Created by Coiste na dTuistí Gaelscoil Uí Fhiach
  • St Anne’s Park needs more toilets and better toilets
    People with disabilities deserve better. Elderly people deserve better. Children playing for sports teams deserve better. Parents changing nappies deserve better. We all deserve better. It’s our park, after all. St Anne’s Park needs better toilets. St Anne’s Park needs more toilets. St Anne’s needs proper wheelchair-accessible toilets. St Anne’s needs proper baby-changing facilities.
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    Created by Paddy Monahan
  • Save Patrician Villas
    Less trees, more traffic congestion outside and more pedestrian traffic inside will mean Patrician Villas will become a less safe, less green, more polluted, noisier and unhealthier place to live. The image of Patrician Villas as a 'residential' area and its 'sense of community' will be severely compromised and the quality of life of its residents will be drastically altered. The NTA proposals are outlined below. (1) One main proposal is the relocation of the Stillorgan Park Road bus stop approximately 120m (2 min walk) from its current location. To facilitate this, the following additional modifications are proposed: • Construction of an ‘Island-style’ bus stop requiring land take, and the removal of trees, • Construction of a Toucan crossing in front of the relocated bus stop; i.e. the building of an additional pedestrian crossing ‘on’ the dual carriageway in the same area as the existing pedestrian crossing ‘under’ the dual carriageway. • Creating a pedestrian access point by removing part of the wall between Patrician Villas recreational space and the N11, and the removal of trees. • Construction of a concrete staircase and winding ramp requiring the sacrifice of a recreational space, and the removal of trees. (2) Another proposal is the construction of a 1.8m footpath the length of the border between Patrician Villas and the N11 dual carriageway. To facilitate this, 2 other modifications are proposed - • Extension of the underpass further into the neighbourhood for a footpath above, • Land take of at least 2m the length of Patrician Villas and the removal of trees. The proposed infrastructure changes are "minor" in terms of impact - i.e. moving a bus stop only 120 meters (a 2 mins walk) and creating a footpath along an area that has no entrances and that will abruptly come to an end at the junction. Yet the sacrifices Patrician Villas and Grove are expected to make and the danger and affective health implications to residents are "major". Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach lots of people and help create change around this important issue. Please note, your email address is required but will not be visible to anyone in this petition campaign. Only names and constituencies are retrievable for the purpose of presenting evidence of support to Authorities. Thank you for signing and again, please share this petition link with others - the more people showing support by way of their signature - the better!!
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    Created by Pauline Fogarty Picture
  • Department of Education: Create a REAL Action Plan for Integrated Education
    In 2023, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, only 8% of NI kids go to integrated schools despite huge demand. Right now, the Department of Education has a public consultation on their 'Action Plan' and anyone can comment. Tell the Department of Education - we want a REAL Action Plan for integrated education.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Stop repeating mistakes of the past! Build sustainable housing developments
    Cairn Homes are currently building 730 residential units in Belmayne. They have now applied to reduce the amount of amenity space in the development by almost 90%. There is already a huge lack of social infrastructure and amenities for the existing population which has been highlighted by a report done by The Northside Partnership, 'Forgotten Communities, Clongriffin and Belmayne, Needs Assessment'. Clongriffin and Belmayne have had a population growth of 68% that's 8,000 people since 2016, with no social infrastructure or amenities to support this. It is imperative that any allocated amenity space is kept for that purpose. If original amenities are deemed not suitable for the development, alternative amenities need to be considered that can be utilised by the whole community. Enough is enough! This should not be allowed to continue, we need to stand up against it and protect our communities! I know a lot of people wouldn't have €20 to spare, especially this time of the year with children going back to school, to submit an observation against this. That is why I have set up this petition, so that people can show their support and have their say. I will submit it with my observation, hopefully it might hold more weight.
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    Created by Michelle McGoldrick
  • Open Visitors' Toilets in Father Collins Park
    The park's proximity to the airport attracts regular tourists from abroad for the thriving weekly parkrun event. It is essential that visitors to the park have full and unlimited access to the toilets at all times.
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    Created by Tara Russell
  • Open Waterford Airport to Europe
    Waterford Airport is going to waste and businesses in the City and surrounding areas aren't able to sustain themselves as well as they could as the tourists won't come here, or are relying on poor public transport to get them here
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    Created by Liam Healy
  • Buy Conor Pass, rewild it, and make it a National Park
    The government buying the Conor pass on behalf of the people would ensure public access to the world-famous site for generations to come. The Conor Pass is a rich cultural and archeological area and has enormous potential for nature restoration. The purchasing and rewilding of this land would show that the Irish government is serious about restoring nature for the benefit of all of us. Leo Varadkar, Malcolm Noonan, and the government have a responsibility to respond to the biodiversity crisis and climate collapse. The restoration of land and ensuring that land is held for the benefit of all should be the primary goal of the government and buying this parcel of land would be a great step towards that.
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    Created by Saoirse McHugh
  • Say YES to Linking Private Housing Rental with Property Tax
    Join this campaign to emphasise a logical solution to the housing crisis.
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    Created by Louise McMahon Picture