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To: Global Citizens

Remove Palm Oil from ALL products

Remove Palm Oil from ALL products

STOP buying products with Palm Oil in it.
Read the Ingredients of any products you buy and if you see palm oil, put it down and find something that doesn't have palm oil in. It is a Simple action.

Sign the Petition and commit to not buying palm oil anymore. Help spread the message with family and friends on the issue & action.

Why is this important?

We have lost 60% of Wildlife and biodiversity in the World since the 1970's. We are destroying wildlife habitat and replacing it for Palm Oil Plantations, to produce 'cheap' vegetable oil. Most products don't even need the ingredient as they had the same product before using palm oil.

Do You know what Palm Oil is? Did you know that Palm oil is in most biscuits, cakes, crisps, chocolate bars, snacks, sweets, ice cream, crackers? It's in soap, shampoo, makeup and cleaning products? It's in drinks and health products too? It is the most consumed vegetable oil in the world and you probably don't even realise you're eating it!!

Did you know that 60% of Wildlife has been removed since the 1970's?
Palm oil doesn't need to be in any products we buy. It is there because its cheap and the industry wants to sell more and more of it. 180,000 Orangutans have disappeared in the last 100 years, due to hunting, capturing and now in the past 20 years the Palm Oil Industry.

This Petition is a cry for help, It is to ask everyone and anyone to STOP buying palm oil products. Please take the time and JUST read the ingredients to see if what you are buying is apart of this massive environmental crisis. Stop buying products with Palm oil which support destruction.

If you like your chocolate bars, just buy one that is organic and without palm oil and enjoy it more.

We need to make a collective change in how we shop, buy and support the whole environment. We also need to start realizing that we have the power to make the change. Not allowing governments and corporations to make decisions for us, empowers us to make the right choices and in turn, the corporations and governments will have to follow US !!

We have a massive opportunity to come together and fight for something that is bigger than ourselves. We all need the environment to support us. We need to start working with holistic systems, design, and management that carries good ethics, values, and morals with them.

Please sign this petition but most importantly STOP BUYING Palm Oil Products, period. NO MORE. let's act together with our hearts, our heads and our consumer choice.


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