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To: Galway County Council

Protect Gort Uí Lochlainn Woods, Moycullen

Stop the proposed demolition of Gort Ui Lochlainn Woods in Moycullen.

Why is this important?

This petition is in response to Galway County Councils proposed destruction of Gort Uí Lochlainn Woods for a new housing development:

Gort Uí Lochlainn woods is a beautiful mature, natural, broad leafed deciduous woodland that is used extensively by the community.

This woodland harbours rich biodiversity with over 200-year-old native deciduous trees, inc. beech, holly, birch etc., a rich understorey and a stream releasing freshwater from the boggy uplands down to the limestone lowlands, all harbouring species of endemic flora and fauna, the latter including mammals such as foxes, badgers and bats; birds such as jays, sparrowhawks and a visiting barn owl; woodland and aquatic invertebrates.

The present pandemic has highlighted the intrinsic value of outdoor recreation to human well-being; taking this woodland away from the neighbouring community is an affront to all human needs for natural resources for mental health and wellbeing and it is a natural classroom to teach our younger generation respect for their natural environment.

Galway County Council proposes to destroy the woods without even conducting an environmental impact assessment, and in so doing are ignoring that:

- The woods is a habitat to multiple wildlife and a variety of flora and fauna

- The woods act as a flood protection system

- The destruction of woodlands negatively impacts our fight against climate change

Gortyloughlin, Co. Galway, Ireland

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