• Petition to get Waterford Council to buy Gallweys Hill site in Tramore
    Defining a site as an area of high amenity and then allowing it be sold to the highest bidder would be a missed opportunity for WCCC and risks it falling into unscrupulous hands. The stability of the cliff face, bird nesting area and viewing platform on this site are extremely important to the town, as confirmed by the Council when planning was denied. The next step to safeguard the site has to be the public purchase of the land.
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    Created by Una Dunphy
  • Boycott Israel from the European song contest 2024
    I believe the world leaders are deliberately turning a blind eye to the horrific injustice being perpetrated against innocent civilians. Governments are not listening to their people. Ireland has always been to the forefront of standing up for injustice. We have a history of occupation which gives us a unique understanding of the plight of the people of Palestine. This appeal is only a drop in the ocean but then, the ocean is made up of many drops.
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    Created by Joe Mullins
  • Irish healthcare workers call for a ceasefire in Gaza
    We unequivocally condemn the attack by Hamas on October 7th. This attack cannot be used to justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian population.
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    Created by Ciara Ní Mhurchú
  • Ceasefire
    For peace in the world,supporting others when they need us,for justices,for innocent
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    Created by Rehab Jawad
  • Make Louth County Council call for Israeli Ambassador expulsion
    To stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine
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    Created by James Hickey
  • Dublin 7 for Palestine: Petition to Boycott Israeli Products
    Concerned residents urgently call for local businesses to boycott Israeli products until Israel complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights and its apartheid system is dismantled. Human Rights Watch report that since October 7th Israel has: Continuously bombarded the densely populated Gaza Strip, killing over 7,000 Palestinians, almost 3,000 of them children, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Engaged in the collective punishment of Gaza’s population through cutting off food, water, electricity, and fuel. This is a war crime, as is wilfully blocking humanitarian relief from reaching civilians in need. Used white phosphorus, a chemical that ignites when in contact with oxygen, causing horrific and severe burns, on densely populated neighbourhoods. White phosphorus can burn down to the bone and burns to 10% of the human body are often fatal. Displaced 1.2 million Gazans from their homes and have turned entire blocks and even large parts of neighbourhoods to rubble. At the time of writing this petition, 9pm on the 27th of October 2023, internet service has been completely cut off from the Gaza strip and there are reports of a heavy ground sea and air invasion. The death toll is expected to rise significantly. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) is a peaceful, effective Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. It asserts that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity. It has proven to be the most effective, non-violent approach to demand these rights. More information can be found on their website: https://bdsmovement.net/
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    Created by Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin
  • Peace in Ukraine and Palestine
    We need peace in the world
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    Created by Tom Barrett
  • Expel the Israeli Ambassador from Ireland NOW!
    Israel is committing war crimes and genocide against the people of Palestine. Thousands of children are dying before our eyes. Families are being wiped out. Lives are being destroyed. Expelling the Israeli Ambassador would communicate a strong message that we, the people of Ireland, do NOT accept genocide and mass destruction. It would give courage to other nations around the world to stand in solidarity and do the same. It would send the message that - no matter how small the nation, our voices will be heard. We can not afford to be quiet today. We need to raise our voices for those who cannot and take a stand. Sign the petition to Expel the Israeli Ambassador NOW!
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    Created by Keira Banim
  • Open Letter to Joe Biden: Ceasefire in Gaza Now!
    You visited Ireland just six months ago to mark peace on our island, the contribution to it of the US government and your own much loved Irish heritage. We know well the imperfections of the peace in Northern Ireland, and how far we still have to go. But the days of constant killings, and unbearable suffering are over here. At times it seemed impossible, but it was done. Now we are watching in horror as the leader of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu launches a genocidal war on the people of Gaza, who are without food, water, fuel or electricity, having already lived in an apartheid state for decades. As President of the United States of America, you have an unique role to play. We ask you to do all in your power to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and work towards a sustained peace in the region grounded in justice, freedom and equality for all.
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  • Push Cannabis Decriminalisation Bill NOW!
    On the back of the Citizens' Assembly, urgent change to cannabis policy is needed.
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    Created by Crainn Ryan
  • Remove Ursula von der Leyen as president of the EU commission
    Ms Von De Leyen has endorsed a war crime in the name of EU citizens. Not only is this morally repugnant but it is a serious breach of democratic protocol which threatens the very fabric of the European project and has seriously weakened the EU's ability to respond to war crimes in the future. If the EU is to regain any credibility and salvage its ability to respond to war crimes in the future, then Ms Von De Leyen must be censured and removed from office immediately. The longer Ms Von De Leyen remains in office the more damage this breach of protocol will do to the European project.
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    Created by Bobby Fitzgerald
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    Created by Dean Jenkins