• No EU Trade deal with UK until Assange is released
    The USA has become the world's foremost violator of all International laws regarding war crimes, torture, human rights abuses etc. Time to hold them accountable.
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    Created by Gordon Mc Ardle
  • Save 270 Old Beech Tree in St.Catherine's Park
    This tree is 270 years old and it was always there. It won't fall suddenly itself. Despite the risk assesed with its condition the alternative for allowing the tree to decay naturally could be reavulated and taken into consideration.(e.g. providing supporting construction to the tree). Trees are essential to our existence. They provide us with oxygen, reduce carbon and give life to the world's wildlife. Saving our trees will reduce greenhouse gases, protect our wildlife and bees, and make sure our environment and communities can be enjoyed by future generations.
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    Created by Beata C
  • Ireland is the only home they know
    Khangelani and his wife chane came to Ireland in 2016 along side his inlaws Chane was 8 months pregnant they ran away from South due to racist attacks Chane and khangelani are in an interacial marriage they experienced hate death threats they also ran away from culture practices that their daughter could face also their son They have since had a daughter and a son since being in Ireland There daughter is 3 and son is 2 they were both born in Ireland Ireland is the only home they know They are mixed race children and can be sold in South Africa They fear for there daughter who will be sold and made a sex slave There son will go through rituals which will kill him They proved this to department but was told no south Africans get refugee status The department has since denied them their kids are born here this is the only home they know they know no south African language The racist attacks on khangelani and chane are horrific one altercation ended with khangelani being stabbed Mixed races couples in South Africa are frowned upon The fear they have for their daughter south Africa currently has such a bad femecide problem A child is raped every 3 minutes according to statistics Chane has severe depression And PTSD and has been worrying about what will happen to her children Chane has done chairty work collecting for the women and children I'm ashbourne Khangelani has done his leaving certificate and wants to further his studies Please please minister consider the safety of the children
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    Created by Chane Ndelu
  • Our home
    Chantel has sever depression and their son is 19 and on the autistic spectrum Heinrich is sick has heart problems The department believed there stories but told them south Africans do not get refugee status the judge told them that before there interview started They have no home in South Africa heino was held at gun point and has since suffered sever PTSD Ireland has been there home since 2016 Heino has since went to school Chantel has been volunteering for 3 years at one company and will be made permeant should they get papers They experienced death threats because there son in law is African they were hled at gun point They had all there things stolen Chantel was sexually assaulted There son is mentally ill and has no support in South Africa he had made friends here in Ireland They have been in the system 4 years Living in ashbourne house in cork They have been through alot They fear for their grandchildren It has caused Heinrich to be sucidal it has put a strain on the family they worry constantly every time they go and sign Heinrichs brothers are both here as well The oldest brother has cancer and is in limerick it had put alot is stress in a very sick man that his brother and family could be deported it is heartbreaking to him that the government can treat people like this Chantel has done alot of chairty work collecting clothes and items for the women in ashbourne and has many references to prove it And still the department denied them Please minister consider them they have family here as well
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    Created by Chantel Trytsman
  • Let David and Fortunate stay in Ireland
    David Nesengani came to Ireland with his wife Fortunate after receiving death threats in South Africa in 2016. Their family home was burned down for standing with other African nationals who were attacked in South Africa. The International Protection Appeals Tribunal in the Department of Justice and Equality has previously granted refugee status to South Africans in David's situation as recently as last year. But there is lack of consistency in the decisions made by the tribunal as they seem to depend on which tribunal member you get since they all reach different conclusions when empirical evidence remains the same. All this undermines the principle of non-refoulement as the couple stands to be deported to a country that has been found by several members of the appeals tribunal to be unsafe for people who are in the same position as David and Fortunate. Fortunate and her husband have spent years in Direct Provision before being served with a deportation order. That is cruel considering that David and Fortunate will not get the years lost in Direct Provision back. David is currently doing his second year of the BA - Applied Social Studies in Social Care at the Athlone Institute of Technology. The couple has been doing voluntary work in Athlone since their right to work is restricted. Let David and Fortunate stay!!!
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    Created by Bulelani Mfaco Picture
  • No anti-LGBT campaigners in Parliament
    The committee inviting Lynda Rose to speak was prominent in the campaign for Section 28 which outlawed teaching about gay relationships in the 1980s. This narrative against inclusive sex education discriminates against the LGBT community who are already statistically more likely to experience discrimination and poor mental health.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Stop the stalemate at St. Vincent's Centre, Cork
    Staff increments are being withheld and denied. All staff have accrued salary arrears because the HSE, who currently pay our salary, are refusing to pay it correctly. We were never informed in March 2017 that we would essentially have our pay frozen, which is what we've been subjected to. We do not know if we will ever see this money come back to us. No one is telling us anything. We have not been able to access PRSI benefits, despite our PRSI contributions being taken from our salary every paycheck like the rest of the country who are in full-time and part-time employment. We know this, because we have been told by dentists and opticians that we are not eligible. Where is this money going - because it certainly doesn't seem to be making it's way to Revenue. Not only this, but it is also affecting staff by way of them being asked to pay local property tax twice. Staff can't access the Assist to Buy scheme because their Revenue taxes aren't in order. Staff have husbands and partners who are self-employed - this affects them, too. And God forbid we were to go out on long term sick leave in the morning - would we be entitled to illness benefit? Some staff are long-standing members of a voluntary pension scheme set up within the service many years ago. When the Sister's of Charity withdrew in March 2017 these contributions continued to be taken out of staff wages, but ceased being handed over to the company that was managing the pension scheme. Staff were not told this had happened until over a year later. As a result, the pension lapsed, and now our staff who are nearing retirement age are facing a real, tangible worry. Where is their pension? We don't know where the money is going, because it certainly isn't being paid into a pension scheme anymore. Staff can't access their money, even if they wanted to opt out of the scheme. Their money is being ring-fenced and is inaccessible. Our residents continue to receive a very high standard of care and staff continue to fulfill their duty of care to the residents, but where is the duty of care that is owed to us as employees? The Sisters of Charity are saying the HSE are our employers and thus legally responsible, the HSE is saying it's St Vincent's Centre the company, but St Vincent's Centre the company does not exist anymore, as it de-registered in 2017. As staff, we feel disrespected - and disrespect in uneven power dynamic is bullying. We keep hearing that mediation is ongoing between the Sisters of Charity and the HSE, and that everything will be 'sorted out' soon, but the promise of an apple tomorrow is not going to feed us today. We are tired, and exhausted from all this. We just want someone to listen to us. To help us fix this. We are at our wits end and we just cannot take it any longer - the vast financial implications are too much for us to bear anymore. It is sickening that it is taking three years. We will not wait anymore.
