• Stop The Children's Hospital
    We need to have a conversation about its location, size, facilities, and cost. If we, the people, are to spend €2 billion, we need to be consulted about how our money is being spent. The hospital, as currently scoped, is not sized for the current population. It will not be coastguard helicopter accessible in cases of emergency. Co-located with a maternity hospital would be desirable. There is no denying that we need and want the best of care for our children, but the Children's Hospital project in its current runaway state, is dangerously close to making us the laughing stock of the world. We demand more transparency and accountability. Re-open the discussion on location. Rigorously consult the people now.
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  • Save Kilkenny's Historic Tholsel From Corporate Vandalism.
    The Tholsel or Town Hall in Kilkenny city is a public building and a protected structure, classified as 'a substantial edifice of national significance, forming an imposing centre piece in High Street'. We, the people of Kilkenny, love it. We love its public Arcade that welcomes musicians, artists, craftspeople, jugglers, carol singers and the Crib at Christmas, art exhibitions in the summer and meetings, remembrances, public gatherings and community fundraising events all year round. This is Kilkenny's public space, our Agora. We don't want it enclosed, reduced in size, or glassed in for use as a ticket office, or anything else. We're also proud of the ceremonial staircase within the building. We don't want to lose this either. It's part of who we are, part of the Tholsel that we love. Leave it alone.
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  • Cut Citizenship Fees for Adults Raised in Ireland
    Adults who came to Ireland as children should not be forced to pay the same amount for citizenship as someone who chose to come to the country as an adult and has lived in the country of Ireland for 5 years. There are currently people living abroad that have never and will never step foot on Irish soil that are more entitled to Irish citizenship because they have parents or grandparents who are Irish. These adults were raised in Irish culture and identify culturally as Irish. Many speak or have some level of the Irish language, went to Irish primary and secondary schools, attended Irish colleges, play Irish sports such as hurling and Gaelic football with their local communities, vote in local Irish elections, are members of Irish political parties, currently have employment in Ireland and are paying taxes in Ireland. They are as much a part of Ireland and Irish society as a child born in the country. They should not be expected to pay such exorbitant fees for a piece of paper that tells them they are officially an Irish citizen when it is clear that they are already Irish. No-one should be rejected or taken advantage of by the country they call their home so I ask for your support to help adults who were raised in Ireland to be given the citizenship they deserve.
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  • Protection of Toon Valley Woodland
    Following the recent destruction of a significant portion of the old-growth oak woodlands at Silvergrove, Toon Valley, Macroom, Co. Cork, the vulnerability of this precious place has been highlighted. In a 2008 native woodland survey conducted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), Toon Woods, a patchwork mosaic of various woodland types, was deemed to be the highest scoring unprotected site in the country. Yet in just a few weeks last December, large swathes of these woods were destroyed under license. In a classic Irish exaggeration, thinning became virtual clear-felling. In addition, further sections of woodland have even been cleared and converted to grazing, with cattle seen amid the ruined trees. This is in direct contravention of the thinning licence which never mentioned stump removal or planting of grass-seed. It is a mere example of what can happen when full legal protection is withheld. Toon woods contain one of Ireland's strongest surviving colonies of critically endangered red squirrels, who were hibernating when their homes were cut down. They lost their shelter and their winter stores. How many will survive? There have already been reports of injuries and deaths, with one squirrel found in a ditch a few miles from the site likely a refugee from Silvergrove. After Christmas, locals were traumatised to witness the destruction. What had always been a magnificently beautiful place, with moss-covered oaks and dozens of rare plants forming a magical scene for holiday walks, had become a war zone of broken trees, piles of debris, mud and stumps. The much-loved red squirrels, whose prominence brought such magic to the place, now wandered the roads in a dazed manner, a forlorn sight indeed. The ancient oak woodland, ecologically an extension of the Gearagh, is well-known to sustain other critically endangered species aside from red squirrels. A nationally important lesser horseshoe bat maternity roost exists only a few hundred metres from the destroyed area, while the pristine Toon river provides habitat for freshwater pearl mussels, another red-listed species. One ecologist who visited the site noted the absence of infrastructure to prevent soil run-off into the Toon river, threatening the freshwater mussel which cannot tolerate silt, as well as the nearby Gearagh, a Natura 2000 site into which the Toon flows. I urge you to immediately sign the appropriate documentation supplied to you by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and confer full NHA status on the Toon woods, as was proposed by then Chief Scientist Dr John Cross in 2013, following a survey commissioned by NPWS. To save what is left, it is imperative now that the felled portion of the wood is allowed to regenerate. All stumps must be left in situ and the area which has been converted into grassland must be replanted with locally sourced saplings. As climate change poses such a major threat to our future well-being, the protection of our ancient oak woodlands is essential. They account for less than 2% of our forests and contain our most endangered species. Most of Toon woods are still intact but they are in urgent need of your intervention. As you are aware your office is presently in the process of accepting submissions to the National Heritage Plan. With that in mind, please note, there are numerous, scientifically outstanding proposed Natural Heritage Areas (pNHA) and candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC) still awaiting full designation, many since 1995. I urge you to fast-track the required legislative process to ensure these sites, and particularly the Toon Woods, be fully protected as required under the Habitats Directive. It is ludicrous that many of these outstanding Natural Heritage Sites have been left sitting in ‘unprotected limbo’ for over twenty five years. I appeal to you to act now and fully implement the required protective legislation for all of these unprotected but proposed NHA sites, starting with the site at the very top of the list because of its outstanding scientific qualities, as well as cultural value, The Toon Woods. Footnote: Although a felling license was issued by the Forestry Service for thinning, tending and creation of open spaces at this site (No. GFL 20650) this was so abused that following a public outcry the license has been suspended. Dr Jenni Roche, Senior Woodland Ecologist, Scientific Unit, at the NPWS is fully aware of the present situation and as her department is under the Minister’s remit she would be in a position to provide you with further detailed information. Thanking you in anticipation of a positive response
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  • NO to VAT on health supplements
    23% VAT rate on supplements outstrips the VAT paid on fast foods!!! It puts a serious financial burden on people who use supplements, especially on the elderly. This outrageous increase in price will push the cost beyond what many people can afford. It will also have a serious impact on the health stores and pharmacies that sell and offer this important service.
