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To: Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee and the DPP.

CARE NOT PRISON: Release of Caitlin Corcoran and all charges against her dropped!

The immediate release of Caitlin Corcoran and all charges against her dropped!
Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, to change the Infanticide Law to reflect modern medical science and the social realities of pregnancy and birth.

Why is this important?

On the day of the tragedy, during an examination by a doctor, Caitlin went into a bathroom and spent 13 minutes giving birth without telling anybody, an unimaginably traumatic event. Caitlin is currently suffering from depression and post traumatic symptoms, yet the trial showed little concern for her physical and mental wellbeing. It is concerning that the DPP would criminalise a young woman who gave birth in shock. This breaks will previous compassionate views in similar cases, the Gardaí always appealed for women to come forward and they would be treated with compassion and privacy, alas, this wasn't to be for Caitlin. What is not on trial is how Caitlin is a victim of domestic abuse. During her trial she spoke of being beaten and punched by her father and bullied at school. Caitlin, is a survivor of bullying and abuse, and will not likely see justice for the harm that was done to her.


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