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To: Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak

Open Letter: We stand against the inhumane Legacy Act

Over the course of the 30 year conflict in Northern Ireland, over 3,720 people were killed and approximately 47,541 people were injured. [1]

Despite this, repeated investigations have uncovered notorious incidences of state impunity in relation to lives taken, torture and collusion. [2]

Why is this important?

As the inhumane Legacy Act comes into force, we note the ruling of the High Court in Belfast in February 2024 that it contravenes the European Court of Human Rights. The judge said: "There is no evidence that the granting of immunity under the act will in any way contribute to reconciliation in Northern Ireland, indeed the evidence is to the contrary." [3]

Every single political party in Northern Ireland, as well as victims groups, United Nations and human rights experts agree that this Bill must be stopped.

No matter who you are, or where you come from, we all deserve truth and justice from the state. The Legacy Act will mean many here will be denied that.

People bereaved, injured and hurt by the conflict are integral parts of our communities. We stand with them, and against the Legacy Act and the inhumanity with which it treats all here who continue to fight for the simple dignity of justice.


Northern Ireland, UK

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