• Provide Consistency and Transparency in the Presentation of Electricity Tariffs
    Please see the YouTube video I have created to explain why you should sign this petition (see updates for link). It is difficult if not impossible to understand all the electricity plan variables, and to make an informed choice as things stand today. I created an excel model to assist with this decision making process, but excel skills should not be necessary for a consumer to pick their electricity plan!
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    Created by Kirsty Halloran Picture
  • Cap Energy Bills
    From being forced to live in cold damp houses, to small businesses closing early because they can’t pay the electricity bill, the wall of hardship is only getting higher. This government knew for a long time that there wouldn’t be enough energy for us all and decided to prioritise energy-guzzling data centres over ordinary people. The government's own report on the energy security review this week showed clearly that soon data centres will be consuming up to 30% of our energy. We have to make sure this government understands that their priority must be to protect people and make sure we all get through this winter without freezing or being forced to make impossible choices. https://www.youtube.com/embed/BxY-MBje7m8 Our community wants to see caps on household, community services and small business energy bills as a priority in this budget.
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    Created by Brian Cuthbert
  • Rename Berkeley Library to Wilde Library
    We believe that the college ought to remove George Berkeley's name from the library as he was a supporter of both slavery and settler colonialism; and that Oscar Wilde ought to be given a more prominent role in the college due to his contributions to Trinity life, literature, and the history of LGBTQIA+ people. Berkeley was a slave owner, and he used the funds from his plantations to make profit for himself and organisations like Yale University. He wrote about his beliefs that slavery was an efficient way to Christianize Black people and that Indigenous Americans should be transported by force to missionary colleges in Bermuda. Oscar Wilde participated in many Trinity institutions like the Phil and the Foundation Scholarship while also contributing to the legacy of Dublin's relationship with Gothic literature and socially conscious theatre. He also advocated for social causes such as prison reform, gender equality, and, most famously, sexual freedom. Since Wilde deserves more formal recognition in the college (as it recognizes Beckett, Synge, and Swift) and Berkeley's name should not be given the respect it currently receives, changing the name of the library to the Wilde Library would significantly improve our campus and demonstrate Trinity's efforts towards making the college truly inclusive.
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    Created by Dublin University Gender Equality Society Picture
  • Corpus Christi Parish Hall for Corpus Christi School
    We are now entering the 3rd year where the school does not have access to the adjoining Parish hall for PE/Assembly activities including school events and communion/confirmation receptions and graduation celebrations. The Parish Priest closed the hall circa July 2020 citing fire safety issues. Regretfully, the Monsignor and the church’s position is one of non-engagement with the community and public representatives on the matter. The school secured the scouts den on the Corpus Christi church grounds for PE activities. However, this is not suitable spatially for PE delivery for a 450 pupil school. Indeed, much PE activity takes place in the school yard as well as all school assembly activities, weather permitting. Parents were led by the school management to believe that the use of the Scout's Den was an interim measure until access to the Parish Hall resumed while works were in progress.
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    Created by Angela Shafer
  • Dog park in Royal canal park/Ashtown
    There is no designated area that dogs can be off their lease. There will always be dogs that need to run free, so we should have more security for everyone and make this space. It also allows dogs to be more sociable and keeps them in one area, instead of running in all different places.
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    Created by Ger Tolan
  • Disability shouldn't equal poverty - increase disability payments now
    We call on the Minister to implement the UNCRPD and UN resolution on disability and for those living with rare disease and chronic illness, to ensure they survive in this cost of living crisis.
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    Created by Anna Doyle
  • Pedestrian cross at the school in Bunclody
    It's a very dangerous road and pupils are risking every time they need to cross the road going to school or coming back home. Image source: https://tinyurl.com/mrxws8n9
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    Created by Tadas Zakevicius
  • Keep rural Waterford bus routes open
    Many people rely on these public buses to get access to services, family and work. We should be protecting all bus routes to promote more sustainable and affordable means of travel. Don't cut rural Waterford off from public bus services. https://waterford-news.ie/2022/09/12/suirway-to-cease-public-transport-services-after-123-years/
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    Created by Michelle Byrne
  • Incorporate Existing Cycle Lane into the proposed Greenway
    It defies logic to construct a second cycleway instead of utilising the existing one.  The approach seems to be completely at odds with the Greenway’s own stated aim of a "maximising the value of existing infrastructure” and a “Greenway should link with community sites such as schools or housing estates as a means of commuting to work, a school and recreation” Using the existing cycleway would provide a safer infrastructure for everyone, especially school-going children so benefiting the local community as well as tourists. Using the existing cycle lane would bring the Greenway through Ballinderreen village which would benefit local communities by bringing new business opportunities. Loss of privacy to many households, destruction of natural habitat, implications to wildlife (including protected owls and bats), noise and light pollution, safety and crime concerns are among the many fears of the local community. Please Sign our petition to get existing cycle lane finished as part of the new proposed Greenway.
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    Created by Nuala Martyn
  • Abolish Good Character references in rape trials
    To ensure Victims and survivors of sexual trauma are protected during the Court process. But also to dispell prevelant rape myths throughout our society that good character means someone is not capable of rape.
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    Created by Rape Crisis Northern Ireland
  • Tell Truss: Take action on Energy Costs in Northern Ireland
    Liz Truss is promising to act quickly on energy prices, but because the energy market in Northern Ireland is so different it’s far from certain what that will mean for us. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has predicted that Northern Ireland could experience a 67% increase in extreme poverty, the highest in the UK by far. And with 66% of homes here using home-heating oil as their fuel source, as opposed to 5% in England, Scotland and Wales, we’re going to need a solution tailored to our needs.
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  • Not Our Fault - 100% redress for apartment/duplex defects
    We simply cannot afford to pay for this work, particularly at this time of soaring prices. The government has received a report from the Working Group to Examine Defects in Housing which outlines the scale of the problem. It contains different options for the government to decide how to deal with this issue. One of those options is a 100% redress scheme. This is the only just and workable option. We are calling on the government to agree to implement a 100% redress scheme and to then pursue the builders responsible for this crisis.
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    Created by Jill Kellegher