• Petition to Protect the Sperrins and NI: Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland, particularly the Sperrins, is being overwhelmed by wind farms, with insufficient consideration of their drawbacks. The Sperrin region, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), faces the imminent threat of becoming a dumping ground for large, seemingly eco-friendly energy projects. We believe there is currently an unsustainable over-reliance on wind energy development as the primary means to meet renewable energy targets. This over-dependence on wind energy endangers our overall energy security, further diminishes our already shrinking biodiversity and natural heritage, negatively affects community well-being and health, and eliminates fair opportunities and benefits for everyone in our transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
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  • Belfast Pride: Sign up to the Fossil Free Pride Pledge
    Belfast Pride have made the right decision to drop Citibank as a sponsor of this year's festival. Now, we are asking them to make it their policy to never take money from fossil fuel companies and banks now and in the future. We demand that Belfast Pride signs our Fossil Free Pride Pledge, and commits to: • Adopt a publicly available ethical sponsorship policy • Not to accept sponsorship from or partnership with fossil fuel companies • Not accept sponsorship from or partnership with financial institutions funding fossil fuel companies With the climate crisis disproportionately affecting LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities across the globe, committing to become a Fossil Free Pride is a vital and urgent act of queer solidarity. Climate wreckers have no place in queer spaces: If we have no Pride in fossil fuels, there can be no fossil fuels in Pride.
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  • Open Letter: We stand against the inhumane Legacy Act
    As the inhumane Legacy Act comes into force, we note the ruling of the High Court in Belfast in February 2024 that it contravenes the European Court of Human Rights. The judge said: "There is no evidence that the granting of immunity under the act will in any way contribute to reconciliation in Northern Ireland, indeed the evidence is to the contrary." [3] Every single political party in Northern Ireland, as well as victims groups, United Nations and human rights experts agree that this Bill must be stopped. No matter who you are, or where you come from, we all deserve truth and justice from the state. The Legacy Act will mean many here will be denied that. People bereaved, injured and hurt by the conflict are integral parts of our communities. We stand with them, and against the Legacy Act and the inhumanity with which it treats all here who continue to fight for the simple dignity of justice. [1]https://cain.ulster.ac.uk/victims/docs/group/htr/day_of_reflection/htr_0607c.pdf [2] https://www.jus.uio.no/smr/english/about/id/news/2024/report-reveals-state-impunity-in-northern-ireland-.html [3] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-68419238
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  • Andrew Muir: Clean up the illegal dump at Mobuoy
    Mobuoy dump is beside the River Faughan, which supplies 60% of Derry's drinking water. Experts say the Mobuoy site may contain 1.6m tonnes of waste. If the dump is not properly cleaned up soon, then the river could be contaminated, making our water undrinkable. Even though the site closed in 2013, people are still illegally dumping at the site! The minister responsible for waste in NI, Andrew Muir has yet to come up with a recovery plan for the site. The only suggestion his department has provided is to give local residents bottled water if the river becomes impacted. It is time for the Minister to get a grip of the situation: secure the site, clean up Mobouy and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the people of Derry.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Childcare Reform for Northern Ireland Now!
    Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland that does not have an official childcare strategy in place. Childcare in Northern Ireland is increasingly unaffordable, and is on a par with London, where salaries are much higher. We need urgent interventions while we wait for a long-term reform, including removal of the cap on the tax-free allowance, and extension of the government contribution to families’ childcare accounts from 20% to 30%. Parents must be included in all government discussions about redesigning the childcare system, and a sustainable childcare system must be a political priority.
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  • Introduce Baby Loss Certificates in Northern Ireland
    A baby that dies after 24 weeks is officially recorded as a stillbirth, however, there is no such formal recognition for babies lost earlier. Since February, bereaved parents in England who lose a baby before 24 weeks can now receive a certificate in recognition of their loss. Wales and Scotland have similar schemes in place. The same must be made available for people in Northern Ireland.
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  • Tell Libraries NI, Keep Stocking LGBTQ+-positive Books!
    Books and other media with LGBTQ+ themes are extremely important for young people who may be struggling to understand their own identity, as it gives them role models to look up to and allows them an opportunity to see people like them in the stories they enjoy! Book bans, like the one being pushed by prominent Unionist politicians including MP Carla Lockhart are also incredibly discriminatory and hypocritical [1] - representation of non- heterosexual relationships should no more be banned from Libraries than heterosexual/cis gender relationships. A child will not become gay or be "transed" by reading a book with a gay or trans character included. We must not allow bigoted bad actors to import American culture war nonsense to Northern Ireland. [1] https://www.newsletter.co.uk/education/dup-mp-carla-lockhart-calls-for-the-immediate-re[…]ildrens-books-from-northern-irish-public-libraries-4562485
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    Created by Noah Shively-Blinn
  • NI Executive: Provide More funding for SEN Provisioning in NI
    Education Minister Paul Givan has confirmed that without additional funding, his department will struggle to find additional school places for over 1,000 children with SEN. The Education Authority has reported that it is "extremely challenging" to find new places in schools and "urgent investment" is needed. No child with SEN should be left in limbo before the start of the new school term. The NI Executive needs to provide more capital investment to solve this crisis!
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Save NHS Dentistry in Northern Ireland
    Getting an appointment is going to get a whole lot worse. Recently, the EU has banned amalgam fillings from January next year, and because of post-Brexit arrangements, that means a ban in Northern Ireland too. Amalgam fillings are a huge part of the work dentists do on the NHS here, particularly those in the poorest areas. The costs of using other materials are eye-watering, and that means only one thing. NHS dentistry in Northern Ireland will be a thing of the past. People in Northern Ireland have the worst oral health inequality in the UK and the highest proportion of filled teeth. If these amalgam fillings can’t be provided on the NHS, it will mean people in agony, going without treatment - and it’ll be the poorest who suffer most. But there is a way to change this. The ‘Stormont Brake’ gives the Assembly the power to stop EU laws like this one, that would have a detrimental impact on people here. We demand that Minister Robin Swann starts the process to make sure that dentists can continue to provide NHS dental services throughout NI.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • First & Deputy First Minister: Restore funding for Integrated Schools
    Generations of students who went to Integrated schools grew up getting their education in drafty, leaky portakabins. This must end. First & Deputy First Minister - Restore the funding. You made a promise. Keep it.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Stephen Nolan: Stop claiming you have "the biggest show in the country"
    RAJAR, the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, has found that, on average, from 9am to 10:30am, Cool FM reaches 286,000 adults compared to BBC Radio Ulster's 272,000. It's time for Stephen Nolan and his producers to remove "the biggest show in the country" tagline from the show's title sequence.
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  • Restore NI Children’s Hospice Funding
    The hospice is a local charity that provides specialist palliative care for more than 350 babies, children, and their families each year. It's the only facility of it's kind in Northern Ireland. Extremely sick children and their families depend on the Hospice. This funding must be restored immediately. Dáithí uses the hospice four or times a year and we would be lost without it. The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice is such a magical place and I like to say to people that 'the hospice and the people who work there make the impossible possible'."
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    Created by Máirtín Mac Gabhann