• High Quality Public Broadband for All!
    This pandemic has shown that the internet can be used to connect and strengthen communities - but only if they have high quality, affordable access. If we build a public network, we can guarantee free, quality internet for everyone.
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  • Save Marian College Swimming Pool
    Did you learn to swim in Marian College Swimming Pool? Generations of local children and adults alike have been using this unique facility in the heart of Dublin 4 since the early 1960's. Marian has played a key role in helping our communities fitness and wellbeing. We believe that the time is now to maintain and build upon its importance and outreach. Securing a better society where community, social interaction, exercise and education are at the heart of our daily lives. We would like to be assured that there is a plan in place to re-open in the not too distant future. Our entire community is in danger of losing the swimming pool forever, if nothing is done. This petition serves to show how much support and goodwill exist to you the board of management, together with your dedicated staff. Who have the knowledge to plan a safe reopening of this much needed facility. Please show your support to Save Marian Swimming pool from closure , before it is gone forever.
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  • Stop the 30 year seal on the mother and baby home records
    It’s important as it stops people from being able to access information to investigated crimes that took place. We have seen the government make a attempt at sealing the child abuse Inquiry and redress process away for 75 years In which we obtain nearly 8 thousand signatures for as survivors and the Irish public have already demonstrated transparency is the only way they want to go forward. Now we are seeing the same government who gagged and gave protection to those orders during the child abuse inquiry try to do this to survivors with the mother and baby home commission. Together we all need to stand up come together and make our feelings known that we cannot accept this continuous abuse against survivors human rights. https://www.facebook.com/655486304552311/posts/2992889054145346/?vh=e&extid=0&d=n From survivors & their families.
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    Created by Laura Collins
  • Help our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig find a permanent home
    Ballincollig multi-denominational Gaelscoil, Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin, seeks a permanent site to help meet the needs of our children and future students in Ballincollig. We are so proud of all that we have achieved as a school in a temporary site, however our children deserve a permanent site in the area that can see us put down roots to help us grow. With this growth, we can meet the needs of an ever expanding population and carry on our work on a larger and more sustainable scale. We are a resourceful school, and we are mindful of the ongoing cost associated with being in a temporary location. The school currently rents its accommodation but a permanent building for our much needed school is a much better use of our taxpayers’ money. The demand from young families in the area for multi-denominational gaelscoil places cannot be fully met due to the temporary and limited nature of the current location. The Board of Management is very grateful to Ballincollig Rugby club for its support in accommodating the growth of the school to this point. We hope the people of Ballincollig will support is in our quest to acquire a permanent site! Please sign this petition and share it far and wide to help us.
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    Created by Eve de Barra
  • Don't leave Disabled Drivers and Passengers without Transport
    In 2013, the Motorised Transport Grant and the Mobility Allowance were both suspended. As a result, many people, especially in rural areas were left with no means of transport. in 2020, there are over 170 people waiting for the Primary Medical Certificates needed to access the Disabled Driver and Disabled Passengers Scheme, but these have also been suspended pending a Supreme Court Ruling. We do not have a public transport system that facilitates the full-participation of people with disabilities. At the same time, access to private transport is being held up by what Finance Minister Pascal O'Donohue claims are, 'complex legal and policy issues',
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    Created by Padraic Hayes
  • Release WhiteRock Parking spaces
    . Regular visitors and the WhiteRock swimming community, which spans all ages, have all been affected. Those - who can - scramble down to the beach from Killiney Hill car park in all weather conditions. Others, who can, get a lift down to the Vico road. Quite a few older or disabled regulars who came regularly to gaze at the sea view have not been seen since the parking facility was removed in March. Most other parking facilities along this side of the bay have been fully operational throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. The cold season is now upon us and it is going to get more difficult for many of us. Please give us back our parking spaces.
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    Created by Veronique Piales
  • Free School Meals for All
    We know our members working in school catering do incredible work and we want to ensure they are both recognised and valued for the work they do. Sign our petition calling on the Northern Ireland Executive to support and properly fund the provision of universal free school meals for all children.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Protect the Inshore Fisheries
    At present the 18mt Pelagic Trawlers can work inside Bays and with the HP and Sonar available to them, the fish has no where to go or hide. there is no quotas and no regulations in place, we dont have any study to see if this is Sustainable in any way, so we need to stop until we wipe out the stocks beyond repair.
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    Created by Brian OROURKE
  • The Hamilton Way
    Dunsink Observatory in Dublin 15 was built in 1785 and is a unique part of the scientific and cultural heritage of Ireland. It has been home to many of Ireland’s greatest scientists, including Sir William Rowan Hamilton, and has played an important part in astronomical discovery and public engagement in Ireland for over two centuries. The observatory currently receives about 5,000 visitors per year, but access to the observatory is limited via Dunsink Lane. We therefore propose a ~450 metre foot and cycle route to the observatory from the top of Dunsinea Lane (at Phoenix FC/Priorstown House gates). The Hamilton Way would transform access to the observatory and open it up to many more visitors from Ashtown, the Royal Canal, Tolka Valley Park and the Phoenix Park. Learn more about the Hamilton Way at https://www.dunsink.dias.ie/hamiltonway/.
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  • Support the Motion to Ban Drilling
    Dervilla, environmental campaigner says: "In the midst of a climate emergency there is evidence that the oil and gas industry is attempting once more to come in and put at risk the health and future of the public and the border regions. In 2014, then Energy Minister Arlene Foster issued an order which meant the licence to explore for shale gas in Fermanagh was terminated. We need her and her party to show that she will stand with us." Support the motion https://bit.ly/3nIw0ZC
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Require universities to partially refund international tuition fees for 2020/21 due to COVID-19
    The Irish Government should care because thousands of international students studying in Ireland are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money universities are asking for. Students should get the chance to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, opportunities, and chances to network and develop meaningful relationships face-to-face. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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    Created by Caitlin Hogan
  • Require NUI Galway to partially refund tuition fees for 2020/21 due to Covid-19
    The UMT should care because thousands of Irish and international students studying in Galway are going to be going into debt for an education that might not be worth the amount of money the university is asking for. Students should be able to experience university life in full, with access to societies, clubs, office hours, tutoring, services, career opportunities, and the chance to network and develop meaningful relationships with professors, peers, and staff. Many benefits of attending University have been taken away by COVID-19. There is so much more to University than the academic side.
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    Created by Caitlin Hogan