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  • Bring Back Barista Bus
    The Barista Bus is a locally owned micro business that traded from a small patch of privately owned land across from Blackrock tower, which they had rented from the owner legitimately since the summer of 2018. Due to the city council claiming the bus was an unauthorized development (though it is mobile and temporary) the local business was told to cease trading as the area is zoned residential. Recently four very large concrete blocks were placed at the little site opposite Blackrock, presumably to prevent access to the site, following press coverage and public outcry the blocks were removed. Barista Bus is a homegrown enterprise that has become part of the community and the charm of Salthill. Swimmers, walkers, locals and tourists alike were delighted with this addition to the Blackrock area. Galway city councils approach to planning is discouraging start-up enterprises and innovation from endeavoring to try something new. Our council should be doing everything in its power to encourage flourishing indigenous start-ups. We find it incredibly difficult to believe that anyone other than the council have the means, ability or will to place and/or remove giant concrete blocks as were placed on the site to prevent Barista Bus from accessing it. The councils methods of dealing with issues such as this, especially in cases dealing with private land, is entirely archaic. We are calling on the council to reverse their decision, to grant retention and/or allow for an exemption on this small patch of land, to allow the Barista Bus to resume trading. How can you help? Start by signing the petition which will be presented to Galway City Council, but also contact your local representatives
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    This is important as we are losing our natural habitat to plastic. Our wildlife, marine life, our plantlife, our oceans, rivers .... our lives are awash with plastic. We must break the cycle and make the changes before it's too late.
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  • Mandatory waste bins
    Illegal dumping and burning of rubbish is a massive problem for rural dwellers. It’s unsightly and attracts rodents (in the case of dumping) and toxic, raising dioxin levels (in the case of burning). The policing and reporting of it is cumbersome, costly and ineffective. Make it a mandatory requirement. If you’re living in a home and producing waste you must have some legitimate means of getting rid of your waste, similarly for farms and businesses. If you’re using the municipal waste and recycling services then you should be able to prove it with receipts. I realise waste services are expensive but the rubbishing of rural Ireland is a disgrace.
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  • No more Student and Transient Accommodation
    There is an over-concentration of student and transient accommodation in the Dublin Inner City. With regards to student accommodation, the city development plan states that the planning authority “will have regard to the pattern and distribution of student accommodation in the locality and resist the over concentration of such schemes in any one area”. In Dublin 8 alone the total number of student bed spaces in schemes either already inplace, under construction, approved or proposed within 250 metres of the proposed Sweeney Corner development is 1058. Extending the radius to 1km brings the total to 3752 bed spaces. In addition to student bed spaces, almost exclusively all other development in the area are providing for transient accommodation. This includes hotels recently built, under construction of approved at Kevin Street (Maldron), directly adjacent at Mill Street (Aloft), the Coombe (Hyatt), Vicar Street and Newmarket, as well as Staycity aparthotels directly adjacent and approved for the Tivoli site on Francis Street. Finally, 2 other sites in the immediate vicinity of Blackpitts and Donore Avenue which have planning approval in place for an apartment and office scheme respectively, are now back on the market advertising their suitability for hotel and/or student accommodation. Although the application in question at Sweeney’s Terrace provides for a number of build-to-rent apartments, it is still primarily a development of student accommodation. At this stage, it must be considered that there is sufficient student accommodation in the area, and accommodation of a more permanent nature must be encouraged in order to provide an appropriate diversity of accommodation types.
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  • Removal of discriminating RSA TV ad
    The sole purpose of this petition is to remove a television ad made by the Road Safety Authority Ireland. This Ad has not truthfully shown the Learner Drivers of irelands ability to drive. Please message me if you have any questions about this petition.
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    The Ambulance crews made the right decision, suffered suspension and disciplinary action. I STAND WITH THE CORK AMBULANCE CREWS.
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  • Save the Manorhamilton Post Office
    Super Valu only has two disabled parking spaces which is completely inadequate for the potential costumer base of the post office which includes the elderly and people on disability allowance. This will put extra pressure on the Super Valu car-park which is already struggling to cater for their own customers parking. The car park is also very badly laid out for pedestrian access and the extra traffic will exacerbate this problem. Main Street in Manorhamilton, where the Post Office is now located, is slowly becoming decimated and this move will be the final nail in the coffin. We thereby plead with you to reconsider this ill-thought out decision and to retain our Post Office where it rightly belongs on our Main Street.
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