• Give Access To All Cancer Treatments For Patients Without Private Insurance
    All patients should have the right to use all treatment suitable for them to have an opertunity to fight for a better quality of life and possible cure. Your chance of survival or quality of life should never be determined by the size of your wallet.
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  • Crainnte An Cheathrú Rua
    Tá na crainnte seo níos sine ná aon bhall den phobal, ós cionn 100 bliain d’aois an ceann. Is peaca marfach a bheadh ann cead a thabhairt do chrainnte chomh h-álainn a bheith bainte chun spás a dhéanamh do charrchlós agus d’fhoirgneamh beag. Seo crainnte a chur ár seandream, a chonaic ár seandream agus iad a dul ag an Aifreann. Is cuid lárnach den phobal iad mar go bhfuil siad ag fás in aice le Teach an Phobail agus Scoil Náisiúnta Mhic Dara. Má éiríonn linn stop a chur leis an ngearradh síos, feicfidh ár ngasúir iad agus cuimhneoidh siad orainne, na daoine a shábháil na crainnte álainne seo.
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  • Boycott Airbnb for listing illegal Israeli settlements!
    For two years, Human Rights Watch has spoken with Airbnb about their brokering of rentals in West Bank settlements that are illegal under international humanitarian law and for which Palestinian ID holders are effectively barred from entering. The settlement movement has sought to encourage tourism in occupied land, with the help of the Israeli government, which established national parks there. A leaked European Union report said some projects were being used “as a political tool to … support, legitimise and expand settlements”. Irish people know only too well the negative consequences of imperialist racist occupation. [1] https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/nov/19/airbnb-removes-rentals-in-israeli-west-bank-settlements
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    Created by Martin Og Meehan
  • Make Saint Johns Hospital A&E 24 Hours
    This is important as the University Hospital Limerick formerly Limerick Regional Hospital is the most overcrowded hospital in Ireland, we need Saint Johns A&E reopened to help alleviate the pressure on University of Hospital Limericks A&E
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  • Trees Policy for Cork City
    Over the past few years, there has been a sense of worry and shock among people living and visiting Cork who wish to protect the natural heritage of this city. The following events have caused irreversible and profound damage to trees in the city: -Storm Ophelia: Over 500 trees blown down. No replanting schemes. -Pruning works to mature trees at the Lee Fields and The Lough -The removal of trees in the city centre on the grounds of 'health and safety' -The removal of mature trees in the St. Lukes area -The paving of paths along Centre Park road where historic Lime trees were blown down during Storms Ophelia and Ali. With significant development planed for Cork over the next 20 years it is important that the City Council have a strategy for how we protect existing trees in the city and introduce new trees.
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    Created by Conn Donovan
  • Traffic problems in Foxford County Mayo
    It is important because I feel the cost and construction of the crossings could have and should have been put to better use. I feel that a one-way system around secondary school would have solved the problem and would have cost less, it is also important because it puts the safety of drivers and school children on the line and since they have been constructed one fatal accident has occurred at the location. Finally, it is important for those with authority to focus on smaller projects which would benefit communities more instead of larger un-necessary projects which cost more money.
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  • Save the Four Masters' Park
    The Four Masters' Park is a small green lung on Berkeley Road in the heart of the North inner-city; one of the very few. It has many historic resonances, as it commemorates the Annals of the Four Masters while the memorial itself was commissioned by Sir William Wilde and executed by James Cahill. It was given by the Sisters of Mercy for the benefit of the local community. The current plan for the new MetroLink is to consume a substantial part of our green space for the new metro station. Less than 100 metres away from our park is a station already built under the Mater Hospital. This was a part of the old Metro North plans at the time Leo Varadkar was Minister for Transport in 2012. €20 million was spent on installing a station box beneath the new adult hospital. The Metro North enabling works were completed in 2013 under the Mater Whitty Building by BAM Contractors Ltd on behalf of the Railway Procurement Agency. It makes no sense to waste €20 million of public money and destroy a beloved local park. Recently, two vacant industrial sites nearby have been identified as possibilities, yet neither have been investigated by MetroLink. Please join us in supporting this campaign.
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  • Lidl, Bring Wonky Vegetable Boxes to Ireland!
    Every year, tonnes of perfectly good vegetables are thrown away because they're not the right shape. Lidl had created a fantastic initiative where they sell these wonky vegetables directly to customers. There's no reason why they can't bring this to Ireland too! If we build enough customer pressure, we can make it happen.
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  • Keep Clare Bus in Clare!
    Clare-TCU is the office where local dispatchers take calls for bookings, who know where all our regular passengers are based. We have 16 years’ experience of delivering a flexible and fully accessible bus service to the people of Clare and South Galway. Dispatchers work closely with drivers to make sure the bus diverts to where the people are, facilitating bookings up to an hour before departure. The dispatchers are the life force, that direct the bus service, look after drivers and, above all, look after the passengers. They are part of your community. The TCU is the driving force behind Clare Bus, taken away from our community the service will be a shadow of its former self. Impact on passengers: loss of the highly responsive service that has become a life line to many people. Impact on Clare Bus: loss of dispatchers, taking out local control of service provision and development threatens the viability of the whole service and potentially puts 25 Clare jobs at risk.
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  • Equal Rights For Same Sex Parents in Ireland
    My wife Audrey and I have two beautiful daughters. Ava is 2 and her sister Arya is 3 months old. We did Reciprocal IVF which means we used Audrey's eggs to conceive and I carried the babies. It's also known as 'Shared Motherhood'. Audrey is their biological parent and I am their birth parent. As it currently stands, under the Irish law, because I gave birth to the girls, I am seen as their parent and Audrey is seen as a legal stranger. I am married and yet I am viewed as a single parent. We equally brought our children into the world together. We equally are raising them as a family. And yet we are not viewed as a family. If anything happened to me, it's unclear if Audrey would be 'next in line' so to speak. There is new legislation coming in later this year which will allow for some same sex couples to both be registered as parents. The only couples it will apply to are female couples who have conceived in an Irish Fertility clinic using an identifiable donor. Everyone else is left out. So those who have gone abroad, those who have used an anonymous or a known to them donor, those who have done an at home insemination and like us those who have done Reciprocal IVF. Simon Harris, the Irish Minister for Health has knowingly allowed and supported legislation to come in which will split an already marginalised community into two. To put it very simply, this new law is going to cover about half of the LGBT+ community who have families. And for the other half- we won't meet the criteria to be recognised as a family. All families need to be protected. Regardless of our sex. Regardless of where and how we conceived. Whether a family was created through Adoption, Surrogacy or Fertility Treatments, they deserve protection and recognition.
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  • Reopen the closed beds in University Hospital Limerick!
    University Hospital Limerick is overcrowded and understaffed. This is bad for patients, nurses, and all hospital staff. Limerick needs more hospital beds, not fewer. That is why we are calling on management to re-open a much-needed 17-bed ward, closed in the last week in March. Closing beds will only worsen Limerick’s overcrowding crisis. Limerick’s overcrowding is the highest in the country. We regularly see over 60 patients a day forced to wait without a proper bed. It simply does not make sense to close further beds when faced with such a problem. We’re standing united and strong for a safer hospital and service. Stand with us. - Petition started by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.
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  • Save St Bricins College #SaveOurSchool
    St Bricin's is at the heart of our community and provides the young people of Belturbet with a great, dedicated education service within their locality. There would be a very significant impact to our community if this school is closed.
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