• Correct contact details for Dental and Orthodontic Services in Dublin West
    Parents often need to use the emergency clinic for their children. Not being able to find out where to go or to be able to get through is really frustrating.
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    Created by Stephen O Brien
  • Save Citizen Information services in Killaloe Ballina
    It’s with alarming concert that we the community of killaloe & Ballina hear that the local weekly citizens advice service had been suspended due to unforeseen circumstances. The community of killaloe & Ballina have a population of over 4,500 residents and the service had been in situ for well over 10 years providing free information advice support and Advocacy. We the community of Killaloe & Ballina value that weekly citizens information (CIC) service and wish to emphasise the importance of it, in supporting and addressing our complex queries. We have sign this petition to highlight the importance of keeping this service open in Killaloe to meet the needs of our community and to especially provide a face to face service to those that are marginalised and unable to get to Limerick or Nenagh Citizens information centers offices.
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    Created by Orla Foley Picture
  • Call on the Minister & the Department of Justice for Hate Crime Legislation in Ireland
    In recent weeks and months there had been an increasing threats and attacks targeting migrants homes with dogs' poo, police brutality on Africans youths and Muslims with hijab which is totally unacceptable. The Hate Crime law is vital in every society but unfortunately, Ireland is the only country in Europe without this law. Therefore this law is very important for the following reasons: 1. Protection of the most vulnerable in society; as migrants, asylum seekers and refugees suffer injustice daily as they are often attacked because of their race or religion, 3. It will serve as a deterrent to perpetrators of hatred in society, 4. Hate Crime laws help build a better community, diversity and inclusion fostering love and mutual respect for all. 5. Law and order are established crushing anti social behaviour by promoting equality, inclusion and honouring diversity in society, 6. It has a greater health benefits and well being on mental health of people promoting productivity in industry, leading to economic growth, 7. Ireland with this new Hate Crime Law in place will fulfil its obligations in terms of International Laws and as a member of the United Nations, 8. It is important for the Irish authorities to protect, safeguard migrants' freedom, rights and provide them with the same equal opportunity, 9. Protect their dignity and integrity in Ireland where we all belong, 10 . Encourage all migrants to express their experiences of hate crimes without being intimidated or harbouring the fear of losing their status, 11. This petition is designed to target all migrants and People of African descend to present the Department of Justice with primary statics of horrendous hate crimes committed against these minority groups living in Ireland.
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    Created by Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland Picture
  • Varicella virus vaccine
    To stop children from suffering from a highly contagious but preventable childhood illness
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    Created by Jenny Birch Picture
  • Change media terminology regarding rape
    Women, children and men who are subjected to rape and sexual assault deserve the correct language to be used to highlight how disgusting and wrong rape and sexual assault is.
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    Created by Ísla Ní Chailleach Picture
  • Save local amenities and residences at the Markievich pool
    The city centre is becoming one big office block....local people are being moved out of their homes and losing local amenities that have existed for decades.
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    Created by Breda Trimble Picture
  • save hospital in belmullet
    of course a hospital is important. Just go back 20 years ago and tell me how was Irish people living how them kids goes to school ? surviving ..... please they are humans. I think is the one hospital over there closer.
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    Created by fatma zohra Arezki
  • Legalize canabis oil with thc for medical reasons in Ireland
    It will save lives it will ease pain people are being cured from seizures cancer it’s helping people with neurological illness like Parkinson’s if it legal it will save lives keep families together
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    Created by Orla Murnane Picture
  • Reinstate primary mental health services in Donaghmede Edenmore Raheny and Kilbarrack
    The demand mental health services is ever increasing, while this government continues to reduce the service. We must demand that all mental health services be fully staffed and resourced so they can to begin to reduce waiting lists while meeting future demand.
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    Created by Niamh McDonald
  • A call for mental health support for women who have had an abortion
    There is no current policy in place which highlights the need for women to access mental health services following an abortion, and so, with the signatures on this petition, we can make a change and support our women further.
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    Created by Megan O' Donnell
  • Reduce The Cost Of Children’s Hospital
    It’s time the Irish people's voice is heard so we are asking you to sign this petition requesting Simon Harris to go back to the drawing board and negotiate a better deal, change design, or look for new contractors, whatever it takes to stop such a despicable waste of hard working tax payers money. This is gross mismanagement, and incompetence of government to deliver a service within a reasonable budget. Other desperately needed health facilities across the country will not go a head or will be dramatically delayed for up to 10 years. That means in your local area you will not have adequate facilities such as MRI scanning and adequate orthopaedic facilities to name just a few. Please share your voice.
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    Created by Lorraine Carolan
  • free GP care for all
    To protect the health of everyone and GPs are too costly. Its a disgrace having to pay 60 euro to a GP when your sick i dont mind paying for prescriptions but The Doctor should be free as i and many others are putting off going to the doctor and neglecting our health because we can not afford to go to the doctor.
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    Created by mary highland