• Claire's Law Ireland
    This law could save many women from entering into a relationship with a potentially dangerous or violent man. This law has already been passed ìn the UK.
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    Created by Helen Mc Shane
  • Abolish Intensive & Factory Animal Farming in Ireland
    Along with the listings of animal cruelty above, industrial factory factory farming is a major contributor to water and air pollution as well as deforestation. ... This can contaminate local water supplies, reach neighboring populations physically and in a sensorial capacity, and emit harmful gasses. Likewise, livestock release methane gas during their digestion process which accounts for and directly contributes to climate change.
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    Created by Roscommon Animal Rights
  • Global Climate Urgency
    The Earth's temperature is permanently increasing and 700,000 Species are extinct, the Oceans are Polluted, BUT there is no responsible action taken by the Governments and Multinational Industries.
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    Created by Vera Raftery
  • Save O'Devaney Gardens
    Dublin Council will meet to vote on O'Devany land on 7 October. They're under pressure to deliver homes but we can give them a reason to vote in favour of social housing instead - public land shouldn't be used for private profit. Dozens of Dublin Councillors signed the People's Housing Plan, a pledge to build public homes we can all afford and communities of equals - made up of people from all walks of life. That’s why we have to make our voices heard, to give them the courage they need to fight like hell for the city we all need and deserve. We'll have a day of action in Stoneybatter to Save O'Devany. Join us on 2 October, sign the petition and stand up for better housing now. [1] https://www.rte.ie/radio/utils/share/radio1/21619033
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    Created by Shae Flanagan Picture
  • Ban homework
    It is important that young people have time to pursue activities other than schoolwork, such as sports and hobbies. There is a lot of pressure on young people in our world, and we really need time just to be kids. Homework creates pressure on us and on our parents who we often need to help us. We spend longer in school than students in many other countries, and should be able to relax at home.
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    Created by Joseph Loscher
  • Plastic Free Tea Please
    There is too much plastic in our world. We can live with oddly shaped tea bags. We promise.
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    Created by Jennifer Harris Picture
  • Save Lyric FM
    Lyric FM is the only radio station that plays a programme that is predominantly classical music. Without Lyric, there is no station playing classical music on Irish radio as regular programming. It also offers the very best of jazz and new music.
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    Created by Mary Ellen McGuirk Picture
  • Noel Grealish TD Must Clarify and Apologise for Racist Comments
    Growing anti-racism in this country must be tackled face on. Deputy Grealish represents a large population of African decent and his comments are unacceptable and perpetuate racism.
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    Created by Owen Hanley Picture
  • Right to Life at a Vegan Sanctuary for Sheep
    These sheep were apparently left for 4 days in a flooded field with nothing to eat, no shelter and unable to even lie down and rest as they awaited slaughter at Kepak Athleague in Roscommon. One of them died as a result of severe neglect. It is their right not to be killed. They have already suffered enough. Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary will offer them a home for life at our vegan sanctuary where they will be cared for and where their rights will be respected. Please encourage media to cover their story and encourage Kepak to let them go to our sanctuary.
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    Created by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary
  • Save Our Sheep SOS!!!
    Today a great kindness was done by concerned citizens who rescued sheep that had been brought to Kepak Slaughterhouse Athleague for slaughter on Friday but left in dire conditions without food or shelter in rain and flooding. Having contacted both Kepac Slaughterhouse and the Department of Agriculture who didn't take any action to help these vulnerable animals and seeing that one of the sheep had already died in these horrendous conditions, these brave people put themselves at risk and went out in a Kayak to bring the 9 waterlogged sheep to safety and drier land. The sheep had to be guided to safety by following the Kayak which took immense effort on the part of the rescuers and the sheep must have been so terrified. Now Kepak insist they are coming to take them for slaughter having had zero interest in meeting their welfare needs when requested. Please share this post widely and bring to light the shocking practices of these corporates whose only interest is profit... Please let these individuals have a chance at life with the kind people who brought them to safety... The option of sanctuary is just a share away for these souls!!! Please tag the media and all animal rights groups in your posts 💚
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    Created by Maya Wall
  • Traffic cameras- pedestrian safety Galway
    My 15 year old son was almost knocked down by a red light runner on the Dublin road/renmore junction. It's happening every single day. Even this morning I seen someone break a red light at the scoil catriona pedestrian crossing. Every day insee It on the east side of the city, and I've no doubt It happens all over. It won't be long before someone is seriously injured. So please sign this petition to get much needed traffic cameras to ensure pedestrian safety.
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    Created by r F
  • Save Your Hospice
    Representatives of the South Westmeath Hospice Committee along with elected representatives in Longford Westmeath met with the HSE on the 28th August. The HSE put forward proposals that include the following: 1. To close the current South Westmeath Hospice building at the end 2019 2. To provide two palliative care beds in St. Vincent’s Care Centre 3. To provide, based on need, up to four beds in a new facility in Clonbrusk, Athlone, if the HSE deem there to be a need. The HSE told the Committee and elected representatives that the rationale for this proposal is around the cost of beds in the hospice. The HSE also stated that there is a difficulty with recruitment of nursing staff for the current facility. The HSE is proposing to build a new 50 bed unit at Clonbrusk, Athlone. The Committee is at a loss to understand the stance taken by the HSE and how they can propose proceeding with a fifty bed unit in the future when they can’t, by their own statement, currently staff a 28 bed one. The South Westmeath Hospice Committee is devastated and shocked at these proposals. First and foremost, we reject all of them in their entirety and we will fight tooth and nail to preserve the facility and services that we currently have. We have informed the HSE that we will use every means at our disposal to safeguard the service and the interests of the people of South Westmeath. As a significant stakeholder in the provision of resources for palliative care we have expressed our disappointment at the lack of consultation with regard to their proposals and indeed the late stage of engagement with the South Westmeath Hospice Committee and the elected representatives of Longford Westmeath, both of whom represent the community who use and benefit from the care and support provided at the current hospice facility. The outcome from the meeting is that the HSE has agreed to shelve the proposals and have given a commitment that they will engage with the South Westmeath Hospice Committee and the elected representatives with regard to the future of our hospice. The South Westmeath Hospice Committee believes that our frustrations will be shared by the people of South Westmeath, its environs and our supporters in general. The Committee asks that people refer to our Facebook page for up-to-date factual information as this situation develops and unfolds. The Committee may need to call on the public to support us in whatever campaign is required to ensure the best possible services for our patients, their families and the community in general is maintained. The Committee of the South Westmeath Hospice assure the public of our commitment, accountability and integrity in all consultation and engagement on this issue.
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    Created by South Westmeath Hospice