• Support the Integrated Education Bill
    Only 7.5% of schools here are integrated schools - bringing together children from all backgrounds - Catholic, Protestant and other. All integrated schools here have been fought for and demanded by parents. But this bill could really change things. It would ensure that every new school opened in Northern Ireland from now on is integrated. And it would strengthen the Department for Education's legal duty, requiring the Minister to be held to account for their performance in promoting integrated education. But some parties want to water the bill down. If we flood the consultation with responses, we can make sure that doesn't happen. Photo: Belfast Live
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Pressure the IRFU to resource the women's game
    Our women's teams are treated as a side show to the men's game in all aspects. The men are funded, supported and respected, the women neglected and seen as cheap PR.
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    Created by Ailbhe IrishWomensFan
  • Call to cancel the 3rd season of The Rotunda
    This petition is to call for the cancelation of this seasons TV show that is a truly disappointing, disrespectful and misleading reflection on life in a maternity hospital during this pandemic. Filming took place across 11 months (Nov 20 – Sept 21) when maternity restrictions were at their worst. Despite this The Rotunda have defended filming by saying there were minimal numbers of crew on site at all times. We have heard many many accounts from people in antenatal clinic waiting rooms seeing producers trying to recruit expectant mothers for this show. The show featured all mothers with their birthing partners where as the reality is vastly different. An official statement from RTE states that “this documentary was to authentically tell the stories or mother and their partners”. This show didn't once show these amazing women alone, alone in their scans, alone waiting in physical and emotional pain in A & E, alone receiving heart-breaking news, alone with the limited time they can spend with their babies in NICU, alone meeting their babies for the first time in NICU, alone in their rooms trying to stand up out of bed to comfort, feed , care for their babies after recovering from major surgery. Alone waiting for that door to open to answer their bell from the under resourced care team doing their best to answer every call to provide the essential support which partners could be providing. Alone waiting patiently for the porter to take them down to NICU to see their baby. Alone trying to finalise their beautiful new baby’s name, alone answering questions and taking in complex information on their baby’s status, test results and feeding plan. This purpose of this petition is not to take away from all of the beautiful babies born over the last 18 months or their even more amazing mothers. Nor does this petition intend to take away from the enormous credit due to the dedicated hard working staff of the Rotunda who patients and their families are eternality grateful for.
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    Created by Celine O'Donovan
  • Scrap the CAO system
    Apart from the stress that the system is putting on young adults, it's also a system that is not rewarding them justly or preparing them adequately for life after school
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    Created by Alex Barton
  • Freedom Of Information (FOI) needs some TLC.
    Recent political developments have highlighted the fact that government ministers are conducting official business by text, and how transparency tools like Freedom of Information are being undermined. [1] Messaging service apps on phones such as WhatsApp and Signal, an end-to-end encrypted messaging app, are being used to conduct official business. Both apps have an option for messages to disappear after a given period of time. Taoiseach Micheál Martin has called on government ministers to remain prudent with their communication and maintain their communications records - particularly on phones - under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). However, he must go a step further and explicitly ban the use of disappearing messages for official government business. [2] Transparency tools like FOI exist so that people have the right to access information and - in our democracy - hold public reps to account. While it's positive that public representatives are using apps such as Signal - knowns for its strong privacy and data protection standards - it's clear FOI policies & processes within the system have not kept pace with the way communication, and technology, have evolved. NOTES: [1] The Journal: https://www.thejournal.ie/foi-crisis-zapponegate-simon-coveney-texts-5542010-Sep2021/?utm_source=twitter_short [2] The Independent: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/ministers-use-app-designed-to-delete-encrypted-chats-40818881.html
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    Created by Layla Wade
  • 24 Hour Contact Tracing Helpline for Schools
    A full-time helpline should be established to take the burden off school leaders who are left hanging on helplines for hours. As restrictions are eased, and parents return to the office/workplace, contact tracing for school children must become more efficient. This will protect vulnerable parents and children. It will also decrease absenteeism in both schools and workplaces. https://www.independent.ie/news/calls-for-establishment-of-dedicated-covid-19-contact-tracing-helpline-for-schools-40828813.html
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    Created by Julie Connelly
  • Free universal access to period products in N Ireland #MenstuationMatters
