• Pay the Nurses Strike Pay
    At the end of last year, nurses went on strike for the first time ever for fair pay and adequate staffing for the NHS. The Minister for Finance has confirmed that funding was secured to reinstate their strike pay, but it has not been paid out. Nurses are at the backbone of our NHS, and at the heart of the Covid19 response. They can no longer be at the back of the queue when it comes to pay.
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  • Reverse the restructuring of 2020 All-Ireland Intermediate and Premier Junior Championships
    On the 23rd of October the Camogie Association announced that each county can now field just one team in the All-Ireland competitions in each code across Gaelic Games. The Camogie Association have received direction from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in relation to the operation of the intercounty All-Ireland Championship competitions. This has resulted in 10 intercounty teams being withdrawn from the intermediate and junior championships.
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    Created by Galway Camogie intermediate team
  • Let’s get the practice of Tattoos regulated nationally
    In Ireland , all of the basic or advanced trainings, Cross contamination, Blood borne pathogens , Sterility, Infection control bearly gets an hour of teaching with no exam at the end. Through lack of knowledge Hepatitis A, B or C, or HIV can be contracted if the practitioner has not followed a minimum training/teaching with exams plus annual tests to ensure practices do not slip. To date, no such regulation is in place, leaving the general public exposed to a viral/bacterial infection unwittingly along with their treatment. What makes this right? Olive, a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 30 yrs experience wants to ensure public safety, and due diligence to the industry . Please help by signing the petition below , and ensure Mr Blogs dosent enter a treatment clinic for one thing and leave with much more. Kind regards Olive
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    Created by Olive O Sullivan
  • Stop the Stigma of Mental Health in Third Level and Further Education
    It is important for this happen, because there are students in both Third Level and Future Education Colleges who are being looked down upon and made feel ashamed and embarrassed because of their mental health and the majority of us Students are being kicked out of their college for having a Mental Health Illness. You can't just stick a plaster over a Mental Health Illness, it's not the same as a broken arm or leg; were it it will heal in approximately 6 weeks. We want you Simon Harris to join us Students in stopping this Stigma of Mental Health in college, especially now in these difficult times.
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  • Call for Government to review treatment of Endometriosis
    The Endometriosis Association of Ireland (EAI) has quoted the waiting time for diagnosis as being up to nine years – longer than the seven-and-a-half years reported in the UK. Endometriosis affects can cause debilitating pain, heavy periods, painful sex, painful bowl and bladder movements, fatigue and infertility. The UK is finally starting to address this horrific female condition and following an MP inquiry in the UK, the majority of people have shared stories of how their mental health, education and careers had been damaged by the condition. More than 10,000 people took part in the All-Party Political Group inquiry which found that 58% of people visited the GP more than 10 times before diagnosis and 53% went to A&E with symptoms before diagnosis. The majority of people also told MPs their mental health, education and careers had been damaged by the condition. About 90% said they would have liked access to psychological support but were never offered it, with 35% having a reduced income due to endometriosis. In survey of 13,500 women it found that half of them reported being addicted to painkillers and having suicidal thoughts. Due to a "gender pain gap" women's symptoms are often belittled by doctors, despite numerous visits to A&E, local GPs and specialists. Pain is notoriously hard to describe and pinpoint. But for women, the work is doubly arduous. We have to learn to advocate for ourselves and one another. But we need doctors and health professionals to meet us in the middle, believe our testimonies and help us over the line to diagnosis and treatment. With no cure for the condition and limited treatment including hormone therapy and surgery. It's time to call on the Government to establish a working group to address the long waiting times for diagnosis, treatment of the condition and the major psychological damage it has on the women who suffer from it. Endometriosis care across Ireland needs urgent improvement and diagnosis times need to be cut in half. We can't carry on like this, one in ten could means one day it could be you, your sister, girlfriend or friend suffering from this debilitating condition. Additional Resources: Endometriosis Association of Ireland: https://www.endometriosis.ie/?gclid=CjwKCAjw_sn8BRBrEiwAnUGJDou2wgRqMbtuQ0nzBYwM0L8x9Dy_r69srSPgkoOX4hhnEdtIT37GDxoCkyMQAvD_BwE Endometriosis care needs urgent improvement, MPs say: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54513072 Endometriosis showed me we need better ways to talk about women's pain: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/22/endometriosis-women-pain-diagnosis-report-mps?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other 'A lot of doctors fail to recognise it': Calls for government to review treatment of endometriosis': https://www.thejournal.ie/endometriosis-working-group-4840562-Oct2019/ Additional
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  • Resort To Online Education
    This is important to save life’s and make sure this COVID 19 stop spreading rapidly.
