• Ireland Ban Boiling Lobsters Alive
    We as humans have a responsibility to ensure that animals do not have to endure unnecessary pain. Lobsters can be held in storage tanks with their claws bound for up to a year before being purchased by the end consumer only to be boiled alive in scalding water. It can take up to 3 minutes for a lobster/crab to die in this most horrific way. There is plenty of scientific evidence now available to support the fact that lobsters feel pain and there is absolutely no need for them to die in such a horrifying and inhumane way. Let us put a stop to this forever.
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    Created by Crusty Love
  • Stop attacking horse ownership in the Traveller community
    Proposals to tackle issues and dangers associated with horses on public roads have all been based on a top down approach, with the most recent seeking to castigate and blame the Traveller community for horse-related issues to do with animal cruelty and accidents on the road. While law enforcement is an essential part of any response in all these cases, real progress can only be based on inclusive consultation and on respect for each other's culture.
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    Created by Margaret Casey
  • End Cruel Experiments On Animals At Trinity College Dublin
    Animals Cruelty is wrong on all levels. To Researchers: If you ignore a cry, a squeal, a shriek & you don't take action to protect that being. You are then responsible for criminal abuse There are alternative methods out there. Also, why are all countries around the world doing the same experiments on animals over and over again. Its all about money at the end of the day for the CEO's & Stakeholders
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    Created by Mary Byrne
  • Save St.Annes Park
    This is important because money could be better spent in redevelopment in other areas of the city. The park is one of the few left in the city that has been left untouched for years. The park provides many community events throughout the year and brings people together for all types of occasions. This site was privately sold but still comes under the umbrella of the park so if this development goes ahead it opens the flood gates for endless destruction to the park through building. Where does it end?
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    Created by John Mackey
  • Save Greyhounds From Cruelty
    Irish greyhounds are being killed in Irish pounds. Some as young as one or two years of age. Others are sent to Asia to be tortured, clubbed, beaten to death, to be skinned alive, eaten after being boiled alive, raced to death, bred to death . TDs deny any cruelty. The government spent millions in the last budget propping up this vile industry as people die on our streets and families cant get homes.
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    Created by Annie Boyan
  • "'Shame'rock for Trump - Not in our name"
    An Taoiseach is our representative abroad. When he accepts prejudice, racism and bigotry, it shames the people of our country. We feel that such an alliance is not good for our country's reputation and undermines our relationship with other countries. Trump is a despicable human being. A point must be reached where falling at the foot of a powerful man, at the expense of our values and morals and international reputation is not acceptable! "'Shame'rock for Trump: Not in our Name"
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    Created by Concerned Citizen
  • Allow pets to travel on buses & taxis
    Currently, pets such as dogs and cats are restricted from travelling on buses and taxis unless they are contained. This can be difficult in emergency situations, with regard to taxis requiring the pet to be 'contained' regardless of the welfare of the animal. I have experienced this recently and find it appalling. This is a serious issue which needs to be amended. This only exists in Ireland. In the UK pet are allowed to travel freely and are not forced into containers that could harm their wellbeing. If it works there, then it can work here! Please, if you agree that pets shouldn't have to be needlessly contained on buses and taxis, can you sign and share this petition to show The Taoiseach where you stand?
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    Created by Aaron Gill
  • Help stop the Bayer- Monsanto merger
    It would be an altogether too powerful body and they would have a complete monopoly on pesticides, fertilizers, seeds etc. Monsanto is a producer of genetically modified crops. A merger between these too would spell disaster for farming and farming produce in Ireland.
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    Created by Rosemary Ryan
  • End Wild Animal Circuses - support the Prohibition of Wild Animals in Circuses Bill 2017
    Using wild animals in travelling circuses where animals are forced to travel long distances and to perform unusual tricks and routines is cruel. A circus is no place for wild animals such as elephants, zebras, lions, camels and tigers; their needs cannot be met in a circus. Animals that are in circuses can suffer long term physical and psychological harm. Countries across Europe are banning wild animal circuses which is leading to Ireland quickly becoming one of the last places in Europe to allow this cruel practice. Call on your TD to support the bill before the Dáil from the Solidarity/People before Profit group that will see the end of this barbaric practice.
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    Created by Ban Animal Circuses O Picture
  • Suspend live exports until a full investigation is carried out into the death of 121 Irish lambs.
    Each year tens of thousands of live farm animals are shipped overseas from Ireland to countries that have little or no animal welfare laws. Loaded onto crowded trucks and planes, their gruelling journeys can take days or weeks only to be slaughtered at their destination. Many animals, such as calves and lambs, suffer stress and exhaustion, hunger, thirst and rough handling - some even die in transit. In this instance 1,700 lambs were being shipped to Singapore to be slaughtered in the Hari Raya Haji celebration. 121 lambs died during the journey, the cause of death believed to be heat stress.
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    Created by Caroline Rowley
  • Save The Meadows, Merlin Park Galway
    Merlin Park meadows has been conserved as a public amenity space for many generations and is a vital green space for the people of Galway. With 84 acres of land already zoned for development within the Merlin Park hospital complex, it will have an adverse impact on the community - once it is gone, it can never be replaced. With the expansion of housing and commercial lands surrounding the area, it is a healthy environment for the ever increasing population who depend on it as an escape from polluted environments, a place for mental relaxation and physical activity. Along with the Merlin Park Woods it is the only known habitat in the city where Red Squirrel are thriving and sightings from other areas of the city are of roadkill. It is home to thousands of mammals and wildlife species such as butterflies, bumblebees and dragonflies providing a safe haven for them with huge declines in the number of these species and many threatened species in recent years. It is home to a variety of Orchids and wildflowers similar to the protected Burren in Co Clare. This is a very unique meadow within the city of Galway and is totally natural. Galway has been awarded the European Green Leaf Award for 2017, to allow development on public land and destroy this meadow would totally go against this.
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    Created by Car Stanley
  • Public register for animal abusers and murderers
    Animals are beautiful and their lives matter, no one should be allowed to get off from abusing them. Even if they are charged with abuse we never hear about it. I believe a public register may in some way reduce the cruelty to these helpless animals.All animals deserve to live free from fear and the people who abuse them need to be outed. I don't believe the laws regarding animal abuse is strong enough in Ireland. So please please bring this law in and leave god's creatures to live their lives. In certain states in america they have specific police forces that deal in animal offenders. They get prison sentences for the abuse of animals. My love for animals comes from my very core and I would do anything to try and protect them. Who is there voice if we are not. Let us be their voice and sign the petition if you really love animals then have a heart and show you care. Don't just talk about it do it.
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    Created by Elena Cogavin