    In every public toilet, we can avail of free toilet roll, hand soap and hand towels - what makes period products any different? We firmly believe that any toilet that requires toilet roll, requires period products in exactly the same way. For too long our menstrual needs have been sidelined, and for too long we have been conditioned to use toilet roll as a temporary measure when we take our periods unexpectedly outside the home. In fact, 98% of those we surveyed have had to use toilet paper and expressed feelings of discomfort, worry and anxiety as a result of this risky alternative. Period poverty is prevalent throughout N Ireland. We have seen an exponential increase throughout the pandemic and lockdown, receiving three times the demand for our period packs. The provision of free period products in all toilets will help alleviate the growing issue of period poverty and will also help meet the needs of all those who menstruate when their periods are unpredictable. No more being caught out and no more period poverty. Everyone deserves to have a dignified period. We are calling on the NI Executive to lock the provision of free period products into legislation so that every toilet, in every public and privately owned building, has free pads and tampons for everyone. Just. Like. Toilet. Roll. Let's follow in Scotland's lead! Let's make N Ireland completely period positive! #MenstruationMatters
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    Created by Homeless Period Belfast
  • Support Stamp 3 Visa Holders to Access Employment in Ireland
    What is Stamp 3 visa? Stamp 3 visa is a type of residence permit that states people cannot work or engage in business, trade, or profession. This type of stamp is issued to spouses and children of general work employment permit holders as well as spouses of Non-EEA PhD students in Ireland. Why is this important to us? As skilled immigrants in Ireland we would like to be treated with equality to access employment and contribute to the economy of Ireland. This can only be achieved by removing the obstacles that we have to go through to be considered for employment in Ireland. What can you do to help? We request for your support to petition the Irish government to allow spouses & children of general work employment permit holders and spouses of PhD students to access employment without the requirement of applying for a separate work permit. Useful resources: https://reformstamp3.webador.ie/ http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/inis/pages/registration-stamps https://enterprise.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/ http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Family%20Reunification%20Policy%20Document.pdf/Files/Family%20Reunification%20Policy%20Document.pdf https://enterprise.gov.ie/en/Publications/Publication-files/Employment-Permits-FAQs-2020.pdf https://enterprise.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/Employment-Permit-Eligibility/Immigration-Employment-Permits/
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    Created by Reform Stamp 3
  • Ghana Consulate Ireland: Condemn Homophobic, Transphobic Bill
    Because Human Rights are for ALL. This Bill gives fuel to homophobia and transphobia and misguided ideas about Ghanaian history and culture. It: Puts non-consensual and consensual acts on the same footing; Criminalises transgender people; Specifically allows for the promotion and spread of anti-lgbti+ propaganda. Will pressure families into genital mutilation of their intersex children; Gives lighter sentences to those who attack lgbti+ people than to those believed to be involved in a consensual homosexual act. Pressures conformity to gender stereotypes for fear of criminal prosecution. Bans and criminalises "Allyship". Bans supporting lgbti+ charities. Many people rely on these for food, moral support and safety. Pushing people underground leaves them even more vulnerable and less likely to receive help when a victim of crime. Is based on misplaced fears of "lgbti+ agenda", of "Western influence", of "turning people gay", "undermining the family" and misinformed ideas of "culture" and "values". People of all gender, sex and orientation minorities have always existed and been part of the fabric of every country and ethnicity. Anti-gay laws were in fact introduced by the colonisers: something which the UK now regrets and realises was wrong. Innocent people would be criminalised for being who they are. Many non-Lgbti+ people would be criminalised too for gender nonconformity, supporting family and friends or simply based on false accusation. Therefore it is dangerous to all in Ghana and warrants condemnation even by homophobic and transphobic people and those hesitant about gay rights. This Bill has been described as among the most homophobic ever written. The rest of Africa and much of the world are watching and many will be influenced by whichever way this Bill goes. Lives are in danger. It must be stopped urgently!
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    Created by Sorcha O'Reilly
  • Unlock access to education for migrant youth
    Our migrant young people have so much to contribute to Irish life, but some find that even though they are legally resident, they are unable to access SUSI grants because they don't have the 'right' type of immigration permission to qualify under SUSI's nationality criteria. In practice this means that young migrants face exorbitant international fees when they apply for college or university unless they can secure one of a small number of scholarship places. This effectively locks some migrant young people out of accessing higher education and following their career dreams.
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    Created by Fiona Hurley
  • Keep Pedestrianisation on Capel and Parliament Street
    We have seen the success of the campaign. Dublin City Council (DCC) even hinted at it in their social media campaigns with over 300,000 people having enjoyed the pedestrianised. Yet, despite the popularity, DCC are looking to end the pedestrianisation. We want to see it continued as we still need Covid-safe environments to meet with friends going into the winter. Please also email your local councillor to make sure this happens. List here: https://councilmeetings.dublincity.ie/mgCommitteeMailingList.aspx?EM=1&ID=0
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    Created by Conor B
  • Reclaim the Site of the Christopher Columbus Memorial in Galway
    To create a sense of public belonging for all community members, especially those in marginalised or disadvantaged groups.
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    Created by Megan Maria Ayers