• Shut down Kildare's Horse Abattoir
    The abuse uncovered by RTÉ Investigates at Shannonside Foods' horse abattoir in Kildare has shocked us all. Footage captured by RTÉ has shown horses being hit, punched, whipped and struck with plastic piping.  Together, we are calling on the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to shut down this abattoir with immediate effect. If those who own the abattoir feel it's OK to treat animals like this, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near them.  Please sign and share our petition today, and help us get this abattoir shut down.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Stop the Ennis Data Centres
    High energy users putting pressure on renewables.
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    Created by Martin Knox
  • STOP traffic DANGER for Gaelscoil Inse Chór kids on Chapelizod Bypass!
    Gaelscoil Inse Chór is an example of Dublin 8 being missed out for CHILD ROAD SAFETY measures because it is on 'an aerterial road'. Parents and families are fed up hearing the excuse of ‘aerterial road’ for failing to act on road safety near primary schools. When a pedestrian is hit at 50kmph they have a 50% chance of survival. If hit at 60kmph, it’s a 10% chance of survival!  Cars are speeding up Concolbert Road and South Circular Road at 60kmph near little primary school children huddled in fear, behind OVERGROWN bushes and missing crash barriers. The families of Gaelscoil Inse Chór have had enough! This is completely unacceptable!
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Stop Ireland being a Tax Haven
    We are siphoning off the tax base of many, often poorer countries by our corporate tax policies and loopholes. We deny them the funds for hospitals, schools, social supports and infrastructure as well as their capacity to fight climate change. As a tax haven we are doing far more global damage than anything we do that damages the world’s climate. Apple admitted to the US senate that their effective tax rate in Ireland is 2%. Microsoft acknowledged that they put €98 billion through Ireland ‘that was not subject to tax in this jurisdiction’ They paid €3 billion in tax that year ( on €24 billion at 12% ?) making it approx 2% tax rate again. The untaxed money comes from Profit Shifting to Ireland ie profits from other countries. My friend in sub Saharan Africa said all the youth have smartphones but not enough to eat. That’s the power of advertising a product-on which no tax was paid. Ireland is a country that is generous in it’s contributions to developing nations but we completely undermine this by our tax haven activities. It’s time to call for a change in direction to a more ethical business and tax model
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    Created by Paul Connolly
  • Jack Charlton Statue
    It celebrates and commemorates the man who really put irish football on the map and made it possible for a nation to dare to dream of success on the international football stage. In our irish eye he is an icon in our footballing history and he really should be celebrated with a statue in his honor for future generations crossing the doors of the aviva to behold the Great man we once had the privilege to witness in his glory.
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    Created by Adam Healy
  • Put limits on the purchase of land by the mega wealthy
    It doesn’t have to be this way. There are alternatives. In France they have a system called SAFER which: *Intervenes in land sales in the public interest where there is land speculation by non farmers and billionaire investors *Ensures viable land holdings, *Maintains rural communities and the viability of existing farms, *Controls prices so land is affordable. https://www.landcommission.gov.scot/downloads/6554aa4252c5a_Review%20of%20France%C3%94%C3%87%C3%96s%20SAFER%20Land%20Market%20Interventions.pdf Our politicians are avoiding this issue. They have their heads in the sand. We demand that they sort out the mess NOW to ensure viable landholdings for farming families. Irish Family Farms is a group of landowners and other citizens who have got together to raise awareness of this issue and demand change. We will use this petition to apply pressure on government ministers McConalogue and Hackett to change the system.
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    Created by Irish Family Farms
  • Dublin Airport, treat cancer survivors with dignity
    Breast cancer survivor Réaltán Ní Leannáin has said she was forced to remove her breast prosthesis in public view when going through security at Dublin Airport. This is a horrific violation of her dignity and it must never be allowed to happen ever again. We demand that Dublin Airport Authority put clear policies in place so cancer survivors know exactly what to expect when going through airport security. These policies should be available on the Dublin Airport website and should be based on dignity and respect for anyone who has undergone cancer treatment.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Boycott Israel goods
    Lupilu baby wipes are made by an company in Israel. Revenue from its sales are helping to fund the genocide of Palestinian children.
