• Clean Up Content Moderation
    People working as content moderators keep our public spaces safe online. But they are often treated terribly by their employers. Content moderators have to spend hours each day looking at the worst videos and messages on the internet from torture and child abuse, to animal cruelty and murder. They look at this content so the rest of us don’t have to. When online platforms rely on machines to do the work of real people, they make mistakes and infringe on our rights of what we’re able to say online. That’s why we’re calling for better treatment of these workers so that all of us benefit from safe online spaces. We’re calling on Facebook to: - Bring content moderation in-house and treat content moderators like regular Facebook staff - Pay their content moderators better so they are less reliant on automated content moderation - Provide them with a decent level of care, i.e. access to psychological care. - Publish its content moderations policies in a transparent manner, including the result of any findings to see if content moderation practices and policies are in line with human rights standards - Stop silencing content moderation whistleblowers who come forward detailing their experience and abuses Notes: Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram continuously fail to detect misinformation for election ads: https://www.globalwitness.org/en/campaigns/digital-threats/facebook-fails-tackle-election-disinformation-ads-ahead-tense-brazilian-election/ There is a clear double-standard in our content moderation policies are applied - ie. under-moderated in Hebrew language, over-moderated in Arabic: https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/uk-news/2022/05/18/facebook-examines-moderation-policies-after-pressure-over-palestine-content/ Content moderators are made to work in terrible conditions, often with little to no concrete psychological support for the trauma they witness on the job: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/facebook-content-moderators-ireland Content moderators who speak up about this may be silenced: https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/former-facebook-content-moderator-expresses-concern-for-safety-1268117.html
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Ban Stalker Glasses
    The introduction of surveillance tech under the form of Meta's smart glasses, or stalker specs, is a huge infringement to our privacy. Running public awareness campaigns through national broadcaster of informing people how to know if they're being recorded non-consensually is not good enough. These devices are a stalker's dream and they offer very little meaningful benefit to wider society. We're calling on Minister for Justice Helen McEntee to ban this form surveillance tech.
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    Created by Brian C.
  • No to Garda Use of Facial Recognition Technology
    Facial Recognition Technology and others forms of biometrics surveillance are needlessly intrusive and invasive. Law enforcement use this technology to track and identify people wherever they go, be it online or in public spaces. It can quieten protest, or be used to harrass and target minority communities. This is an overreach of Garda power, and it's not clear why the Gardaí should require the use of such invasive practices. An Garda Siochána have already shown they cannot be trusted to maintain good data protection standards, why would we trust them with our faces? [1] https://www.iccl.ie/digital-data/garda-use-of-facial-recognition-technology-poses-extreme-risk-to-human-rights/
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Nationalize Facebook and all Social Media Organizations Worldwide Run by the people for the people
    Campaign to Nationalize Facebook & All Social Media Platforms Worldwide To make them Non Profit Organizations Administered by The people for the people. Facebook had misled investors and the public about potential harms associated with the platform. Facebook is wrongly prioritizing platform growth over safety. Facebook groups have proven to be hubs for misinformation and harmful content, where there often [are] no gatekeepers and false information is allowed to flourish. Facebook's closed design hides information from researchers and regulators. As long as Facebook is operating in the shadows, hiding its research from public scrutiny, it is unaccountable.
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    82% of the Irish people support neutrality in all its aspects.
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    Created by Margaretta Darcy
  • End dangerous gambling advertising online
    President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins has said gambling ads are a 'scourge' of modern-day life. [1] Left unregulated, dangerous gambling advertisements will continue to cause so much damage to families and individuals. Ireland has the fourth highest number of gamblers in the European Union, according to a recent study by industry analysts H2 Gambling Capital. On average, losses for Irish gamblers amount to €300 for every adult, totaling €1.36 billion in 2020.[2] The deluge of online gambling online makes it far too easy to place a bet, and the rules have not kept up. The pandemic has also exacerbated this problem, with nearly half of all betting last year taking place online. The Government introduced a working group on this issue who published recommendations in 2019. Now it's time to act! NOTES 1. https://www.thejournal.ie/problem-gambling-michael-d-higgins-5491317-Jul2021/ 2. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/irish-fourth-worst-gamblers-in-eu-as-move-online-accelerates-1.4617386
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Extend the Lifetime of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission
    Natural justice will not be served if the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby homes is allowed to close down with so many unanswered questions, not least about its own functioning and some of the conclusions in its report. A legal enquiry that publishes conclusions and testimonies that are disputed by those who gave them and then destroys evidence cannot provide closure. There are so many unanswered questions about the manner in which this commission was run and the way it reached its conclusions that it must be held to account. This commission must not be added to the list of inquiries that have added insult to the injuries of survivors and helped mask the truth. Theatening that an extension will delay compensation for survivors is not germane. Survivors want the truth. We ALL want the truth.
