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To: Irish Government

Ban Fox Hunting in Ireland

Ban fox hunting in Ireland and back funding to protect nonhumans animals living freely in the Irish countryside

Why is this important?

Fox hunting is a cruel, barbaric blood-sport which is a complete and utter injustice happening openly and legally in the Republic of Ireland. We as sabs directly sabotage hunts, putting ourselves between hunters and foxes. We know first hand the violent depravity in which these humans act. Please support us by signing this petition to ban fox hunting in the Republic of Ireland now.

Our mission is to bring help, protection, rehabilitation and power to nonhuman animals fighting for their lives, families and communities.

Hunt Saboteurs Ireland, established in September 2019, has been out in the Irish countryside directly sabotaging hunts with a variety of long-standing and proven tactics. We are at the front lines of the fight against bloodsports in the Republic of Ireland.

While a petition is not directly saving lives, it is an extremely useful tactic we can use to show that when we come together we can put an end to this injustice no matter where we are in the country, that we outnumber the violent murderers who only want to see the Irish countryside painted red. We will not stop until all nonhuman animals are socially and legally respected and protected in this country.

A RED C opinion poll conducted in September 2019 found that a 77 per cent majority of Irish citizens want foxhunting banned.

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