• Fast Track Citizenship Ireland
    Dear, As you are aware of the prevailing situation already through this hashtag #fastTrackCitizenship , tweets, and from recent articles published in IrishTimes and Medical independent but I’ll give you a quick review of the current situation. The campaign- I am leading- is for all the immigrant healthcare workers including porters, nurses, HCAs and doctors. The purpose of the aforementioned campaign is to request the DOJ to expedite the naturalisation process for these HCWs. As you’re already aware that more than 5000 people are currently waiting for naturalisation for more than 2 years, and nearly 2300 are waiting for more than 3 years, we are afraid that with covid restrictions, things will get even worse. There will be another 1000 people who’d be applying after this lockdown and just imagine the delay which will be going to happen. I can’t hopefully believe that this is all because of covid crisis. If you check the number of people who are currently waiting, you will see that this was happening even before the current crisis but yes, things have definitely become worse as of now. During this depressing time, people have been waiting for a very long time for a little happiness and I think this (#fastTrackCitizenship) will give them a great confidence-boost and resultantly will increase their morale. They’ll be motivated instead of being anxious of their future, and will be satisfyingly happy not to go for stamps/visa and paying fees every 6 months. I wish I could do something as good to make my Irish and other EU colleagues happy and I wish, in this pandemic, I can give them something to cheer about but except from giving them my moral support, I’m not being able to do anything substantive for them. Immigrants are already being warmly welcomed by Irish people, and now the government also needs to take the initiative to do the same for these hard working, committed doctors who work here to make this country prosperous and happy. Like other natural-born citizens, they belong here, and we all belong to Ireland. Many thanks Mohsin
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  • Vaccinate SNAs before returning to school
    This is critically important because we are expected to go back to school with little to no PPE and the PPE we've had to date is substandard. This is the eye of the storm where this pandemic is and is extremely dangerous to be mixing with anyone outside of our homes let alone mixing with as many households we will be mixing with in school
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    Created by Lorraine Cosgrave
  • Trial One-way traffic system for Oranmore – Let’s seize the day and try it out!
    During the previous two lockdowns in Ireland, towns and villages across the country have taken the opportunity to support their residents by changing streetscapes to make them more business and pedestrian friendly. This has been done by the widening of footpaths, the development of public realm seating, meeting, and eating areas, by providing opportunities for local businesses to put outdoor seating areas in place, and by reducing traffic flow. These changes have enabled these towns and villages to be places where residents of all ages and abilities can meet, shop and socialise, even during a pandemic. We ask Galway County Council to use Covid-19 legislation to implement a trial one-way traffic system through Oranmore, and to make the following additional changes to help improve the quality of life in the village, and to support local businesses by enabling residents to safely navigate the streets and shopping areas by foot and by bike, as well as by car. Implementing a one-way traffic flow through the village will mean that: * Traffic jams will be reduced as there will be no need for cars to cross each other in traffic. * Footpaths can be widened throughout the village to allow for 2-metre social distancing so that residents can safely travel by foot, buggy, and wheelchair. * Outdoor seating space for cafes/restaurants and pubs can be implemented which will allow people to socialise safely outdoors (when Covid guidelines permit). * Children can be encouraged to travel to school by foot or bike, as road speeds will be slower and traffic crossing will be reduced. * Cycle tracks and bike parking can be installed where road widths permit, enabling more adults and children to safely cycle and shop/socialise. You can see from the images attached to this petition what a proposed one-way traffic system for the village might look like and how it might benefit both residents and businesses. To support this petition, please sign and share with your family and friends. If there are multiple people living in your house, please ask each individual to sign. Remember, this is a trial, and we have the opportunity now to get at least one good thing from the Covid-19 madness. Let’s seize the day! If not now…when? For more details and to see more visuals of how the changes might look, please go to https://moraction.blogspot.com/
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  • Birth certs for Adoptees NOW
    The long-awaited publication of the report of the Commission of Enquiry into Mother & Baby Homes has caused great distress to adopted people and survivors of Mother & Baby Homes for its failure to practically address the problems faced by adopted people and by birth mothers. Signing this petition is a practical act of solidarity with adopted people and survivors & presents an opportunity to do something practical to help them RIGHT NOW. #BirthCerts4AdopteesNOW
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    Created by Izzy Kamikaze
  • Take the Angelus off RTÉ
    It's time that the Angelus was taken off RTÉ. It's time Ireland moved past it's dark past of Church and State being so intrinsically linked. We need to focus on bringing a new, inclusive and secular Ireland forward and it starts by separating Church and State on our public broadcaster.
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    Innocent Stray, Lost & Abandoned Animal are suffering. These dogs did not and do not deserve the suffering they endure in this establishment. The current ownership and management have proven their inability to care for animals and showcased the harm their causing to innocent dogs everyday. Shutting down Ashton Pound is important because: Animals are suffering through the arrogance of Dublin City Council & our Government. Animals are being confined in filth, damp and cold conditions. There is concrete evidence that dogs are being put to sleep improperly using a lethal drug by untrained staff members. "A Bichon Frise suffered a suspected overdose and was found dead the next day while an Akita was left to suffer horribly for days until it was taken into the care of gardai." Dogs are not being released to reunited owners with no reasoning. Dogs have proven to have severe anxiety and trauma following their stay at Ashton Pound due to the horrifically terrifying experience they endured. Voiceless animals are suffering at the hands of humans in Ashton Pound. They cry and yelp in pain waiting for better humans to help. INNOCENT ANIMALS WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER AND DIE WITHIN THE WALLS OF ASHTON POUND - SHUT IT DOWN!!!!