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    Created by Anne McShane
  • Enact the Occupied Territories Bill
    At this stage in the genocide it is unbelievable that Ireland has a powerful bill, that could help the people of Palestine, waiting in the wings to be enacted since 2018. It took immense effort from many political, academic and legal minds to get it passed through our legislature. There is no legal excuse for stalling it any longer. To quote Sen. Frances Black “... it’s not a legal issue, it’s a question of political will. The weight of legal advice makes it clear that we can pursue this if we’re willing to be brave about it – we need to stand up and show leadership”. (Irish times, 13 Jun 2020.) Something has to begin the process of turning the tide on the genocide in Palestine, especially Gaza. The OTB has been identified by multiple organisations nationally and internationally as the single most important and effective action that Ireland as a nation can take, at this time in April 2024. Enacting the OTB can without doubt have a ripple effect throughout the world. Let's throw the pebble in the ocean of support for Palestine and see it do the work it was always intended to achieve.
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    Created by Dee O Shea
  • We demand our water referendum now
    For over seven years the Irish Government has refused to hold a referendum on the public ownership of our water. The only logical explanation for their refusal is the unspoken intention to privatise our water system. In May 2016 legislation was tabled and unanimously passed in the Dáil in support of a water referendum, but since then Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Green Party have prevented this important referendum from progressing. Enough is enough. Name the date and give us our referendum now! Water has become one of the most valuable and profitable commodities on the planet. Privatisation has been a disaster in almost every country that outsourced their water supply to profit making entities. Costs have gone up, services has declined. Dividends are paid to owners, taxpayers bail out depleted infrastructure. Every day we don’t have our water referendum, we move closer and closer towards the full privatisation of our water system.  We stood together from 2014 – 2016 to stop water charges: now we need to stand together to prevent privatisation.
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    Created by Margaret ODwyer
  • Complaints against Facebook
    Join this campaign if you are not happy how Facebook is being managed at the moment, Fake profiles are not removed as it should be ,scammers have the free hand and are not removed most of the time when reported and innocent users who do nothing wrong get restrictions on their activities without any explanation from Facebook. Group functions are not working as they should be, and the list of complaints goes on an on....
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    Created by Annemarie Healy
  • Mothers against Genocide call on Lidl to stop selling Israeli products
    Since the beginning of Israel’s current attack on Gaza 5 months ago, over 40,000 civilians have been murdered, including over 14,000 children. This is 6 times higher than the number of children killed in the war in Ukraine and the highest rate of children killed in any conflict in modern times. Given these stark statistics, the people of Ireland are horrified that Lidl has chosen an Israeli supplier for its baby products and demand that Lidl cuts its ties with Israel immediately. Lidl’s brand Lupilu wipes are currently made in Ashdod, Israel. Formerly Isdud, a large town of 48,000, it was entirely ethnically cleansed of its Palestinian population in 1948, with no one allowed to return.

Lidl has also purchased baby wipes from Albaad, a company based in Caesarea (formerly Qisarya) in historic Palestine. This is another town that was entirely ethnically cleansed in 1948.  Continuing to source wipes from Israel, is continuing to support the utter horror and devastation being committing against the people of Palestine. In doing so, Lidl also disregards the effects on staff of processing goods whose profits fund the genocide being committed against babies and children in Gaza. It is important to note that all workers' have a right to conscientously object to handling goods that fund genocide. According to the latest Red-C poll, the majority of Irish people support the boycott of Israeli goods. There can be no business as usual with a brutal apartheid state where Palestinians are attacked, imprisoned and murdered on a daily basis.
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    Created by Kate Scanlan