• #BringChange
    There is a great deal of concern from parents, teachers, principals and elected members of the Northern Ireland Assembly about the current private system of transfer tests and particularly during this pandemic year.
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    Created by Naomi McBurney
  • Basic allowance for student healthcare workers during corona virus!
    This is important to eradicate the exploitation of student healthcare workers working 39 hour weeks and paying tuition, travel costs and more. These students sacrifice their personal safety and finances to take care of sick and injured people in our hospitals on the daily which is of major public benefit at their expense. Implementing an allowance will also reduce the need for students to work a part time job on top of college and placement hours which will majorly reduce the risk of cross contamination in hospital wards.
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    Created by Callum Lowe
  • Better lighting in Phoenix Park
    For years Phoenix Park has been providing a place for exercise and fresh air but has never been fully utilised during the winter months due to poor lighting.In these winter months, people have a right to use and feel safe in their parks. This is especially important during Covid restrictions when indoor facilities are closed.  Many of us have other responsbilities such as work, caring, school etc during day light hours. The lack of lighting in the park means people feel unsafe going to get the exercise needed for our mental and physical health. We want the OPW to enable the public make use of the park, even during dark evenings. Additional lighting could be installed for limited periods along the main road, helping people stroll, walk or run safely throughout the winter months.
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    Created by Cllr. Darcy Lonergan
  • A Just Settlement for Debenhams Workers
    Debenhams workers have been on strike now for seven months. They have a collective agreement guaranteeing them two weeks’ redundancy pay per year in addition to statutory redundancy (2 plus 2). The liquidator KPMG is refusing to honour this agreement. The outcome of this dispute will have implications for all workers.
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    Created by Jane Crowe
  • Pay Student Nurses in Northern Ireland
    During the last peak of Covid-19 when students were heavily depended upon to help alleviate pressure on qualified nurses, the Department of Health recognised their efforts financially. No such payment is available this time, which has left students feeling massively undervalued. They have also been told not to speak to the media. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus/ni-student-nurses-risking-lives-without-pay-in-coronavirus-battle-39708516.html
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • The US must honor every vote
    Donald Trump has called for vote counting to cease. Democracy is at risk. We must do all we can to ensure that voters wishes are respected.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • The US Must Honour Every Vote
    We call our government to do everything in its power to respect the wishes of US voters and if needed ensure a peaceful transfer of power in the United States in accordance with the law.
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    Created by Siobhan O' Donoghue
  • One Stamp for All Spouse and Dependents Immigrants #Equal Rights Ireland
    Immigrants spouses are being treated and marked as herds by giving them stamp 3/1g, making it impossible for them to access the job market. What are the spouses being punished for?? It is causing mental and health deterioration for the skilled immigrants who are suffering financially by being dependent on spouses. Isolation during covid-19 is building up some serious mental concerns as depression and suicidal thoughts. Furthermore adding to the misery of immigrants, stamp 1g is given to the graduates on job search and spouses of CSEP holders and hosting agreement holders. Recruiters are not willing to entertain anyone on Stamp 1g or stamp 3. Now with many of them listing an eligibility criteria as EU/Stamp 4 holder only may apply. Immigrants' spouses who have stamp 1g or stamp 3 are as if they are handcuffed for a crime which is simply being a dependent to a permit holder or critical skill worker. Dependent immigrants want to work and equally contribute to the society and pay taxes.
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    Created by Aysha Mazhar
  • Give Nurses free car parking
    Nurses are at the frontline of our Covid19 response. Despite commitments made by Robin Swann to waive car parking fees for HSC staff until March 2021, the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust have stated they will not offer free parking to nurses working for them. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sunday-life/news/health-trusts-rake-in-30m-in-parking-fees-39663814.html
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Protect trans and intersex people from social media harassment
    It is vital that tran* and intersex people are not subject to abuse and harassment. Twitter should be a safe and supportive platform for all to use. At present, abuse is poorly moderated, with abusive accounts running rampant. Reports are not adequately handled and in the rare occasions reports are taken seriously, banned accounts return using VPNs. Rules around restricting permissions of new accounts for a period of a month when they are first created would deter abusers. All in all, action is needed to make Twitter safe for all and to rid it of toxicity.
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    Created by Ailbhe Ní Nualláin
  • Reclose the Schools
    Students account for 20% of Ireland's population. Sending students to school in the current climate, while also considering that online learning was practiced successfully at the end of the last school year, is an unnecessary risk to public safety. Issues facing schools include confusion over the definition of a close contact, no guarantee of when a test result will be returned to a student, and no option for high-risk teachers to teach from home. An inadequate following of restrictions, including a lack of social distancing before and after school as well as at break times, masks not being used at break times and hand sanitizers being recalled because they were not safe are just some of the health concerns affecting schools. Finally, students are struggling massively with their mental health right now. The fear of contracting and possibly spreading Covid-19 to loved ones and high risk friends is leaving many students stressed and afraid to go to school.
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    Created by Close Schools
  • Paperless Offices
    45% of office printouts end up in the trash every day! The Environmental Paper Network reports that over the past 50 years, there’s been a four-fold increase in global consumption of paper. Despite the fact, that we live in the era of digitizationand have all the tools we need to make paperless offices a real thing, our love affair with paper has continued and there is no sign that this madness will end soon. But it should end now, because that's what the people want: 89% of Gen Zers said they are concerned about the planet’s health, and of this, 94% were of the view that businesses should help address urgent issues. And they are right! Climate change isn't only caused by diesel engines and coal-fired power plants. It's a challenge we all have to face together, both the industry and the people. In 2020, the year COVID-19 forced us to install digital workplaces across the globe, which are here to stay! In fact, BCG’s recent Workplace of the Future employer survey found that companies expect about 40% of their employees to follow a remote-working model in the future. That being said, it is an ideal time to rethink how many unnecessary copies of documents, customer orders, approval forms, and emails are printed each day.. (Source 1: https://www.myhubintranet.com/paper-saving-tips-12-ways/) (Source 2: https://environmentalpaper.org/) (Source 3: https://www.bcg.com/publications/2020/remote-work-works-so-where-do-we-go-from-here)
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    Created by Erika Taylor