• Save the Cobblestone!
    As well as signing this petition, please register an objection with Dublin City Council if you can. It costs €20. Quote the planning file (3617/21), give reasons why you think it shouldn't go ahead, but your address on the letter and upload it to the planning system. The closing date is 4 November. Demolition of The Cobblestone to make room for yet another hotel. This will involve demolition of the backroom venue, the smoking area, and the rooms upstairs where music and Irish language classes were held, leaving only the main bar swallowed up by a 9 story hotel essentially turning the leftovers into a residents bar. We really need people to oppose this. The Cobblestone is far more than just a pub. It is a bastion of Irish culture. People come from all over the world to share and learn Irish music, song, dance, language and storytelling. It is at the centre of this 'folk revival' we're seeing in Ireland. The scene developed within those walls. The Cobblestone is vital for this community. Beyond that, and more importantly, the Cobblestone is the main hub for the broader traditional Irish Music community in the country. I have played with and learned from some of the very best musicians in the sessions. I have listened to some amazing music at The Night Before Larry Got Stretched sessions and Pipers Clubs gigs from musicians and singers you otherwise might never get a chance to hear. I have watched younger musicians develop into great musicians. I've watched dancers dance, singers sing, story tellers recite stories. There is nowhere else that can match the cobblestone for any of this and there's no place that promotes Irish culture to the same level as The Cobblestone. This is an attack on our culture in a City that's getting swallowed up by blind greed. We need as many people to oppose this as possible.
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    Created by Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin
  • Make RTE bring back the Den with Zig & Zag & Ray Darcy
    This TV show was one of the few reasons we had to laugh during the toughest of lockdowns and dark depressing Sunday evenings which I think would be beneficial to keep up during the coming winter where no one knows that lies ahead.
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    Created by Philip O'Reilly
  • Save Merchant’s Arch
    We can’t have another part of historic Dublin succumb to “development”! Merchant’s Arch is there since 1821 and is part of Dublin’s culture, history and personality.
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    Created by Edel Leahy
  • Forest Park not Carpark for Dublin Fever hospital
    People in this nature-deprived and traffic-choked part of Dublin need healthy shared green spaces
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    Created by Catherine Cleary
  • No more Factory Farms in Northern Ireland
    Intensive farms like the one currently planned for would mean up to 40,000 pigs would be confined indoors in overcrowded, barren concrete pens. The animals are often treated with antibiotics to keep them alive in such horrendous conditions, and their waste contains ammonia which causes respiratory problems in humans and pollutes sensitive natural habitats. According to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, Co Tyrone has the fifth highest number of indoor reared livestock in the UK, with Co Antrim placed at eighth. The two counties have a combined total of 13.5 million animals reared indoors.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Scrap JobBridge 2.0
    Under the new Work Placement Experience Programme, bosses are able to get free labour, with workers only receiving €3.43 an hour paid by the taxpayer. Not only does this undermine wages and conditions for existing workers, it blocks the creation of actual paid jobs by incentivising companies to use free labour instead. Instead of this exploitation, we need public investment in a green jobs programme, creating decent, secure jobs building carbon-neutral homes, providing healthcare and education and improving other public services. Such a programme should also involve expanding genuine paid apprenticeship schemes, and opening up education by making it free to all.
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    Created by ScamBridge Campaign Picture
  • Practical Cooking Classes For Every Child in the School Curriculum
    No Irish child, boy or girl should leave school without being able to cook for themselves. Otherwise, we are undeniably, failing in our duty of care to our young people. When you teach someone how to cook, you give them a gift that will forever enhance their lives. Our food choices affect our energy, vitality, ability to concentrate. Food affects our mental and physical health and is at the heart of the fight to tackle the climate crisis.
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    Created by Darina Allen
  • Take action on plastic pollution in Northern Ireland
    Every year we throw away millions of tonnes of plastic - it never disappears, but breaks down into tiny pieces which finds its way into our rivers, seas, soils and air. Here in Northern Ireland 8 out of ten of the most found items on beaches in Northern Ireland were made of plastic. As the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces it’s consumed by marine animals, and scientists have found evidence that we are ingesting it through the food chain. Photo: A grey seal entangled in plastic, photographed by DAERA (2019)
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Support A Safe Injection Centre in Cork City
    This Medically Supervised Injection Facility (MSIF) has the potential to save lives from overdose and connect vulnerable and marginalised people to vital treatment and social services. Multiple studies across the world have demonstrated the life-saving benefits of MSIFs. Moreover, through connecting at-risk people to social services and reducing drug litter, these facilities benefit the whole community. Establishing safe injection centres are also a more efficient use of public money, given the high treatment cost of disease linked to unsafe needle-sharing. A green light for this facility in Cork would be a vital step towards a more health-led approach to addiction, in recognition of the value of the lives lost annually through overdose.
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    Created by Niamh O'Connor Picture
  • Use correct term for child sexual abuse images
    This is so important as the words "Child porn" in no way describe what is actually being done against children
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    Created by shaneda daly
  • Petition For A Second Bridge For Newbridge
    As residents of Newbridge are aware the current infrastructure in Newbridge is negatively impacting our lives. A second bridge is vital to support the continued growth of housing and business in our town and funding must be put in place immediately to get this vital infrastructure completed as soon as possible. Our elected representatives must prioritise a second bridge for Newbridge as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by Ger Delaney
  • Support the Integrated Education Bill
    Only 7.5% of schools here are integrated schools - bringing together children from all backgrounds - Catholic, Protestant and other. All integrated schools here have been fought for and demanded by parents. But this bill could really change things. It would ensure that every new school opened in Northern Ireland from now on is integrated. And it would strengthen the Department for Education's legal duty, requiring the Minister to be held to account for their performance in promoting integrated education. But some parties want to water the bill down. If we flood the consultation with responses, we can make sure that doesn't happen. Photo: Belfast Live
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    Created by Nicola Browne