• Prevent The Mistreatment of People in Detention
    The Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) is an international human rights treaty designed to prevent torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in all places of detention. It introduces a combined system of national (NPM) and international (SPT) monitoring of all places of detention. Ireland signed the OPCAT in October 2007, but has yet to ratify it. The OPCAT recognises the central importance of inspection as a way of preventing human rights violations. These inspections create transparency and accountability, which in turn act as a deterrent against future cruel treatment. Places of detention are not limited to prisons. The OPCAT applies to anywhere where people are deprived of their liberty. The ratification of OPCAT would positively impact the lives of many people in vulnerable positions. Examples of places of detention could include, but are not limited to: • Psychiatric units • Children detention schools • Nursing homes • Social care units • Special Care Units • Immigration detention centres • Direct provision • Pre-trial detention facilities • Garda stations OPCAT applies to anywhere people are deprived of their liberty. Pushing for the ratification of OPCAT might one day benefit a friend, neighbour, family member, or maybe even yourself. For Ireland to meet its international obligations, we must put in place sufficient and effective safeguards to ensure that vulnerable individuals are not victimised. The Convention recognizes that it is in closed spaces where the most serious violations of human rights can take place. Ireland has a troubling history of failing to protect those we have placed in closed spaces. The historical abuse of those in child institutions and other historical places of detention has shown the need for ongoing inspection. By failing to ratify OPCAT, Ireland perpetuates a situation that increases the vulnerability of all persons currently in detention. It is essential that Ireland moves towards the creation of an NPM which can ensure that no place of detention – prison, Garda station, hospital or care home – is beyond the reach of comprehensive and rigorous inspection. _________ To learn more about OPCAT: http://www.apt.ch/en/what-is-the-opcat/ To learn more about NPMs: http://www.apt.ch/en/national-preventive-mechanisms-npms/ To learn more about the SPT: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/OPCAT/Pages/OPCATIntro.aspx To see which countries have ratified OPCAT: http://www.apt.ch/en/opcat-database/
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    Created by Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT)
  • Remove prescription charges for homeless people
    Homeless people suffer more ill health than the housed population and therefore have a higher need for prescription medication. Many homeless people cannot afford the €2.50 prescription charge payable on every item. Homeless health services repeatedly come across homeless patients who cannot afford their medication and so may not complete a course of antibiotics or take heparin for a clot. They often end up in hospital because of this. Homeless people are registered with local authorities and therefore it is possible to identify individuals so they are exempt from this charge.
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  • Keep Anti-Choice Protesters out of Our Airports!
    For too long, anti-choice supporters have subjected women, choosing to decide their fate, to guilt, and shame. The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform must not be allowed to demonstrate in both Dublin Airport, and Cork Airport. This is a step too far. This is personal. They must not be allowed to harass women and girls, who are already going through a stressful journey, to access their basic human right to bodily autonomy. It's sickening that they attempt to organize an 'educational project' like this when the Irish State have an underage girl withheld for seeking her right, under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, 2013 - clearly they have little or no respect or care for children when they've defended the State's action over this. Between Saturday, the 29th of July, and Sunday, the 13th of August, the ICBR has planned to stage an 'Ireland Airport Education Project'. This 'educational project' will involve supporters holding their 'educational' signage, directly addressing the 'abortion passengers', which they say will be either inside, or outside of the Airport itself (specified as being as close as is 'lawfully possible'). Spokespeople for both Dublin and Cork Airport have echoed airport by-laws, which do not allow 'the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets or other documentation to staff, passengers or visitors...conducting or taking part in public meetings, demonstrations or processions are specifically prohibited unless permission has been given by the airport authority'. This is not good enough. We want clear, and absolute affirmation by the DAA - not just a reproduction of their by-laws. The ICBR have stated that they 'hope that they (An Garda Síochana) will do what they can to ensure that we, the volunteers, are free from unlawful interference with our Constitutional right to freedom of speech'. There is a difference between the respectful exercise of the freedom of speech, and the grotesque, and damaging freedom of speech which they wish to exercise. This petition is calling for all pro-choice supporters and allies to tell the DAA that we will not have this 'educational project' in our Airports - we will not let the 12 women leaving Ireland per day to undergo this private, and traumatic journey be subjected to this message, which the ICBR alleges is 'non-judgmental and non-polemical and offer(s) no negative commentary concerning abortion, or the people who choose abortion, or the people who perform abortion'. Non-judgmental does not equal non-damaging!
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  • 24/7 cardiac care for the southeast NOW!!
    People lives are being put at risk with no 24/7 service available within the golden 90 minutes. We should not be forced to pass a fully equipped Cath Lab in Waterford to be sent in an ambulance to Cork or Dublin?
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  • Protect & Expand NI Abortion Rights
    DUP MPs with extremist views on abortion must not be allowed to threaten an area of healthcare that one in three women will need in their lifetime. They must not be allowed to block the progress women deserve. It’s 50 years since the Abortion Act was passed and it needs to be extended not rowed back on
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  • More Bicycle Parking for Galway City!
