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To: Northern Ireland Executive & Assembly

Free universal access to period products in N Ireland #MenstuationMatters

The words 'Menstruation Matters' in red and white on a pink background.

Now, more than ever, we need free universal access to period products in N Ireland.

Why is this important?

In every public toilet, we can avail of free toilet roll, hand soap and hand towels - what makes period products any different? We firmly believe that any toilet that requires toilet roll, requires period products in exactly the same way.

For too long our menstrual needs have been sidelined, and for too long we have been conditioned to use toilet roll as a temporary measure when we take our periods unexpectedly outside the home. In fact, 98% of those we surveyed have had to use toilet paper and expressed feelings of discomfort, worry and anxiety as a result of this risky alternative.

Period poverty is prevalent throughout N Ireland. We have seen an exponential increase throughout the pandemic and lockdown, receiving three times the demand for our period packs. The provision of free period products in all toilets will help alleviate the growing issue of period poverty and will also help meet the needs of all those who menstruate when their periods are unpredictable.

No more being caught out and no more period poverty. Everyone deserves to have a dignified period.

We are calling on the NI Executive to lock the provision of free period products into legislation so that every toilet, in every public and privately owned building, has free pads and tampons for everyone. Just. Like. Toilet. Roll.

Let's follow in Scotland's lead!

Let's make N Ireland completely period positive!


Northern Ireland, UK

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