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    Created by John Hurley
  • Facebook, we need to talk.
    We cannot dismantle antisemitism if we are blocked from voicing our opinions and sharing our experiences with each other. We can discuss, debate, and even disagree, as long as we share the belief that all of us deserve safety, freedom, and dignity. We ask Facebook to not erect barriers impeding users from connecting with each other as we engage in this work. This is the wrong solution to a real and important problem: those who fuel antisemitism online will continue doing so, with or without the word “Zionist.” In fact, many antisemites, especially among white supremacists and evangelical Christian Zionists, explicitly support Zionism and Israel, while engaging in speech and actions that dehumanize, insult, and isolate Jewish people. Importantly, this move will prohibit Palestinians from sharing their daily experiences and histories with the world, be it a photo of the keys to their grandparent's house lost when attacked by Zionist militias in 1948, or a livestream of Zionist settlers attacking their olive trees in 2021. And it would prevent Jewish users from discussing their relationships to Zionist political ideology. Facebook scrutinizing specific words won't keep any of us safe, but it will prevent us from connecting on the political issues important to all of us and block us from holding people and governments accountable for their policies and actions.The current Israeli government, and some of its supporters, have demanded that Facebook add “Zionist” to its hate speech policy. This would shut down conversations about accountability for policies and actions that harm Palestinians. Facebook should refuse to cooperate with those who seek to build more walls to keep us apart. We call on Facebook to not add “Zionist” as a protected category in its hate speech policy.
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  • Amend the Harassment & Harmful Communications Bill
    The bill was categorised by the Law Reform Commission in 2016 after focus groups of young teens identified it as a privacy issue. However on greater examination it is clear that this should fall under sexual violence laws. It is important that people who engage in image based crime should face serious implications for sharing inappropriate images without consent. Also it is important that judges and barristers should understand the full impact on victims lives from the sharing of these images, and be trained up to deal with what is a reasonably new crime, with the age of smart phones and widespread internet access.
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  • No EU Trade deal with UK until Assange is released
    The USA has become the world's foremost violator of all International laws regarding war crimes, torture, human rights abuses etc. Time to hold them accountable.
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    Created by Gordon Mc Ardle
  • Help stop excessive Bank ATM charges Ireland
    This plan is outrageous and puts an excessive charge on the use of these proposed privately owned ATM’s, (approximately 1000 combined) which will most likely hit lower waged workers, students and people in receipt of social welfare payments, to name just a few. This proposal is another unjust ploy by Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank to increase their profits, at the behest of the ordinary person. The aforementioned Banks have sold off branches, and reduced in person cash services at their branches. Furthermore, people in Rural Ireland will have to travel to find a Bank owned ATM in order to avoid this financial burden. I also call on the Irish Government and the Financial Regulator to stop this proposal from going through.
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    Created by John Jackie O'Connor
  • Public Inquiry Into Tusla Petition
    The failures of mothers and babies in the past in being excused on the grounds of ignorance. Future generations will never forgive this generation for a failure to hold TUSLA to account for it's incompetence to parents and children. TUSLA'S remit is very far reaching covering areas beyond child protection and welfare including domestic sexual and gender based violence services, retention of adoption records, early years services and education welfare. TUSLA is responsible for the most venerable members of our society, OUR CHILDREN,PAST AND PRESENT. Their failures will have lasting effects for many decades into the future. While there have been inquiries into some aspects of how TUSLA operates, there has never been a public inquiry into TUSLA as an overall body.
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    Created by Barbara Scanlon