• Clean & Fix Dublin 8 playgrounds
    Children, parents and grandparents are tripping over pot holes in the playground rubber surface. Childrens clothes are covered in green slime from the moss on climbing frames. Some playgrounds have burnt equipment that has still not been repaired. There can be broken glass in playgrounds. Summer is coming and the children of Dublin 8 need safe and clean places to play. The Dublin 8 playgrounds that need attention are in the following locations - Oliver Bond Flats block CDE - Oliver Bond Flats block RST - Tyrone Place 3 playgrounds & pitch - Watling Street playground - School Street playground - Bridgefoot St Playground - Island Bridge Court playground - Inchicore Community Centre basketball pitch (pothole & gate locked by health & safety officer) - Oisin Kelly Park pitch & playground covered in weeds, pothole, broken glass, burnt out - Weaver Park playground equipment burnt out - Vicar St Playground pitch & playground - Poole St Pitch & playground
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    Created by Zoe Obeimhen
  • Teach Siamsa na Carraige a choimeád i seilbh an phobail
    Cén fáth a bhfuil sé seo tábhachtach? Tá easpa áiseanna sa cheantar do dhaoine óga, agus tá an tigh seo fíorthábachtach chun na healaíona dúchasacha a chothú agus a fhorbairt i gCorca Dhuibhne. Má dhíoltar ar an margadh oscailte é, beidh sé i seilbh duine príobháideach, agus imithe ón bpobal. Ba mhaith linn Teach Siamsa a choimeád in úinéireacht an phobail agus go ndéanfaí athbheochan ar na himeachtaí a bhíodh ann. Má tá tú sásta tacú leis an bhfeachtas Teach Siamsa a choimeád i seilbh an phobail, cuir isteach d’ainm sna boscaí ar dheis. Míle buíochas ó Choiste Teach Siamsa.
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    Created by Coiste Teach Siamsa na Carraige
  • Open Portarlington Garda Station
    For the security and safety of the Town and area Why do we have to go to Portlaoise to have a form signed
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    Created by Nevil Veighey
  • Andrew Muir: Clean up the illegal dump at Mobuoy
    Mobuoy dump is beside the River Faughan, which supplies 60% of Derry's drinking water. Experts say the Mobuoy site may contain 1.6m tonnes of waste. If the dump is not properly cleaned up soon, then the river could be contaminated, making our water undrinkable. Even though the site closed in 2013, people are still illegally dumping at the site! The minister responsible for waste in NI, Andrew Muir has yet to come up with a recovery plan for the site. The only suggestion his department has provided is to give local residents bottled water if the river becomes impacted. It is time for the Minister to get a grip of the situation: secure the site, clean up Mobouy and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the people of Derry.
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    Created by Roan Ellis-O'Neill
  • Urgent call to immediately resolve family visa delays #FastTrackFamilyVisa
    Dear all,  I hope you are all in good health.  As you all know, Irish Society of International Doctors (ISID) and Association of Irish Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons (AIPPS) who represent 1000's of international doctors and their families have been engaging and working with stakeholders on visa delays for the past year or so to benefit everyone especially healthcare workers in Ireland. All skilled professionals living in Ireland are facing serious delays in processing for their families visas but some nationalities are facing more delays than others with waiting time beyond one year before their applications are being processed.  This has negatively impacted their mental health and emotional well being and in turn might be worsening the staffing crisis and patient care. Foreign healthcare workers constitute more than 60% of the Irish health system and are the backbone of this system. They deserve to be treated fairly and to have their families with them in Ireland especially when their jobs are so demanding.  A recent survey conducted by us revealed that certain countries (including Pakistan) have: 1) High visa rejection rate for family members i.e. spouse, children, parents etc  2) Long delays in application processing - more than one  year for even visit visas  3) Vague and generic copy paste refusal reasons    4) Processing time for appeals is one year plus  5) Poor Communication: there is a serious element of broken communication with applicants and the Department.  Lastly, we urge Pakistani Ambassadorin Ireland to take up and investigate this issue with the Irish Consulate in Karachi as the community is not happy with their treatment; through an audit of applicants being rejected as THERE IS NO COMPLAINT CELL THAT EXISTS WHERE THESE ISSUES AND UNFAIR TREATMENT CAN BE RAISED. Please sign this petition and spread the word to resolve this grave issue. #FastTrackFamilyVisa Many thanks. Dr Liqa Rehman ||| Mr Nauman Nabi President ,ISID ||| President AIPPS G.Secretary, AIPPS ||| Executive, ISID
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    Created by Dr Liqa ur Rehman
  • Stop the Mourne Mountains Gondola Project
