• Give the hospital workers the right of appeal!
    Housekeepers, cleaners and domestics are part of a unique ecosystem within every hospital. They like their peers in the other parts of the hospitals all perform key tasks to ensure the smooth and safe running of hospitals. The essential nature of this work was highlighted when all healthcare and healthcare adjacent staff worked heroically throughout the pandemic. Their efforts deserve real recognition, and this recognition can only be given by affording every worker the right to challenge the outcome of their job evaluation and where relevant be brought up in band.
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    Created by Alexander Homits
  • Stop Aughinish Dumping Sediment Across The Shannon Estuary
    The Shannon is the main artery of this country, and home to a vast array of wildlife, including dolphins and salmon. Endangering this rich habitat would be an act of environmental vandalism that is unacceptable to our people and, surely, to our Greens-supported Government. The people of Clare, Kerry and Limerick have long been worried about the health impacts of the red waste dust from the plant that flies into our communities and our food chains and water supplies. The spreading of such vast quantities of sediment into our waterways could present a risk to human, animal, fish and plant life. We ask, and expect, our politicians to say "No! Enough!"
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    Created by Gary Brooks
  • The removal of Joe Biden mural in Ballina
    Having a large mural of US president Joe Biden in Ballina reflects very badly on the people of Ballina, Mayo and Ireland who hold very different views to Joe regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
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    Created by Paul Ginty
  • Get Merriman House a Vending Machine
    Students who are utilising the colleges late closing times should be able to access extra water and snacks at all times, instead of relying on making/buying their own in their food shops, which are already incredibly expensive.
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    Created by Sarah Raleigh Picture
  • Resolve the Issue of PhD Researcher Status
    PhD researchers face significant adverse consequences from being classed as students. They have no statutory entitlement to sick leave, maternity leave, or the minimum wage. Their income is not classed as taxable, and therefore they are unable to make PRSI contributions or claim tax credits. They have no collective bargaining rights. The system places PhDs in constant insecurity and gives no support to those who need it. A plurality of European countries have recognised that some model of employment rights are necessary to guarantee fair pay and conditions for doctoral researchers. Ireland should follow these countries and alter the status of PhD researchers so as to guarantee these protections.
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    Created by Rory OSullivan
  • Reform Stormont: No more start-stop government
    Stop-start government harms us all - impacting on the length of our NHS waiting lists, the state of our rivers, and worsening the cost-of-living crisis. The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at Westminster, which has oversight of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, has called for a review to look at the options. Just last week, the Tánaiste Micheál Martin said “the time has come for reform”. The University of Liverpool found that 70% of research participants– including a majority of unionist, nationalist and other participants – agreed that the Good Friday Agreement needs ‘to undergo some changes to work better’. We need a review now.
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  • Save Leixlip Post Office
    The Grant Thornton Report on the Post Office Network stated that the withdrawal of a post office from an area has a significant impact on the remaining businesses due to the impact on local footfall. Leixlip needs investment from the local authority, busiesses and AN Post to enable it to thrive. To assist it in developing employment and educational opportunities, developing its infrastructure, tackling vacancy and dereliction, and putting unused buildings to use. Any efforts to take the post office out of the town centre would be in stark contrast to what Leixlip needs. Leixlip has demographics that mean more people depend on services like those currently provided by An Post, and therefore need easily accessible services. Anything but a town centre location cannot be accepted, and the people of Leixlip need assurances that its post office will remain in the town centre.
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    Created by Nuala Killeen
  • Reduce electricity prices
    Electricity prices have risen rapidly in the last couple of years. People are having problems paying their bills and covering their monthly costs. The government must intervene and force energy providers to lower their prices.
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  • First & Deputy First Minister: Restore funding for Integrated Schools
    Generations of students who went to Integrated schools grew up getting their education in drafty, leaky portakabins. This must end. First & Deputy First Minister - Restore the funding. You made a promise. Keep it.
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    Created by Adam McGibbon
  • Stephen Nolan: Stop claiming you have "the biggest show in the country"
    RAJAR, the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, has found that, on average, from 9am to 10:30am, Cool FM reaches 286,000 adults compared to BBC Radio Ulster's 272,000. It's time for Stephen Nolan and his producers to remove "the biggest show in the country" tagline from the show's title sequence.
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  • TCD Should Host a Public Debate on PhD Employee Status
    The issue of employment status has become particularly pressing with the recent launch of PWO's report, 'Workers in All, but Name, Pay, and Conditions' (find at: https://pwo.ie/our-policies/); and imminent publications the Irish Universities Association (IUA) and the final draft of the government's 'National Review of State Supports for PhD Researchers.' PhD researchers have none of the standard entitlements of employees such as PRSI, sick leave, maternity leave, the minimum wage, or the right to join a trade union. They earn less than subsistence wages in conditions of insecurity. The call for employee status has been made as a solution to these problems, bringing us in line with European best practice. Recently organisations such as IFUT, SIPTU, and the USI have all endorsed employee status. But the IUA and university administrators have voiced their opposition. We believe an issue as important as this should be debated openly and across the entire college community. The discussion should not be confined to boardrooms, and all should have the opportunity to hear both sides and express their opinion. That is why we call on the Provost to commit to organising a public debate on the issue that will be open to all students and staff.
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    Created by Rory OSullivan
  • Skerries Fishermen & boating community ask for your SUPPORT
    The new bye-laws concerning the harbour of Skerries are being brought into effect of March 1st 2024 which effect the town of skerries and the use of the harbour and the surrounding "inner harbour" use by all persons and vessels. Local government and representatives have done nothing to support the concerned people of Skerries and stop the Fingal County Council from making new sets of rules which will introduce fines and call for people to be guilty of an offence by continuing their boating/vessel activities in the harbour and surround bay / "inner harbour" of Skerries. Your support to object to the county council heavy handed and authoritarian methods is required. Not only to cause resistance to the new bye-laws but to bring a stop to local authority and elected representatives to doing "whatever they want" when it comes to our town of Skerries with little to no consideration for the people of the town. The people who have voted for such representatives yet receiving no representation once the votes have been counted. When done to others for other issues that do not directly affect YOU, it is no big deal right? Until the day it does effect YOU. Then you will understand why a town must pull together and support each other. The bye-laws proposed do not follow any law of the land of Ireland and are being introduced by the county council to undermine the use of the harbour as we have all known it for generations to date. Your support in signing this petition is to take a stand and have your say or voice heard. It is one thing to join a protest or a march and it is another to know what is going on in your own local back yard and see how changes may not always be for the better of the majority. Again if the local "reps" wish to receive continued support for their careers then it is YOU and all of us together that can demand of them TRUE & PROPER representation. Do not allow local reps and Fingal county council to sweep things under the carpet or make swift changes to the town you have grown to love without having YOUR say. You will note that some of the bye-laws are supported by acts of law or Irish statute, while other new bye-laws are creating / being invented without the support of any established Irish law or statute. It is important to sign the petition for so many more reasons than can be typed into this box. The bye-laws below have been voted on in favour of by council members and approved to come in to effect March 1st 2024. Sign below to support the towns of Skerries, Balbriggan, Loughshinny & Rush. A copy of Harbour bye-laws can be found online
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