• Criminalise illegal possession of animals & illegal animal black market
    We all hear devastating news all over social media, news agencies and our friends. Dog fights, animal theft ,animal trafficking and illegal animal sale are the main reason of theft of our beloved four legged friends. We need to ensure that dog owners in Ireland don’t live in fear of their pets been stolen from their homes. To ensure safety of dogs, cats and their owners laws should be stricter in Ireland to prevent theft and end this nonsense of pet robberies that are going out of control. It’s time for the government to respond.
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    Created by Kamil Szmerdt
  • Petition for Animal Welfare in Ireland
    I have decided to start a petition for animal welfare in Ireland as it seems that the Irish government law enforcement, both judges and Gardai, do not take it seriously. It is unbelievable the amount of animal abuse that occurs on a daily basis. I subscribe to animal rescue pages on Facebook and regularly donate to them to support their cause. Unfortunately many of their stories are sad, of pregnant cats roaming, orphaned animals, stolen beloved pets, and worse yet the reckless behaviour of some individuals that often leads to the death of animals or intentional abuse of dogs, cats and horses alike. Recently I have read and seen pictures of a horse set alight, a horse accidentally killed by a truck driver when his owner decided to cross a dual carriageway, horses left starving or with injuries, such as a broken leg with the bone protruding through the skin likely causing immense suffering until the poor animal was mercifully euthanised due to the extent of the injury. Not to mention the amount of stolen dog posts I see on a daily basis, as well as stories of teenagers kicking around a cat (and a dog in another instance) for fun. I am thankful to all who have signed thus far, as well as those who are currently contemplating it. I appreciate that maybe my initial petition may have been a bit confusing as per some comments I had received. To clarify, Ireland does have welfare laws (Control of Dogs Act 1986, (Amended 1992); Animal Health & Welfare Act 2013 & 2019; Control of Horses Act 1996, to name a few of which I was politely made aware of). Are they being implemented and prosecuted to the best of their ability? I strongly believe that they are not. As I haven't had the time to read all the laws (with an infant at home), I will generalise what I know. It is mandatory to microchip dogs and horses (but this has a 'from date' which then excludes some animals from before this date), while currently cats do not have a legal requirement. What I am proposing is that all pets have a legal requirement, including checks done by Gardai. In addition, I propose for all pets to be checked at vets for microchipping and have it done mandatorily by a certain age of the animals life. I would suggest 500€ for cats and dogs, while 2000€ for horses and larger animals (i.e. donkeys, mules). If a person has enough money to feed a pet animal, they should also have enough to pay the small fee associated with microchipping. These are only suggestions, my point is that we need more impactful fines. In regards to spaying/neutering, it is a worldwide problem and yes, most people are advised to do it but a good few still decide against. That should be mandatory as well, but provisions, in the form of Government subsidies should be set aside to assist pet owners with the financial cost. Special circumstances could be considered for those who take care of feral animals in their area and as mentioned below, rescues should be able to TNR (trap and release) these animals after spaying/neutering is done. I know certain websites don’t ‘condone’ the sale of animals, but at the same time still allow their sites to be used as a marketplace for illegal pet trade. A lot of the dogs being sold run the risk of improper breeding as well as inhumane conditions. Also, some animals are used as bait for dog fights and there should be enormous fines for those involved in contributing to a preventable death of an animal. I have been made aware that Animal Rescues do get an annual grant, but with the current situation of feral/orphaned/abandoned/injured animals out there, there is no way that amount is enough and they currently need more funds provisioned. If we worked to address the issue of microchipping with owner liability and spaying/neutering it would control the pet population better, thus easing the burden on animal rescues. Pet thieves and animal abusers should be prosecuted harsher. People found to be stealing or abusing animals should face heavier fines and/or jail sentences. We need the Gardai and other investigatory bodies to ensure people are charged, as well as judges to impart APPROPRIATE SENTENCING. It should not be allowed to just let the person off with a slap on the wrist. If people are unwilling to cooperate and pay the fines, they should face community service and/or jail time. Their animals should then be taken off them and they should be banned from acquiring further animals. A public photographic register of these individuals should be set up to allow the public be made aware of potential thieves/abusers should be considered. So to reiterate my proposals they are: 1. Mandatory microchipping of all animals considered as pets, including those used for sully racing. 2. Mandatory spaying/neutering unless a registered pet breeder with the government subsidising the cost for individuals/veterinary practices to make that attainable. 3. Additional funding for animal rescues should be provisioned. 4. Pet thieves and animal abusers should be prosecuted harsher. 5. All people found not to be complying with the new regulations should be impactfully fined and/or face jail time/community service. 6. I would like to see more thorough Investigations conducted into breaches of Animal Welfare, more enforcement of the various legislation & harsher penalties & sentences for those convicted of offences. I am an animal lover, and I have seen many other people’s comments on online posts which also lead me to believe there are others out there like me who would like to see a real change in Ireland. This would require lawmakers and judges/Gardai to actually implement these changes versus ‘letting them off’ or ignoring the issue. Please sign and share this petition and ask for our lawmakers to finally make a difference!
