• "'Shame'rock for Trump - Not in our name"
    An Taoiseach is our representative abroad. When he accepts prejudice, racism and bigotry, it shames the people of our country. We feel that such an alliance is not good for our country's reputation and undermines our relationship with other countries. Trump is a despicable human being. A point must be reached where falling at the foot of a powerful man, at the expense of our values and morals and international reputation is not acceptable! "'Shame'rock for Trump: Not in our Name"
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    Created by Concerned Citizen
  • Please sign Irish petition for UN Committee Against Torture
    Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Committee recommends that the State party: (a) Indicate how it proposes to implement all the recommendations of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse and indicate the time frame for doing so; (b) Institute prompt, independent and thorough investigations into all cases of abuse as found by the report and, if appropriate, prosecute and punish perpetrators; (c) Ensure that all victims of abuse obtain redress and have an enforceable right to compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible. Call to action : please show your support by commenting via change.org also uplift.ie and sharing this cause via social media Thank you to you and your supporters X p.s. no abusive language
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    Created by Cli Buckley
  • Stop drones flying over residential areas without first seeking residents permission
    Drones are an invasion of privacy. They can also be useful to potential criminals. Therefore on two counts it is wise to ensure that all "fly-overs" are regulated.
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    Created by Emer Henry
  • Gardai Commissioner Resign Now.
    A modern police force needs to be transparent and accountable. In light of the whistleblower, penalty points and breath tests scandals it is currently neither. If public confidence is to be somehow restored in the Gardai, Noirin O'Sullivan must resign.
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    Created by Robert Quinn
  • Scrap the Social Media Anonymity Bill
    Forcing social media corporations to hand over the identity and information of people who use their platforms will not stop the hateful or abusive messages. Anonymity online is not the reason why hateful or harmful content is spread. Politicians legislating requirements for social media corporations to hand over personal data - which they have gathered for advertising purposes - is wrong. We all deserve privacy
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • #ClosetheComments
    This is important as comments made may be claimed to be prejudicial to a fair trial. We all want justice for Ashling Murphy's family and friends and the best way to achieve this is to #ClosetheComments on news outlets reports and commentaries.
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    Created by Aitheantas - Adoptee Identity Rights Picture
  • Equal rights, proper pay and national job discription for Health Care Assistants and carers
    As I am both a health care assistant and help my partner with her parents who need full time care, she only gets €109 a week which is shambolic for all she does and saves the country like all other carers who look after their children, parents, and young adults with disabilities, they need more support as medication, treatment and other outgoings are very expensive and it is unrealistic to expect these people to live on such a small allowance.
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    Created by Brendan Gallagher
    Because innocent, hardworking and law-abiding Irish citizens are being ripped off all day every day by these unscrupulous companies and nobody is taking action. Plus our privacy is being trangressed and compromised as our telephone numbers are being accessed.
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    Created by Rona Collins
  • Mental health and wellbeing in schools for children
    It is the most important thing in life it would reduce all of the issues across the bored if we are are going to fight for mental health we should start with the younger generations we need to give them tools to help others and help themselves it is fundamental to have something in our shcools at a young age
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    Created by Sarah Jane Kinsella
  • Stop the government sharing our PPSN details without our consent
    No government has the right to freely allow the sharing of our personal data without our consent. If a private company did that they would prosecuted
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    Created by Dermot Cullen
  • Resignation Owen Keegan
    ' Us ' The people of Ireland are paying his wages and he's doing nothing to help homelessness and to criticise Celebrities volunteers etc and calling us all SUCKERS He should resign because he's incapable of Being in Charge as he's not doing his job
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    Created by Audrey Cox