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  • Provide any survivor or victim of Mother & Baby Home with a physical copy of the report
    The victims need access to the report in physical form for various reason including age and access to a computer. This should have been considered long before this as the victims now have to listen to all manner of commentators discuss their experiences without having access to the report.
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  • Upgrade Windows and Doors on the Tailteann and Dunloe Estates.
    Having a warm home is a basic human right. Windows and doors installed during construction of the estate are not fit for purpose and it is impossible to keep our homes warm. Residents are forced to burn fossil fuels to heat our homes. It is not good for the environment. We'd like council to engage in a replacement programme and install modern windows and doors.
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    Created by Cllr Eddie Fennessy
  • The catholic church need to apologize!!!
    The mother and baby homes report came out today. The highlights of this report are incredibly saddening. For a woman and child that was subjected to such cruelty under the hands of a religious order that they possibly looked up to is inhumane. The catholic church need to apologize and the catholic orders also for this horrible Irish history. The woman and children of these homes deserve that at least! Woman are not second class citizens. We have fought to be heard for many years and we continue to fight.
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    Created by Kara Moore
  • Ramp Up the Coronavirus Vaccine in Ireland
    At the moment we are set to have vaccinated 135,000 people by the end of February 2021. This is simply not enough. If we want to beat this disease and get back to somewhat normality we need to rapidly increase the amount of the vaccine being administrated and to change the way that we are doing so. We need around the clock 24hr administration of the vaccine. We need to train up and utilise all of the volunteers that we can to roll-out this vaccine to everyone possible. We need to have an online system of registration including a list for cancellations to ensure that every single dose is used. We need to aggressively tackle this disease and get a better plan than the one that we have. Take a look at Israel, they have vaccinated 1.37million of their people. We need to make sure that we give everyone the opportunity to receive the vaccine should they want to in the quickest possible time. We also need to look at the priority group system and roll-out quicker to our most needed services
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  • TCD: Hold a Climate Assembly and Referendum
    The Mobilise Peace campaign is reaching out to universities across Ireland, the UK and globally in a peaceful and escalating campaign calling for them to support, encourage and prepare their student, alumni and staff populations for national peaceful civil disobedience. Our global climate and ecological systems are in a state of severe crisis. Our economic system, which demands infinite growth on a planet of finite resources, is largely to blame for the above crises. Furthermore it inflicts untold suffering on defenceless others here, and around the world in numerous other ways. [1] There are many peaceful, positive practical, and powerful alternatives to our current system. These alternatives should be decided by a citizens' assembly. Governments worldwide have proven themselves to be either unwilling or dilatory to implement the changes needed. New climate models to be published in 2021 predict heating of +5C by the end of the century, translating to as much as +10C over land. [2] For perspective, 2-3 degrees of warming will result in 2 billion climate refugees by 2100. [3, 4] Through 2050 net zero targets, inordinately high per capita emissions, and raised border policies, our national and EU governments are taking a trajectory consistent with climate genocide of the Global South. There is a great injustice occurring and there is strong reason to believe that policies, laws and lawful recourse to changing them will not work. Peaceful civil disobedience may thus present the best option and possibly last hope we have of bringing about positive societal change. [5, 6] The fastest way to rapidly change a society is through non-violent civil disobedience. This has been demonstrated time and time again throughout history — the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights Movement, resistance to apartheid in South Africa and the fight for India's independence from British rule. [6] References: 1. Sachs et al., 2020, Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economy The Guardian 2. Voosen, P., 2019. New climate models predict a warming surge. Science, pp.Science, 04/17/2019. 3. Vince, G. 2019 The heat is on over the climate crisis. Only radical measures will work. The Guardian 4. Xu et al., 2020, Future of the human climate niche, PNAS, 117, 11350 5. Lemons, J. & Brown, D., 2011. Global climate change and non-violent civil disobedience. Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 111, pp.312. 6. Chenoweth, E., &; Stephan, M. 2011. Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict Columbia University Press. fb.me/mobilisepeace fb.me/scientistrebellion fb.me/systemchangeinternational
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  • Declare President Donald J. Trump persona non grata in Ireland
    During the last 4 years we have seen Donald J. Trump erode American democracy, incite hatred and violence, target ethnic minorities and flout laws both in the United States and internationally. Each day he has proven he can sink deeper into criminality, bullying, racist rhetoric and displayed his utter contempt for democratic norms and institutions culminating in calling on his supporters to march on the Capitol building to stop the certification of the 2020 US Presidential election. The events of the last 24 hours (since 6th January 2021) have shown, conclusively, that Donald Trump is a despot and a danger and Ireland should censure, condemn and penalise his behaviour in the strongest possible terms as well as preventing him from setting foot on Irish soil for the rest of his natural life. We the people of Ireland ask our elected representatives and leaders to take action and declare Donald J. Trump persona non grata with immediate effect.
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