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To: Minister for Justice Helen McEntee

No to Garda Use of Facial Recognition Technology

Ban the Scan!

Facial Recognition Technology is invasive. It should be banned in our public spaces and most certainly should not be used by Gardaí and law enforcement.

Why is this important?

Facial Recognition Technology and others forms of biometrics surveillance are needlessly intrusive and invasive.

Law enforcement use this technology to track and identify people wherever they go, be it online or in public spaces. It can quieten protest, or be used to harrass and target minority communities.

This is an overreach of Garda power, and it's not clear why the Gardaí should require the use of such invasive practices.

An Garda Siochána have already shown they cannot be trusted to maintain good data protection standards, why would we trust them with our faces?



2022-05-25 23:58:55 +0100

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