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    Created by Laura Broxson
  • Equestrian facilities
    We would appreciate if everyone from the area could sign this and get the equestrian facilities for the area that are needed. Our kids put there hearts and soles into looking after there horse keeping themselves busy and out of trouble until the horse pound come in and does a clear out after all the tender loving care and money  has gone into our horses the last visit from the pound was at 10.40pm on the 18/06/2024 siezed 5 horses and left many young kids heartbroke this so going on far to long now the love for horses is not going to leave the area by just keep pounding the horse but pounding the younger generations horses is just going to give them more free time and push up anti social behaviour in our area so we are asking for a safe and secure location for the horses for our younger generations to keep them doing what they love and keep them off the streets 
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    Created by Garreth Foley
  • Shut down Kildare's Horse Abattoir
    The abuse uncovered by RTÉ Investigates at Shannonside Foods' horse abattoir in Kildare has shocked us all. Footage captured by RTÉ has shown horses being hit, punched, whipped and struck with plastic piping.  Together, we are calling on the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to shut down this abattoir with immediate effect. If those who own the abattoir feel it's OK to treat animals like this, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near them.  Please sign and share our petition today, and help us get this abattoir shut down.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Petition to Protect the Sperrins and NI: Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland, particularly the Sperrins, is being overwhelmed by wind farms, with insufficient consideration of their drawbacks. The Sperrin region, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), faces the imminent threat of becoming a dumping ground for large, seemingly eco-friendly energy projects. We believe there is currently an unsustainable over-reliance on wind energy development as the primary means to meet renewable energy targets. This over-dependence on wind energy endangers our overall energy security, further diminishes our already shrinking biodiversity and natural heritage, negatively affects community well-being and health, and eliminates fair opportunities and benefits for everyone in our transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
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  • Reform Irish Laws on Pet Theft
    Nearly 4 years later there has been no movement on this. After numerous email correspondences with the Department of Justice and James Browne’s office there has been no clear answers. I now need the support of the public to get this legislation fast tracked. In the words of Deputy James Browne 21st July 2020 - “Currently the theft of a pet is treated by the law as the very same as stealing a deck chair. Yet, the theft of a pet can have a devastating effect on its owners and their family. This should be reflected in the sanction given out for such a theft. Where the theft is of therapy or support dog there should be an even greater sanction.” Dogs and other companion pets are still being stolen daily in Ireland. The theft of a pet needs its own classification and adequate punishment. Pet theft is a LOW RISK/ HIGH REWARD CRIME.
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    Created by Lisa O'Connor
  • The removal of Joe Biden mural in Ballina
    Having a large mural of US president Joe Biden in Ballina reflects very badly on the people of Ballina, Mayo and Ireland who hold very different views to Joe regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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    Created by Paul Ginty
  • The coxies should get a dog
    the Cox family need a dog because it will teach us responsibility, commitment, to get off screens,be more active, sharing and will also give us emotional support.
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    Created by Riley Cox
  • Stop Ireland Outsourcing Cruel Animal Testing
    A Freedom of Information investigation by the Irish Anti-Vivisection Society has uncovered horrific chinchilla experiments on an estimated 23 chinchillas commissioned by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. The vivisection project, which broke animal welfare rules on multiple occasions, was intended to test a potential new treatment for chronic ear drum perforation (Tympanic Membrane Perforation). The procedures, which took place in the spring and summer of 2021, were performed in the USA at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Unlike Ireland and the EU, the USA has no independent government regulation of animal experimentation so there are no legal limits on animal cruelty. Therefore, the IAVS is calling on the government to initiate the drafting of legislation prohibiting the outsourcing of animal testing or research - by any Irish laboratory, institution or commercial enterprise - to countries with weaker regulations.
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  • Stop the use of palm oil
    Every 5 seconds in the Amazon, land nearly the size if a football pitch is cut down, just for the use of palm oil! When we reach our 1000 signatures goal, we are going to send this petition onto Nestle, the company that uses the most palm oil in there products in the world
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    Created by Emily Curran
  • Palm Oil Debate
    My friend and I are going to send this on to Nestlé when we reach our 1000 signatures goal
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    Created by Emily Curran
  • End Animals tied to chains
    No living creature deserves to be chained and left alone in the rain, cold and feeling sad and hopeless. All animals deserve respect and a good life.
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  • Save Our Trees
    Trees are essential to our existence. They provide us with oxygen, reduce carbon and give life to the world's wildlife. Saving our trees will reduce greenhouse gases, protect our wildlife and bees, and make sure our environment and communities can be enjoyed by future generations.
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    Created by Paula Keogh