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    Created by Valentina Moran
  • Stop DoneDeal selling dogs
    Allegedly animals are being robbed from their homes to breed, use as bait and to sell. [1] https://extra.ie/2020/05/13/news/irish-news/100-dogs-seized-ireland [2] https://www.thejournal.ie/dspca-done-deal-puppies-online-trading-1467756-May2014/
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    Created by Karina Novosela
  • Say No to the Mow in Co. Wicklow
    During this pandemic, many of our green areas have been allowed to grow wild, with no council mowing ongoing. Which is great! Green areas have been allowed to flourish with flowers growing through them. Widespread population declines of bees and other pollinators from habitat loss are a growing concern. However, spontaneous flowers like dandelions and clover can provide pollen and nectar sources throughout the growing season....... Therefore, please don't mow, don't spray, let them grow!
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    Created by Anita Tuesley
  • Save 270 Old Beech Tree in St.Catherine's Park
    This tree is 270 years old and it was always there. It won't fall suddenly itself. Despite the risk assesed with its condition the alternative for allowing the tree to decay naturally could be reavulated and taken into consideration.(e.g. providing supporting construction to the tree). Trees are essential to our existence. They provide us with oxygen, reduce carbon and give life to the world's wildlife. Saving our trees will reduce greenhouse gases, protect our wildlife and bees, and make sure our environment and communities can be enjoyed by future generations.
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    Created by Beata C
  • Save the bees
    We have 21 species of Bumblebee and 77 Solitary Bee species in Ireland and one-third of our bee species are at risk of extinction. One in three spoonfuls of our food is pollinated by bees; in a world without bees and other natural pollinators, we won't have enough food to feed the world.
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    Created by Rachel Reid
  • No culling of protected Grey Seals in Dingle or Ireland
    I am Deputy Leader for Party For Animal Welfare, Irelands newest Political Party. The protected Grey Seal is being blamed by fishermen and certain politicans for a loss in profits on Fish catches. Recently there have been calls for a cull in Ballina in Mayo and Dingle in Kerry. In Dingle, the Healy Raes support the fishermens call for a cull. It is not the Seals fault. Seals eat Fish. Our Seas are being overfished. Spanish supertrawlers are doing big damage including the world's second largest trawler which regularly catches on Irish Water and can catch 250 tonne of Fish daily. A Grey Seal eats 15 pound of Fish a day. There are also environmental changes to our Seas. Plastic and pollution. People are eating less Fish as more and more people are choosing plant based diets. Politicans like the Healy Raes think they can get away with just about anything to win a vote. And their solution to alot of situations is to kill, kill,kill. The same with culling Deer in Killarney National Park. The fishermen say that if they don't get a cull in Dingle, they will take matters into their own hands. In 2004 at least 60 Grey Seals were slaughtered on the Blaskets in an unauthorised cull. Nobody was ever charged. A cull now in Dingle will have major implications on the tourist industry. News of thus bloodshed will travel worldwide and this bad publicity will stop many from visiting. It is time all Animal lovers stand up to these politicians and fishermen.
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    Created by Ted Cronin
    There are two species of seals in Irish waters, the grey and the harbour seal but in recent years Artic visitors such as bearded, walrus and most recently a hooded seal have arrived on our shores. We have many things to learn about how seals use our coastline and these species are protected under the Wildlife Act, 1976 and its amendments and the EU Habitats Directive as they are important indicators of ecosystem health. Indeed the recent sightings of such northerly species have been a cause for concern and it is of interest that we monitor such important indicator species in a time when the planet faces climate crises and is undergoing the 6th Mass Extinction. Read more here: https://www.orcireland.ie/call-to-cull-seals-in-irish-waters and here: http://www.ecoevoblog.com/2019/03/05/seal-cull/
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    Created by ORCA Ireland Ocean Research & Conservation Association Picture
  • STOP COMMERCIAL WHALING NOW! Boycott Japanese Products and Services in the EU.