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    Created by Catherine Hegarty Picture
  • Three Wise Men
    Three Wise Men Three Pakistani men who have given their all to be part of Irish society are at imminent risk of deportation to Pakistan, where life for them will be dangerous to their health and wellbeing. The three won the hearts of their Longford neighbours, when they volunteered as the Three Wise Men for the Christmas pageant in 2017, even though two are Muslim. Vicky, one of the three, who was working locally as a nurse in a retirement home was forced to return to Pakistan in 2018, despite a petition of over 6000 signatures and the two remaining men, having exhausted all appeals await their fate after 4 years enduring the Direct Provision system in Ireland. Malik has had several exhibitions of his paintings in Longford and elsewhere and Abdul’s photography has documented cultural events in Longford, Dublin and Kerry. They have both performed in several shows around the country with Catherine Young Dance. Their hospitality and sense of community has been a gift to everyone who has come to know them. They are cherished by their local community and the arts community in Ireland but are about to be forced to leave. Can you sign this letter to the minister for Justice asking for compassionate leave to remain for the two remaining men?
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    Created by Brian Fleming
  • Stop the BP Portrait exhibition at Ulster Museum
    Climate change is the biggest threat we face. But rather than acting on it, BP is trying to make clean up it's image by sponsoring art exhibitions here in Belfast, while it continues to make huge profits.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Cancel St. Patrick's celebration
    In order to prevent a similar scenario in Ireland I would like to ask everybody to sign a petition to the Irish Government as well as the HSE to cancel a mass event coming up soon St. Partick's Day . Italy cancels Venice Carnival amid coronavirus crisis. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/italy-cancels-venice-carnival-amid-coronavirus-crisis-third-person-dies/a-52488725
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    Created by Sylwia Majcher
  • Revoke Loveth Oyiboka's deportation order
    Loveth Oyiboka is a Nigerian young woman who has been in Globe House Direct Provision centre in Sligo for about 4 years. She is the only survivor in her family whose parents were butchered by the terrorist insurgent group Boko Haram on the 24th of Oct. 2015 in Obama Village, Borno State, Nigeria. She managed to escape the onslaught and fled with other survivors into the forest as their houses were razed to the ground. She was later taken and connected by Peter, a man who claimed to be in the Red Cross who abused her mentally and sexually and trafficked her from his house to Italy. On her transit from Nigeria via France to Italy to meet the big trafficker woman in Italy, French police escorted her to Ireland since her passport had an Irish visa. She was apprehended detained in France and brought to Ireland by the French police and handed her to garda immigration on January 27th 2016 with hope of overcoming her post traumatic stress disorder in Ireland. She has spent the past 4 years living in Direct Provision. During her time in Globe House Direct Provision centre, Loveth has worked voluntarily with various organisations such as, Ruhama, HSC human trafficking organisation, Garda among so many others. Her voluntary work includes Sligo voluntary manager in Globe House, Sligo Tidy Town, Sligo diversity, Yeats society, Sligo Global Kitchen, Legion of Mary amongst many others. She also studied Health Care QQ1 with hope of caring for those in need. And now while hoping for protection in Ireland, Loveth is thrown a deportation order issued on behalf of the Minister for Justice and Equality to leave the state by the 28th Day of February 2020. This is disheartening, unthinkable, terrifying, heartbreaking as she cannot go back to Nigeria where she risks being trafficked again or killed. This is an appeal to Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan to revoke this deportation order and grant Loveth Oyiboka permission to remain in a safe environment. Loveth has been through enough
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    Created by Bulelani Mfaco Picture
  • Environmental Rating For Businesses
    The crisis of plastic pollution is reaching a tipping point with plastic pollution set to double by 2030. We need to take drastic action to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment. Individuals are making efforts to reduce their own consumption of plastics. Now it’s time for businesses to show a willingness to tackle this problem. Back in May 2019 Cllr Madeline Johansson got a motion passed in South Dublin County Council on our behalf calling on SDCC to implement an environmental rating system for local businesses, similar to a hygiene rating system. Unfortunatley there has been no action by SDCC to date. Please sign our petition to pressure on SDCC to act and implement an environmental rating system for businesses so that we can try to combat plastic pollution.
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    Created by Plastic Free Lucan