• Petition to expel Russia's ambassador in Ireland
    The people of Ukraine are losing their homes, families, and lives as a result of Russia's war of aggression. Ireland should stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people by expelling Russia's ambassador in Ireland. Taking this action will generate international headlines and send a clear message to Ireland's allies and diaspora that we resolutely oppose Russia's war and we support the people of Ukraine.
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  • Doug Beattie: Don't block progress on Integrated Education
    Doug Beattie, the UUP Leader, said in January that "Northern Ireland has been blighted by division.. and yet we don't take the brave steps to try and deal with that division...we need to end educational apartheid which is taking place here in Northern Ireland." But his party is opposed to the Bill and may join the DUP in using this undemocratic Assembly mechanism to block the Bill. Doug and his party need to rule out using a Petition of Concern to block the Bill.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Welcome all Refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
    Ireland has international humanitarian obligations to act and respond to this crisis. The crisis in Ukraine has already forced people to flee for their lives and their safety. People power has previously forced the government to agree to an increase in the number of refugees we have accepted in Ireland. Now we must step up again to make the government live up to this commitment.
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    Created by Julie Connelly
  • Fairer Carbon Tax System
    Carbon taxing ordinary families will not help us achieve our climate goals, they only penalize families who cannot afford to make their home more energy efficient. Instead, reform the carbon taxing system to hit big polluters' wallets.
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    Created by Patrick Ryan-O'Brien
  • Make Camden Street & Camden Row a safe pedestrian crossing
    We have serious concerns about the safety of this junction as there is no traffic light system to enable safe crossing for pedestrians. This junction connects one of the most densely populated residential areas in the country with one of the busiest commercial and business districts in the country, yet there is no pedestrian crossing. There is a constant stream of people crossing in both directions around the clock, and the lack of pedestrian infrastructure makes it incredibly hazardous. The junction is currently prioritising only cars. Our community crosses the junction without the aid of a traffic light, which is unsafe and the act of crossing it every day is nerve-wracking and unpleasant - particularly for young children, for people with limited mobility, and for the elderly. We have witnessed too many near misses and accidents on this stretch of road, the latest, tragically, involved a fatality. This is a safety emergency that can no longer be ignored and requires immediate action.
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    Created by Joseph Kilroy
  • Kick Aramark out of National Gallery of Ireland
    The decision to award this contract is distressing. Aramark is an American corporation that operates three Direct Provision centres for the State in Cork, Clare and Westmeath and are commercially interested in prison system in the US prison system. The National Gallery of Ireland has awarded catering services to a corporation that is regularly criticised for its treatment of those in the asylum system and its profiteering off the misery of refugees. Even more repugnant is how the Gallery management have handled this. The National Gallery has warned staff to ‘think hard’ about their protest, and even withdrew agreed funding from student artists who took a stand against the Gallery management’s decision, trying to censor their criticisms. Will you stand in solidarity and amplify the acts of protest by signing this petition? Read more about TENDER, an art project by Art in the Contemporary World students at NCAD here: https://dublininquirer.com/2022/05/11/when-the-national-gallery-hired-aramark-to-run-its-cafe-a-group-of-art-students-changed-course-to-react
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • Ease Refugees Access to Higher Education
    It can accelerate the process of integration and refugees would stand sooner on their own incomes. It can help Ireland tackle the costs of hosting refugees. Please join this campaign and help Refugees be heard. Many many young talents of refugees must be await for three years to be eligible for state support for third-level education in Ireland.
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    Created by Shoaib Karimi
  • Scrap all hospital fees
    The Minister for health proposed this measure as part of cost of living package at a cost of €50m but the rest of the Government rejected it. The scrapping of fees is long overdue as it was also promised to happen in year 1 of Sláintecare - 4 years ago. A couple of months ago we also heard of Cancer patients being harassed by debt collectors. Now more than ever we need to scrap all hospital charges. We need hospital fees scraped immediately - no more delays. https://www.businesspost.ie/health/government-rejects-cost-of-living-proposal-to-abolish-all-hospital-charges-8a0c459c https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/cancer-patients-face-intimidation-from-debt-collectors-over-treatment-fees-says-group-1.4764375 Image credit: Vox
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  • Doug Beattie - keep your promises on Integrated Education
    Right now, the Integrated Education Bill is going through the NI Assembly - but those opposed to integrated education are misleading schools and parents, telling them the Bill will harm existing schools - it won't. The Bill can pass if enough parties support it - and what the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) do will be crucial. Last month, Doug Beattie, the UUP Leader, signalled his support for integrated education and said "Northern Ireland has been blighted by division.. and yet we don't take the brave steps to try and deal with that division...we need to end educational apartheid which is taking place here in Northern Ireland." We need Doug and his MLAs to support the Integrated Education Bill, and resist attempts by the Bill's opponents to sign a "Petition of Concern" - an Assembly motion that would doom the Bill. Write now and tell Doug how you feel!
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • End An Garda Síochána Politicking on Sex Work
    No more Garda politics on sex work. Ending violence against people in sex work matters. We do not want sex workers in Scotland to suffer as Irish sex workers are suffering. Please share this petition on social media #NoMoreGardaPolitics #SafetyForSexWorkers References Amnesty International (2022) Ireland: “We live within a violent system.” Structural violence against sex workers in Ireland. Available from: https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/eur29/5156/2022/en/ A Model for Scotland (2022) A Model for Scotland. Available from: https://www.amodelforscotland.org/ Campbell, R., Smith, L., Leacy, B., Ryan, M. and Stoica, B. (2020) Not Collateral Damage: Trends in Violence and Hate Crimes Experienced by Sex Workers in the Republic of Ireland. Irish Journal of Sociology. Cusack, J. (2015) Garda accused of rape says he arrested prostitute - then later returned to 'brothel' to have sex with her. Belfast Telegraph [online] 13 July. Available from: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/republic-of-ireland/garda-accused-of-rape-says-he-arrested-prostitute-then-later-returned-to-brothel-to-have-sex-with-her-31373259.html Department of Justice and Equality (2013) Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement with the Magdalen Laundries [online]. Dublin: Department of Justice and Equality. Available from: http://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/Pages/MagdalenRpt2013 McCafferty, N. (1985) A Woman to Blame: The Kerry Babies Case. Dublin: Attic Press.
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  • Equality for Same-Sex Relationship Refugees NOW
    Right now in Ireland, under the law which is supposed to provide international protection status to refugees (International Protection Act) is indirectly discriminating against same-sex couples. Those who want to reunite with their partners must have been either married or been in a civil union before arriving in Ireland to seek asylum. In lots of instances, people seeking international protection comes from countries where homosexuality is not as accepted as it is in Ireland. Between Jan 2017 and Dec 2021, there were over 670 applications for family reunification, and not one was for a same-sex couple because they cannot meet the requirements as set out by this law. The International Protection Act should be amended to put same-sex couples on equal footing and in with a fair chance at family reunification. NOTES: Dublin Inquirer |https://dublininquirer.com/2022/02/09/gay-refugees-face-extra-hurdles-when-trying-to-bring-their-partners-to-join-them-in-ireland
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  • Open a Women's Refuge in Offaly
    Offaly currently has no domestic violence refuge. This is despite domestic violence being a known red flag. We need safe spaces for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence.
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