• Pay apprentices properly
    Society relies on trade work and to encourage uptake and retention of apprentices they need to be paid properly. Apprentices are working very long work weeks without being adequately paid, leading to apprentices dropping out and pursuing different careers
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    Created by Saoirse McHugh
  • Create awareness of sustainable printing solutions in Ireland
    Printing doesn't have to cost the Earth - we can use recycled paper and cardboard, non-toxic ink, set-up multi-use purposes for printed material, re-fill ink cartridges. Let's start with our ink - printing wholesalers to offer consumers ink-fills for costly cartridges.
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    Created by Caroline Reapy
  • Eir, let trans people use their preferred name.
    Trans people deserve to be able to use their preferred name and don't want to feel humiliated. The bureaucracy of Eir is causing huge hurt. It is a human right to be able to use your own name.
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    Created by Jacob Sosinsky
  • Take the year off car reg plates
    Irish vehicle registration plates show the year the car was registered. As a result, cars and trucks are disproportionately valued on this number as opposed to the quality of the vehicle. This results in dramatic depreciation and needless consumption of new vehicles.
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    Created by Brian Cuthbert
  • Support all hard-working NHS Staff To continue specialises roles with decent pay
    We all, no matter who we are, need NHS Staff from various disciplines, to support us to live sustainable lives. Support All Staff and help with child care.
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    Created by Colette Clarke
  • Remove the light pollution at the Albert Bridge
    Belfast is one of the best places in the UK and Ireland to watch a starling murmuration. But starlings are a red-listed species, meaning they are of high conservation concern having declined by two-thirds across the UK since the mid 1970s. All government departments have a statutory duty to further biodiversity. The light pollution at Albert Bridge must be removed to ensure the starling murmurations can return.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Restore cash option for admission to GAA games
    This discriminates against older supporters
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    Created by Eamonn Fitzgerald
  • Save our hedgerows NOW, Minister McConalogue
    Hedgerows are our single most important landscape feature. They are vital for our wildlife (including most of our songbirds and pollinating insects), flood control, shelter, shade, beauty, AND.... they store massive amounts of carbon. It makes NO SENSE to allow the destruction of up to 3000 kilometres of hedgerow every year.
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    Created by alan moore
  • Solar Panels on all UCC Building Rooftops
    We need to petition UCC to make a shift in their current energy sources to protect the environment. As Ireland’s most sustainable university, it is time that UCC took a well needed step forward and pledged to installe PV Solar Panels on all UCC Building Roofs by 2025. Ireland is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for our energy consumption, which places us at the mercy of Oil & Gas Producing Companies & Corporations. Show UCC that this is something that the students care about. Sign this petition and help us to call on UCC to pledge to install PV Solar Panels on all UCC Building Roofs by 2025.
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    Created by Environmental Society
  • Adopt HPV testing for cervical cancer in Northern Ireland
    According to Cancer Focus NI, 83 women in Northern Ireland a year are diagnosed with cervical cancer and often there are few symptoms. Northern Ireland should be on a path to eradicating cervical cancer, and improved, more reliable testing is a vital part of that.
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    Created by Nicola Browne
  • Reinstate the Eviction Ban
    The Government has decided to lift the eviction ban that is in place until the end of March. A mother who is renting contacted us yesterday, stunned by the ending of the eviction ban. “I can’t stop crying,” she said. It puts her and her disabled son at serious risk of homelessness. Up and down the country, renters are in a state of panic, fear and anxiety about where they are going to go when the notice-to-quit deadline is reached. Thousands of renters are going to be evicted into a rental market with very little property available, and none that is affordable. Homelessness services will be swamped. There isn’t even emergency accommodation available. Families and children, individuals, will be evicted into homelessness. These are our neighbors, friends, relatives. These renters have done nothing wrong, paid their rent, this is unfair and unjust. These are tenants homes, in communities, where they work, where their children go to school. This is a shameful decision that has put the property investment interests of landlords, including vulture fund landlords, ahead of the most basic need of a home for renters. We need to understand the scale of human misery that will result from this decision. In 2022, a phenomenal 2,734 families and their children (in the region of 5,000 children) were made homeless in Ireland. Most were evicted because the landlord was selling up. The Residential Tenancies Board was notified of 4,643 eviction notices served by landlords from 2021 to 2022. If the eviction ban is not extended there will be a tsunami of evictions and homelessness unlike anything we have seen in this country. The government need to feel the pressure from you – the public – to demand that they don’t bend to the property landlord lobby. The eviction ban doesn’t stop landlords leaving the market – they can sell up and leave the tenant in place. Local authorities and housing associations have funding now to buy up such property. Sign the petition calling on the government to reverse its decision to lift the eviction ban and to extend the eviction ban for another year. Help keep tenants in their homes, keep families and children and individuals safe, and in their home, in their community. Read: https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/2023/03/08/ending-eviction-ban-we-need-to-understand-scale-of-human-misery-that-will-follow-this-decision/ Listen to Rory Hearne's Reboot Republic Podcast episode on why we need the eviction ban extended: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6KwDUelzbbyDUl9FKK8Ocl?si=BHMpiKIOR8abTpLrZPi1SA Threshold report on evictions https://threshold.ie/evictions-remain-largest-issue-facing-private-renters-as-threshold-prevents-over-1000-households-from-becoming-homeless-in-q3-2022/
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    Created by Rory Hearne, Author of Gaffs4All
  • Protect Our Youth: Say No to the Casino in Greystones
    Dear community members and local politicians, We are facing a critical issue that demands our attention and action. A casino is being proposed in our neighborhood, and its impact will not only be felt by us but also by our children who attend schools in close proximity to the proposed site, Sweeney’s chipper. Gambling has been shown to have devastating consequences for the mental health and well-being of young people. Yet, despite these warnings, the incidence of gambling among teenagers and young men has skyrocketed in recent years. We cannot afford to let our youth be exposed to this dangerous vice and be at risk of developing problem gambling. It is time for us to come together and make our voices heard. We must appeal to our local politicians to stop this casino and to protect our children and community from its harmful effects. Let us show that we care about the future of our youth and that we will not stand by while they are put in harm's way. Join me in speaking out against this proposed casino and take a stand for the health and well-being of our children and community. Together, we can make a difference. Sincerely, A concerned community member
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    Created by Greystones Residents