• Disability shouldn't equal poverty - increase disability payments now
    We call on the Minister to implement the UNCRPD and UN resolution on disability and for those living with rare disease and chronic illness, to ensure they survive in this cost of living crisis.
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    Created by Anna Doyle
  • Abolish Good Character references in rape trials
    To ensure Victims and survivors of sexual trauma are protected during the Court process. But also to dispell prevelant rape myths throughout our society that good character means someone is not capable of rape.
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    Created by Rape Crisis Northern Ireland
  • Don't bury the Tuam Mother & Baby story
    Justice for those long neglected by the state
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    Created by Mike Egan
  • Protect Trans Women in Sports
    Everyone deserves to have passions and be celebrated for their achievements. It's unfair to exclude transgender women from being able to compete in sports that they train hard for, just like every other woman in sport. It is important that we create spaces were everyone is celebrated for their hard earned accomplishments.
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    Created by Katy-May O'Sullivan
  • Abolish conversion Practices on Neurodivergent People
    The phrase ‘conversion therapy,’ brings to mind harmful efforts to ‘cure’ gay, trans and other queer people… Now imagine similar coercion and trauma were inflicted on Neurodivergent people - Autistics, People with Down Syndrome, People with Intellectual Disabilities and others… You don’t need to imagine. (1) It’s real, it’s been going on for 60 years, and it is happening right now across Ireland in schools, in adult and child services, and in peoples’ homes. How could this be? Is this legal? Yes, it’s legal… It is the go-to ‘therapy’ for many Neurodivergent people of all ages to make us appear ‘normal,’ taught to psychologists and psychiatrists, social care workers, SNAs, and special ed. teachers. That is why we need your support. Behaviourist conversion methods hide behind a plethora of credible-sounding names - Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI), Social Skills Training, PECS, ‘behavioural plans,’ and others. They are so ingrained into the practice of Irish professionals that many are oblivious to the harm. It’s just ‘what you do’ for ‘those people.’ We are ‘those people,’ and we’re telling you: this is doing us real lasting harm. Almost half (46%) of those subjected to ABA display PTSD symptoms.(2) This is why our communities oppose all such ‘therapies,’ including the so-called ‘gentle ABA.’ All variants assume we are defective humans who must be shamed and bribed to mimic ‘normal.’ All it really does is teach us to silently suffer the trauma of living a lie. The UN agrees: “Autistic persons are particularly exposed to professional approaches and medical practices which are unacceptable from a human rights point of view. Such practices … violate their basic rights, undermine their dignity, and go against scientific evidence.”(3) Behaviourist conversion methods ignore our human rights. They do us terrible harm. They don’t work. We do not consent. This has to stop. Now. And yet it continues. Ireland is even hosting an international ABA conference in September,(4) possible only because this kind of conversion ‘therapy’ remains legal here. Prioritising a diversity of Neurodivergent voices in the upcoming Autism Innovation Strategy as per UNCRPD(5) may help, but will not secure our safety in law. Therefore, we call on Minister Rabbitte to ensure Neurodivergent citizens are protected from further harm by banning all behavioural interventions in this state. To find out more about behaviourist conversion, the harm it causes, and further steps you can take to help, follow the links below Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084052330540 Twitter: tbc Follow similar campaigns internationally: [links]: https://twitter.com/A4AOntario/status/1548669666066833408?s=20&t=lDtix0HmixgWn3sY0v72yw https://autcollab.org/aba https://twitter.com/ekverstania/status/1532818556693389312?s=20&t=2xKe2Lr09vMYcBrfw0mHHw https://www.facebook.com/BetterWaysThanABA/ https://www.facebook.com/endseclusion/ #BanABA #SayNoToABA #BetterWaysThanABA #StopTheShock ______________________________________________________ 1. Ole Ivar Løvaas: Originator of ABA & Gay Conversion methods https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/03/man-behind-ex-gay-conversion-therapy-started-trying-make-autistic-children-normal/ 2. Kupferstein, H. (2018), "Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavior analysis", Advances in Autism, Vol. 4 No. 1, pp. 19-29. https://doi.org/10.1108/AIA-08-2017-0016 or https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/AIA-08-2017-0016/full/html 3. UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2015 Special Report: https://www.ohchr.org/en/press-releases/2015/04/discrimination-against-autistic-persons-rule-rather-exception-un-rights 4. Applied Behavioral Analysis International, ABAI Conference 2022: https://www.abainternational.org/events/international/dublin-2022/conference-home.aspx 5. UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, 2006: https://www.un.org/disabilities/documents/convention/convention_accessible_pdf.pdf
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    Created by Gillian Kearns
  • Elimination of puppy farms in ireland
    This is an animal welfare issue. It is cruel, inhumane&needs to be addressed now.
