• Save the bees
    We have 21 species of Bumblebee and 77 Solitary Bee species in Ireland and one-third of our bee species are at risk of extinction. One in three spoonfuls of our food is pollinated by bees; in a world without bees and other natural pollinators, we won't have enough food to feed the world.
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    Created by Rachel Reid
  • Save the bees in Northern Ireland
    Northern Ireland is home to many rare and endangered species of bee. It supports the largest population in the UK of Northern Colletes, a priority conservation species. Yet, conservation charity Buglife NI says that 21 species are at risk of extinction unless action is taken.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
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  • I am calling on Meath County Council to provide an emergency out of hours service for the homeless
    Over the last 4 years 222 homeless people died on our streets. The Government and all local authorities have a duty of care to the most vulnerable people in our society the homeless. At present Meath County Council only provide assistance if homelessness is caused by fire or flood. Or is due to an adverse weather event. Or at Christmas time. The service in place is not fit for purpose at any time, but its an absolute disgrace that this is all Meath County Council can offer during a housing emergency. Please sign share and like this petition with all your family and friends and help me ensure that the next homeless death, No 223 does not happen on the streets of Co Meath.
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  • Let Democracy Speak
    Democracy is the lynch pin of Irish society and by refusing to allow duly elected candidates to take their seats, the outgoing government is denying the people their vote. Regardless of your politics or which party you support, the very right to vote for the candidate of our choosing is being taken away by the outgoing government and this is not acceptable.
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    Created by Aine O'Beirne
  • Bigger Fines for Polluters
    Fines for polluters in Northern Ireland are miniscule. In February Mash Direct were fined only £2,000 for illegal discharge to the sewer network in Northern Ireland which was described by NI Water as showing 'complete disrespect for the sewer network'. In 2016, a renewables company which ran an unauthorised anaerobic digester that caused a fish kill in a a tributary of an important salmon river was fined only £1,600.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Make Clare Elections Poster Free
    Now that the election is over we have time to evaluate how we canvass during elections. Many posters have been defaced or destroyed by strong winds rendering them only suitable for landfill. Before everyone runs out to get more printed how about we reassess our position? We could have central display boards in every town and village where all candidates can display one A4 poster. These notice boards could be in libraries, petrol stations, community centres, health centres and other places willing to display all candidates. We could have a webpage per county with all candidates information and online links. We have the ability to imagine new ways of doing things that don't have such a negative impact on our environment. Let's do it! To Clare County Council please pass a motion to ban election posters, dedicate a webpage for candidates, identify noticeboards and collaborate or host participatory workshops to gather ideas with a view to moving away from election posters.
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  • Government of National Unity
    We now have less than 10 years to reverse the climate emergency. The solutions to climate change are good for all our other issues with * cleaner air * warmer homes * smaller energy bills *better public transport * localised economies * organic food * biodiverse gardens * rich wildlife areas * seas teaming with fish and other marine animals * a more equal society. Let Ireland lead the world on this.
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    Created by Janet Hawker
  • End sids
    This will help the children survive sids we will lose less children die. 2000-3500 children die each year and i want to decrease that
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    Climatologists agree that climate change is unprecedented. The most important climatic forces responsible for change come from human activity. The main activity is the burning of fossil fuels, of which the use of passenger cars is an important factor. We ordinary citizens can have a radical and effective influence on climate change. A gradual shift to complex social problems occurs in one way. Mass popular movements. Let's tell the automakers what we want to give up. Many people have to make sacrifices for change to occur. Send a message saying clearly that you are giving up on gasoline cars. Some builders go in that direction, but very slowly. And it is not enough! We will send a real message of change. They refuse to buy another car or truck with gasoline. It is consumer demand that dictates what is produced and what is sold, not car manufacturers. Let's tell them what we want. An electric vehicle that can be powered by renewable energy sources. Sign this petition and commit, along with many others, to the decision not to buy cars. We are determined to contribute to a stable climate and a better future for our families, friends and communities.
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  • Calling on Tusla to cease implementation of Child Abuse Substantiation Procedures
    Tusla’s new Child Abuse Substantiation Procedures will allow in certain certain circumstances for people under investigation for child abuse, including sexual abuse, to personally interview their alleged victims. The new procedures constitutes inter alia: • a victims right to privacy and dignity throughout an investigation process being severely undermined by these proposals. • a complete lack of regard for the well-being of the victim: the new procedures have potential to retraumatise victims. • a barrier to reporting abuse: it is extremely difficult in any circumstance for victims to come forward with a complaint of abuse. The prospect of having to meet an abuser may have implications on people coming forward with cases of abuse in the future. • an erosion of child-safeguarding.
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  • Help stop excessive Bank ATM charges Ireland
    This plan is outrageous and puts an excessive charge on the use of these proposed privately owned ATM’s, (approximately 1000 combined) which will most likely hit lower waged workers, students and people in receipt of social welfare payments, to name just a few. This proposal is another unjust ploy by Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank to increase their profits, at the behest of the ordinary person. The aforementioned Banks have sold off branches, and reduced in person cash services at their branches. Furthermore, people in Rural Ireland will have to travel to find a Bank owned ATM in order to avoid this financial burden. I also call on the Irish Government and the Financial Regulator to stop this proposal from going through.
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    Created by John Jackie O'Connor