• Call for a moratorium on rent and mortgages during the Covid 19 emergency
    Because of restrictions which are required to save lives, during this emergency, many businesses and employees will face unprecedented strain on their finances, with businesses forced to shut and employees suddenly laid off. The proposed moratorium is aimed at preventing the health emergency becoming a long term economic emergency and adding to the homeless crisis. The key is that it needs to be not just a moratorium on payment, but a moratorium on the rent and interest being incurred. Otherwise at the end of the moratorium landlords/banks could come looking for, say, 3 months arrears resulting in a spate of people getting evicted and businesses closing down. It is recognised that this proposal interferes with property rights, but is proportionate to the unprecedented situation and to the restrictions being placed on people and the use of their property, so would be constitutional. This is an extreme measure, but a necessary one.
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    Created by Donnchadh Woulfe
  • Allow An Garda Síochána Make Emergency Barring Orders
    A toxic combination of being cut off from family and friends, shut refuges, financial hardship, loss of work, closed schools and community services means women experiencing violence are in great danger because of Covid19. The Courts are barely open and even though they say they'll continue to hear emergency domestic violence cases, it's clear that it victims won't be able to get emergency barring orders because all other services they need - from childcare, support workers, transport, legal advice will be either non-existent or too hard to access. Its not clear what will happen if we are ordered to go into full lockdown. Women and children experiencing violence will effectively be locked in with violent partners - and no support system. The Istanbul Convention to which Ireland is a signatory requires for special measures to be taken to prevent and protect women from gender-based violence. 22 other European Countries that are signatories to the Istanbul Convention have already granted special powers to police to make Emergency Barring Orders Regions that have already seen large numbers of Covid-19 cases such as China and have taken measures to reduce the spread by confining people to their homes have reported significant increases in incidents of domestic violence. The time to act is now. About Sisi Sisi is a collective of survivors of intimate abuse in Ireland. It formed in Aug 2018 as an action group and voice for women. This is a unique survivor led platform in Ireland, and is a highly innovative way to bring lived survivor experience to inform state institutions and policies. Our vision is an Ireland where women are free from violence, including sexual abuse and coercive control. Our mission is to support women survivors of violence, including domestic abuse and coercive control, to be leaders, and to grow and develop utilizing their lived experiences and by taking collective action in the pursuit of freedom, equality and structural change.
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  • Save Sankar from Deportation
    This is Sankar Palaniyappan from India and currently living in Ireland for almost five years. Been here as asylum seeker. I spent all my time in Longford direct provision centre. I was very much hopeful to be granted leave to remain. Unfortunately dept of justice issued deportation against me. Now my life is completely broken. During my stay here I been involved various volunteers and tidy towns in Longford and helping out elderly people those who are in need. I have great connection with local community here. I got graduated MBA in human resources and MA in marketing and innovation. I am not here to burden for the state. Well able to find a job and to make positive contribution to the state and also give me an opportunity to stay in this beautiful country. I didn’t ask for anything else except stay and work legally. Rest I will make it everything myself. Here I have attached some reference and education transcript for the credibility. Sankar has fears of death threats if sent back home to India.
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  • No EU Trade deal with UK until Assange is released
    The USA has become the world's foremost violator of all International laws regarding war crimes, torture, human rights abuses etc. Time to hold them accountable.
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    Created by Gordon Mc Ardle
  • Let David and Fortunate stay in Ireland
    David Nesengani came to Ireland with his wife Fortunate after receiving death threats in South Africa in 2016. Their family home was burned down for standing with other African nationals who were attacked in South Africa. The International Protection Appeals Tribunal in the Department of Justice and Equality has previously granted refugee status to South Africans in David's situation as recently as last year. But there is lack of consistency in the decisions made by the tribunal as they seem to depend on which tribunal member you get since they all reach different conclusions when empirical evidence remains the same. All this undermines the principle of non-refoulement as the couple stands to be deported to a country that has been found by several members of the appeals tribunal to be unsafe for people who are in the same position as David and Fortunate. Fortunate and her husband have spent years in Direct Provision before being served with a deportation order. That is cruel considering that David and Fortunate will not get the years lost in Direct Provision back. David is currently doing his second year of the BA - Applied Social Studies in Social Care at the Athlone Institute of Technology. The couple has been doing voluntary work in Athlone since their right to work is restricted. Let David and Fortunate stay!!!
