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To: The Government

Ban Bloodsports

Ban Bloodsports

As we speak 500 hares are being held captive awaiting the Clonmel Co. Tipperary Ireland "Coursing Festival" in February These hares have been trapped nationwide, taken from their natural enviorment and now they must run for their lives in the name of sport. The taxpayers money is used to prop up the greyhound industry, is this how you want your money used? Tell your TDs how you feel about bloodsports where you go they will follow they need your vote

Why is this important?

We call ourselves a modern, civilised and caring society yet we continue to allow animal cruelty to continue unabated. How can this horrendous activity be called sport, and be funded by our Govt. in our name? This money would be better spent creating family friendly wildlife areas and helping our animal charities pick up the pieces from this industry



2019-06-25 21:46:51 +0100

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