• ESB: Don't push dirty coal fired power on the Philippines
    Ireland has just divested from fossil fuels. But at the same time, our publicly owned Electricity Supply Board is pouring money into a coal fired power station in the Philippines. We already know we're dangerously close to losing our shot at a safe climate. For us to avoid disaster, 80% of known fossil fuel reserves have to stay in the ground and never be burnt. That's why it's crazy to be building new coal fired power stations - we should be closing down the ones that already exist. What's more, this project has seen shocking abuses of the community from the start. Residents were lied to, and told the project would be a Liquid Natural Gas plant. After it was approved, it was changed to a coal fired power plant. People who live near other coal fired power plants in the Philippines have seen a huge spike in tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases, but residents are not being heard. People were forced out of their homes to build the plant, some of whom got no compensation and some who were coerced to sell for far less than market value. Even worse, local priests who have spoken out have been receiving threatening text messages. Ireland cannot back a project like this. As a developed country, our role must be to support fair, renewable, and community led energy initiatives in developing countries - not dirty coal.
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  • Community Swimming Pool for West Wicklow
    Blessington and the surrounding areas have a growing young population. Presently the residents must travel outside of our community to Naas or Tallaght to access swimming facilities. The nearest community swimming pool to West Wicklow, provided by Wicklow County Council, is in Bray, an hour drive away from Blessington by car. According to the 2016 Census the municipal district population of West Wicklow is over 26,000 people. A community swimming pool would be of great benefit to the local communities and would help promote physical exercise, water safety and provide local employment. We believe that a community swimming pool needs to be provided for the growing population of West Wicklow.
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  • Stop TV & Radio Censorship in Ireland now!
    Both Gemma O'Doherty (award winning journalist) https://gemmaodoherty.com/ and respected financial whistleblower Johnathon Sugarman http://whistleblowerirl.blogspot.com/ have un blemished track records in uncovering political and financial corruption for the public good in Ireland. Notably issues that are totally relevent, newsworthy, affect peoples lives and need to be known by the Irish public. For instance Gemma O'Doherty was the first to uncover the penalty points scandal and has yet to be interviewed or allowed to comment on this issue! Johnathon Sugarman who is a financial whistleblower with indepth knowledge about the financial and banking corruption that is rife including the recent Drumm judgement. Why have they not been asked to comment? Is this a form of media censorship? Many People believe that for any other reason than balance alone they should be given a voice on mainstream media otherwise this is a form of Censorship in Ireland.
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  • Legalise Cannabis in Ireland
    There is a global movement toward the decriminalisation of cannabis, supported by extensive research and real world trials. Evidence demonstrates that legalisation can be accomplished in a manner that improves overall societal health and wellbeing, while generating substantial tax revenue for schools, hospitals, and other social services. Furthermore, legalisation has been demonstrated to reduce cannabis use among teenagers [1], opioid abuse [2], and excess alcohol consumption [3]. Furthermore, legal cannabis is a large and growing industry that creates many jobs and also generates immense tax revenue. In the United States, states like California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are benefitting from between $25 million and $60 million per year in taxes. The legal cannabis market, as a whole, in the United States generates approximately $10 billion per year in sales [4]. Therefore, in light of these findings, we are calling on Leo Varadkar to lead Ireland towards immediately prioritising the legalisation and effective regulation of cannabis in order to improve our societal wellbeing. --- [1] https://www.zmescience.com/medicine/marijuana-among-teens-drops424/ [2] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/legalised-cannabis-latest-solved-opioid-crisis-medical-marijuana-studies-scientific-jama-internal-a8293831.html [3] http://blog.norml.org/2017/12/01/study-alcohol-sales-fall-following-cannabis-legalization/ [4] http://www.westword.com/marijuana/legal-pot-sales-to-reach-10-billion-in-2017-report-estimates-9768851
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  • Switch the Lucan water supply back to Ballymore-Eustace
    This utility cannot guarantee the quality of the water coming from the plant. Treatment facilities for the bugs cryptosporidium and giardia at the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant are insufficient, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. We were never supplied by this treatment plant it was a very new move over to it last year. We were lead to believe that limescale was the only issue and perfectly safe for over a year now, since this petition was launched. Yet we discover that procedures were not being followed all this time through a report by the EPA. People have complained of stomach issues and flare ups on skin issues such as eczema and been ignored.
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  • No fast food chains near Skerries schools
    Ireland is facing a child obesity crisis with huge long term implications. Part of the reason for this is the marketing of high sugar and high fat foods specifically targeting children. Fast food chains are particularly guilty of this. Granting permission to a fast food chain restaurant beside a primary school and Montessori school will have negative consequences for the health of the 100s of children that currently pass this site on a daily basis and the 1000s that will do so in the long term if permission is granted. Let’s protect our children and set an example to other Councils around the country
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  • Castlefreke – Our Woods Our Walks
    The woods are walked and enjoyed by thousands of people. In May and June (2018) Coillte gave consideration to a proposal to sell lands it owns in Castlefreke Woods to a private individual. The campaign was established on 18th May to prevent this from happening. The petition was launched on 7th June. On 14th June Coillte contacted the campaign to announce that it would NOT be selling its lands in Castlefreke Woods. The petition is being kept open as part of the campaign to ensure Castlefreke Woods will NEVER be sold, and that they will be developed to their full potential.
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  • Justice for Victims of Illegal Adoption
    The illegal adoption scandal impacts on thousands of people in Ireland. The scale of what has happened has yet to be uncovered. It throws yet another spotlight on the cruelty inflicted on pregnant women and babies born out of crisis pregnancies. People have a right to know their true identities and the Irish state needs to make every possible option available to people seeking information, including DNA testing. People affected by this scandal need health and psychological care as a matter of urgency - imagine finding out over a phone call or a letter that you are not who you thought you were all your life. The longer term health implications are also very serious.
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  • Accountability in the HSE
    It is in all our interest to have a more accountable health service in Ireland. Doctors differ unfortunately.
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  • Cycling For All in Ireland
    Ireland needs to unlock the current suppressed potential for cycling — transport, mental and physical health, and environmental benefits, and also more wide-ranging positives of mass cycling. These wider benefits include giving teenagers and parents freedom from the parent taxi; freeing many people across the country from the restrictive options of driving or depending on infrequent public transport; and supporting “last mile” trips to high-quality public transport.
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  • Justice for Cervical Smear Scandal Victims
    The women of Ireland have been let down. 18 women have died and 209 women have been identified as being impacted by the failure of the HSE to inform them of the audit of their cervical smear test results. We are calling for action. The reasons we are doing this: We are strongest standing together. Standing for Vicky, for Emma, for Irene, for Catherine, for Orla, for Julie, for Rosie, for Debbie, for Ann, for Carol, for all the other people who are coming forward every day, for all 18, for all 209.
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  • Normalise Cycling As A Commuting Choice
    We need to normalise cycling as a commuter choice. An announcement such as this, coming from a motoring organisation such as AA Roadwatch, could also help to ease the "them and us" mentality that exists at the moment between motorists and cyclists, while at the same time highlighting one of the many benefits of commuting by bike. Getting more people to commute by bike will benefit all other road users as it will lead to less congestion in our cities and towns. Cycle commuting also has the potential, long term, of saving millions of Euro for the health services, both because of the improved air quality and the fact that studies continually show, people who commute by bike are healthier than the general population. And there is safety in numbers: the more people that choose to cycle as their preferred commuting method, the safer it gets.
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