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To: Fingal County Council & local TD & representatives

Skerries Fishermen & boating community ask for your SUPPORT

New bye-laws 1 thru 11 are being introduced where objections were entered and ignored by all local representatives and voted for without public consideration.

Why is this important?

The new bye-laws concerning the harbour of Skerries are being brought into effect of March 1st 2024 which effect the town of skerries and the use of the harbour and the surrounding "inner harbour" use by all persons and vessels. Local government and representatives have done nothing to support the concerned people of Skerries and stop the Fingal County Council from making new sets of rules which will introduce fines and call for people to be guilty of an offence by continuing their boating/vessel activities in the harbour and surround bay / "inner harbour" of Skerries.

Your support to object to the county council heavy handed and authoritarian methods is required. Not only to cause resistance to the new bye-laws but to bring a stop to local authority and elected representatives to doing "whatever they want" when it comes to our town of Skerries with little to no consideration for the people of the town. The people who have voted for such representatives yet receiving no representation once the votes have been counted.

When done to others for other issues that do not directly affect YOU, it is no big deal right? Until the day it does effect YOU. Then you will understand why a town must pull together and support each other.

The bye-laws proposed do not follow any law of the land of Ireland and are being introduced by the county council to undermine the use of the harbour as we have all known it for generations to date.

Your support in signing this petition is to take a stand and have your say or voice heard. It is one thing to join a protest or a march and it is another to know what is going on in your own local back yard and see how changes may not always be for the better of the majority. Again if the local "reps" wish to receive continued support for their careers then it is YOU and all of us together that can demand of them TRUE & PROPER representation.

Do not allow local reps and Fingal county council to sweep things under the carpet or make swift changes to the town you have grown to love without having YOUR say. You will note that some of the bye-laws are supported by acts of law or Irish statute, while other new bye-laws are creating / being invented without the support of any established Irish law or statute.

It is important to sign the petition for so many more reasons than can be typed into this box. The bye-laws below have been voted on in favour of by council members and approved to come in to effect March 1st 2024. Sign below to support the towns of Skerries, Balbriggan, Loughshinny & Rush.

A copy of Harbour bye-laws can be found online

How it will be delivered

Your signature means you oppose the implementation of the bye-laws on March 1st 2024 and wish to see transparency and representation of the members of our town and those who are immediately and directly affected by the heavy handed nature of the Fingal County Council.

The petition will be delivered to the Chief Executive of Fingal County Council and all necessary offices and copied to local reps Prior to March 1st 2024

Fingal, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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2024-03-20 21:34:26 +0000

Your voice has been heard and meetings between local fishermen, local public representatives and directly with the local authority namely Fingal County Council have been productive.

Without your support we could not have made these communications possible.

There have been discussions and there has been some give and take from all sides.

Improvements and change for the better of the harbour overall and for the town is what we all can definitely agree upon.
We look forward to continued open communications and working together with the local authority.

Special thanks to local representatives; Brendan Ryan, Tom O'Leary, Grainne Maguire & Tony Murphy who rallied around and supported your local interests in debating matters for the fishermen and the towns of Fingal.
Thank you all once again.
You are appreciated and you can be certain that YOUR VOICE HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE........

2024-02-29 21:03:59 +0000


Due to the forecast of cold, wet & windy conditions we must CANCEL the peaceful protest march for Skerries harbour.

The fishermen can brave the elements daily doing their jobs though would never ask the public for their support under cold and wet conditions.

Thank you all for your continued support in the petition and an update will be provided with new scheduled protest date.
Thank you all for now and stay warm over the weekend

2024-02-29 11:36:58 +0000

A peaceful march is to gather at one location and then to walk to another. Hope this makes clear why there will have to a be place to begin and end.

2024-02-28 19:05:46 +0000

500 signatures reached

2024-02-28 17:37:42 +0000

2024-02-26 12:49:05 +0000

Here you will see a photo of a fisherman's vehicle parked on the harbour of Skerries from the 1950's. The issue has been around since the 50's. 70 plus years and now all of a sudden Fingal County Council would like to charge you 1500 euro for these age old traditions

2024-02-26 03:41:55 +0000

If you have a smart phone or computer and have found this post concerning Fingal area. Please do share this campaign. Thank you

There is stregth in numbers, let us make a difference

2024-02-25 18:28:31 +0000

BYE-LAWS for your reading

2024-02-25 18:05:39 +0000

It would mean a lot if YOU can sign in support and then share to your friends on your social media platforms. Grab the link from the top of the page in the bar and copy and then paste into a post on your social media page. People appreciate when they are made aware of what is going on in their town. Thank you

2024-02-25 17:09:46 +0000

100 signatures reached

2024-02-25 16:06:07 +0000

50 signatures reached

2024-02-25 15:49:49 +0000

25 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached