• Allow Guards To Have Tattoos
    Even the Garda Representative Organisation says that the rule to ban Guards from having tattoos should be changed. A massive petition will make it too hard for policing bosses to ignore us all.
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  • End Animals tied to chains in Ireland
    No living creature deserves to be chained and left alone in the rain, cold and feeling sad and hopeless. All animals deserve respect and a good life.
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  • Save Our Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course!
    "The Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course was vital for me to get into Dun Laoghaire Art College, at the time there was a huge amount of applications to IADT in model making for the film industry. I was able to gear my portfolio toward that application. The fundamentals I learned from the PLC Art Course echoed across my whole career. I travelled and worked as a designer model maker on some of the largest movies to date - The Hobbit Trilogy and Avatar - from there I have been a Head of Department on many big budget productions. I value the PLC Art Course more than my actual college degree because of the understanding and foundations in the Art and 3D world it gave me. This would be a big blow to the art community in Thurles and Tipperary, it’s very important the course stays going and I wholeheartedly support and hope it can stay on track for future generations." - Mark Maher, Odyssey Studios. "The course has been a stepping stone for artists for the past 20-25 years under the guidance of a tutor who brings great experience and inspiration to the role. The course served as a platform to construct a quality portfolio under the expert guidance of tutors, crucial for securing college admission. It facilitated lasting friendships across age groups, acted as a midpoint to assess one's collegiate art direction, and offered a delightful hobby or a practical solution for those unable to relocate for college. Thanks to the Art Portfolio Course, I got into and graduated from Limerick School Art and Design with a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Motion Design. Today, I wear multiple creative hats as a graphic designer, animator, and a catalyst for imaginative growth. I facilitate creative workshops catering to people of all ages and abilities. If I did not have a solid foundation at the start of my creative journey I would not have ended up on the same path." - Jennifer Ryan Kelly.
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    Created by Jennifer Ryan Kelly
  • Direct bus service from Newbridge to Maynooth University
    Newbridge is the 2nd largest population center in the county, and it does not even have a direct public bus service from Newbridge to Maynooth University. It’s a big let down to students, making it hard for them to attend classes or get back home. There are private services, and indirect services, but they are expensive and often takes long time with delays, causing students to miss their classes. The importance of this campaign is to make it easier for students to access their education, so that they won’t have to pay a fortune in private services, or have to wake up at really early hours in the morning for indirect services
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    Created by James Stokes
  • Open Visitors' Toilets in Father Collins Park
    The park's proximity to the airport attracts regular tourists from abroad for the thriving weekly parkrun event. It is essential that visitors to the park have full and unlimited access to the toilets at all times.
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    Created by Tara Russell
  • Equal Opportunity for HSE Counselling and Psychotherapy positions
    APCP believes it is unfair and unjust to APCP members who have worked hard to meet rigorous professional requirements, for the HSE to continue with these exclusionary hiring practices. APCP promotes the belief that all clients should be treated fairly, equally, with respect and autonomy and yet, the opposite has been presented to members of APCP when it comes to recognition for posts within the HSE. We, as a representative body, who are very proud of our members achievements, high ethical practice, standards and commitment to best practice request that due consideration and fairness be extended to our members.
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    Created by Chair APCP Picture
  • Local bus for Mullingar
    To help people get around. Kids getting to school, people who don't drive are less strained to get in and out of town. As well as cutting down on emissions as less people would drive. It would help people save money and hopefully create a better social culture of there is easy access to the town and parks.
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    Created by Lauren White
  • Open Waterford Airport to Europe
    Waterford Airport is going to waste and businesses in the City and surrounding areas aren't able to sustain themselves as well as they could as the tourists won't come here, or are relying on poor public transport to get them here
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    Created by Liam Healy
  • Buy Conor Pass, rewild it, and make it a National Park
    The government buying the Conor pass on behalf of the people would ensure public access to the world-famous site for generations to come. The Conor Pass is a rich cultural and archeological area and has enormous potential for nature restoration. The purchasing and rewilding of this land would show that the Irish government is serious about restoring nature for the benefit of all of us. Leo Varadkar, Malcolm Noonan, and the government have a responsibility to respond to the biodiversity crisis and climate collapse. The restoration of land and ensuring that land is held for the benefit of all should be the primary goal of the government and buying this parcel of land would be a great step towards that.
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    Created by Saoirse McHugh
  • 100% pay for statutory sick leave
    Sickness occurs through no fault of the employee, so why should they be punished for it? In times when inflation is soaring, interest rates on mortgages are rising, and bills at the tills are becoming bigger and bigger, an employee shouldn't have to do without 30% of their wages because they were sick.
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    Created by Patrick R.
  • Making mother Nature illegal is a crime against humanity
    I used to teach at The Cannabis College in Amsterdam and I have been involved in harm reduction and education around drugs for over 30 years. The fact cannabis is still illegal is reprehensible
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    Created by Robbie Scanlon
  • Boycott SHEIN
    Fast fashion may seem convenient and affordable, but the truth is, it's taking a huge toll on worker's rights. From the usage of harmful chemicals causing sickness among people working in sweatshops to child labor and modern slavery, the fashion industry is one of the biggest exploiters of labor. Garment workers, work day and night for meagre wages, while companies like SHEIN indulge in fleeting fashion trends and earn billions on sufferings. SHEIN is known not only for stealing designs from artists and small labels but also resorting to questionable practices and inhumane conditions for their sweatshop workers. These people work up to 18 hours a day, and are paid as little as 4 cents per finished clothing item. On top of that, they often face harsh penalties, losing two-thirds of their daily wages for minor mistakes in their work. To make matters worse, SHEIN has shown no hesitation in selling offensive items, like Islamic prayer rugs as decorative mats and swastika necklaces. This is our time to boycott SHEIN and show them we have had enough of their shady practices and exploitation of vulnerable people. LESS FAST FASHION, MORE WORKER RIGHTS
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    Created by Aine Ferris