    It has been a devastating year for environmentalists and ocean advocates all over the world as Japan withdrew from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) on July 1st 2019 and re-commenced commercial whaling for the first time in over 30 years. For many years Japanese whalers hunted whales in Japanese and Antarctic waters under the guide if "scientific whaling", now although not fishing in protected waters of the deep southern ocean, they have began commercial hunting of whales in Japanese waters. In 2019, Japanese whalers killer 232 whales , including 187 Byrde's whales, 25 sei whales, and 11 minke whales. Despite global out-cry and a dwindling demand for whale meat consumption in the country, the Japanese government have now passed a law to fund commercial whale hunts and to promote the consumption of whale meat in schools, despite the meat being highly toxic and dangerous for human health. Read more: https://www.orcireland.ie/japanese-whalers-kill-223-whales-completing-their-first-hunt-in-over-three-decades Read more: https://www.orcireland.ie/japanese-government-to-fund-more-whale-hunts The slaughter of protected species like minke, Bryde's and sei whales are brutal and horrific, as whales are harpooned, sometimes with explosives. On contact with the animal, the harpoon spread open to prevent the whale from escaping and death is slow and excruciatingly painful. Whale populations around the world are facing a multitude of human impacts from plastic pollution to overfishing and entailments, the last thing the world's marine biodiversity needs is further over exploitation and abuse. Please SIGN our Petition to urge Japans Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe to STOP JAPAN COMMERCIAL WHALING to protect cetacean species in Japanese waters instead of slaughtering them for profit and boycott Japanese goods and services until they END WHALING. Please sign to urge Japans Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano to urge Japanese officials to END COMMERCIAL WHALE HUNTS in a bid to tackle the world's biodiversity loss crises! Join us for a protest outside the Embassy of Japan in Ireland, Dublin on February 13th to celebrate World Whale Day 2020.
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  • Issue Michael creed minister for agriculture with p45
    Its extremely important that farmers take the time to sighn this petition , as I feel its the first step and only step in rectifying the great imbalances that farmers are experiencing, when we as independent farmers elect our own representative to hold position as minister for agriculture, then we as a farming community can work towards resolving farmers issues re instating farmers rights equality something that is being rashioned at present, we can resolve the great imbalances being experienced
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    Created by Peter Curran
  • Stop Greyhound Exploitation in Ireland
    The Irish government has given a quarter of a BILLION euro to the IGB since 2001 . 16.8 million a year to fund a non charity that encourages drinking and gambling , kills dogs and gives nothing to the community. The IGB cannot support itself as a business and uses OUR MONEY where it should be spent on health care , the homeless, cancer research and many more genuine causes. 6000 plus young Greyhounds are killed each year because they cannot run fast enough for commercial use . Greyhounds are brutally killed with bolt gun in knackeries for as little as €8 or just shot and dumped in pits many found in mountain rural settings . Hundreds of dogs are killed in stadiums where they fall and are killed if they even break a toe as it’s not economical to keep . Each race track has a freezer for the many murdered dogs . Dogs are doped and young dogs often drop dead of a heart attack. Many heart attacks are caused by cocaine . Ireland is one of only a few archaic countries that still allow Coursing with live hares . Thousands of hares are caught each year fenced in and chased by two greyhounds who even if muzzled throw the hare around ,pin it to the ground and get broken up themselves in the process .all this they call entertainment. Ireland breeds 1000% more greyhounds than required for Ireland’s racing circuit to allow a large Poole if pups to choose from . Also approx 80%plus of all dogs raced on the UK are Irish such is our overbreeding . Many greyhounds when they can no longer race are sent to barbaric countries where there is no animal laws and are sent to stud or to breed in horrific conditions where they could end up when that use runs out : cooked alive and eaten . In Ireland Greyhounds are not even classified or run as a sport greyhound racing is under the ministry of agriculture and greyhounds are not classified as dogs but as “ Farm animal “ and are not seen as dogs but they are .
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    Created by OPAGE Ordinary people against greyhound exploitation Picture
  • Abolish Intensive & Factory Animal Farming in Ireland
    Along with the listings of animal cruelty above, industrial factory factory farming is a major contributor to water and air pollution as well as deforestation. ... This can contaminate local water supplies, reach neighboring populations physically and in a sensorial capacity, and emit harmful gasses. Likewise, livestock release methane gas during their digestion process which accounts for and directly contributes to climate change.
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    Created by Roscommon Animal Rights