• Reduce unwanted pregnancies- make contraception FREE in 2019
    At the end of 2018 Minister for Health Simon Harris said that he wanted to do everything he could to reduce crisis pregnancies including providing greater access to free contraception. He said that it would be a legislative priority in 2019 to make female contraception more widely available.[1] The expense of accessing contraception can be prohibitive. Many women have neither medical cards nor funds for contraceptives, or emergency contraception. They also often have to pay for an initial doctor’s consultation as well as repeat appointments for prescription renewal. The proposal for “expanded access” to condoms is welcome, people need to be able to avail of the best form of contraception for their bodies and situation. We call on Minister Harris to ensure that any necessary research into the free access and free provision of all methods of contraception to the public is promptly undertaken, and necessary legislation introduced as soon as possible in 2019. [1] https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/vending-machines-may-be-used-to-distribute-free-condoms-says-hse-1.3745092
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  • Kildare County Council must act to shut down unauthorised quarry at Ballysax
    The quarry is operating in contravention of a court order, which allows Kildare County Council to enter and seize any machinery still on the site beyond February 1st last. Kildare County Council are refusing to act. Having reluctantly spent thousands of tax payers money on a court case, they now propose to return to court at our expense. The quarry does not have planning permission and the sheer volume of lorries every day is taking its toll on the local roads and on the health of local people.
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  • Return out of hours doctor service to Birr
    People from the West and South Offaly area have to travel 45 minutes to Tullamore for access to a doctor outside of office hours. The MIDOC service offered out of hours doctors in Birr up to last year, when the service was suddenly withdrawn without warning or explanation.
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  • Stop The Children's Hospital
    We need to have a conversation about its location, size, facilities, and cost. If we, the people, are to spend €2 billion, we need to be consulted about how our money is being spent. The hospital, as currently scoped, is not sized for the current population. It will not be coastguard helicopter accessible in cases of emergency. Co-located with a maternity hospital would be desirable. There is no denying that we need and want the best of care for our children, but the Children's Hospital project in its current runaway state, is dangerously close to making us the laughing stock of the world. We demand more transparency and accountability. Re-open the discussion on location. Rigorously consult the people now.
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  • NO to VAT on health supplements
    23% VAT rate on supplements outstrips the VAT paid on fast foods!!! It puts a serious financial burden on people who use supplements, especially on the elderly. This outrageous increase in price will push the cost beyond what many people can afford. It will also have a serious impact on the health stores and pharmacies that sell and offer this important service.
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    The Ambulance crews made the right decision, suffered suspension and disciplinary action. I STAND WITH THE CORK AMBULANCE CREWS.
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  • Support our Local Nurses in Kilkenny
    Nurses are currently experiencing terrible pay and working conditions. There are not enough nurses employed by the HSE - nurses employed are being overworked to deal with the government-induced healthcare crisis. The result of this is seen in the overcrowding, patients on trolleys and lengthly waiting lists. We cannot take our nurses for granted and we stand with nurses strike action in Kilkenny!
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  • Catch-up Meningitis B vaccine for all children
    To date there have been 11 cases of meningitis and 3 deaths. The under sixes and early teens are both particularly susceptible to this virus. At present children born before October 2016 are not vaccinated with the meningitis B vaccine and to do so privately costs over €300.
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    Created by Catherine Stocker
  • Provide Abortion Services in St. Luke's Hospital Kilkenny
    Kilkenny has voted overwhelmingly for a YES vote and the people of Kilkenny and Carlow have campaigned tirelessly for years to end the shame and stigma surrounding abortion. We have ended the need for people in crisis pregnancy having to travel abroad for healthcare. St. Luke's Hospital cannot continue to export people seeking abortions to other hospitals.
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  • Bypass A&E for cancer patients
    Cancer is tough enough in itself. Cancer patients are very vulnerable and their immune systems are compromised. Any additional stress such as being left on a trolley in A&E for hours and days, exposed to infection and without knowing when they will be admitted to a cancer ward is extremely detrimental. They should be seen by oncology straight away and extra cancer beds should be provided to ensure they can get the care they need as quickly as possible.
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    Created by Christiane Luke
  • Decriminilise Drug use
    Portugal’s decriminalization process is over a decade old, there are several long-term benefits that have been recognized, including the following: Substance abuse and addiction rates have been cut in half since decriminalization Addiction treatment and rehabilitation is less expensive than incarceration Individuals with substance abuse problems are much more likely to find recovery in rehab than in jail People completing treatment can become productive members of society much more easily than convicted felons Violence related to drug trafficking is greatly reduced Courts are freed up for other important work The rebellious, countercultural essence of drug use is changed when society sees it as a disease and not a crime
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    Created by James Sheehan
  • Provide Abortion Services in Carlow
    Carlow is one of the four counties in which not one single GP has signed up to provide the abortion service to people. People in Carlow campaigned tirelessly for abortion and Carlovians voted overwhelmingly for local healthcare. We have ended the need for people having to travel abroad. Carlow cannot continue to export people seeking healthcare to other counties.
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