• Stop restricting our birth choices
    The HSE have received a recommendation to restrict the option of homebirth, under the HSE Home Birth Scheme, to women giving birth no further than 30 minutes from a maternity hospital. This is not backed by any research concluding that women are at a greater risk outside this parameter. Women should be guaranteed the right to choose their place of birth. Placing a restriction on homebirth, by limiting its availability to those who live less than 30 minutes from a maternity hospital, denies more than 20% of expectant mothers the right to this choice. This percentage is also a conservative figure and could actually be much higher. The current application form for the HSE homebirth service outlines the procedure for safe and timely transfer to hospital, if required, making special reference to women in 'remote' areas. These guidelines are backed by evidence based studies and so, no change should be made to these guidelines, which would result in the violation of a woman's right to choice, without extensive research. It is also important to note that women availing of the home birth scheme must meet a strict set of criteria and only women who are deemed low risk, by an obstetrician, can avail of this service. It is feared that by limiting the option of homebirth to a large number of expectant mothers, there will be an increase in the number of "free-births" (births without a professional midwife present). Furthermore, homebirth in Ireland is also provided by Private Midwives Ireland, as well as the HSE. If the provision of a public homebirth scheme continues to be restricted, this means that it will be families on lower incomes - those without private health care or the means to pay a private midwife - that will be affected by these restrictions. Lastly, the publishing of these recommendations perpetuate the fear surrounding birth in our society, leading to connotations that birth is something that consistently leads to medical emergencies, rather than something that is a physiologically natural process, without the need for medical intervention, for the majority of women. Women deserve the right to choose the kind of birth they want. Women need to be given the autonomy and trust to make this choice based on accurate and evidence based information. We also need to have confidence in our community midwives, the professionals who, with their extensive training and experience, know exactly how to keep a woman safe during homebirth.
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    Created by Jeannie Higgins
  • Stop Targeting Kids – Ban junk food marketing to young people
    The Government must do more to protect our children's health. In Ireland, children as young as eight are presenting with high blood pressure and teenagers have been found to have a cardiovascular age as high as 60. In June 2020, the newly elected Government committed to a Public Health (Obesity) Act, which includes restricting the marketing of unhealthy foods to children. But more than two years have passed and we’re still waiting. We in the Irish Heart Foundation want the Government to keep their promise and act now to end the daily bombardment children are subjected to by regulating online and social media marketing and extending the broadcast ban to 9pm. It is estimated that 85,000 of this generation of children will die prematurely from the long-term effects of overweight and obesity. Drastic action is needed. Preventing our children from being bombarded by junk food adverts is one of a number of key political actions needed to protect children’s health in Ireland. We need your help to sign and share our petition so that we can show the Government that we are serious when we say we want junk food and drink brands to Stop Targeting Kids. Please add your voice today.
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    Created by Irish Heart Foundation
  • Scrap VAT on HRT
    We are in the middle of a cost of living crisis with fuel and food prices increasing month on month. Women experience higher rates of poverty than men. HRT is vital medication but the cost often prevents women from accessing it. Removing VAT on all types of HRT medication is an important first step for the Departments of Health and Finance to take.
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    Created by Julie Connelly
  • Keep cash services in Tipperary local branches
    AIB is moving 70 of their branches to cashless banking. [1] Not only will going cashless mean no notes, coins, cheques, foreign exchange, bank drafts - it will remove any drop safes, night safes and ATMs outside. This is going to cause huge hardship for many people - especially older and vulnerable people, local businesses, people who don’t have access to the internet. The greed and recklessness of banks, including AIB bosses, played a crucial role in bringing about the financial crash. [2] Homes were repossessed by banks, families lost their incomes, young and not-so-young people were forced to emigrate, businesses had to close. We cannot stand by while our majority state-owned bank hurts our communities again. [1] https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2022/0719/1311026-aib-to-turn-70-branches-cashless-expand-an-post-deal/ [2] https://pai.ie/bank-bailout-costs-state-nearly-e42-billion/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32516942
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    Created by Smaranda Maier
  • Introduce a statutory maximum working temperature
    Hot weather can make work unbearable and with record temperatures likely to be a trend in Ireland, we should introduce a statutory maximum working temperature after which employees are sent home.
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    Created by Harvey McDermott
  • Free Contraception for All
    Introducing a scheme that would see free conception for those between the ages 17-25 is important. However, removing barriers to access to contraception has proven benefits for the care in our communities. Effective contraception remains out of reach for many people outside of that age-bracket due to the many upfront costs. We all deserve to be able to choose a method of contraception that works for us all, and removing massive financial barriers is how we can achieve that. NOTES [1] https://www.irishtimes.com/life-style/2022/06/18/counting-the-cost-of-contraception/?fbclid=IwAR37xLSvxgwwEhKKcWFt_TaCbYZHaflukcUmSCpn9XWuAXA6P4pZQLFhj-A
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  • CARE NOT PRISON: Release of Caitlin Corcoran and all charges against her dropped!
    On the day of the tragedy, during an examination by a doctor, Caitlin went into a bathroom and spent 13 minutes giving birth without telling anybody, an unimaginably traumatic event. Caitlin is currently suffering from depression and post traumatic symptoms, yet the trial showed little concern for her physical and mental wellbeing. It is concerning that the DPP would criminalise a young woman who gave birth in shock. This breaks will previous compassionate views in similar cases, the Gardaí always appealed for women to come forward and they would be treated with compassion and privacy, alas, this wasn't to be for Caitlin. What is not on trial is how Caitlin is a victim of domestic abuse. During her trial she spoke of being beaten and punched by her father and bullied at school. Caitlin, is a survivor of bullying and abuse, and will not likely see justice for the harm that was done to her.
