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To: Dublin City Council

See the Camac!

"See the Camac" is calling on Dublin City Council to make alterations to the wall obstructing the public view of the River Camac on Emmet Road/Goldenbridge.

The Camac River in Inchicore is hidden underground in concrete culverts for long sections or is inaccessible due to development. Lowering or replacing the wall at Goldenbridge would give local people and visitors the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the river.

This "quick win" would help build positive engagement around the longer term development of a Camac Greenway.

Why is this important?

People living in cities need access to nature, but in Inchicore the canal and river are largely walled off and inaccessible. Plans have existed for decades to open up "blueways" for public enjoyment and recreation but we have seen little progress between Suir Road and Blackhorse. We need public pressure to progress much needed improvements.

Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland

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2023-03-28 10:38:06 +0100

Here's a video from our demo on Sunday where we used ladders to see the Camac!

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