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To: Minister of Agriculture Charlie McConalogue

Full independent investigation into welfare issues in Dublin Zoo

Dear Minister McConalogue

We call for an independent investigation into the management of Dublin zoo.

Dublin Zoo has an outsourced HR company, MSS, The HR People, who have been managing the zoo for over 30 years. (1)

The same HR company was in charge of running the notorious Ashton Pound in Dublin, where allegations of dog cruelty and neglect lead to the shut down of the facility and several managers, including a vet, were investigated by the Gardai and subsequently charged with animal cruelty.

Whistleblowers at Dublin Zoo are raising shocking stories about concerns relating to poor management decisions, which lead to animal welfare issues and concerns about staff wellbeing. (2)

Although the NPWS has carried out an investigation into the claims, we demand a fully independent investigation into the whistleblower allegations.

Zoo animals are some of the most vulnerable in the world and deserve to have any claim of abuse or mistreatment to be fully, transparently investigated.

The animal welfare issues that have been raised are too important to ignore, these include lack of access to clean water, improper euthanasia, and splitting up of family groups causing unnecessary stress.

Please sign your name to demand a full, independent investigation into Dublin Zoo. 

Why is this important?

Because animals are suffering in Dublin Zoo.

How it will be delivered

Via Email

Dublin, Ireland

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