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    Created by Noah Mck
  • Save Marian College Swimming Pool
    Did you learn to swim in Marian College Swimming Pool? Generations of local children and adults alike have been using this unique facility in the heart of Dublin 4 since the early 1960's. Marian has played a key role in helping our communities fitness and wellbeing. We believe that the time is now to maintain and build upon its importance and outreach. Securing a better society where community, social interaction, exercise and education are at the heart of our daily lives. We would like to be assured that there is a plan in place to re-open in the not too distant future. Our entire community is in danger of losing the swimming pool forever, if nothing is done. This petition serves to show how much support and goodwill exist to you the board of management, together with your dedicated staff. Who have the knowledge to plan a safe reopening of this much needed facility. Please show your support to Save Marian Swimming pool from closure , before it is gone forever.
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  • Release WhiteRock Parking spaces
    . Regular visitors and the WhiteRock swimming community, which spans all ages, have all been affected. Those - who can - scramble down to the beach from Killiney Hill car park in all weather conditions. Others, who can, get a lift down to the Vico road. Quite a few older or disabled regulars who came regularly to gaze at the sea view have not been seen since the parking facility was removed in March. Most other parking facilities along this side of the bay have been fully operational throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. The cold season is now upon us and it is going to get more difficult for many of us. Please give us back our parking spaces.
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  • Support the Dying with Dignity Bill.
    Next week TD’s will vote on whether to support a new law that would give terminally ill people the right to control their own death when they decide their sufferable is no longer bearable. The government have stated that they intend to defer the bill for one year. This will only unduly delay the progress of the billl and the issue. The Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 would change the law in Ireland. At present it is illegal for doctors and medical professionals to help terminally ill people in unbearable pain to end their own life; this Bill would change that.
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  • Stop Development on Gallwey's Hill Tramore
    The former owner of this site should be commemorated as someone who triumphed over adversity, by dedicating this iconic viewing spot in Tramore to those who struggle due to exclusion. An accessible community garden with coffee shop would offer all in the town and beyond, a space and workplace for inclusion along with environmental appreciation.
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  • The outrageous cuts to EWSS and PUP
    It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you in regards to the cuts in EWSS and PUP last Friday 18th September. Despite several thousand emails arriving into TD's inboxes last week on this matter, all we have received are unfulfilled promises from the current government. The news of these cuts came at the same time we were informed that the bars in Dublin and surrounding areas would be shut for a further 3 weeks! To say this is kicking us while we're down, is an understatement. I know a lot of local constituents facing hardship as a direct result of the lack of action, leadership, and support from the current government, during this pandemic. This includes volumes of bartenders, chefs, kitchen porters, managers, servers, reservations staff, security, HR departments, young performers and musicians! There is a deep rooted culture that is being neglected for public health reasons, and although that is justifiable, it does not in the slightest justify the lack of support we need to receive for our sacrifices. It has now reached a point in time where some are making the decision between the roof over their heads and the food on their tables. There is a terrible attitude towards live performers and the hospitality sector, as if our professions do not justify the money we receive. That is very much pandering to a division in class, and it totally undermines the lengths and efforts to develop and master the talents that we were given. As you are well aware, the amount of revenue the government receives from the Tourism, Hospitality, and Live entertainment industries through taxation is substantial! License fees, VAT, PAYE, the list goes on! We have paid our fair way just like any other fully employed person has done and we should continue to receive the PUP until our industry is open again. To say there is a feeling of no confidence in this government is an understatement. Change was demanded at the beginning of this year and when this Dail was formed. We were promised change by the same two parties that have promised it so many times and failed to deliver. We were promised change when the opposition stepped back on forming a left minority. We were promised change and the only change we have witnessed has been in the wrong direction for us. It has taken 8 months to come up with a less than adequate 5 level plan for this pandemic, an issue that requires emergency response times and clear concise rules, not guidelines! We understand that a pandemic of this nature is quite a challenge for any government to tackle and our advice to you as the owners and workers of the hospitality sector is to listen to your constituents, especially the experts of each respective sector. In our case, we have sacrificed our main source of income to help you tackle this public health crisis, the least you can do is to help us in return. We demand the immediate reinstatement of the EWSS and PUP payment at the full rate per week (350EUR) for the highly skilled staff and businesses of this valued sector, until the sector (which is fully closed by government under public health advice) is allowed to return to work. We will continue to do our part for the sake of this country and we hope you will hold your end of the bargain too. Go raibh maith agaibh,
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  • STOP using B&B’s & HOSTELS as emergency or temporary accommodation for young people aged 16-18!
    It is inappropriate for a vulnerable young person (16-18) needing temporary or emergency accommodation to be placed in a B&B or Hostel where adults are also placed. Gabby Connelly was only 17 when she was placed in a B&B where she was sexually assaulted. No prior police checks where carried out on those working in the B&B. The sexual assault impacted Gabby massively and when Gabby sought counselling she was told she would have to wait months. Tragically Gabby is no longer with us to fight for this change, however her mum Lisa has started this campaign #JusticeForGabby to ensure change happens within the care system. Gabby recorded her story a few months before her death where she highlights the failings within the system. Please support our campaign by signing and sharing this petition. This is only the start of #JusticeForGabby.
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    Created by rory doherty