    We, the undersigned, demand an immediate halt to the proposed Mourne Mountains Gondola project. This ill-conceived venture threatens to irreversibly damage our cherished natural landscape, endanger wildlife habitats, and impose financial burdens on rates payers. We implore the Newry, Mourne, and Down District Council (NMDDC) to reconsider and explore more sustainable alternatives that prioritize environmental preservation and community needs. Reasons for halting the Gondola Project: 1. Lack of public consultation. Despite overwhelming local opposition (as evidenced by our recent poll indicating 77% dissent), the council has proceeded without adequate consultation. 2. Disregard for Alternatives. The council has dismissed viable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternatives in favour of the gondola, demonstrating a concerning lack of consideration for community preferences and environmental impact. 3. Financial risk. The project's secrecy regarding its business plan, coupled with unrealistic user projections and escalating costs, poses an unjustifiable financial risk to ratepayers.  4. Environmental Threats. Its operation threatens sensitive habitats including a Special Area of Conservation and an Area of Special Scientific Interest.  It would endanger wildlife habitats and protected species. 5. Adverse Aesthetic Impact. Pylons, the cableway and quarry centre will mar the pristine beauty of the Mourne Mountains, detracting from the experience of visitors and local people in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 6. Negative Economic Impact. Contrary to promises of local economic benefits, the gondola project is likely to divert money from local businesses. 7. The National Trust, which is the owner of the quarry and the mountain is a conservation organisation and is very unlikely to approve its construction.   8. Weather and seasonal factors. The gondola is projected to operate eleven months a year but factors like high winds and bad weather are likely to drastically reduce the days it can work and generate income.  We urge the NMDDC to heed the voices of the community, prioritize environmental sustainability, and abandon the Mourne Mountains Gondola project in favour of more responsible available alternatives.  Let us preserve the natural beauty of the Mourne mountains for future generations to enjoy.
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    Created by Andy Carden
  • Stop Ireland being a Tax Haven
    We are siphoning off the tax base of many, often poorer countries by our corporate tax policies and loopholes. We deny them the funds for hospitals, schools, social supports and infrastructure as well as their capacity to fight climate change. As a tax haven we are doing far more global damage than anything we do that damages the world’s climate. Apple admitted to the US senate that their effective tax rate in Ireland is 2%. Microsoft acknowledged that they put €98 billion through Ireland ‘that was not subject to tax in this jurisdiction’ They paid €3 billion in tax that year ( on €24 billion at 12% ?) making it approx 2% tax rate again. The untaxed money comes from Profit Shifting to Ireland ie profits from other countries. My friend in sub Saharan Africa said all the youth have smartphones but not enough to eat. That’s the power of advertising a product-on which no tax was paid. Ireland is a country that is generous in it’s contributions to developing nations but we completely undermine this by our tax haven activities. It’s time to call for a change in direction to a more ethical business and tax model
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    Created by Paul Connolly
  • Jack Charlton Statue
    It celebrates and commemorates the man who really put irish football on the map and made it possible for a nation to dare to dream of success on the international football stage. In our irish eye he is an icon in our footballing history and he really should be celebrated with a statue in his honor for future generations crossing the doors of the aviva to behold the Great man we once had the privilege to witness in his glory.
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    Created by Adam Healy
  • Childcare Reform for Northern Ireland Now!
    Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland that does not have an official childcare strategy in place. Childcare in Northern Ireland is increasingly unaffordable, and is on a par with London, where salaries are much higher. We need urgent interventions while we wait for a long-term reform, including removal of the cap on the tax-free allowance, and extension of the government contribution to families’ childcare accounts from 20% to 30%. Parents must be included in all government discussions about redesigning the childcare system, and a sustainable childcare system must be a political priority.
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  • Stop the Ballybrack Bridge
    https://www.uplift.ie/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/MyUplift-banner-politician-SVG.svg Ballybrack woods is a unique area of woodland in the heartbeat of Douglas. It's an idyllic, peaceful amenity. The destruction of trees, habitats and biodiversity in this area would be detrimental. This area is also of huge historical importance due to the close connection with Morough Mills. The Mangolds, locally called Mangles, that gave it its name were grown there to be used in the mills. The residents of Douglas will not allow or stand by the destruction of this vitally important amenity.
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    Created by Michelle Cowhey Shahid
  • Expel Israeli Embassy
    Simply watch what #Netanyahu is doing and saying.
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    Created by Kevin Tierney
  • Stand Against Racism and support Migrant Women in Ireland
    For a long time the Irish police did not recognize racism as a form of discrimination. Meaning that the state was not aware or have any official record of the extent of racism in the country. everyday people from migrant backgrounds face prejudice in their workplace, homes, schools and colleges. It is important that institutional and State bodies implement adequate policies and procedures to ensure that racism is combated within Ireland. Without proper support from their institutions people of color and people of migrant backgrounds will continue to be impacted by discrimination and institutional racism throughout their daily lives.
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    Created by brianna rossback