    In 2014 Sara Morris, spokeswoman for the National Transport Authority, advised of the allocation of €50,000 for the provision of additional bike parking to Galway City Council. Three years later, on the first day of National Bike Week 2017, Galway City is still massively lacking in the provision of bicycle parking with no evidence of where that money was spent. To date, there are still less than 200 bicycle parking stands in Galway City. With a population of just under 80,000 people this is clearly an inadequate number of bicycle parking spaces for Ireland’s forth biggest city. Bicycle parking is an issue that affects all members of our community here in Galway; from blocking pedestrian and disability access on our streets and footpaths to contributing to an increased number of cars on our roads. The lack of bicycle parking is a something that is driving commuters into their cars unnecessarily. Congestion in the city centre is at an all time high with Galwegians spending more time sitting in traffic than drivers than any other city in Ireland. An increased reliance on cars for transportation is not only adding to the levels of pollution in the city but is also negatively impacting the health, safety and wellbeing of our citizens. Galway City Council themselves acknowledge, through their Park’n’Stride Campaign, that an increased reliance on bicycles as a form of transport would not only alleviate traffic congestion but would also improve the physical and mental health of the population by incorporating exercise into everyday activities such as commuting. On this year, 2017, that Galway holds the European Green Leaf designation and in the lead up to Galway 2020 when Galway will see an increase in tourism, An Mheitheal Rothar is calling on the above mentioned individuals to not just make a commitment, but to immediately take action to increase in bicycle parking for the city and the appointment of an new Cycling Officer within Galway City Council. If you would like to support this campaign please sign the petition and follow us on social media for more information. You can also share the petition using #bikeparkinggalway We would also encourage you to express your concerns to: • Thomas Connell - Galway City Council Director of Services for Transportation, Recreation and Amenity, Corporate Services (thomas.connell@galwaycity.ie); • Hugh Creegan - National Transport Authority Director of Transport Investment and Taxi Regulation, Deputy Chief Executive (hugh.creegan@nationaltransport.ie) ; • Cllr. John Walsh (cllrjohnwalsh@gmail.com )- Chairman, GCC Transport Strategic Policy Committee; • Cllr. Noel Larkin – Mayor (nlarkin@cllr.galwaycity.ie), GCC Transport Strategic Policy Committee. As part of Bike Week 2017, An Mheitheal Rothar also took to the streets to speak with some of Galway's cycling community about their thoughts on cycling in the city. Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/sBxkyiRxYv8
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  • Please sign Irish petition for UN Committee Against Torture
    Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Committee recommends that the State party: (a) Indicate how it proposes to implement all the recommendations of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse and indicate the time frame for doing so; (b) Institute prompt, independent and thorough investigations into all cases of abuse as found by the report and, if appropriate, prosecute and punish perpetrators; (c) Ensure that all victims of abuse obtain redress and have an enforceable right to compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible. Call to action : please show your support by commenting via change.org also uplift.ie and sharing this cause via social media Thank you to you and your supporters X p.s. no abusive language
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  • Support Our Elderly
    Our Elderly motorists present with their own problems of frailty and mobility concerns, not to mention fear. In general, medical eligibility for Disabled Blue Badge Holders excludes age as a factor, leaving Elderly people exposed. Providing designated parking bays at key locations in and around City &Town centres encourages greater equality, independence and community participation for our Elderly Community.
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    Created by Brendan Byrne
  • RESPREEZA for ALPHA 1 Patients in Ireland
    Campaigning for the life-changing therapy... RESPREEZA to be approved / available here as it is in TWELVE OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES! It is estimated that over 3,000 people here in Ireland suffer with Alpha One, a genetic condition affecting the lungs, liver and skin. For some patients, a therapy trial back in 2006 offered a new lease of life and over time went on to improve their health, giving them some hope of a brighter future. Sadly back in 2016, patients were then told the distressing news that the pharmaceutical company that provided them with the life changing therapy would be withdrawing it, leaving patients right back at square one again. So, with the clock ticking representatives of Alpha One are now, calling for the HSE to agree a fair price for reimbursement of the therapy before it's too late.
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  • Petition to persuade Bernie Sanders to give public speech in Dublin on June 4th/5th
    Bernie is giving a speech on June 4th which sold out after 1 minute. There are thousands of people who are willing to pay to hear him speak, to hear a voice for the people. Someone who stands up for the environment, all people and the planet as a whole. My hope is that hearing Bernie speak could spark the revolution that is needed in Ireland so we can transform our country and go back to the values it was founded on.
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  • Stop the discharge of human waste into our Coastal Waters and the contamination of our Beaches
    A form of superbug which can be resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has been detected at two adjacent beaches in Ireland. The reason is the discharge human waste into our coastal waters.
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    Created by Jonathan Holian
  • Tax Diesel Soot Polluters
    Diesel Cars emit soot and NOx toxic fumes and are polluting our clean air and are bad for peoples' health. 70% of new cars purchased in Ireland are diesel - insane - due to the crazy Motor Tax Law that penalises older pre-2008 petrol cars but promotes purchase of new diesel cars. Paris to ban diesel cars from July 2017 ... many other cities to follow. Irish Motor Tax Law is regressive, 2-Tier and bad for your health. This Irish law puts high tax on pre-2008 cars and low tax on those who can afford new cars. It is socially divisive and totally unacceptable.
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