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  • Proper Care for People living with Parkinson’s Disease
    I am a woman living with Young Onset Parkinsons Disease and working as a Dietitian who provides a dietetic call back service for people living with Parkinson’s. I come off my calls depressed at the negligence of care of my fellow PD patients around the country. Tonight I cannot sleep after the awful stories I heard today. I cannot stand by and hear it happen again and again. It is negligent how the state is treating people with Parkinson’s. I cannot even put into words the awful ways people are suffering. The over 12,000 people battling the fastest growing neurological disease are being mistreated and forgotten. Many of those battling this condition do not have the voice (some literally due to the disease) and their care givers are too worn out to fight the system. Please lend your voice to raise the voices of the many who are suffering around the country. It has to stop. Imagine your mum, dad, sibling, son, daughter, friend or colleague being left to deteriorate slowly but surely and you have to watch helplessly. This is what is happening AROUND the country and it is negligent. People with Parkinson’s are meeting with TDS for an AV Room presentation on July 6th in the Dail campaigning for proper care for people with Parkinson’s Disease. We need 5000 signatures to raise the voices of those suffering. Please sign my petition and please share with your network and ask them to sign.
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    Created by Richelle Flanagan
  • Recognise Long Covid as Occupational Injury & maintain current special Covid Leave
    Long Covid is not recognized or acknowledged enough in Ireland. I'm a nurse who contracted Covid in January 2021. My health has being severely affected by Long Covid, there are many others in the same boat. Long Covid doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time. People think Covid is over but it's not for those of us with Long Covid. The Government are now attempting to stop special leave with pay. It's not acceptable to do this when many healthcare workers and other sector workers contracted Covid on duty. Many of us had no vaccine when we got Covid. Other EU countries acknowledge Long Covid as occupational injury - Ireland needs to step up and follow suit.
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    Created by Nurse with Long Covid
  • Delay New NMH Cabinet Decision
    The new NMH will be our new maternity hospital. We need all uncertainty removed (all documents published) and questions answered such as: - Publishing all correspondence between the Sisters of Charity & the Vatican to demonstrate what, if any, conditions apply to the transfer of land to SV Holdings CLG - What conditions, if any, are applied to the Indemnity provided by SVHG to the Sisters of Charity? - What happens to operation of new NMH if a claim against the Sisters of Charity significantly impacts SVHG finances? Will the State be expected to vail out the hospital group? - Given a new hospital lifespan is 50-70 years, does this 299 year lease sign the taxpayer up to building successive new maternity hospitals in order to not breach 10 euro yearly discounted rent? - What requirements are detailed in contracts to require SVHG to provide all required adult services (as detailed in 2008 KPMG report) for the life of the new National Maternity Hospital (and potential subsequent replacement hospitals)? - Why not adopt Slaintecare patient rights based values as opposed to the Sisters of Charity values in the constitutions of SV Holdings CLG and SVHG (which new National Maternity Hospital will be a subsidiary of)? - Will a definition of "clinically appropriate" be added to the contracts? Or removed? - Under what conditions can the HSE/State break the lease with the landlord, SVHG? - Why do SV Holdings CLG refuse to sell or gift the land at Elm Park to the State given single ownership is not required at the James' site to facilitate and support co-location? - If a patient at the new National Maternity Hospital requires the Minister of Health to enact their golden share, what is the procedure for this to happen? - In the published documents, SVHG has the power to set healthcare policy in the new National Maternity Hospital. As such it is possible to impede the access of healthcare that is prohibited by Catholic ethos. How will the Minister ensure that accessibility of elective/on-demand healthcare is not overly onerous on a patient? - In the published documents, SVHG has the power to hire staff. As such it is possible for SVHG to hire predominantly anti-choice staff. How will the Minister ensure that this will not happen? - Specific adult services (as identified in the 2008 KPMG report) are required to support the new National Maternity Hospital and is the purpose of co-location. Where in the contracts is SVHG required to ensure adequate staffing at all times, night and at the weekend for example, to ensure that all services required are accessible to new NMH patients? Similarly, what legal guarantee is there that patients of the new NMH will be prioritised as they compete for resources at St. Vincent's University Hospital?
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    Created by Sarah Murphy
  • Ulster Unionist Party: Pledge to make Northern Ireland's waiting lists a top priority
    Northern Ireland's waiting lists are the worst in the UK - with almost one in four of the population waiting for admission or a first outpatient appointment. And no matter who we are or where we come from, getting medical attention when we need it most is vital to us all. The waiting list crisis has been years in the making, and it won’t be solved overnight. But a Department of Health plan has been published, and solutions from organisations like the Nuffield Trust and the Royal College of Surgeons are being put forward. Now we need political will to make it happen.
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  • SDLP: Pledge to make Northern Ireland's waiting lists a top priority
    Northern Ireland's waiting lists are the worst in the UK - with almost one in four of the population waiting for admission or a first outpatient appointment. And no matter who we are or where we come from, getting medical attention when we need it most is vital to us all. The waiting list crisis has been years in the making, and it won’t be solved overnight. But a Department of Health plan has been published, and solutions from organisations like the Nuffield Trust and the Royal College of Surgeons are being put forward. Now we need political will to make it happen.
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