• Stop Ireland being a Tax Haven
    We are siphoning off the tax base of many, often poorer countries by our corporate tax policies and loopholes. We deny them the funds for hospitals, schools, social supports and infrastructure as well as their capacity to fight climate change. As a tax haven we are doing far more global damage than anything we do that damages the world’s climate. Apple admitted to the US senate that their effective tax rate in Ireland is 2%. Microsoft acknowledged that they put €98 billion through Ireland ‘that was not subject to tax in this jurisdiction’ They paid €3 billion in tax that year ( on €24 billion at 12% ?) making it approx 2% tax rate again. The untaxed money comes from Profit Shifting to Ireland ie profits from other countries. My friend in sub Saharan Africa said all the youth have smartphones but not enough to eat. That’s the power of advertising a product-on which no tax was paid. Ireland is a country that is generous in it’s contributions to developing nations but we completely undermine this by our tax haven activities. It’s time to call for a change in direction to a more ethical business and tax model
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    Created by Paul Connolly
  • Jack Charlton Statue
    It celebrates and commemorates the man who really put irish football on the map and made it possible for a nation to dare to dream of success on the international football stage. In our irish eye he is an icon in our footballing history and he really should be celebrated with a statue in his honor for future generations crossing the doors of the aviva to behold the Great man we once had the privilege to witness in his glory.
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    Created by Adam Healy
  • Childcare Reform for Northern Ireland Now!
    Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland that does not have an official childcare strategy in place. Childcare in Northern Ireland is increasingly unaffordable, and is on a par with London, where salaries are much higher. We need urgent interventions while we wait for a long-term reform, including removal of the cap on the tax-free allowance, and extension of the government contribution to families’ childcare accounts from 20% to 30%. Parents must be included in all government discussions about redesigning the childcare system, and a sustainable childcare system must be a political priority.
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  • Stop the Ballybrack Bridge
    https://www.uplift.ie/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/MyUplift-banner-politician-SVG.svg Ballybrack woods is a unique area of woodland in the heartbeat of Douglas. It's an idyllic, peaceful amenity. The destruction of trees, habitats and biodiversity in this area would be detrimental. This area is also of huge historical importance due to the close connection with Morough Mills. The Mangolds, locally called Mangles, that gave it its name were grown there to be used in the mills. The residents of Douglas will not allow or stand by the destruction of this vitally important amenity.
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    Created by Michelle Cowhey Shahid
  • Expel Israeli Embassy
    Simply watch what #Netanyahu is doing and saying.
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    Created by Kevin Tierney
  • Stand Against Racism and support Migrant Women in Ireland
    For a long time the Irish police did not recognize racism as a form of discrimination. Meaning that the state was not aware or have any official record of the extent of racism in the country. everyday people from migrant backgrounds face prejudice in their workplace, homes, schools and colleges. It is important that institutional and State bodies implement adequate policies and procedures to ensure that racism is combated within Ireland. Without proper support from their institutions people of color and people of migrant backgrounds will continue to be impacted by discrimination and institutional racism throughout their daily lives.
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    Created by brianna rossback
  • Put limits on the purchase of land by the mega wealthy
    It doesn’t have to be this way. There are alternatives. In France they have a system called SAFER which: *Intervenes in land sales in the public interest where there is land speculation by non farmers and billionaire investors *Ensures viable land holdings, *Maintains rural communities and the viability of existing farms, *Controls prices so land is affordable. https://www.landcommission.gov.scot/downloads/6554aa4252c5a_Review%20of%20France%C3%94%C3%87%C3%96s%20SAFER%20Land%20Market%20Interventions.pdf Our politicians are avoiding this issue. They have their heads in the sand. We demand that they sort out the mess NOW to ensure viable landholdings for farming families. Irish Family Farms is a group of landowners and other citizens who have got together to raise awareness of this issue and demand change. We will use this petition to apply pressure on government ministers McConalogue and Hackett to change the system.
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    Created by Irish Family Farms
  • Advocating for education on healthy parent-child relationships
    Childhood trauma, stemming from unhealthy relationships with their parents can cause issues with psychological development and lead to multigenerational trauma.
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    Created by Kelly O'Connor
  • Reform Irish Laws on Pet Theft
    Nearly 4 years later there has been no movement on this. After numerous email correspondences with the Department of Justice and James Browne’s office there has been no clear answers. I now need the support of the public to get this legislation fast tracked. In the words of Deputy James Browne 21st July 2020 - “Currently the theft of a pet is treated by the law as the very same as stealing a deck chair. Yet, the theft of a pet can have a devastating effect on its owners and their family. This should be reflected in the sanction given out for such a theft. Where the theft is of therapy or support dog there should be an even greater sanction.” Dogs and other companion pets are still being stolen daily in Ireland. The theft of a pet needs its own classification and adequate punishment. Pet theft is a LOW RISK/ HIGH REWARD CRIME.
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    Created by Lisa O'Connor
  • Introduce Baby Loss Certificates in Northern Ireland
    A baby that dies after 24 weeks is officially recorded as a stillbirth, however, there is no such formal recognition for babies lost earlier. Since February, bereaved parents in England who lose a baby before 24 weeks can now receive a certificate in recognition of their loss. Wales and Scotland have similar schemes in place. The same must be made available for people in Northern Ireland.
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  • Dublin Airport, treat cancer survivors with dignity
    Breast cancer survivor Réaltán Ní Leannáin has said she was forced to remove her breast prosthesis in public view when going through security at Dublin Airport. This is a horrific violation of her dignity and it must never be allowed to happen ever again. We demand that Dublin Airport Authority put clear policies in place so cancer survivors know exactly what to expect when going through airport security. These policies should be available on the Dublin Airport website and should be based on dignity and respect for anyone who has undergone cancer treatment.
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    Created by Patrick Kelleher
  • Keep Rathangan Garda Station linked to Kildare town, not Leixlip
    Please sign and share this petition on social media and ask your family and friends to sign and share it too. Once this decision is made, it will not be rescinded.
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    Created by Marese Hickey