• The Hamilton Way
    Dunsink Observatory in Dublin 15 was built in 1785 and is a unique part of the scientific and cultural heritage of Ireland. It has been home to many of Ireland’s greatest scientists, including Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and has played an important part in astronomical discovery and public engagement in Ireland for over two centuries. The observatory currently receives about 5,000 visitors per year, but access to the observatory is limited via Dunsink Lane. We therefore propose a ~450 metre foot and cycle route to the observatory from the top of Dunsinea Lane (at Phoenix FC/Priorstown House gates). The Hamilton Way would transform access to the observatory and open it up to many more visitors from Ashtown, the Royal Canal, Tolka Valley Park and the Phoenix Park. Learn more about the Hamilton Way at https://www.dunsink.dias.ie/hamiltonway/.
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  • Support the Motion to Ban Drilling
    Dervilla, environmental campaigner says: "In the midst of a climate emergency there is evidence that the oil and gas industry is attempting once more to come in and put at risk the health and future of the public and the border regions. In 2014, then Energy Minister Arlene Foster issued an order which meant the licence to explore for shale gas in Fermanagh was terminated. We need her and her party to show that she will stand with us." Support the motion https://bit.ly/3nIw0ZC
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  • Require universities to partially refund international tuition fees for 2020/21 due to COVID-19
    The Irish Government should care because thousands of international students studying in Ireland are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money universities are asking for. Students should get the chance to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, opportunities, and chances to network and develop meaningful relationships face-to-face. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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  • Require NUI Galway to partially refund tuition fees for 2020/21 due to Covid-19
    The UMT should care because thousands of Irish and international students studying in Galway are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money the university is asking for. Students should be able to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, office hours, tutoring, services, career opportunities, and the chance to network and develop meaningful relationships with professors, peers, and staff. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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    We are asking to respond to the disturbing and tragic events in Belarus, to protect the lives and civil liberties of Belarusians. On August 9th, 2020, the Republic of Belarus held Presidential elections which became one the dirtiest, ballot rigged elections in Belarusian history. The ensued nationwide peaceful protests are being brutally suppressed by the authorities. Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered for peaceful protests all across the country from large cities to the smallest villages. In response, the Lukashenko government unleashed armed forces, military, OMON, and police and ordered to brutally suppress the protests: ● Lukashenko authorized the use of rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons, stun and flash grenades in a violent, bloody crackdown to suppress and silence the peaceful unarmed protesters calling for a free democratic election. ● Journalists and press have been specifically targeted and to further silence the people the internet has been largely shut down across the country during the first four days following the election, combined with limited cellular service. ● On the streets: countless accounts of violent beatings, injuries, and unlawful detainment of over 11,000 Belarusians, some still in prison, - all civilian unarmed peaceful protesters. ● In detention centres: violent beatings, torture, rape, denial of medical care to severely injured, denial of medication to people with diabetes, asthma and other serious medical conditions. ● As of October 7th, 2020, seven people confirmed dead as a result of the brutal use of force by Belarusian law enforcement agencies: ● Alexander Tarajkovski (34, Minsk) - shot by government special forces, while walking the street alone unarmed with hands up in the air; ● Alexander Vihor (25, Gomel); ● Gennadi Shutov (43, Brest); ● Konstantin Shyshmakov (29, Volkovysk); ● Nikita Krivtsov (28, Minsk); ● Aliaksandr Budnitski (53, Minsk); ● Dzyanis Kuznyatsov (41, Minsk). ● As of October 7th, 2020, over 100 people, arrested for participation or protests, are missing, while hundreds are still being detained in jails without trial. We, citizens and residents of Ireland with Belarussian roots and friends of Belarusian people, declare that Alexander Lukashenko ordered the mass suppression of peaceful protests and use of brutal police force against the citizens of Belarus. We further declare that Lukashenko and his regime is guilty of crimes against humanity as he personally authorized the atrocities that took place on the streets of Belarus, in jails and detention centers following the day of the elections. At the time before the election campaign and to this day, Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly and openly stated to his political opponents and the entire population of the country that he is ready to use weapons against unarmed citizens. He and his regime are a threat to the lives of hundreds and thousands of innocent people. We encourage the United Nations to show that it remains committed to its participation in a global fight to end the impunity with concrete action.
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  • Save Ballymore Post Office
    The Post Office service in Ballymore has been a hugely important hub of activity for many years and it continues to be a busy service. Ballymore Post Office is a core enterprise of rural communities and is responsible for the provision of vital financial services to the most vulnerable service users in our area. There is a agreement between An Post and the government that AnPost must ensure that people continue to have access to financial services and are not financially excluded. The reform agenda of An Post is forcing 'change' onto people, before they have actually had a chance to adapt their ways to modern day online facilities. One worrying result of this will be that our most vulnerable; older service users and those with physical or intellectual challenges, will now be drawn into towns to draw their cash payments. This not not only subjects them to the fear of theft, but in these current times, there are at a hugely higher risk of being infected with Covid19. There is also a distinct lack of public or private transport in the area. "This is yet another service being slowly ripped away from rural Ireland, if we stand by and allow this to happen we will wake up one day and there won’t be a heart left in our rural communities,” said Cllr McCormack.
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  • Build Educational Infrastructure for South Dublin City
    It is our understanding that there have been a number of objections raised at An Bórd Pleanála to the Planning Permission that has been granted for the development of an Educational Campus on the Roslyn Park site in Sandymount Village (Application #4429/19). While some local community groups and residents have their reasons to object, as is their right and prerogative to do, we too are members of the community and want to raise our voice in support of the proposed plan as granted by Dublin City Council.
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  • Support the Dying with Dignity Bill.
    Next week TD’s will vote on whether to support a new law that would give terminally ill people the right to control their own death when they decide their sufferable is no longer bearable. The government have stated that they intend to defer the bill for one year. This will only unduly delay the progress of the billl and the issue. The Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 would change the law in Ireland. At present it is illegal for doctors and medical professionals to help terminally ill people in unbearable pain to end their own life; this Bill would change that.
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  • No Child Gets Left Behind - End School Bus Transport Segregation
    Current selection policy does not take into account the nuances of rural living, whereby a child can be 0.1km outside a catchment area due to a twist in the road. The current two tier system is a form of apartheid as it discriminates aganst a child due to its eircode, with no account to the national road grid, feeder primary schools and recent increases in local population. Concessionary children are being separated from their classmates and neighbours due to current selection criteria. This causes division and hostility in rural communities. Has any consideration been given to a child’s mental health due to this outdated selection criteria? These school bus fiascos have been going on for years. Just google it. Its a time for change and that time is now. No child should get left behind.
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  • SOS Stop the Seal Shooting
    At a time when biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate, instead of this ludicrous scheme and bowing to lobbyists for profit, there should be increased protection for all wildlife and promotion of veganism. Fish stocks have been depleted due to overfishing and not giving time for regeneration, which are the actions of humans, not seals.
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  • Stop Development on Gallwey's Hill Tramore
    The former owner of this site should be commemorated as someone who triumphed over adversity, by dedicating this iconic viewing spot in Tramore to those who struggle due to exclusion. An accessible community garden with coffee shop would offer all in the town and beyond, a space and workplace for inclusion along with environmental appreciation.
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