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To: Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys

Support A Safe Injection Centre in Cork City

Support A Safe Injection Centre in Cork City

Support the plea by the Mayor of Cork and Chief Executive of Cork City Council for a safe injection centre in the city.

Why is this important?

This Medically Supervised Injection Facility (MSIF) has the potential to save lives from overdose and connect vulnerable and marginalised people to vital treatment and social services. Multiple studies across the world have demonstrated the life-saving benefits of MSIFs.

Moreover, through connecting at-risk people to social services and reducing drug litter, these facilities benefit the whole community. Establishing safe injection centres are also a more efficient use of public money, given the high treatment cost of disease linked to unsafe needle-sharing.

A green light for this facility in Cork would be a vital step towards a more health-led approach to addiction, in recognition of the value of the lives lost annually through overdose.

Cork, Ireland

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