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To: CEO of Fingal County Council

Clean up the Broadmeadow Estuary, Co Dublin - and keep it clean.

Start taking your responsibility to the environment seriously. Plan out what resources are needed to clean up the environment of Broadmeadow Estuary and then prioritise funding for that effort; this year and every year. But first, put a halt to development of the full size all weather playing pitch in the park in Swords and the "Broadmeadow Greenway" across the estuary; the environment cannot be exposed to increased human traffic from these two schemes without a proper plan first for protecting the environment.

Why is this important?

For some years now, Fingal Council has shown very little interest in keeping a clean environment around the Broadmeadow Estuary catchment area. Volunteers in "Swords Pickers" were able to remove truck loads of dumped rubbish from Ward River Valley Park and Broadmeadow Estuary in the first half of 2021 alone. If something is not done to fundamentally correct this, plastic & other waste will continue to travel from the parkland in Swords, through the Estuary and out into the Irish Sea. Development of either the full size all-weather playing pitch and/or the Broadmeadow Greenway in 2021 will obviously add to the problem by multiplying volumes of human traffic.
Unnamed Road, Seapoint, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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