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  • Three Wise Men
    Three Wise Men Three Pakistani men who have given their all to be part of Irish society are at imminent risk of deportation to Pakistan, where life for them will be dangerous to their health and wellbeing. The three won the hearts of their Longford neighbours, when they volunteered as the Three Wise Men for the Christmas pageant in 2017, even though two are Muslim. Vicky, one of the three, who was working locally as a nurse in a retirement home was forced to return to Pakistan in 2018, despite a petition of over 6000 signatures and the two remaining men, having exhausted all appeals await their fate after 4 years enduring the Direct Provision system in Ireland. Malik has had several exhibitions of his paintings in Longford and elsewhere and Abdul’s photography has documented cultural events in Longford, Dublin and Kerry. They have both performed in several shows around the country with Catherine Young Dance. Their hospitality and sense of community has been a gift to everyone who has come to know them. They are cherished by their local community and the arts community in Ireland but are about to be forced to leave. Can you sign this letter to the minister for Justice asking for compassionate leave to remain for the two remaining men?
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    Created by Brian Fleming
  • I am calling on Meath County Council to provide an emergency out of hours service for the homeless
    Over the last 4 years 222 homeless people died on our streets. The Government and all local authorities have a duty of care to the most vulnerable people in our society the homeless. At present Meath County Council only provide assistance if homelessness is caused by fire or flood. Or is due to an adverse weather event. Or at Christmas time. The service in place is not fit for purpose at any time, but its an absolute disgrace that this is all Meath County Council can offer during a housing emergency. Please sign share and like this petition with all your family and friends and help me ensure that the next homeless death, No 223 does not happen on the streets of Co Meath.
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  • Government of National Unity
    We now have less than 10 years to reverse the climate emergency. The solutions to climate change are good for all our other issues with * cleaner air * warmer homes * smaller energy bills *better public transport * localised economies * organic food * biodiverse gardens * rich wildlife areas * seas teaming with fish and other marine animals * a more equal society. Let Ireland lead the world on this.
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    Created by Janet Hawker
  • Calling on Tusla to cease implementation of Child Abuse Substantiation Procedures
    Tusla’s new Child Abuse Substantiation Procedures will allow in certain certain circumstances for people under investigation for child abuse, including sexual abuse, to personally interview their alleged victims. The new procedures constitutes inter alia: • a victims right to privacy and dignity throughout an investigation process being severely undermined by these proposals. • a complete lack of regard for the well-being of the victim: the new procedures have potential to retraumatise victims. • a barrier to reporting abuse: it is extremely difficult in any circumstance for victims to come forward with a complaint of abuse. The prospect of having to meet an abuser may have implications on people coming forward with cases of abuse in the future. • an erosion of child-safeguarding.
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  • Help stop excessive Bank ATM charges Ireland
    This plan is outrageous and puts an excessive charge on the use of these proposed privately owned ATM’s, (approximately 1000 combined) which will most likely hit lower waged workers, students and people in receipt of social welfare payments, to name just a few. This proposal is another unjust ploy by Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank to increase their profits, at the behest of the ordinary person. The aforementioned Banks have sold off branches, and reduced in person cash services at their branches. Furthermore, people in Rural Ireland will have to travel to find a Bank owned ATM in order to avoid this financial burden. I also call on the Irish Government and the Financial Regulator to stop this proposal from going through.
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    Created by John Jackie O'Connor
    Everyone who knows her, knows that she was always ready to help when needed. She is currently in a critical condition and all we can do is help BRING BACK BACK MITA
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    Created by Mita Rahima
  • End all TDs travel allowances and give them a free travel pass instead
    If TDs have to use public transport then Ireland will very quickly have a functioning, quality public transport system.
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    Created by Barry O'Donovan