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    Created by Michael Costello
  • Demand Government Subsidies For EV Conversions In Ireland
    Ireland has repeatedly missed its greenhouse gas emissions targets and, with the transport sector accounting for 20% of the nation's CO2 emissions, switching to electric vehicles represents a great opportunity to cut emissions quickly. This also has the benefit of reducing air pollution, which will benefit public health, while the cheaper running costs will help many who are already struggling due to the Cost of Living Crisis. At present, incentives are only available for brand new electric cars - which makes them unaffordable for the majority of people. This is also delaying an affordable second-hand EV market, which needs to be prioritised if the majority of people are to be able to make the switch. A key mantra for tackling the Climate Crisis is doing more with less. Converting petrol, diesel and hybrid cars to run as full EVs is a great example of this – as it takes cars that run perfectly well, but which have high and harmful emissions, and delivers all the benefits of electric cars – such as lower running costs and no air pollution – at an affordable price. We have previously seen the Irish Government offer scrappage schemes for cars – but this has come at the cost of a lot of metal, plastic and oil waste. By funding EV conversions instead of supporting scrappage schemes, the Government can not only avoid unnecessary waste, but also help to keep natural resources in the ground by effectively recycling the cars that we already have. The French Government has made EV conversions available for a price of just €5,000, which is a much more realistic entry point for most people in Ireland. Especially during a cost of living crisis
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    Created by Tom Spencer
  • CARE NOT PRISON: Release of Caitlin Corcoran and all charges against her dropped!
    On the day of the tragedy, during an examination by a doctor, Caitlin went into a bathroom and spent 13 minutes giving birth without telling anybody, an unimaginably traumatic event. Caitlin is currently suffering from depression and post traumatic symptoms, yet the trial showed little concern for her physical and mental wellbeing. It is concerning that the DPP would criminalise a young woman who gave birth in shock. This breaks will previous compassionate views in similar cases, the Gardaí always appealed for women to come forward and they would be treated with compassion and privacy, alas, this wasn't to be for Caitlin. What is not on trial is how Caitlin is a victim of domestic abuse. During her trial she spoke of being beaten and punched by her father and bullied at school. Caitlin, is a survivor of bullying and abuse, and will not likely see justice for the harm that was done to her.
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    Created by Tracey Nutterfield Picture
  • Support peace - say no to NATO
    Our government is going against the will of the people living in Ireland to move Ireland closer to more war and militarisation. Our Taoiseach has been cozying up with NATO leaders at military summit dinners and our Tánaiste/Minister for Trade is gearing up to put more of our public money into military and weapons. NATO has a long and persistent history of illegal war-making, illegal airstrikes, bombing civilians and other war crimes. NATO is responsible for starting and escalating wars, killing thousands of people, displacing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving countries around the world mired in violence, chaos and poverty. We must not be part of that. We support peace and say no to NATO. Notes: [1] https://www.buzz.ie/news/irish-news/irish-people-strongly-support-neutrality-26723135 [2] https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/neutral-ireland-likely-get-more-involved-eu-defence-policy-deputy-pm-2022-03-01/ [3] https://www.rte.ie/news/2022/0628/1307399-taoiseach-spain-visit/ [4] https://www.codepink.org/what_planet_is_nato_living_on
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    Created by Michelle Byrne
  • Turn Empty Homes into Public Homes: kildare county council
    Thousands of people are being forced into factory-like accomodation with camp beds in halls, insecure hostels and cramped institutions, while some are even pitching tents or sleeping on the streets. Meanwhile thousands of homes lie empty across the Island - some have been built by toxic vulture funds and are owned by banks and businesses waiting on the prices to rise to turn a quick buck. Others are lying in disrepair with little intention to be used again. Many Airbnb’s and tourist lets are used only for a few weeks of the year.
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    Created by Eamon Broughan
  • Proper Care for People living with Parkinson’s Disease
    I am a woman living with Young Onset Parkinsons Disease and working as a Dietitian who provides a dietetic call back service for people living with Parkinson’s. I come off my calls depressed at the negligence of care of my fellow PD patients around the country. Tonight I cannot sleep after the awful stories I heard today. I cannot stand by and hear it happen again and again. It is negligent how the state is treating people with Parkinson’s. I cannot even put into words the awful ways people are suffering. The over 12,000 people battling the fastest growing neurological disease are being mistreated and forgotten. Many of those battling this condition do not have the voice (some literally due to the disease) and their care givers are too worn out to fight the system. Please lend your voice to raise the voices of the many who are suffering around the country. It has to stop. Imagine your mum, dad, sibling, son, daughter, friend or colleague being left to deteriorate slowly but surely and you have to watch helplessly. This is what is happening AROUND the country and it is negligent. People with Parkinson’s are meeting with TDS for an AV Room presentation on July 6th in the Dail campaigning for proper care for people with Parkinson’s Disease. We need 5000 signatures to raise the voices of those suffering. Please sign my petition and please share with your network and ask them to sign.
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    Created by Richelle Flanagan
  • Stop Ryanair forcing people from South Africa to take racist Afrikaans test
    Using Afrikaans to verify citizenship is racist, ignorant and insulting.
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    Created by Siobhan O'Donoghue